EXCLUSIVE! New Photos Surface of Kail Lowry’s Baby Daddy in Bed With Another Girl

“And I thought Jo was bad because he wears sweatpants!”

Kail Lowry is due to give birth to Chris Lopez‘s baby very soon…but that fact apparently hasn’t stopped the 23-year-old player from getting frisky with other women!

Over the weekend, a photo hit Snapchat showing the Teen Mom 2 star on a bed with some random dude. While Chris had a few things to say on Twitter about Kail’s bedroom photo sesh, it appears that the photo may have been posted as a way for Kail to get revenge on Chris for his own recent Snapchats.

A Snapchat from this weekend featuring Chris…

An eagle-eyed reader sent The Ashley several Snapchat screenshots of Chris in bed with a woman who is obviously not Kail. The reader tells The Ashley that the Snaps were posted last weekend, before Kail’s bedroom pic went public.

“There were a few more photos and some were way more graphic than these,” the reader tells The Ashley.

It appears that Chris was seeing the girl in the photos while he was also seeing Kail. Although Kail has been coy in the press about her relationship with Chris, a source tells The Ashley that the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star hasn’t seen Chris in at least six weeks!

Very few photos of Chris have been made public, and as The Ashley previously reported, he has refused to sign a contract to allow MTV to use his name or image on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ The show’s producers tried offering him money to appear, but as far as The Ashley knows, he has not changed his mind and will not appear on the show’s upcoming eighth season (unless he is blurred out).

The Ashley reached out to Kail for a comment about Chris’, um, “secret lover.” In an email, Kail told The Ashley that she is aware of the photos floating around.

“I hope he is figuring his stuff out and making himself happy,” Kail told The Ashley.

As for the man in Kail’s photo, Radar Online reports that he is Kail’s friend DJ, whom she is not romantically involved with.

A rare recent photo of Prince Charming himself, Chris Lopez…

“They were just hanging out,” said Radar‘s source. “She was in bed because her feet were so swollen. DJ was in LA for something else and hung out with her, Amber [Portwood] and Matt [Baier] when he was done.”

Kail was in town to attend the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday. DJ did not go to the event with her.

(Photos: MTV, Snapchat, Twitter)


  1. This woman “wrote” a book with the word “Hustle” in the title about her life–it is marketed as some politically correct twist on the word to portray her as this hard charging, at all costs, super mom, student, with nothing but noble and honorable intentions for her family.

    But, she is running nothing more than a street hustle. Three kids, three dads, three income streams, three negotiating chips. Hooked into a reality show that forces these women lead chaotic dysfunctional lives or be cast aside.

    Not to mention all the plastic surgery–wtf, she is morphing into a Kardashian, a cartoon.

    Tragic, she was ruined by her upbringing and doesn’t know any better.

  2. If she really wanted another baby she should have just spent the money and gone to a fertility clinic. This guy is probably just going to be a sperm donor anyway so better to have one that has good genes and no drama.

  3. Kail is awful. I’ve heard so many people say she’s bipolar and that’s the reason for her actions and all I can say is shame on her for not taking care of her mental illness to do better for her children. She makes all kinds of money but can’t go to a therapist or a doctor so she can better herself for her now almost 3 children? She’s just selfish. This is all a desperate attempt to make a man, who she claims she doesn’t even need in her life, jealous! She’s the world’s greatest single mother till she needs attention, money, help, somewhere to drop her kids off. You’re not doing it all on your own when you’re children’s father’s take 50% care of them. But it looks like this time she might actually have to *gasp* take care of one of her kids all by herself! We’ll see how much of a super mommy she is when she can’t do whatever she wants because she has nowhere to drop off baby #3.

  4. Yikes, those Daily Mail photo are something–two words for you Kail… pregnant. porn.

  5. Why the hell do these people all post personal photos like these? Geez, not everyone needs to see every part of your life all the time. They all need to grow up, and it better happen quickly since now 3 kids are involved.

  6. As someone who has been TTC with their husband for over a year with no success, watching Kailyn’s ugly whore ass make babies with just about every guy she dates and abuses is really, really upsetting.

    The fact that people who aren’t even dating or serious about each other are out here bringing children into fucked up situations, when someone like me, who’s 25, has a job, has a husband, works hard for what they have, can’t even have one baby….it’s heart breaking.

    1. I feel ya. I’m in almost the same boat but I’m 30 and been trying to start a family for 3 years. It’s enough to make you crazy.

      1. Again, I feel everyone who is going through this. I never know if I will struggle and am very angry for you when people randomly have children just like Kail and Jenelle do.

    2. As someone who has had three miscarriages, I mean this in the kindest possible way- you shouldn’t center your emotions regarding your fertility based off of others fertility. It’s not emotionally healthy, and it’s not the issue. I think it’s an easy trap that women suffering from infertility fall in to. Just as my neighbor getting divorced for the fourth time doesn’t affect my marriage, Kail’s fertility does not impact my ability to carry a child to term.

