‘Teen Mom 2′ Dad Devoin Austin Appears on Kail Lowry’s Podcast: Says Briana DeJesus’ Family Tricked Him Out of Being on Daughter Nova’s Birth Certificate

“We’d like to dedicate this episode to Briana.”

Kail Lowry surprised her podcast listeners (and likely sent the DeJesus crew into an tizzy) on Thursday when she dropped an episode of Coffee Convos featuring Devoin Austin – the baby daddy of her Teen Mom 2 co-star (and known nemesis) Briana DeJesus. 

During the podcast episode, Devoin spilled plenty of tea about Briana, her family and how he feels MTV and the DeJesus family have done him dirty over the years, starting with Bri’s 16 and Pregnant episode. Devoin was happy to tell the real reason he is not on his daughter Nova’s birth certificate!

Given Kail and Briana’s rocky past, as well as Devoin’s frequent social media feuds with his baby mama, some considered the move to be a bit calculated on Kail and Devoin’s parts.

“Waiting on Brianna to post a #linkinbio about how pissed she is,” one person wrote in the comment section of Kail’s post about Devoin’s appearance on the show.

However, Kail told Us Weekly the real reason she chose to have Devoin on the podcast. 


“I was happy to give Devoin a platform to tell his story,” she told the outlet. “Him and his girlfriend are so sweet. I loved getting to hear his perspective on coparenting and his experience on the show. I wish them nothing but the best and all the success on his wing business.” 

Similarly, Devoin said he accepted Kail and co-host Lindsie Chrisley’s invite to do the podcast as a way to promote himself and what he has going on.

“I want to start this off by thanking Kailyn and Lindsie for inviting me on the podcast,” he said in a statement. “They were very welcoming and they listened to what I had to say. It felt great to get some things off my chest. There wasn’t any pressure to bash anyone or anything like that.” 

While Devoin wasn’t pressured to bash anyone, he did want to set the record straight on those who have bashed him in the past – namely Briana and her family. While talking to Kail and Lindsie about some of the mistreatment he feels he has received from the DeJesus crew, he used Briana’s “16 & Pregnant” episode as an example. 

“Like, when Nova was first born, they said on national television that I went to play basketball,” he said. “Dude, I was downstairs in the hospital.”

They may have mentioned it a few times…

“They drew animated me and I jumped out the window like a f**king lunatic, like a young Black guy that just wanna play basketball when his daughter was born. That’s what happened to me,” Devoin said.

He wasn’t kidding about this either.

Devoin said he was in the room when Nova was born (which actually was shown on “16 & Pregnant”) and afterwards, Briana’s mom Roxanne insisted that he “go change clothes” because he had been at the hospital for so long. 

Instead of heading home, Devoin said he went downstairs to the hospital cafeteria for about 30 minutes and when he returned, he was met with an unpleasant surprise after asking if “the lady with the birth certificate” had come into Briana’s room yet. 

“ … Roxanne asked me, ‘Why?’ Meaning they already signed it, my name’s not on it,” he said. 

Devoin admitted that he “got pissed” at this point and Briana’s family ended up calling security on him. (This was mentioned on ‘”16 & Pregnant,” the real reason he was mad–regarding the birth certificate— was not.) 

Briana and her family have yet to speak out on the podcast episode or Devoin’s story about the birth certificate.

Listen to the full Coffee Convos episode below!

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 


  1. There isn’t any Hippo yawn in world worth having to spend time with the coven. The greatest Calamari cockring in the world is not worth walking into the den of anger.

    stay lit

    1. I am positive that if the Dejesus family asked the Ashley for an interview she would do it.
      This is an article on Kails pod cast

    2. How is this one sided …when Brianna and her Covan gets to tell their side once a week ..on Tuesdays, to millions???

  2. i do think kail did this to be a little bit petty but i also feel like she invited him on for ratings and get people to listen to her podcast and it’s working since it has people talking, and idk why a lot of people are upset about this. at least we get to hear both sides and mtv didn’t intervene with it this time

    1. The DeJesus family is so, so toxic. They just hate man.
      I’m not saying Devion is a champ, but he didn’t stand a change against that family. He can’t do anything right, according to them. They won’t even prenounce his name the right way.

    2. How is he a dead beat when he does not only for his daughter, but for Stella as well? I’m gonna need you to look up the definition of dead beat dad, because I think you’re a bit confused lol

      1. He has displayed deadbeat dad qualities for years, but he cemented it when he got wasted at the pool with Nova. He could barely stand up.

  3. The reason devoin always mad was 100% referenced on Briana’s episode. It was a main plot line in fact. Him and bri discussed who would get the last name and whether he would sign the birth certificate several times.

    And kail also definitely had him on the podcast out of pure pettiness.

  4. We all know how petty Kail is. Brianna dated Javi, flirted with Chris, so she invited Devoin to her podcast. But at least we got to hear his side of the story which imo is more believable than Bri’s. I always got the feeling that family genuinely hated men, so they did all they could with Roxanne especially to alienate men close to them. It’s only my guess, but after the truth came out that she robbed her daughters of their dads and lied to Britney about who her dad is, she slightly changed her mind and that’s why she’s more supportive of Devoin. But too late, damage is already done. Bri’s a heartless slut, Britney is sour and has been single forever and still living with them like an old spinster.

  5. Kail doesn’t give a single fuck about hearing any baby daddy’s point of view. She wanted drama. But good on Devoin for sharing his story. Briana is shit and always has been.

  6. Let’s be real…We all know the only reason why Kail asked Devoin to be on her podcast, is because she wanted to be messy. If she actually “cared” about the dads getting their stories out, why hasn’t she asked Adumb on there, or that Andrew dude after Ambo tried to behead him with a machete. But, I do like that Devoin is spilling the tea on those degenerate DeJesus’. They have really tried their hardest FOR YEARS to smear him and make him look like a trash human being, but the more tea he’s spilling, the more the dots are connecting, and the more diabolical that coven and MTV look.

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