‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Brags About Making Over $10K In One Week on OnlyFans; Proposes Sexy Foot Stunt to Make Even More Money

“It can’t be any more embarrassing than having sex with Luis again and getting an STD.” 

Briana DeJesus is considering putting her foot in her mouth—or at least a few toes— all in the name of getting some cold hard cash! 

The Teen Mom 2 star took to Twitter on Monday to let her fans know she made more than $10,000 in one week on OnlyFans and that she didn’t have to strip down and show (all of) her Dr. Miami-enhanced body to do it. 

“Life is crazy,” she wrote. “How I just made 10k+ in a week with only fans and no my vagina is not out or ti**ies.” 

While she appears to be doing pretty well with whatever thirst traps she’s been posting to the subscription site, Briana went on to reveal that she’s open to doing other things on OnlyFans, just as long as she can guarantee doing so won’t result in her losing her job with MTV.

Hold on to your patent leather pumps (and your lunch), Briana may soon be hawking toe-sucking videos. 

According to the mom of two, “everyone keeps asking for” a video of her sucking her own toes. While she doesn’t know if she can even make it happen flexibility-wise, she’s doing some research to “make sure she doesn’t get fired” before dipping her toe into the water/into her own mouth. 

“No shame in my game, but maybe a toe in my mouth.”

Briana’s OnlyFans idea was met with mixed reviews among fans, with some warning her that her posts on the site could end up being seen by those who aren’t paying customers. 

Another follower mentioned MTV’s treatment of former ‘Teen Mom OG’ (and adult film) star Farrah Abraham after she decided to earn some cash doing sexy time webcam shows. The individual stated it will be “interesting” to see how the network reacts to ‘Teen Mom’ stars jumping on the OnlyFans trend, considering work in the adult industry was “a huge contributing factor” for Farrah getting fired from ‘Teen Mom OG.’ 

“Don’t do it Bri,” another fan warned. “Your daughter is about to be a teenager. You don’t want Nova telling you, well you did it.” 

Others, however, encouraged Briana to “secure the bag” and “stack it up.” 

After someone else on Twitter questioned “why people pay money when you get p0rn free,” Briana said OnlyFans offers a more personal experience. 

“Well, it’s called only fans bc it’s more intimate knowing ur fav person is taking a photo just for u or talking just to u,” she wrote. 

“Men just like to feel special,” she told another person. “They don’t need to see ass and t*ts for that.”

Later that day, Briana posted a foot photo to her Twitter, along with a link to her OnlyFans page, so we can assume she decided to “get that bag” by stuffing her hoof in her mouth. During the most-recent season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Briana revealed that she had spent all of her savings buying a home for her and her family. During one scene, she stated that she was “broke.”  

Tell us why you’re sucking your own toes for cash…

Briana is not the only ‘Teen Mom’ star to venture into the OnlyFans foot fetish world. Her co-star (and nemesis) Kail Lowry opened an account and posted some foot photos last year but is no longer active on OnlyFans

(Interestingly, in a clickbait “#LinkInBio” Instagram post from November 2020, Briana actually shaded Kail for selling foot pics on OnlyFans…but here we are…) 

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant stars Kayla Sessler, Malorie Beaver and Kiaya Elliott have also private pics and videos on the site.

“You think people would pay to watch someone put on and take off their red high heels and throw them at people? Asking for a friend…”

Currently, Briana charges $12 a month to subscribe to her OnlyFans. In her bio on the site, she specifically states that subscribers will get “no nudes.”

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter) 


  1. How about Briana sucking Kail’s toes? ….I’m trying to think of things worse than the reality I read in this article, and that is kinda the winner. Although thinking about Kail sucking her own toes is pretty gnarls.

  2. More news worthy would be Brianna using soap, water and shampoo. Even fully clothed it would be news worthy and sensational! That girl is NASTY!

    1. She looks clean to me…it’s possible that she uses some gel, hairspray, or some sort of hair product.

      The only “nasty” things about her are her lack of clothing and the fact that she has two babies by two different baby daddies and keeps going back for a lay with a last one.

  3. I have no problem with sex work. Just own your shit. This trick doesn’t. Way more attractive women out there who shower. Guys don’t waste your money.

  4. You know … People can do what they want, I don’t really care. Im just really really happy that I got a nice education, a nice job and a nice paycheck so I don’t have to suck my own god damn toes for cash.

    And yeah, I had my child at 19 and raised him myself, so no excuse being a teen parent …

  5. “is considering putting her foot in her mouth”

    She must be getting bored from all those d#cks she puts in her mouth.

  6. “Men just like to feel special,” she told another person. “They don’t need to see ass and t*ts for that.”

    wait what?

    stay lit

  7. 10k? So does this mean she’ll finally shut up about how “broke” she is? Or is she going to waste that check on more assault rifles for her “boyfriend”.

    1. If my mom, sister and 2 kids lived under the same roof as me, I’d be a broke ass bitch too. The cost of living ain’t cheap!!!

      And where do you get that she has a bf?

      1. Remember the guy she confessed to seeing was married? I think she went on a vacation with him. He was the reason she was complaining about all the Covid testing. He didn’t like how he had to keep getting tested. It was after Luis.

  8. If they can fire Farrah for doing porn and Jenelle and her husband David whom are not only abusive towards her and her children, dog killer but yet they keep a abusive, knife, sword chasing girl who seriously needs to be put away for violating her probation, a druggie and his immature life who does drugs with him they need to fire Rhine, his immature wife and crap starter Mack, Amber, and Briana! Or just end the shows period!!!

    1. The rest I get, but at least Bri has a job outside the TM2 gig!!! She may have 2 babies with different Daddy’s but is at least responsible in that her kids are well behaved and clean.

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