      1. Don’t you think it’s more so the fact that it doesn’t seem like they’re genuine fertility issues and they seem to be using excuses for unplanned pregnancy other than blaming them for having a baby I think it’s kind of a slap in the face when women are struggling with fertility issues And and women of teen mom and teen mom two have happy healthy children and don’t want to just explain that they were unplanned it seems easier for them to be able to say it was fertility issues when it really just doesn’t seem like that was the case

      2. I don’t base my emotions on other’s fertility. My best friend got pregnant last year and was afraid to tell me but I was genuinely happy for her and told her not to worry. A lot of my friends/peers are having children now and I wish them all the happiness in the world and feel honored to be a part of this season of their lives. It’s the carelessness of these girls who bring children into the world for all the wrong reasons. It’s the instability, the dysfunction and all other bad things that are wrapped up in it that feels like a slap in the face. They use their pregnancies for fame or because they just can’t figure out birth control. They have babies like it’s just no big deal. It’s a huge deal. Its frustrating to all women (including myself) who can’t no matter how hard we try. Even if you think your heart can’t break anymore it does all over again when you see a train wreck like Jenelle pop kids out like a pez dispenser. It’s a part of our process, it’s our grief which is painful and real.

        1. I get it. But it’s misplaced grief. At the end of the day, there’s no cut and dry standard for what makes a woman a good mother. There are many mothers who had unplanned children or were able to overcome negative situations to become good mothers. Our grief doesn’t give us the power to judge on who is worthy or not.

          1. It’s most definitely our place to judge when these whores put their whole damn lives on TV……

      3. I’ve had a miscarriage as well, and sorry but no. You’re absolutely wrong.

        I will judge the hell out of these girls for constantly getting knocked up and I have every right to do it. They want to be famous so bad and this is what comes with the territory.

        And what’s “emotionally healthy” for me is none of your damn business and I hope you learn to keep your nose where it belongs.

        My struggle with fertility and disgust at these girls had zero to do with you. So bye ??

        1. I was respectful in my response to you, so I don’t know why you are so bitter in yours. Oh well. You do you, girl. Enjoy your husband and job and don’t spend time being upset l about reality tv. Good luck!

          1. Telling someone their feelings about a very public situation are “emotionally unhealthy” isn’t respectful at all. Like what planet are you from?

            And girl please….. Bitter? No. Annoyed? Most definitely.

            Stay in your damn lane.

  7. That baby will be grown up before the father grows up.
    He is too chicken to sign with MTV cause ‘they will make him look bad’, just like the other dead beats.

  8. Oh, I thought this guy doesn’t like filming because he is not into drama. My bad, I feel bad for this baby girl tho, both of her parents are trainwrecks and this will be a hell of a custody battle. And she will be in the middle of this, ugh, I hate hate hate hate it when irresponsible people have children just like that.

    1. I’m thinking the only battle will be Kail trying to get him to be involved and/or pay child support. He doesn’t seem one big interested in her of their “planned” child.

  9. Well the saying is true. Once you go black you end up as a single mother. She’s lucky that Jo and Javi are involved in their kids lives cause this one won’t be involved.

  10. What’s the matter Kail?? Not used to being able to make a guy jump through hoops for a baby?? Karma is golden. She has been in the power position for 2 kids and now doesn’t have a baby daddy to bash, mistreat, and control. Have fun with all this. Major oppsie.

  11. I don’t know how three people found Kailyn attractive enough to sleep with better yet knock her up………

  12. This is just way too messy! this was not planned at all I know kail has said earlier it was but the two of them are not acting at all like they have a child on the way In a matter of a month or two time to stop playing games I don’t think The father has any idea what he’s in store for when the baby arrives and by the looks of it the two of them don’t seem able to to try to figure out how they can best handle thie situation

  13. This is why you don’t make kids with someone you’re not seriously involved with. It’s disgusting that these people run around making babies like it’s as common as a handshake when getting to know someone. This is one more child that will come from a broken home and most likely be used as a pawn by Kail. She’s always wanted to play the poor single mom card and it looks like she’s finally going to get her way. Is that really what’s best for a child Kail?? They’re both disgusting for doing this to an innocent child.

      1. I’m getting a mental image here of Kailyn’s ex Jordan doing a Matrix-style slow-motion bullet dodge.

    1. Kail needs to stop making babies with guys and dating them and just use donors. It’s obvious she wants kids but doesn’t want the man or do what it takes to have a healthy relationship. She’s always sulking, abusive, mean, heartless, and selfish. I can’t see how at least 3 men found her attractive enough to go in her and skeet. She must give head out of this world. I also don’t see how she has friends either. Who wants to be around a b6tch like this? She’s just like her flighty, crazy a$$ mother.

  14. Is this the same girl Kail was going on with on the Twitter? Stuff about “you can have him”, or something like that?

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