EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham on Her Adult Toy Line: ‘Damn I Look So Good!’

sex toy line teen mom
“Buy my parts!”

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham says she is not a p0rn star—she simply starred in a p0rn movie and then released a line of adult toys that were molded from her very own lady parts. (Let’s face it—who hasn’t done that at some point in their lives?)

Anyway, Farrah celebrated the release of her toy line, which includes realistic plastic molds of her vajayjay and backdoor, on Friday night with a release party. The Ashley attended the event (click here to read her full play-by-play of that hot mess) and had the opportunity to ask Farrah the question a lot of her fans want to know: Why the hell did you do this?

“Because I am young, fun and 23,” Farrah told The Ashley. “I felt like I would regret it if I missed this opportunity. So I figured, ‘Why not?’”

The fact that plastic molds of her private parts were sitting on tables two feet from her during the interview didn’t seem to bother Farrah whatsoever. In fact, she couldn’t help but admire how wonderful her “love tunnels” looked up close. (Raise your hand if your stomach is churning as you read this!)

“Is it weird to see my body on display? No,” she said. “It is weird to hold it though! But when I’m holding it, I just keep thinking, ‘Damn, I look so good!’”

Let’s let that sink it a bit…

Anyway, The Ashley was curious to find out what Farrah’s parents, Michael Abraham and Debra Danielson, who were relatively conservative when fans saw them on ‘Teen Mom’, thought of Farrah’s new adult toy venture.

“I think I’ve tuned them out a bit,” Farrah responded. (She didn’t tune them all the way out, however, as Michael was at home in Austin, Texas, watching Sophia while Farrah attended the party.)

Farrah, who told The Ashley that we can expect to see her on a VH-1 reality show very soon, said that she regrets nothing she’s done over the last year or so, including the sex tape and the adult toy line.

“I have no regrets,” she told The Ashley. “We all need to live our lives. Everybody at 23 has sex tapes, not everybody puts them out. But I would have regretted not taking this opportunity. And I think anyone put in the situation I was in would be smart enough to take this opportunity. They should never let anyone take advantage of them—ever.”

To find out what Farrah thinks about her ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars, click here.



  1. This girl is just plainly an ugly tramp,love watching the show but when she is on he’ll no it goes off. Be sure the way she is taking care of her daughter and raising her,she will soon be on the show called 13 and having a baby. Sick

  2. I think she says this crap to try to convince herself that doing things like this are “normal”. She’s no doubt got MAJOR mental problems & I wouldn’t doubt one bit if she didn’t end up ODing someday.She’s ruined her chances of ever having what she has always said she wanted so desperately…to be married to a great guy & have a family. One of these days she’s going to realize that & spiral into depression because of it. I don’t see a happy ending here. Poor Sophia.

  3. Uhmn, I’m twenty three for about three more weeks I guess I better get to my boyfriend’s house and make a sex tape? Farrah’s logic surpasses me.. Like who REPEATEDLY dropped this chick on her head as a baby/young child? She amazes me with her stupidity.

  4. Seriously? Everyone at 23 has a sex tape? No, not EVERYONE does, if they do, good for them. If they put it out, good for them. But you Farrah, you WANTED to put it out for the money and you say your ex “co-stars” are selfish? Please! Get your priorities straight, start taking care of your daughter and get on with your life. I would never buy ANY of your products, stop acting like Kim Kardashian and just live your god damn life.

  5. Farrah is starting to look much older than her actual age. Someone should tell Farrah that making a sex tape is a big deal. If a person with a regular, responsible person had a sex tape released and sold in stores and/or on-line, they would likely lose their job.

    As far as having plaster casts made of your private parts and selling them, I guess that is a time saver. You don’t have to let anyone have sex with you personally you can just hand them one of your sex toys and send them on their way, after they make a purchase of course.

    1. The second sentence of the first paragraph should read “If a regular, responsible person had a sex tape release and sold in stores and/or on-line, they would likely lose their job.

  6. I feel so sorry for her. Her view of the world and what it means to be young is so skewed. By the time I was 23 I had been married two years, finished my four year degree, owned a house, had a respectable job, and no there were no sex tapes… or babies for that matter. What is wrong with her?

    I can’t believe VH1 would have her on one of their shows. It is obvious she is mentally ill and needs help. Every time I read about her I just think of how absolutely awful it would be to be her daughter. How gross.

  7. Umm, can you say Filthy white trash scum bag whore?? Looks like her hair is a Wig! She must be protecting her original horse hair.

    Farrah, enough already! You are the lowest form of pond scum that has eve been made.

    Karma is coming to bite you in the ASS!

    No one likes you, or will buy any of your nasty ass plastic parts.
    What’s your next porn video gonna be titled?

    Farrah and the horse doing it?

    Oh wait. That would be incest.. Meaning horses run in your family! Haha!!! Horse face!

    See you later Fake,Pathetic LOSER!!!!

  8. Good thing she took advantage of this when she did. If she’s moving from MTV to VH1, that’s a sign that you are over the hill.

  9. another 23 year old here. farrah, you’re doing it wrong. i’m only 23 for 4 more months, should i be getting on this sex tape bandwagon?

    1. Best of luck to you. I did not take advantage of my youth and make a sex tape with a porn star. Unfortunately, I missed my opportunities to be young, fun, and 23. I am glad to hear you will be successful though. 😉

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