Tyler Baltierra Joins OnlyFans; Farrah Abraham Calls Him a Hypocrite For Joining After Shaming Her Adult Endeavors & Jenelle Evans Weighs In (Recap of Events)

“Who knew your ding-a-ling pics could cause such a ruckus, Ty!”

Another day, another ‘Teen Mom’ star showing off their nether regions on The Interwebs…and ‘Teen Mom’ stars feuding on social media.

On Tuesday, Catelynn Lowell announced on Instagram that her newly buffed husband, Tyler Baltierra, has officially joined OnlyFans, and that she will be running his account, deciding which photos of Ty’s dingle-and-dangles to share with the masses.

While some fans were excited that Tyler would presumably be showing off his girl-baby-maker to weirdos on the Internet, one person who was not thrilled was Ty’s former Teen Mom co-star, Farrah Abraham, who took to Instagram Live to call Tyler (and the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars on OnlyFans—such as Jenelle Evans) hypocrites because they once shamed her for doing adult industry work.

Naturally, Jenelle (and her ever-lurking husband David Eason) had to weigh in on Farrah’s commentary.

The Ashley is going to attempt to recap the events for you…

On Tuesday, Catelynn posted a link to Tyler’s newly created OnlyFans account, directing her Instagram followers to shell out some cash to see Tyler’s, um…bulge. (Yes, The Ashley shuddered while typing that sentence.) 

On Tyler’s cringefest-of-a-bio on OnlyFans, he tells everyone that, “This account is ran by my wife because she likes to show me off.” 

[Insert upchuck here]

After the ‘Teen Mom’ twosome launched Ty’s “Nudie Cutie” site, Tyler made it clear that Catelynn is pulling the strings.

“For anyone wondering though, I will NOT be in control of my account on there,” Tyler posted on Instagram on Tuesday. “It will completely be in my wife’s control. LOL. She’s the boss, I’m just there to do as I’m told LMAO!” 

(The Ashley will give you a moment to digest the thought of Cate being Ty’s dominatrix telling him which photos of his love-worm to post.)

“Peel down, boy! Mama’s got taxes to pay!”

For those of you wanting to pay to see Tyler flex his muscles (both pectoral and “meat,” assumingly) it will cost you a cool $30 a month. 

Farrah– who has been showing off her Backdoor (and other body parts and, um, body functions) on OnlyFans and other adult sites for years— seemed surprised that Tyler would display himself on the pay site, given that she felt he criticized her when she banged her way into the adult industry back in 2013 when her first adult movie, Backdoor Teen Mom, was released. 

Naturally, Farrah took to Instagram Live to blast Tyler, as well as other ‘Teen Mom’ stars who are now posting their privates for the world to see. 

Farrah talks about TM OnlyFans pages and her “Wrongful firement”
by u/UncreativePersona in TeenMomOGandTeenMom2

“I have to say, aren’t these the same ‘Teen Moms’ that said I was going into adult entertainment?” Farrah— who most certainly went into “adult entertainment” by doing whole p0rn films— said. “The funnier thing is, I never changed who I was.”

“Nope! No changes made here!”

Farrah then claimed that it was unfair that she fired from ‘Teen Mom OG’ due to her adult industry activities, but these ‘Teen Mom’ stars aren’t being let go. (What Farrah is saying about being fired is not exactly correct. As The Ashley has told you in the past, there were several contributing factors to The Big F getting the boot from the show. Although she was fired in part for refusing to turn down an adult gig that went against her contract for the show, she was was also let go for other reasons.) 

“They’re on the same platforms that I’m on, yet I’m the only one that got fired!” Farrah said.

“Um, HELLO! I got fired too and don’t ya forget it!”

Farrah then busted out some of her signature legal “Farrah Speak.” 

“Maybe it was just politically charged for wrongful firement?” she said.

(And, no, that’s not a typo. She actually said, “firement.”) 

“But in the end, we’re all adults and we can be on adult platforms, right?” she said. “So I don’t know. Maybe all of the ‘Teen Moms’ are switching to p0rn? And they’re all p0rn stars? But I remain the same.”

“I’m still the same ray of sunshine I’ve always been!”

Farrah’s message was seen by Tyler and Catelynn, as well as Jenelle and her husband David, all of whom responded to Farrah calling them hypocrites and p0rn stars. 

Tyler and Catelynn made it clear that they are not doing p0rn, as Farrah stated.

