‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Claims She Was Extorted By A Girl Her Ex Was Dating Behind Her Back: “She Said, ‘You Can Pay Me to Keep My Mouth Shut!'”

“Stay away from my money… and my man!” 

Kail Lowry has experienced countless ups and downs with her relationships over the years, and according to the Teen Mom 2 star, one relationship nearly resulted in her being extorted at one point. 

Kail spoke about the incident on a recent episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, telling co-host Vee Torres what transpired and what she learned from the experience.

The girl who Kail claims extorted her told the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star at one point that she would expose Kail’s intimate secrets to MTV, unless Kail paid her.

“She said, ‘You can pay me to keep my mouth shut,’” Kail stated on the podcast.

While Kail did not reveal which of her exes was involved in the story, based on the timing given by Kail in the story, she is likely talking about Chris Lopez– the father of her two youngest sons. However, she did not mention Chris — or the girl who allegedly extorted her— by name.

“I was absolutely in love with this person,” Kail said on the podcast. “Like, you say jump, I say ‘how high?’ I loved him. I had stayed with him through a lot a bulls**t, but I just thought if I held him down long enough, he would pick me–ride or die.

Chris, aka “this person” …probably.

“I was always worried about the same two girls that were always coming around. He couldn’t let go of them. I never really worried about random girls. He kept rotating between me and these other girls … 

“I’m a phone checker, I go through phones,” she continued. “If I don’t know the password, I will tap it to see, did someone text you? A number kept coming up. At first it was not saved, so I put it in my phone.” 

“Because I’m on to your shenanigans, bro!” 

Kail said Chris the guy insisted it was “nothing” and he even answered a call from the mystery girl’s sister in front her. Still, Kail claims “this person” was never very upfront about his relationship status.

“He never says, ‘I have a girlfriend,’” Kail said. “He never flat-out said, ‘I’m in a relationship.’ That was a red flag to me but what can I do? I don’t have proof that they’re together.” 

When the number came up on the guy’s phone one day, Kail decided to text it, at which point she was informed by the girl that she and the guy were in a “full-blown relationship.” Afterwards, Kail claims the girl sent her a “long f**king text” threatening to extort her and expose her “secret.” 

Little did the girl know, Kail prefers to expose all of her secrets herself…

“Then out of nowhere she sends me this long f**king text, saying she’s going to reach out to MTV and tell them my secret, and if I don’t pay her … ,” Kail said, adding that this incident took place about a year-and-a-half ago.

“She said she was going to write in to MTV and ‘wait until they find this, this and this out,’” she continued. “She had my address, which was not the address I was at now. She knew things about me that only he would know, nothing that the public would know. These were intimate things that you talk about in a relationship, not even things you talk about with your friends. So you knew he was pillow-talking with her. I was like, ‘Go ahead [and tell MTV].’” 

Kail said the girl requested they meet up “because she wants to fight,” which Kail did not go along with. 

“Let me know if ya ever change ya mind, Kail. I’ll give ya a baby mama discount on some private lessons.”

Kail later said the girl texted her a photo from inside the guy’s room, and sent her Cash app information, telling Kail she would only stay quiet if Kail gave her money. (Based on the timeline Kail mentioned, these photos do not appear to be the ones she’s referencing.) 

“She said, ‘You can pay me to keep my mouth shut,’” Kail said. “I sent her MTV’s address and was like, ‘Here you go!’” 

Later, the girl apologized to Kail and explained why she attempted to extort her. 

“She was like, ‘I’m sorry I did that, I just needed money for my kids for Christmas,’” Kail said. “So … you tried to extort me and you were threatening to ruin my life, my reputation and my family and my relationship and my business? I was being a smart ass so I texted her back. I said, ‘If you needed money you could have just asked.’ I was being a smart ass. But she came back and said, ‘I’m really sorry. I just needed money for my kids for Christmas.’” 

After Kail’s recount of the near-extortion, she questioned how she ever “got back with this man.” 

” …except this time.”

“I was getting back with someone I didn’t trust and I was setting myself up for failure every time,” she said. “You can’t keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept. He didn’t want to be kept; it was convenient. All of us were all wanting to be with him, but we were all convenient for him. He literally said to me, with his own mouth, that if he could be with all three of us at the same time, he would because he gets different things from all of us.” 

“Don’t do it, bro! Take it from the Kodster, being in multiple relationships at a time is NO fun.”

Kail told Vee that “Extortion Girl” was a different girl than the one she once got into an altercation with at an Applebee’s…as you do…

“That was a different girl that I was cheated on with,” she said. “Same man, different girl.”

Looking back, Kail claims low self-esteem led her to get back together with the guy. 

“Low self-esteem will really have you f**ked up, and that was me,” she said. “I’m talking about myself. I had low self-esteem. I was going through some s**t to be with someone who would put me through that. I stayed through that … I don’t know why I was weak but I got caught up in that mess.” 

“Ya can’t spell ‘mess’ without ‘me!'”

