EXCLUSIVE! MTV is Currently Filming Season 1 Girl for “16 & Pregnant” Catch-up Special

“We’re coming back, y’all!”

A while back, The Ashley told you that MTV had been contacting many of the girls that had appeared on the four seasons of 16 and Pregnant, in hopes of doing another “Where Are They Now?” catch-up special. The Ashley has spoken with several of the girls, who have mentioned that MTV called them for an update, but will only be featuring some of the girls in the catch-up special.

One of the girls that was apparently chosen to be featured in the special was Season 1’s Whitney Purvis. The soft-spoken and pregnancy-test-stealing 21-year-old is one of only two girls from the show’s first season that wasn’t chosen to take part in Teen Mom, so viewers naturally want to know what’s become of her since her MTV days.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that MTV has touched down in Whitney’s home state of Georgia to capture footage for the special. They will be filming at a local skating ring tonight during Whitney’s son, Weston Jr.’s fourth birthday party!  Whitney and her baby-daddy, Weston Sr., are still together and currently still living in her hometown of Rome, Georgia.

The Ashley will update y’all when she gets more information about who else has been chosen for the catch-up special. No air date has been announced, but The Ashley projects we won’t get to see this until late this year, at the earliest.

In the meantime….(prepare for a shameless plug!) if you’re curious as to what’s happened to all the other 16 and Pregnant since we’ve last seen them, you should probably pick up a copy of the book that The Ashley co-authored, Teen Mom Confidential. It features an update on every single girl from the show’s four seasons! We interviewed a ton of the girls and they gave us a lot of great info about their time filming, experience with MTV, and their lives today. (I mean, I’m biased, of course, but I think you’ll enjoy it!) If you want to pre-order a copy of the book, click here.

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  1. when weston got a DUI whitney said “we broke up months ago” so how are you saying they are still together?

  2. I read somewhere a long time ago that they were going to do teen mom but by the time the cameras got there they decided not to due to relationship problems that came from filming.

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