Take a Look Inside the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Contract!

"Any of y'all got a sex tape? If so, we're gonna find it!"
“Any of y’all got a sex tape? If so, we’re gonna find it!”

America may have talent, but it looks like NBC has anyone that goes on the hit summer show by the balls!

A bombshell story from the New York Post surfaced today, containing the complete 45-page contract that contestants of America’s Got Talent are required to sign before they are allowed to appear on the show.

“You are pretty much signing away your life,” one former contestant told the New York Post.  “It’s almost non-negotiable.”

Once a person is chosen for the show, they are required to allow producers to shape their personal background however they want, even if the stories they present to the public are not true, according to the contract. Producers are also allowed to “trick, exploit and embarrass” contestants during the course of the show, without fear of the contestants being able to sue them. In addition, the contestants are put on a “Talent Hold” for one year after the show, which forbids them from trying to get new publicity or endorsement deals from anyone but NBC.

According to the New York Post, ‘America’s Got Talent’ isn’t the only talent show that forces its contestants to sign a “Talent Hold” agreement.

“Producers of The Voice and X-Factor also have ‘talent holds’ and options for management and record deals on their contestants that can last for up to one year,” according to the article.

Of course, some contestants don't wait for producers to humiliate them.
Of course, some contestants don’t wait for producers to humiliate them.

The Ashley read through the entire 45-page contract so you wouldn’t have to and pulled out some other juicy tidbits she thought you’d enjoy:

  • Producers or NBC can force a contestant to participate in an additional reality show for up to one year after they appear on ‘AGT.’ Contestants may not go on any other reality show for a year after taping ends.
  • If an act is disqualified, “Producer and the Network may make any explanation or announcement, on-air or otherwise…as to the reason why.” (So basically, they can say tell the public whatever they want about why the act was disqualified…even if it’s not true.)
  • Camera crews from the show can follow contestants anywhere they want– even into the bathroom!  Contestants must agree to allow cameras into “any other area in which a person under other circumstances might have a reasonable expectation of privacy.”
  • If the voting system “fails,” producers get to decide which contestants advance and which ones get sent home. Contestants may not challenge the producers’ decision.
  • Producers may disqualify a contestant for “no reason at all.” Producers can also disqualify them if they decline to sign any other documents that the producers may come up with at a later date.
  • Contestants are not allowed to take any personal photos during the show without getting permission from the producers.

Despite the fact that they must essentially “sign their lives away” to the network if they are chosen, hordes of people continue to audition for the show in a quest for fame.

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  1. So based on this, does that mean a participant can’t live stream or upload to platforms such as YouTube or Twitch?

  2. Wrong. They cant follow Male or Female into the bathroom to film them..That is only allowed in Prison, Jails, and Facilities for people that are committed into institutions for the sick or may fo harm to themselves,staff and other patients..

  3. I’m surprised nobody brings up that the million dollar prize is an annuity of $25,000 for 40 years!!! Winning might change their lives, but the prize amount isn’t a whole lot – specially for groups! I found this article while searching for which acts are offered performance contracts – still searching! Also how much the contestants are paid to appear (I believe that all who appear on TV must receive some fee.).

  4. Jimmy placed 3rd, and I cried like a baby! I love that guy and his humbleness. Maybe I’m biased, since I’ve known his family for years and been blessed by meeting him and his lovely girlfriend- but he is a million dollar act! Can’t wait to see you again, Jimmy!

  5. I want to be on Americas got talent but I live in Arkansas and me and my friends have what you would say talent. we all the time and I just have a passion for singing and singing on Americas got talent is my dream. I hope it comes true one day

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