Kail claims that while she did confront the guy about the threats she received from “Extortion Girl,” he didn’t care and continued talking to the girl.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; YouTube) 

63 Responses

  1. I think she’s full of $hit. Kail wouldn’t stand to be extorted and not run to the police to file charges.

    Kail just can’t stand the fact that Chris doesn’t give a fXck about her. Stop talking about him already. Let it go already. She is one miserable loser who wants to make other people miserable too.

    Grow up…..this isn’t high school anymore.

  2. Btw I am sure a dna test was done and Creed’s is Chris’. If Javi thought the baby was his he would have tested too. Neither father would pretend, even if Kail would.

  3. She is screwed up with men because her father abandoned her. Period. Among other childhood trauma. She is going to go for the most unavailable one (chris). That is why she was so “ in love” with him. It wasnt love, she was just acting out from her childhood and trying to “hold down” an unavailable man. Though chris always seemed to be honest with her about how he didnt care-it did not matter to her. More of an obssession. A man Like her dad .Glad she is getting counseling and coming out of it, hopefully. We will see.

  4. Oh, also- ‘hold him down long enough’ is KailSpeak for ‘I thought the second baby would for sure trap him.’

  5. ‘I thought if I held him down long enough.’ Let me be clear when I say- what the f*ck? Why, as this self-proclaimed ‘strong woman’ is she attempting to ‘hold’ a man down? He obviously has no desire for that and she’s an idiot for chasing a damn man. Sooooo thirsty it’s actually pathetic. And the thing is- no real man is going to want her. She’s gone through three men, none of which want anything to do with her except maybe Javi because he’s just as grubby as she is. Good luck Kail, you’ve created a terrible situation for yourself if you think you’ll have any healthy relationships with men (or women).

  6. It could be that the person Kail claims is exorting her and saying she can “pay her to shut up” is threatening to out that Creed ain’t Chris’ and Kail dont want that out there because then ALL her baby daddies would have something against her!!!!

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I think Creed is a beautiful child, I just don’t think he’s NOT Chris’

    If he were, why is he a Lowry and Lux is a Lopez???


    Run like hell before she pops out another one and claims its yours!!!!!

    You better test that baby!!!

  8. She is so messy! How can one person have this much drama in their life unless they create it! At some point she needs to change her habits and do better! Set a good example for your sons about what they should look for in a relationship!

  9. What kind of dirt could her erstwhile man’s side piece possibly have that could embarrass somebody who lives their lives on-camera?

    1. True!!

      And IF Kail is “Kail is always right” (which I HIGHLY doubt) why would any dirt someone has on her make her nervous or uncomfortable?

      1. Kids, do I need to explain this, she was going to talk about Hulks penchant for butt stuff in the sack. Your welcome.

        stay lit

        1. I thought it was pretty obvious that she was referring to “bedroom activities” when she said it was intimate things you talk about in a relationship and not with friends. Also just because you think certain things are gross doesn’t mean other people do. To each their own. Try everything twice I always say ?‍♀️

          1. I wasn’t referring to Kail as DISGUSTING…although!!!

            I was referring to this Sir Nibs person.

            He or she is ALMOST ALWAYS trying to spin it to quite frankly “turn a person’s stomach” with their comments.

            Yes sometimes the comments are funny but true, sometimes they are sweet and sincere, but other times it’s like… ??????

      2. Dude, you are for reals DISGUSTING!!! At least my statement was truth without being gross.

        Take my advice, either shape up or ship the fuck out!!!

        But, oh yeah,

        Stay Lit


        1. You may think I’m made out of armor and nails, man, but when I get cut, it hurts. That cut me, and I hurt. JK, if Hulk want to go bowling in the basement, plant seeds in the dirt, put the comforter in the dryer, get a Missouri compromise, put the bike in the trunk, get a Sacramento turtleneck, visit the neighbors, putt from the rough,get a full ride to Brown University,or take the vein train to A-town I’m all for it. No judgement here.

          stay lit

  10. Everybody hate on Kail, but I feel so sorry for her. She had no childhood what so ever, she hates herself and has no self worth or self esteem. And now there are also four kids in that sad mix.

    1. She may have had a bad childhood but that’s all the more reason to lead a better adult life and be a better grown up.

      To show others, “Hey I had a crappy childhood. But look at me now”

      Instead she talks shit about her ex and spreads her legs for any man with a decent enough looking weiner (thus the 4 kids by 3 men)!!!

      1. Plus, Creed doesn’t even look like either one of them (Kail or Chris, shouldn’t he look a little like one of the parents)?

        Lux, looks like Kail as far as features, but he has the biracial skin color.

        Creed is as white as a white person!!!!

          1. Complexion wise yes I agree.

            But looks wise…idk. Isaac looks like Jo.

            But to be honest, Creed kinda looks like that guy Jordan (the guy Kail began dating and Jo and family went apeshit about her moving on but then she cheated on him with Jo and effed the whole thing up).