“Y’all, we aren’t doing anything sexual on OnlyFans LMAOOO!” Catelynn posted to Instagram Stories on Wednesday. “Please we got kids! I would never lol. But if you do want to see what we are posting then click the link! #NoShame #HotHusbandAlert.”

Tyler doubled down, writing on Instagram Stories that what he’s posting on OnlyFans is not even close to the level of adult entertainment Farrah has participated in.

“To be fair, I’m NOT doing p0rn at all!” Tyler wrote. “Cate is just sharing the stuff that I personally send to her lol! There’s no sex involved or even videos on the page she’s running. I didn’t go to a p0rn production company, hire adult film stars & crew, have sex on camera, pretend that it was some ‘leaked’ personal footage, or make genital molds to sell.

“Cate is being completely transparent & honest about it all,” he continued. “It’s just a wife sharing photos of her husband, that’s literally it! But I get why some people are comparing it to my former cast member’s endeavors TBH & that’s totally valid! I just wanted to clarify what type of content is actually being shared on there in case anyone thought otherwise.” 

Jenelle also had a lot to say about Farrah spouting off. Jenelle— who recently admitted that a large portion of her income now comes from showing off the ol’ “bush ‘n’ tush” on OnlyFans— posted to Twitter about Farrah’s rant.

“Then we got [Farrah] over here talking s**t,” Jenelle tweeted on Wednesday. “My God…talking about ‘I haven’t changed.’ Girl you don’t even look like the same person anymore, besides your horrible personality.”  

Who knew Jenelle had jokes?!

“You’re right Farrah, you’re still you…a straight up bish,” Jenelle wrote on Facebook. “Acting like I didn’t support her through being fired and even invited me to her birthday party and we went! She will always be another one to talk mad BS and never change.” 

Jenelle’s hubby David took a break from workingstudying, f**king raking to also weigh in.

“Not the backdoor booty queen comparing herself to people who are not relatable,” David—who also had a short, yet horrifying stint on OnlyFans— wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. 

None of the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars who are currently on OnlyFans— including Jade ClineBriana DeJesus, Nathan Griffith and Brittany DeJesus—have responded to Farrah’s comments yet.

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(Photos: MTV; OnlyFans, Instagram)

41 Responses

  1. Farrah has changed not one thing on her? FARRAH is NOT natural if she goes next to a fire she will melt like the wicked witch that her nasty butt is …rest my case

  2. Farrah has changed not one thing on her is natural if she goes next to a fire she will melt like the wicked witch that her nasty butt is …rest my case

  3. Ferrah is annoying all she does is start drama from the start no wonder why jennelle or amber or ashley or maci or OG teem moms hate her .

  4. Must be desperate for cash cause I just watched the episode where he was like “how much is your morality worth” or something similar in reference to Farrah’s sexual jobs. I find this incredibly inappropriate and wouldn’t be surprised if Carly’s family denies visits but they kinda don’t even care at this point cause they think Carly is not too far from 18 anyways and they believe she will seek them out at that point regardless so they don’t care what her parents think anymore.. shameful IMO

  5. I can’t stop thinking this is click bait cait running his OF. She’s got a reputation. (*ps I just randomly remembered she has a magazine?)

    I envision a lot of people signing up, and then canceling immediately when they see it’s all old pictures of Carly or their tax statements instead of Tyler’s weird junk photos.

    1. Jenelle says she makes $500,000 ayear from only fans. No wonder cate and Tyler are jumping on. Between what they make on the shows and only fans, they will be raking in the dough. I would NOT pay $30.00 a month to look at pictures he sends to Cate, are you crazy!!!!

  6. trash dumb and dumnber go back to your couches or better yet get jobs and pay your taxes I’m sure this will make Carly so proud

  7. The very thought of Tyler showing himself on OF has made me cringe so much I have left my body. I can not believe anyone would pay anything per month for that.
    TBH this will be a flash in the pan as OF, as much as I disagree with the whole concept is actually hard work if you do it properly, and the real money is made from personal requests. Ty and Cait are not in anyway going to be doing anymore than the bare minimum, maybe a post or two per month tops.
    Farrah is correct in one thing, he is doing porn, it might be soft but it’s still porn.

    1. They always start out as never-nudes, then next thing you know, their buttholes are winking at you. I’m sure some person, who doesn’t value their eyesight, will provide updates.

