Nathan Griffith Rambles & Calls Himself a Bad Dad On TikTok Live On Same Day His Sister’s 911 Calls From Strangling Incident Are Released

“Pretty sure that’s news to absolutely no one, dad.”

Trigger Warning: This story contains descriptions and audio of domestic violence. 

Nathan Griffith appeared remorseful on Sunday for some of his wrongdoings–– those unrelated to his latest arrest, anyway. 

The former soulmate of Jenelle Evans took to TikTok Live over the weekend where he told followers he was “frustrated,” rambling on about multiple topics and interacting with the few fans that logged on . In one particular exchange, an individual told Nate they were a fan of his and in response, he asked them why. He then criticized himself for being a poor father to his two kids.

The Teen Mom 2 dad’s TikTok Live appearance happened on the same day TMZ released the audio tape of two 911 calls made by Nathan’s sister, Heather, before and after he allegedly strangled her. (He was arrested for battery against his sister earlier this month.)

“Me again.”

During his TikTok Live on Sunday, a “fan” complimented Nate for being a good father, to which he disagreed, calling himself a “sh**ty dad right now” for not seeing his son Kaiser (whom he shares with Jenelle) in six months, and not seeing his daughter Emery (from a previous relationship) in a year. 

Nate’s admission to being MIA from Kaiser’s life was corroborated by Jenelle last month after the mom of three was asked about her ex’s involvement in their son’s life.

“Honestly I will say Nathan is dealing with his own issues at the moment,” she claimed during an Instagram Q&A. “But he hasn’t seen Kaiser since Christmas.” 

At one point during his Live, Nathan stated that he refused to go on Live just to make money, and instead wanted to discuss things like politics and other important issues. 

All of us when we hear Nathan say this…

One thing Nathan did not mention during his Live was his recent arrest for battery against his sister Heather. However, on Sunday, TMZ released the audio of 911 calls that Heather made in early July. During one call—made before the alleged strangulation incident— Heather stated that she was scared because Nathan was drinking, being aggressive, following her around her home and threatening her.

“He said that because my husband isn’t home that I have a reason to be scared,” Heather told the operator during the first call, later adding, “Seriously, I need help.”

She can then be heard telling Nathan, “Please stop following me around. I’d like you to please get away from me, Nathan, because you’ve made threats towards me and I don’t want you around me after you’ve harmed other people. I don’t want you around me.”

Nathan can be heard yelling at Heather in the background. At one point, he seems to say, “Do you know I’ve had the cops called on me five times?” 

We find that hard to believe, Nate…

In the second call, Heather can be heard sobbing, telling the operator that Nathan tried to kill her about five minutes ago and that she’s hurt. She also tells the operator that Nathan “fled the scene” after he allegedly strangled her. She then reports that Nathan— who had been drinking prior to the incident— left the house in a car. (It’s unknown if it’s Nathan’s car or Heather’s.) 

When police arrived on the scene, however, Nate was outside of the home. Police allegedly observed visible marks on Heather’s neck and eyelids; she told officers Nate grabbed her by the throat, pushed her to the floor and got on top of her.

As The Ashley previously told you, Nate was arrested July 12 and charged with felony Battery by Strangulation.

The latest addition to Nathan’s muggy collection…

He has since been released on bond with Level IV monitoring in place. (This is the highest level of monitoring an offender in Nevada can have.) In addition to sporting “high-level monitoring” while out on bail, a no-contact order has been issued, barring Nathan from contacting his sister through November 15. 

Nate is also required to submit (via app or in-person) two random check-ins per month, as well as two scheduled check-ins. 

Nathan is due back in his home away from home court August 1. 

Listen to Nathan’s sister’s (second) call to 911 below. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV; TMZ) 

17 Responses

  1. Just remembering when Kaiser complained a few years back that David had punched him in the head, Nathan talked a lot of smack about David. Yet he never once made an attempt to go to The Land and strangle him.

    Tough man. Well…only with women so it seems.

  2. So she rang 911 before the attack? And the police didn’t show up? Just waited til after she called back again after being abused. Not sure how long after the first call that she was attacked but I’m sure if the police came after that call, they could have intervened or stopped it from happening all together

    1. If I had been the sister, I would not have talked to my brother. The less interaction the better. Clearly she felt unsafe and didn’t trust him. She knew he had difficulty controlling himself. Certain people are easily provoked. Put yourself in safety and cut off interaction. Luckily he didn’t K her. He was drunk and out of control. You can’t win or control anyone in that stage. Just identity the danger and how you react to the situation. You don’t want to fuel the fire by annoying him. With that said, thank good she’s “ok”. Nathan seems to be lost and in need of help. Dangerous and destructive. First step is to sobering up. Maybe he needs a more controlled environment with rules and structure? He needs to start holding himself accountable.

  3. Probably the only time I will agree with Nathan. Yes, you are a bad Dad. You have had countless years to get your shit together for your kids and you haven’t. Instead you have physically, mentally and emotionally abused your mom, your sister and every woman who has ever been with you. I would say the kids are better off but Kaiser is with two abusive people. Nathan himself called 911 multiple times on David to report that David was abusing Kaiser. Nathan feigned concern. Had he really been concerned he would have done whatever it takes to get well enough to be a stable, loving parent and would have fought for his son. Hopefully his daughter has a stable mother.

    Also, 911 lady needs a different job. She sounds cold and disinterested. I can almost picture the 911 operator filing her nails, staring at the clock praying it’s time for lunch.

    1. I wish he would get the help he needs. I think I read he had a traumatic brain injury from the Marines, but I could be wrong. I will never understand not doing everything you can to better yourself for your children.

  4. Nathan, you’re an alcoholic Marine who had issues going in that the USMC and the drinking that comes with rhat, mades it so much worse.

    Take your alcoholic butt into a Veteran rehab program. I have a strong feeling that you wouldn’t have an issue finding the help or support into one of those or finding one. Stick with it. Start there first. We’ll figure out the rest later

  5. Nothing is likely to change for the better. Professional victims rarely are interested in the greater good. Even when that good includes their children.

    1. Honestly, since he seems to not be able to keep his shit together, staying away is probably the best thing he can do for them. We don’t know much about Emery’s situation, but I hope she at least has a better home life than Kaiser. That poor kid really lost in the parent lottery. I pray he has some teachers who keep an eye on him to help him stay safe and can motivate him to get off the land and away from the swamp dwellers once he is old enough.

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