Jinger Duggar’s Sisters Are Shocked She Isn’t Pregnant Yet: Watch the New ‘Counting On’ Trailer

“You guys need to get a hobby other than baby-making. Seriously.”

Jinger Duggar is once again bucking Duggar Family tradition— by not getting pregnant immediately after getting married!

The 23-year-old reality star has only been married about six months, but, in a new promo for the upcoming season of Counting On, Jinger’s sisters appear to be shocked that she isn’t expecting yet.

In the video, Jinger is pumped for info on a possible pregnancy by her sisters Jill DillardJessa SeewaldJana Duggar and JoyAnna Duggar.

“I think it’s very possible that Jinger could be expecting,” Joy tells us.

Jinger, who now lives in Texas with her husband Jeremy Vuolo, is then bombarded with baby-related questions by her sisters.

“Are you pregnant?” Jill asks.

“Have you taken a test yet?” Joy says.

“Six months and no baby?! How is that even POSSIBLE!?”

Jinger looks mildly freaked out by the baby-question peppering, and doesn’t give her sisters an answer about whether or not she’s pregnant.

The Duggar girls are, of course, incredibly baby-minded, having watched their own mother, Michelle, give birth to 19 kids. Immediately following her own wedding to Derick Dillard, Jill got pregnant with her first child. (She’s currently pregnant with her second.) Jessa announced her first pregnancy five months after her wedding to Ben Seewald.

This is not the first time the Duggar girls have been surprised that a family member hasn’t immediately gotten pregnant following their wedding. Their cousin, Amy Duggar, said that after she got hitched in September 2015, the Duggar girls were totally confused and surprised that Amy and her husband Dillon King weren’t planning to have a baby any time soon.

“My cousins asked me when I got back [from my honeymoon]— they were like, ‘Are you pregnant?’ And I was like, ‘Uh, no.’ And they looked shocked,” Amy told Us Weekly in October 2015. “I mean, shocked! They were…almost upset, you know?”

The promo video gave us a look at the other baby-related events we will get to watch on the upcoming season of ‘Counting On,’ including the birth of Jessa and Ben’s second child, Henry, and Derick and pregnant Jill returning to Central America.

We will also see Joseph‘s courtship to Kendra Caldwell play out, as well as Austin Forsyth proposing to Joy.

The new season of ‘Counting On’ premieres on June 12 on TLC.

Watch the full super-tease video below:

(Photos: TLC)


  1. What business is it of ANYONE but Jinger and Jeremy????

    Answer: NONE

    Her sisters would, if they could, be in the room with those two while they are having an intimate moment — advising on the proper position to ensure pregnancy.


  2. So what if her sisters ask her that kind of question. They are her best friends. I think it’s sweet that her sisters are also her best friends. Wish I’d had a sister. 🙂 I think they ask what probably any best friend would. They’re just teasing her because of how fast Jill conceived.

  3. Jeremy has seen the real world, he knows how to not make his wife pregnant. She’s prob oblivious but I bet he keeps track of her period.

    Her sisters are totally oblivious at how it works, even if they are not preventing (which I don’t really believe cuz she’s a daughter of fertile myrtle after all), it can still take a while.

    CHILL OUT! Especially Jill. Just cuz you got pregnant 2 sec after being married, it doesn’t mean your sister has to too. And taking a test while not missing a period is really just a waste.

    1. Um. No. My co-workers were teasing me about being pregnant, I had had my period two weeks before. I took a pregnancy test, and I was pregnant. So no, they aren’t a waste. (And yes, I was SHOCKED. LOL But I was so happy!)

      1. Might have been three weeks. But yeah – pregnant. And that was with a pregnancy test twenty-some-odd years ago. They’re probably more sensitive, now. Although no, I didn’t generally take one all of the time or anything.

  4. It’s really sad that they think marriage is only about immediately popping out as many kids as humanly possible….they have no real world experience and it really shows.

    Relationships are about so much more than just reproduction and not everybody wants to have 10 kids running around. In fact, most people in today’s society do NOT want that. This family is fucked up on so many levels and this is just one of them. Relationships are about so much more than just sex and baby making. It’s disgusting that TLC promotes this family and their backwards ass views as “entertainment”.

  5. It’s sad that all they think about is getting pregnant. Michelle and Jim Bob literally raised breeders.

  6. Didn’t she already raise her (mother’s) children?! Maybe she wants a break from the nose and ass cleaning!

  7. Also….maybe it’s harder to get pregnant wearing pants all the time. Jill and Jessa, with their flowing “modest” skirts, got knocked up so fast!

  8. Maybe he’s been putting it in the wrong hole the whole time and neither one of these innocents even know that’s the wrong spot to make the baby magic.

  9. It’s so odd how all these girls claim that they each “choose” how to live their lives, as far as courtships and marriage/procreation, yet they always assume each married sister will make the same choices. Maybe Jinger has decided to use birth control, and according to their own admission this is each woman’s choice (not a tennet of their religion). How annoying would that be to continue to be hounded about babies if you’ve decided to hold off on kids. I hope she shocks everyone by telling them she’s on the Pill

  10. @The Ashley– please let us know in the recap what they wear when they ride horses. i’ve always wondered!! and lord knows you’re the only one capable of sitting through this crap and turning it into comedy gold ✌? -thanks

  11. This seems kind of insensitive of them I mean she either doesn’t want a child right now or she is having difficulties getting pregnant, either way it’s none of their business. I’m guessing she just wants to live life before being a mother. Good for her!

  12. Good for her. She has plenty of time to just enjoy life with Jeremy before having kids. I think it’s a great choice on their part. Kids are wonderful but not until you’re ready.

  13. It seems like they are kind of psychotic about it. Jinger just wants to wear pants and be glad she doesn’t live at home anymore. Can she get a few minutes to enjoy her new life?

    1. Lmao just wants to wear pants..so true ? It’s the small things in life! This family is whack.

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