  8. It’s really hard to take someone like Farrah seriously, ever. She has fucked her face up so much with botched cosmetic surgeries that even using her Farrah speak she STILL can’t pronounce basic letters like P. She said flatforms, not platforms, because her lips can’t properly touch to make the “p” sound. How can she not hear this in her own voice, feel it when she’s speaking, or see it in her countless videos? She does it with a lot of letters, but the whole p is now an f thing has me rollin’.

    Girl, get some help, and a tutor, lmao.

    The whole only fans thing I’ve just ever understood, honestly, from either side of the table (those doing, those buying), but then people will pay for anything won’t they?

    I doubt anything Tyler does do has to do with sex or even nudity (and also, I don’t understand it either, lol). Regardless of how people feel about him and Cate, they’ve got to be able to see that anything he does wouldn’t come close to the nasty shit, literally and figuratively, Farrah has been in-for years now.

    1. Any business they have had has failed, they had all the tools in the world to do great things with their lives and failed miserably, I feel sorry for their kids to have these 2 white trash with a tiny amount of cash for parents

  9. I’m a mortician so I have seen some sh!t but even I shudder at the thought of Tyler’s bother sausage. No thanks!

  10. WHY? Just why on everything?! And yes, Ty, you are doing porn! “Just a wife sharing pictures of her husband “….like that’s a thing(or at least I hope it’s not).

    Farrah is not wrong on this one(and that is something I never thought I would say).

  11. Farrah and her dusty ass eyebrows atop her carnival ass face never ceases to amaze me with the shit that comes out of her mouth. Wrongful firement? Stop it, I’m dying??

    Come on y’all. This is too freakin funny. Between the cringiest cornballs Cate and Ty, to the swampmaster deluxe that is Jenelle, to Farrah’s ever evolving Real Doll face, this is just the laugh I needed on this hump day. Thank you, The Ashley. You’re the real MVP for keeping up with this trash so we don’t have to ??

  12. I saw a video on Reddit of Farrah dropping a 17 inch deuce for the camera, not going to lie, it was impressive. Not sure how much the LGBTQ community is going to shell out for a pic of Tyler’s lap hog, I guess it’s better than going to work.

    stay lit

    1. I need a way to keep track of you outside of the Roundup.

      Sometimes I realize it’s been months and I’m genuinely concerned about what may have happened to you.

      Stay lit always, bro.
      Stay lit. ??️

    2. I recall the era when Sir Nibs first began using the sign off, ‘stay lit’, tho I cannot recall why exactly it began happening.
      Often, I will stop and think, “Where and who *is* that clever little reality-loving demon with the wildly amusing commentary?”

  13. Tyler and Cate were the only two people who didn’t mock Farrah for doing P0rn. They actually said that if that’s what she needs to do for work okay. They made a joke about Butch doing it since he wasn’t employable after jail. They were the only ones welcoming her back to the show. Cate just can’t stand Farrah for his personality, something I think 99% of the population can get on board with.

    It was Maci who threw a fit and got Farrah kicked off. Not C&T.

    I think this is C&T trolling people because of all the comments they have been getting questioning Tyler’s sexuality. I highly doubt they will actually do anything but post the same picture Tyler posts from his bathroom. C&T have always liked paying these games with people. They have done it for years.

    1. That’s not true. Watch the episode where they’re in nyc for press and Maci Is pregnant with jade, Tyler specifically had ALOT to say about morality ect in regards to Farrah’s sexual porn

  14. For once Farrah is actually making sense. (If you ignore the made up words) It’s trashy when Farrah does it but its cool when dollar store vanilla ice and the land hermits do it? They are hypocrites.

    1. Since when a nude pic (assuming that’s what Cate and Tyler are doing and maybe he isn’t even nude) is the same thing as a p0rn movie or the twisted fetishes Farrah does in her OF? Give me a break

        1. Everything is prostitution. People sharing semi nude pics on their social media are giving themselves for free to pathetic losers. Models, actors, virtually every “celebrity” on social media es selling him/herself to gain followers.

        2. By that logic, models, and influencers are participating in porn as well. I’m mean, they are selling themselves to thousands and/or millions of fans, right?

          1. Legit models sign contracts, “influencers” get paid to go to Dubai to do degenerate things.

  15. Tyler is remarkably average to below average in looks… not attractive AT ALL! Who would pay to see his tiny overused weenie ☠️

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