‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Calls Baby Daddy Chris Lopez a “Part-Time Babysitter” To Their Sons, Chris Calls Kail ‘Calculating’: A Recap of Recent Events

Is chaos a love language? Asking for a friend…

Kail Lowry and Chris Lopez are once again taking turns venting about one another on social media, after Chris criticized Kail on his most-recent podcast episode for making co-parenting hard. Naturally, this didn’t go over well with the Teen Mom 2 star, who took to Instagram to rant about Chris and his lack of parental involvement. 

During Tuesday’s episode of Chris’ P.T.S.D podcast, Chris spoke about the situation with “his kids’ mother” multiple times, including their decision to host separate birthday parties for their two sons, Creed and Lux, and stories that get twisted in the media due to Kail being “very calculated.” 

Kail, in turn, hit Instagram Stories this week, going on a rant about Chris being more of a “part-time babysitter” to their two son than a dad.

She went on to praise her other baby daddies– Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin– fathers of Isaac and Lincoln, respectively– for contributing their time and money to their sons.

Chris, who said he now speaks to a therapist twice a week, called the co-parenting situation between himself and Kail “frustrating as hell.” He also complained about the court system and questioned why he is not allowed more time with his sons, despite having “always wanted 50-50 [custody] of the kids.” 

Kail responded to her ex’s remarks in a series of videos posted to Instagram (which were reposted by the TeenMomShadeRoom_ Instagram account). 

While Kail didn’t specifically state that she was addressing Chris in her rant, it was clear that her words were meant for Baby Daddy #3.   


“ … I just wanted to say that the bar is set really low for men as fathers and it’s really annoying and tired and I’m over being called a bitter baby mom or I’m this, or I’m that, or I’m trying to keep my sons away from their dad,” she said.

“When you don’t contribute financially in terms of school and doctors appointments and you have no idea what the school schedule is, you don’t know when doctors appointments are and when I’m telling you to your face when a doctor appointment is and you don’t show up and you literally text me saying that I didn’t write it down for you, that’s a problem. So, am I bitter or am I doing what I have to do for my children? You guys decide.”

In another clip, Kail said Jo and Javi “have 50 percent of their kids because they are present 50 percent of the time, if not more, and they contribute 50 percent of the time financially.” 

“You guys turned out to be OK after all!”

“They walk the walk and they talk the talk,” Kail added. “I might not have liked it at first, but I was able to finally give up that 50 percent [custody] because they were doing what they were saying they were going to do. They were present–- financially and physically–- and they contribute. 

“If I’m not giving you the 50 percent or the courts aren’t giving you the 50 percent, there’s a reason why,” she continued. “I’m honestly just sick of the, ‘Kail is always the problem.’ I’m sick of it. I’m tired of it.” 

“You guys are totally messing up the quote.”

She also called her ex a “part-time babysitter” in the rant.

Despite Chris telling podcast listeners this week that he’d no longer “speak on the drama” that is his and Kail’s chaotic co-parenting, the father of two took to Instagram Friday to let everyone know he heard Kail’s rant. 

“If I’m going to be honest with y’all man, if I was to speak on the drama that went on today, I’d be contradicting myself,” Chris said. “If you listen to my last podcast, I said it. I’m not going to keep engaging in this s**t. I already know how it turns out, I’m not gonna do that. 

“I’m done, so I’m not speaking on that s**t no more, man,” he continued. “I said what I think, that’s cool. I take whatever was said, I take that s**t on the chin, it is what it is. I’m not gonna argue it. But I came on here to just composite s**t with y’all. I hate getting on the internet and social media sometimes and seeing that s**t, I ain’t gonna lie.” 

Chris, recording his response.

Chris added that engaging in the conflict “just look dumb” and does nothing but drive a wedge between himself and Kail. 

Oh, and just for fun: here’s Kail’s ’Teen Mom 2’ co-star Briana DeJesus’ two-cents on the matter. (Because we all know how much Kail values her good pal Briana’s opinion!) 

When asked how she felt about someone commenting on fake dads, despite that same ‘someone’ previously backing her baby daddy Devoin Austin, Briana provided the following (quite lengthy) response:  

“I realized there’s no such thing as a fake dad,” Briana wrote. “But what there is-is that there’s something called parenting different. I learned that u can’t always have it ur way and the other parent will do what they wanna do when they wanna do it and how they wanna do it. As doing u and being the parent u want to be for ur kids, the rest is history!” 

Briana added that she doesn’t care “who supports who.” 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

31 Responses

  1. Kail has so much to say about Chris being a father but yet had a other child with him & I am pretty sure she would have more if he was interested, also according to her both of her other baby daddies were not quality fathers however now that she’s beefing with Chris. They’re amazing. She is so problematic & always is feuding with someone.

