Savannah Chrisley Reveals That Her Dad Todd Chrisley is Teaching a Financial Course During His Prison Stay: “How Ironic”

“Step one: do as I say, not as I do, y’all.”

Professor Todd Chrisley is in the big house.

On this week’s episode of her Unlocked podcast, Savannah Chrisley revealed that her dad has been teaching a variety of classes while behind bars, including a course on finance. 

“Dad’s definitely taught some classes, too,” Savannah said on her podcast. “Trauma is one of them. I think another one was a financial class, which, how ironic?”

“Show of hands, who here would also be interested in hearing my thoughts on the best teeth whitening products on the market…”

“Our whole system is out of whack,” Savannah added. “Nothing makes sense.”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley were sentenced to federal prison in November for tax evasion and bank fraud crimes, with Todd receiving 12 years behind bars and Julie sentenced to seven. 

“But I’m VERY surprised they’re letting him.”

The Chrisley Knows Best couple’s sentences were recently reduced for good behavior and for participating in certain prison programs and activities. 

According to Us Weekly, both Todd and Julie are benefiting from the First Step Act, which was created to help prisoners reacclimate into society by taking and/or teaching classes behind bars. By doing this, inmates are also able to shorten their prison stay. 

“That’s what mom and dad’s reductions were– good time credits. FSA credits,” Savannah explained this week. “They get 15 days off for every 30 they spend [teaching or learning]. Something of that nature.” 

Savannah said her mom, Julie, has also stepped up to share her knowledge behind bars, noting a real estate class the “overachiever” has taught during her prison stay. 

“I’ll do anything to get out of here faster– I’d even subject myself to watching a Chrisley Knows Best marathon!”

“She’s got all these certificates from teaching and completing classes and all these things,” Savannah said. 

As of now, Todd has been able to knock two years from his stay, while Julie has reduced her time behind bars by 14 months. Julie’s new release date is October 19, 2028; Todd is now scheduled to be released January 22, 2033. 

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  1. I’m sorry? He is teaching a financial class while doing prison time for tax evasion and fraud totaling 30 million dollars? WTF. I guess they have nothing but time on their hands. Not sure I would be attending that class though.

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