          1. I understand, he didn’t stay around and endure anymore heartache than he had to. GOOD FOR HIM!!

            But I was really pulling for him, he seemed decent.

    1. So I’m just gonna hope this is an uneducated comment and not intentionally racially insensitive. People with different completions can have kids with skin colors the same or anywhere in between. I have seen many families with 2+ children with each being a different shade or only one favoring a different parent than the others, it’s not uncommon. Also I don’t think Kail would pass up the opportunity for a 4th baby daddy drama, and she was pretty set on having 2 kids with the same dad and that obviously wasn’t going to happen with the other 2 so I’m inclined to believe that they are both his.

      1. Its possible, anything is possible.

        But I also know that a ho is always gonna be just that A HO.

        Yes she was set on having 2 babies with the same father, but plans change.

        It’s just as possible that she’s pinning baby #2 on Chris so she claim she had two with the same man.

        Its been established that this baby favors Isaac, so maybe…it’s Jo’s.

        All 3 of the first are biracial as well. Isaac has olive complexion like Jo, Linc is dark like Javi and Lux is dark complected like his father.

        But honestly as far as looks go, I feel like they need to track that Jordan fellow down, he worked at Applebees with Kail where this altercation went down. So maybe they should start there?

        And if memory serves me correctly, Jordan had some Native American blood in him which would account for Creed’s only slightly dark skin.

  11. And why didn’t Kail have her arrested for extortion?
    She was probably going to split the money with Chris.
    What happened at AppleBees?

  12. Not even done reading this article & had to comment?
    Your a phone checker?
    Girl!! You flipped your shit over Javi checking your phone.

  13. Lol stahhhhppp it? Is that Chris’ mom in these comments? I’m dead? I feel so bad for Lux and Creed for having such shitty family members.

    1. No its his dad lol!!

      Sounds like a woman though– I dont know too many men his age that spend all day online arguing but that explains why Chris is a deadbeat too lolol

  14. Kails upset that Chris knows how to play the game. Chris is the only one that gives it right back to Kailyn. That’s why she wants to be with him. The more she shouldn’t be with him. The more she wants him. Javi and Joe give I to her. A match made in hell.

  15. “I’m a phone checker, I go through phones” She flipped the f out when Javi was trying to go through her phone cause he suspected she was cheating, which she was btw. Karma is only a bitch if you are.

  16. Smh I really wish u would get facts that say who’s she referring to rather than assume it’s my son ALL THE TIME!!!!! This is getting ridiculous!!! U have no proof that my son did such a low down trifling thing!!!! So get evidence & proof then go on your “witch hunt”!!!
    Have a blessed day!!! ?

    1. I think the assumption is made for two reasons, one, she said she was really in love with the guy in question and she has said on numerous occasions Chris is the only man she has been with she truly loved and, two, the timeline fits based on when she said it happened.

      1. More than two! She wasn’t famous nor rich when she was with Jo or even Javi. I believe her pay was starting to increase when she married Javi. Plus, her relationships with Jo and Javi were clearly defined. She was married to Javi!

    2. @Busta Loper– I’ll go ahead and respond to this. There is no witch hunt. Kail unintentionally gave away who she was talking about when she said that the same guy she got into the Applebee’s altercation with is the guy this story is about. She had previously mentioned that the Applebee’s altercation was regarding Chris. So….no witch hunt. Just a “Low-down trifling thing” committed by Chris, apparently… -The Ashley

    3. Sorry you son grew up to be a shit head. But he’s a adult. Can’t really call him a grown man.
      You look ridiculous coming to his defense.
      Did you support him physically & emotionally & financially while he was growing up? Like 24/7 for 18 years? I will wait….

  17. He didn’t care and he still dont care.

    If he called her up today and wanted to be together she’d do it in a heartbeat.

    “Self esteem” seems like a cop out. She was and always will be desperate.

    The man said he didn’t want to be with just you. You should have believed him when he said that.

    But no. She thought she could finesse the love out of him. And he’s a dumbass to let her do it.

  18. She cheated on Joe. Then cheated on Javi, with Chris, when Javi was deployed. Spare me the sob story Kail – we call this Karma.

    1. Who has unprotected sex with someone they know is with multiple other ppl? Gross.
      Also, is this woman bound and determined to ALWAYS be a victim? Nobody made her choose his loser ass over and over again

      1. Yes really..

        Deadbeat and bum.

        Nobody thinks this dude is a good dude but you.

        Maybe if you spent less time online defending his bad behavior and more time raising him right he wouldn’t be a deadbeat.

      2. I don’t think I’d be defending my child if he acted like your son does. Just admit you f*caked up raising him.

      3. Smh you let your son claim this child without a paternity test. Really??? She’s a hoe. He’s a hoe. A DNA test is more than warranted in this case.

  19. Got back into a relationship with??? Sis you were never in a relationship with Chris ???? he was playing you and you knew about it, and still complain!

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