  2. The difference between Kail and Chris is that Kail purposely slept with Chris for the one and ONLY reason to get pregnant. She made no secret about wanting more kids. She had every single intention on getting pregnant. Chris on the other hand, and at the risk of sounding crude, only wanted to bang one out with Kail. He made no secret about his disinterest in his first child, little alone wanting to have any more kids with Kail. He simply wanted sex, and Kail had only one purpose – and that was to get pregnant. Now while Chris shouldn’t be off the hook completely, I do believe Kail has the sole responsibility, financial and otherwise, to care for those kids. She had the intention on having them, and the means to do so. She can’t expect that deadbeat to change his stripes. It’s not going to happen. Kail doesn’t know how to exist unless she is making someone’s life as miserable as her own.

    1. Granted Kail wanted more kids and he wanted sex BUT he knows how babies are made and if he really didn’t want a child he should have used protection!
      It should NEVER be one person’s responsibility when they BOTH did the deed.
      Your reasons are the most absurd I’ve ever heard!
      THEY had sex = THEY had a child = THEY BOTH are responsible for the children.

  3. Girrrrl- pick men who are really good people b4 ya f*ck em. Get to know them- be KIND and have conversations/boundaries. Kail- you are a such a creature of habit- ya love a guy- then have a baby- they suck- you hate them- go to court- protection order/blah blah blah- then they ain’t so bad/give financially/take em while you go on vacation/ they are amazing compared to then newest baby daddy.
    It’s so sad coz it’s so easy to see (coz you foolishly share your life for money). Look inward girlfriend it’s you not them.

  4. I also feel like they have so much constant public drama because they both have these stupid podcasts specifically about parenting that they have to keep coming up with the new content for. His is literally about how hard it is to be a baby daddy and she has multiple podcasts, one of which is specifically about being a baby mama and both of which are pretty much just her talking about her life, which revolves entirely around a show called Teen Mom about……being a mom. It’s not like she or he have anything else to really talk about. They don’t seem to have jobs outside of TV and social media and podcasts, and they don’t have a lot of hobbies, or interests, and neither of them seem curious enough about the world outside of themselves to become educated enough to hold a conversation on any topic other than themselves and who they’re currently feuding with. And then they get mad that the other person is constantly talking ish about them! And that the public are asking them personal questions about their relationships. You guys literally each have a standing appointment to b**ch about each other on a weekly basis! No wonder the drama is never ending.

  5. I don’t know the super specifics of how much Chris is contributing for his kids or how much time he spends with them or whatever else, but I do remember that she fought both Jo and Javi HARD and for a LONG time about 50/50 custody, wouldn’t let them have the child on unapproved court ordered days, and then complained that they weren’t doing enough to “earn” 50/50. She seems to want to be the martyr. She refuses to let the dads help with the kids, or to take them for extra days, or to make their own decisions about what they do with the kids on their days (like she wants to micromanage everything and then gets mad when they haven’t done everything in exactly the same way she wants them to do it), and then complains that they don’t do enough with their kids and that she’s the main parent all the time who has to do everything. She even says it herself that she was not happy about 50/50 with the first 2 kids and their dads, but now she is.

    So if Chris wants to do more and she’s not letting him, then I don’t really sympathize with her when she’s saying that she does everything for the kids and he’s just a part time babysitter. But then again, I don’t know how serious Chris is. Is he serious enough to go to court and ask for 50/50? Or is he just whining that Kail won’t hypothetically give it to him if he asks?

  6. I’d almost feel sorry for Kail – but 1: She Chose him, 2 she chose to have not 1 but 2 kids to him… if he was such a deadbeat – why have another kid to the guy?!?

  7. We understand Kail. Chris had a job, living on his own, and being a highly modivated person when you met him. It’s just now that he’s changed. What a freaking joke. Kail not only had one child with him but 2. Probably would have another if Chris would agree.

  8. Idk why Devoin and Chris don’t have 50 percent custody. The kids seem fine when they are with them. Hopefully they get it in the future.

    1. They don’t have 50% because neither of them have ever bothered to ask the court for it. If they actually petitioned for 50/50, they’d probably get a lot more time. But, they’d also risk having to pay court-ordered child support. Kail/Bri and Chris/Devoin complai, but they’re all actually happy with the current arrangement. Kail and Bri get all the control and Chris and Devoin aren’t obligated to pay child support. They all suck.

      1. That’s true but also so funny to me because in CA with their incomes Kail and Bri would probably end up paying Chris and Devoin child support.

