Feet Pics & Hair Videos: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Kail Lowry & Jade Cline Join OnlyFans

“Wait…you can make HOW much?!”

Add two more Teen Mom stars to the heap of cast members who are now on OnlyFans! 

Teen Mom 2 stars Kail Lowry and Jade Cline announced this week that they have joined the subscription social media site, which is typically (but not always) used to post sexy time content.

This comes about a month or so after Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant stars Malorie BeaverKayla Sessler and Kiaya Elliott all announced that they, too, are offering private pics and videos on the site.

During the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail explained what she plans to post on her OnlyFans, which she is currently charging $20 a month to subscribe to.

“I made an OnlyFans,” she told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley. “It’s like a private Instagram that people pay for…you make money on it…Someone I know, she got paid $100 for her feet pics. I would definitely send feet pics. I for sure am gonna send feet pics.”

Kail’s OnlyFeet…er, Fans…site…

Kail did not state whether or not she plans to post nude pics to the site as well. (Her current bio pic is one of her fully clothed.) However, Kail said that, before she posts any photos to her OnlyFans, she is going to send them to Lindsie and her other friends for their approval. After her “Iceland-stand-naked-by-a-horse” maternity photo fail earlier this year, Kail said she doesn’t want to risk a repeat of that horrorfest.

“I never want another horse pic situation to happen again,” she said. “I never want a photographer to give me this idea and then tell me it’s amazing and have me post it. And I’m trusting this photographer, and I never want to do that again. Now, I’m going to send my pictures to my best friends and get their approval— because I don’t think they would lie to me— before I post.”

Lindsie, for whatever reason, encouraged Kail to get some “hoochie heels” to wear in her feet photos, but Kail argued that she “walks like a dinosaur in heels.”

“I look like a f**king T-rex!” she said. 

“Ya know…I’ve got some hoochie heels that Juh-nelle left at my house… maybe I should join tha OnlyFanFeet site?”

Jade’s OnlyFans doesn’t appear to have any “sexy time” content at all. In fact, the licensed cosmetologist said she will be using her page to offer classes related to hair care.

“I’m going to be posting videos of hair color courses, balayage courses, hair extension courses, etc.,” Jade’s bio reads. 

On Tuesday, she wrote, “My first course will be posted soon! I am doing an installation on tape-in extensions! I will be discussing all the do’s and dont’s! Showing a video of the install, before/after, etc!”

Jade is offering her subscriptions for free currently. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Kayla Sessler has stated that she will not be posting nudes to her OnlyFans; however, Kiaya’s and Malorie’s pages do appear to contain sexy time content.

None of the girls’ pages can compete with that of the Backdoor Teen Mom herself, Farrah Abraham. As The Ashley oh-so-disturbingly told you earlier this week, Farrah is now currently offering a menu of make-you-wanna-gauge-your-own-eyes-out-after-watching videos and photos to accommodate pervs on any budget. For those willing to shell out 100 smackers, Farrah will send over a “Number 2 Bathroom” video or a “Golden Shower” video. (Click here to see the full list of creepy sexual offerings by Farrah.) 

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26 Responses

  1. Does Kail even need more money?
    She needs to take this fourth trimester to just heal and be with her new baby not start a fetish site and record podcasts and air all her dumb decisions to the world.
    She’s losing it seriously.
    Is she also seriously blaming her photographer for the horse photo??? What the hell.
    I used to like her on the show a lot but in the past few years she’s somehow managed to become the least likeable person.

    1. The thought of anyone actually paying to see this unattractive, overweight tatted up MOTHER OF 4! in any of the described scenarios is completely DISGUSTING. Who are those people???????????

  2. I really, REALLY wonder why this site even exists (except for, you know, creeps and middle aged men). Either Jade is an idiot for not knowing what it is for or she is lying through her teeth. (When she will eventually make it payable, we will know why)

    I just wish OnlyFans and TikTok would go away. It’s making people’s brain mush.

    1. My friend posts her fitness content on hers. I think patreon is the correct platform they should use but people don’t subscribe as much. ??‍♀️

  3. The children will suffer because their Moms are on this web site. People do talk. I wouldn’t be announcing I am on this web site. It’s not worth it. More so because the children will be the ones suffering. I’m sure they will make money because there are a lot of perverts out there. Oh my God these children’s fathers should try to get custody of their children. Those children don’t their lives ruined!

  4. I’m wondering why Jade doesn’t just use zoom for her classes? She would be able to send the link to the people she wanted. But…as you do I guess. I like that she’s using her onlyfans for something totally different than most people, but it makes me wonder if she’ll eventually convert it over to do the whole feet pics, nudes, etc.

  5. How can Kail make all that money on TM and still needs to do a porn site. Say what you want. When the show shuts down that’s exactly what she will do. Why would anybody pay to see what the internet has up for free? No matter what she does she’s still her daddy’s twin.

  6. This is so cringey it’s upsetting. How does a mother, ahem, a mother to a WEEK OLD BABY + 3 others, have the time, energy and will to do this crap?? It’s so unclassy to talk about these things, imagine hearing your m o m talk about how she’s posting feet pics. Like, isaacs friends are for sure gonna hear about this. I know if my kid went to school with Isaac I’d probably try to steer away, not because of Isaac himself, but because of the crap he hears going on at home. Don’t want my 10 year old hearing what “feet pics” are. Do better, kail.

  7. Notice how a couple of these adult moms keep having babies while under contract….cough, cough… So they get more of that good old MTV bonus baby dollars they wouldn’t have received otherwise. Cancel adult moms please

    1. It’s been confirmed multiple times by Morgan J Freeman, as well as some of the moms, that they do NOT get a cash bonus for having another child. Even if they did, the $20k they were rumored to get is a drop in the bucket of the cost of raising a child, especially these days. Just the first 17 months of my sons life, I spent at LEAST 10 grand on diapers, wipes, well baby checkup copays, clothes, swing, bouncer, packNplay, nursery furniture, carseats, strollers, breast pump, formula (34 a CAN), food, carriers, etc… the ‘bonus’ rumor is ridiculous.

  8. How’s Jade making any money off her cosmetology courses if the subscription is free? Kail’s Pothead hair brand must not be doing very well.

  9. Didn’t Kail try to eat that horse after that shoot? Also, who in Gods green earth would pay money to see Kail’s hoofs? Much less that blown out fun tunnel?

    stay lit

  10. All of these girls children will have yet another thing to cringe & need therapy over when they’re old enough to understand

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