Nathan Griffith’s Family Reportedly Concerned for Nate & Jenelle Evans’ Son Kaiser Following Claims That David Eason Assaulted Jenelle’s Son Jace

“You good, bro?”

The family of former Teen Mom 2 dad Nathan Griffith is reportedly concerned for the well-being of Nathan and Jenelle Evans’ son Kaiser, following the recent claims that Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, allegedly assaulted Jenelle’s 14-year-old son Jace. 

A source told The Sun that Nathan’s family has been “closely following” the Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation that has resulted from the alleged assault, due to their concern for nine-year-old Kaiser, who was previously removed from Jenelle’s care in 2019. 

“Nathan’s family is not surprised one bit about any of this,” the source said. “They are upset that Kaiser–- and the other kids-– have remained in the home after the allegations were made almost a week ago now.” 

“Whatever, dude. Life on The Land is fine and not at all nightmare-inducing, I promise…”

As The Ashley told you yesterday, both Jenelle and David have spent much of their free time on social media this week denying the alleged assault took place and insisting that their kids are still on The Land.

(This does not include Jace, who, as The Ashley previous reported, has not been back to Jenelle and David’s house since last Thursday.)

The source went on to say that Nathan’s family feels like they’ve watched this all play out before. 

As for Nathan himself, after a law-breaking summer, he revealed last month that he and his occasionally-estranged wife, May Oyola, had gotten back together and relocated to Las Vegas. 

Nathan, rocking a “FATHER” shirt while announcing that he abandoned his offspring his move to Las Vegas…

Two weeks ago, Jenelle’s former swole-mate pleaded guilty to a charge of “Attempted Battery by Strangulation,” stemming from an incident from July in which he allegedly assaulted his sister, Heather Griffith, by choking her and threatening to kill her.

Nathan has yet to speak publicly about the claims made against David and Jenelle. He has, however, posted plenty of Instagram photos of him flexing for the camera this week.

While Kaiser recently spent time with Nathan’s mom, Doris Davidson, he has not seen Nathan in a long time. During a TikTok Live in late July, a “fan” complimented Nate for being a good father, to which he disagreed, calling himself a “sh**ty dad right now” for not seeing his son Kaiser (whom he shares with Jenelle) in six months, and not seeing his daughter Emery (from a previous relationship) in a year. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

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  1. No Birthday or Christmas presents for daughter in years. No calls. He choked my daughter when she was pregnant with their daughter. I have never spoken out but there is NO truth to him being a good Dad. He is NOT and never has been. He needs A LOT of mental health help. No child support ever!! I had to apply to the military for an apportionment, took a year and only $300 a month. He never held a job when he was married to my daughter. I’m pretty sure he never has. He is a narcissist and very mentally ill. I feel certain he will respond to this in anger as he always does. I am just glad his daughter has been protected from his mess. I feel sorry for Kaiser. He calls occasionally. He is a sweet kid in a very messed up world. He needs to be rescued.

  2. Kaiser would be safer with David than what he would be with Nathan. But in saying that- either one is not actually safe. Poor kid has no one fighting for him

  3. Yeah, Kaiser was my first concern too. This kid is SCREWED with having genes of those crazy mofos. He shouldn’t go near his father (because who knows what he could do to him) and shouldn’t have been living in the house with his mother and stepfather who already beat him in the past. Someone please save this kid (And Ensley!) Is it true that Maryssa is no longer living with them?

    1. I think there is also another layer of Kaiser looking so much like Nathan. Jace looks like Andrew.

      I see a pattern…

  4. Everything regarding concern for all of these children (Maryssa, Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley) and animals on the land has been well-known
    and documented for years….I find the whole situation with all of the children quite sad. I wish all of the children on the land a safe abd healthy home and childhood. I don’t think that’s been provided. That’s all I’m going to say.

  5. I absolutely agree with everyone’s concern for Kaiser but I’m also concerned for Ensley. She literally has no one else and unless she acts like the perfect child than im sure she is being abused too, or at the very least a witness to it all. J&D both treat each of their kids like crap so I doubt Ensley gets special treatment.

  6. Please. They have known and had proof of Kaiser being abused. It was Nathan’s storyline on TM feigning concern. He didn’t pull his head out of his ass, he didn’t stop getting arrested but graduated to multiple strangulation charges with multiple women. He moved out of state. And he doesn’t even see Kaiser! There is literally no one to fight for these kids. I honestly feel like that’s the real reason that David and Jenelle moved to da land to begin with. No one to hear the kids crying or the abuse or the killing of animals. They are both fucking psychopaths and I don’t think that CPS will do shit about it. If CPS does take the children then they will probably only require David & Jenelle to do parenting classes or anger management. Which is what happened last time. I fear for those kids and their animals. David & Jenelle can go fuck off.

