‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham is Behind Her Own Adult Film!

"I knew these knockers would come in handy!"
“I knew these knockers would come in handy!”

My faithful readers know that there’s no way The Ashley could stay away from this story!

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is also apparently going to be the star of an adult movie, according to a blazing post on TMZ this morning! Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

After TMZ posted its initial story about the tape being shopped around to various adult movie-makers, they then posted a video in which a photographer tried to get Farrah to talk about the sex tape.

Let’s talk about this video for a second: this was totally staged, in The Ashley’s opinion. Isn’t it awfully convenient that Farrah just happened to be at one of the biggest and most notable lingerie shops in Los Angeles, just as news of the sex tape was released?

If you watch the video, you can see that Farrah is trying to act surprised that the photographers were there, yet allowed them to interview her and then had a nice long chat with them as she was leaving the store. (Who parks that far from the store?! Someone who is giving a staged interview!)

A side note– how fantastical was Farrah’s response to the guy’s request for her to elaborate on her sex tape story? Yes, kids, the only ‘Teen Mom’ franchsie star with a college degree has no clue what the word ‘elaborate’ means. That was just a lil’ slice of heaven, wasn’t it?

Moving on…next, TMZ posted photos of Farrah walking hand-in-hand with noted adult movie actor, James Deen outside the offices of Vivid Entertainment. Naturally, TMZ contacted James and asked if he was the one in the film.

“Word travels fast…it isn’t even edited yet,” he told TMZ.  “Got tested on Friday and then saw her on set. That is my only experience with the lady.”

Farrah, for her part, has been tweeting about how much she missed Sophia while she was in Los Angeles for “work.” (To be fair, she was probably “working it” pretty hard on the set of her porno movie!)

The plot continues to thicken… Teen Mom Confidential reached out to several of Farrah’s ex-boyfriends and one of them confirmed that Farrah has tried to make sexy-time films before!

“I said no,” he told Teen Mom Confidential. “She wanted to be Kim Kardashian. She rags on her all the time but it’s just to garner attention. She stirs that pot. In that sense, she’s not dumb. Controversy sells and she’s the queen of causing it.”

How is her family taking the news of her adult movie aspirations? Not so well, from what The Ashley can tell. Her father, Michael Abraham, appears to be devastated by the news that his daughter made a sex tape.

“Am I on the right planet or what?” he posted on his personal Facebook page this afternoon. “Is this earth? I woke up and had the worse Monday of Monday’s …. Ok sanity check just another life challenge!”

Poor Michael! Poor Sophia! Poor us for having to watch Farrah have sexy time! You guys are all just as creepy as The Ashley– you know you’re planning on watching this filth too!

Hey, look at it this way, it can’t be any more revolting than her CD!

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    1. I don’t believe that source 100% just because it’s all hearsay. Though I do agree she just wants to be rich and famous it’s pretty easy to tell by what The Ashely and TMZ has shown all that she is doing. I feel bad the this James Deen guy. He definitely does not know what he got himself into. He said he is up for a second one, I’m sure Farrah would be too.

    2. Do believe the friend that Farrah will stop at nothing to keep her “teen mom fame”. But I don’t think Farrah is broke she comes from money and she has to have some teen mom money left.

  1. I really have no words for this. I’m pretty sure Sophia should be placed with her whack-a-do parents. She’d be better off. That girl has some SERIOUS problems.

  2. Oh lord! If I catch even a glimpse of her “sex face” I’m never going to be able to engage in any sort of activity myself ever again. I’ll be put off for life.

    1. You are so dumb for that LMAO. I feel the same way. Something tells me, she will be joked too death once this mess of a sex tape is released!

  3. Once again, it really is that boring here in Nebraska…

    Dang it Farrah, if you want the attention just go for it. Quit acting like a princess when you’re not.

  4. Farrah is gross I feel so sorry for Sophia. Farrah is delusional if she thinks this might work thank god. People realize that she was behind this whole thing and she not a innocent victim. The Ashley you forget to add Farrah has her only sex tape with one of ex boyfriend. She and someone else was trying to sell the tape to vivid and some other porn company. Vivid couldn’t get the guy to sign the release paper and the other porn company said that. He can’t get proof that all parties in the video were over 18 and he said that Farrah was not celebrity and that he watch. The tape and it was like watching kiddie porn so he past so that is why Farrah decided to actually film. The porn video with James deen that creep guy in that movie with Lindsay lohan . This is how desperate and pathic Farrah is just to have people attention and fame.

      1. Yes but only because I read the original story they are trying to explain. Farrah tried to make an amateur sex tape and sell it but theft in the tape wouldn’t sign a release. After that plan failed she came up with this.

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