    2. I don’t know anything about how Chris parents his kids, but I do know I’d never trust Devoin with a child.

      Devoin “forgot” to pick up his daughter from a scheduled after school activity & she sounded hysterical on the phone telling her mother what happened. Thank goodness someone else stepped in because who knows what could have happened to her at night, alone. He’s been so drunk that he’s passed out (he says he fell asleep) when he was supposed to be supervising his daughter at the pool, of all places where he should be alert & interactive, but nope, he thought it was kool to drink – at the pool while watching his daughter. He’s also been late to pick up his daughter from outings on numerous occasions. That should show anyone & everyone he’s not a responsible parent. And, he’s extremely tight/selfish with his money. He spends his checks on shiny new & designer things for himself, but doesn’t come close to supporting his daughter.

      1. Being late and how you spend money isn’t enough to have a court take away your parental rights. Even the pool incident wouldn’t have parental rights taken. It could have been really bad but it wasn’t and I’m sure he learned that lesson.

  9. Kail, you knew what he was and you banged him anyway. You saw what a non-parent he was to Lux, so you banged him AGAIN! You have a LOT of explaining to do to Lux and Creed. ESPECIALLY Creed! You knew what Chris was, and you did it anyway. All on you.

  10. She has three baby daddies. She has had court battles with all of them. Chris is a douche, but he’s a the idiot she picked to father 2 more. No sympathy for for either one. They deserve all the heartache & bullshit. Unfortunately the kids will be in The middle of Hulk & Low crawler forever, which one will be in the juvie system first? My best are on the one she keeps the long hair on.

    1. Someone else said it, thank you! It’s been my experience that the women who wear that shit are the ones acting like fools with their children. Real mom’s don’t need shirts saying it and only get them as gifts from their kids on holidays. It’s soooo pathetic to buy them yourself. Narcissistic much? Now excuse me while i sit back, forget I posted this and ignore the downvotes I get on here because half the users are just as uneducated and easily triggered as the teen moms. Fuck off, bitches and don’t procreate!

  11. I just wanted to say that the bar is set really low for men as fathers

    We know it is, because we watched you set it. You’ve spent your adult life digging a goddamn pit for that bar, and now you complain it’s set too low?

    1. What’s twice as funny is, I remember the episode when Jo wanted more custody and Kail told him that what he had was the standard for dads. Jo responded by saying, “But I’m better than the rest, I’m all about raising the bar”, and she laughed at him. It took her having a baby daddy who wasn’t doing anything to see what a gift she was given in Jo and Javi.

  12. I dont really like Kail that much but I do think she has a point (bring on the down votes)

    But this is why you carefully consider who you are going to make babies with ?

  13. Every single time she opens her mouth, garbage just pours out. She’s trashy, classless, and is very much like a little dog who constantly barks for attention.

  14. Oh please! She is shocked that the man who tried to give up his paternal rights to their first child is like a part time babysitter to their now two children. The only thing more insane than this statement is the fact that she chose to have a second child with him after he tried to abandon his first one.

  15. The best thing both of them could do is at the very least come together and make a pact to take ALL discussions about their children OFF the internet. Take it to court, take it to the expensive SUV, take it to the therapist office…. We all know the internet is forever, and your kids will eventually see this stuff, along with their teachers, your neighbors, etc

    The one thing you both have in common is the love for your kids, so stop with the podcasts and the stories, and come together in that ONE thing. Cuz you both look foolish and ridiculous.

  16. Kail would have a point if she hadn’t had, not one but, two babies with this guy she calls a part-time babysitter. She knew what he was and still had a second child with him. I have no sympathy for her.

  17. I cant stand these 2 ppl. Theyre both awful human beings and all 4 children do indeed suffer behind this constant never- ending drama.

  18. Chris is the Luis of Kail’s baby daddies. Ain’t bout sh*t but running his mouth. She had another kid by him after he didn’t do right by the first one. That’s on her. Briana just got an STD from hers rather than a second baby. They are both stupid and are paying for their choices.

  19. Kail… you lucked out. With baby daddy #1 and #2. Even though they both have their flaws, Kail applauds them NOW bc they’re giving her what she wants.

    Then Kail decided to get impregnated by Chris… a guy who was known to not have a stable income/life, then practically stalked him to keep him around when it was obvious he wasn’t into her/their kid muchless the show. And then *surprised Pichachu face* Kail gets knocked up again and somehow it’s ALL Chris’s fault/he’s horrible.

    Kail – YOU DECIDED TO HAVE SEX AND MULTIPLE BABIES with someone who clearly doesn’t respect you. And you do yourself no favors with suing anyone who hurts your feelings even when it’s straight up the truth.

  20. Jesus. With Kail, it’s ALWAYS about money/attention/manipulation. We will probably learn in future years that she’s a fucking serial killer.

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