    1. Exactly. I don’t want to see one word about what his pathetic excuse for a father thinks. Like pound sand bro, if you don’t like something you DO something and until then ZIP IT and fix your life to fix your kids

  7. Nathan tried to tell the cops that Kaiser was being abused. what did the cops and CPS do…gave Kaiser right back to the abusers. That little boy sadly probably thinks he deserves it or it’s just a normal thing. Good old judge Pauline Hankins did this!

  8. How many instances does it take for CPS to act?

    A lot. Apparently.

    The abuse of these children (and French Bulldogs) has been going on for far too long, and I do not understand how or why any dependents residing with these shit fucks is still allowed! What the actual fuck?!

  9. I find it hard to believe that Nathans family is concerned for Kaisers safety. Where the hell have they been all of this time while Kaiser was getting the shit beat out of him. And yes, they did sort of try and get custody of him back when all of the kids were taken away from Jenelle and David, but they didn’t try hard! They listened to their son who decided he didn’t want to “rock the boat” with his childs mother, and just wanted them all to co-parent peacefully. His words, not mine. In other words, after he got over being pissed off at David for abusing his son, he decided they should all be friends. Real great dad!!!

    1. No Birthday or Christmas presents for daughter in years. No calls. He choked my daughter when she was pregnant with their daughter. I have never spoken out but there is NO truth to him being a good Dad. He is NOT and never has been. He needs A LOT of mental health counseling.

  10. Nathan is an abusive POS. He’s a deadbeat father to BOTH his children.

    I’m sorry Kaiser is in the situation he’s in, but Nathan had EVERY OPPORTUNITY to prevent it. But he’s too busy finding gfs, partying, and strangling women to actually raise his son.

    I think the only person who cares about Kaiser is Doris (Nathan’s mom), but she has her own health issues and her husband to take care of. I think she’s tried to get custody of Kaiser, but she just can’t raise a kid at her stage of life.

  11. I don’t understand why everyone dropped their claims after the children were returned in 2019.

    What changed, exactly? Bc it seems like it’s been years of abuse after abuse. Nothing changed.

    Just bc CPS gave the children back doesn’t mean they should have been given back.

    All the responsible parents/ grandparents in this situation need to come claim these chirren before it’s too late.

  12. I hope David goes to prison for abuse if a video shows him batter Jace. I’d love to smack him around and show him a real man. If CPS has any standing it will get those kids out of that swamp shack and into protective custody. There’s not a dad in the bunch that will step up and protect these kids. Jace dad MIA, Nathan is choking his sister out, David beats up teenagers. Where they hell are the MEN?

  13. My guess is that CPS wants to make sure everything is done legally so Jenelle and David can’t use a loophole.

    David is responding to my comment by asking if I believe in aliens because the media says so… evidence and past history is what I base my opinions on???

    Let’s be real. Jenelle lied about something as trivial as the police using snap chat to locate Jace the first time. Why wouldn’t she lie about something like this?

    It’s also strange to me that a parent can lose visitation for a child but yet keep custody of others.

  14. Poor Kaiser has been screaming this same story for years and no one believed him except Nathan’s family who spent a LOT of $ trying to fight for him but MTV $ prevailed.

    1. They sure did fight for Kaiser!! Didn’t jenelle and worthless request a new judge because the 1 they had tried to do the right thing and the new judge LET THEM WALK. Ticked me off so bad

  15. very telling that nathan’s FAMILY is concerned ~ but not kaiser’s sperm donor. ??
    poor kid. ?

  16. Just out of curiosity because I honestly can’t remember, is the rest of Nathan’s family normal/decent people? Maybe it’s time to see about sending Kaiser to Grandma?

    1. Doris- Nathan’s mom seems to be okay. She used to take Kaiser when Nathan was supposed to have him and watch him on Nathan’s time. Nathan would show up at his mom’s house, maybe once every fourth visit to actually see his son. ]

      She’s tried to get custody of Kaiser in the past, but I think she has a lot of health issues and her husband was really sick for a while. I think at one point she said she worked for Child Protective Services, but at what capacity, I don’t know.

      I think Nathan has five siblings or there are five total. Not exactly sure. I know he has another brother who also went into the military. And his sister is the one he almost killed early this year, strangling her.

        1. I think the custody agreement, is still pretty much the same Nathan is supposed to get him every other weekend, but Doris is supervising/ actually watching Kaiser and Nathan shows up whenever he feels like it. So even if Nathan doesn’t show up, which he rarely does, Doris still gets him on Nathan’s time.

          I think Nathan is supposed to get him for odd year holidays and Jenelle even. So since its 2023. It makes sense Doris has him.

    2. Kaiser’s grandpa passed away the other year and I think Doris’s health isn’t 100%. She did fight like you know what for Kaiser a while ago but imo, the court system there is not as it appears sadly…Kaiser had marks on him and the judge fell for Janelle & husband’s b.s.

      1. I think that Doris’s husband was Nathan’s stepfather since her last and his was Davidson and Nathan’s is Griffith. Nathan never talks about his bio father, so I don’t know what the story there is.

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