‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Reveals She’s Been Officially Diagnosed With Lupus

Briana DeJesus has revealed that she has been diagnosed with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can cause pain and inflammation to any part of the body. It most-commonly affects the skin, joints or organs such as the heart of kidney, and can also cause hair loss, extreme fatigue, rashes, cognitive issues and other serious problems.

The Teen Mom 2 star— who has been battling a series of health ailments recently— shared the news Sunday with fans on social media. 

“Got diagnosed with lupus a few days ago and I’m not gonna lie–I was definitely sad about it but I’m starting to finally feel better,” she wrote. 

Briana first revealed that she suspected she had lupus in July, telling followers on Twitter that her antinuclear antibody (ANA) test “came back positive.” When a follower told Briana the results of her ANA test didn’t necessarily mean she had lupus, Briana said “it probably is [because] everyone in my family has it.” 

Briana’s mom, Roxanne Dejesus, was diagnosed with lupus in 2017, and while Bri has not revealed that her sister, Brittany DeJesus, has been diagnosed with the disease as well, she did mention that her mom and sister see a rheumatologist. 

After Roxanne was diagnosed in 2017, Briana and Brittany hosted a fashion show in New York City in conjunction with the Lupus Foundation of America and Posh Kids. The DeJesus sisters told In Touch Weekly at the time that having a mother with lupus was difficult for the whole family.

“It’s hard. It’s tough to see [our] mom struggle,” they told the magazine at the event. 


This weekend, Briana told fans she would begin taking mediation for the disease this week– hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and prednisone– though she’s planning to get a second opinion, most likely from a holistic doctor. 

When discussing her medication with followers– many of whom claimed they had gained weight while taking prednisone– Briana noted “prednisone is no joke.” 

“ … I was on it at the beginning when doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me and I ate all day long,” she wrote. “I am iffy about taking it again.”

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  1. Prednisone helps wonderfully with pain. But you want to take it anytime your in severe pain because it’s that good. They don’t want you on it long as it’s addictive. Hydroxychloroquin and prednisone are standard initial drugs given for lupus, RA. Sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. Hopefully she feels well enough to live her life. Being in pain and being near crippled is no joke and definitely puts a perspective on things. Sometimes its mentally taxing and furthers depression. Hopefully she gets the right meds for her. And she’s right to see another doc for opinion alot of times they see that you have ___ and just hand over meds and call it a day. No actual care or other help given.

  2. I hope Bri has a good medical team behind her, and I hope she will do everything she can to safeguard her health. As we know, lupus is a scary disease. And how awful to have your main family support also fighting the disease! I am praying for them all.

  3. I’m not a fan of this family but I feel for them. Lupus is no joke. I hope she can find a treatment plan that works well for her.

  4. This is really unfortunate. Lupus is no joke. I hope all of them stay healthy, and I also hope that Nova and Stella don’t have it. That’s crazy that Bri, Brittany and Roxanne have it.

  5. Prednisone does more than make people “gain weight.” I’d be more concerned about the other side effects than gaining weight,,, steroids can lower immunity. And the world we are living in now, that is scary 🥺

    1. You’re not kidding, lowering immunity is scary.

      I’m sure that’s part of why she wants a second opinion “maybe from an holistic dr”.

      I hope she finds a happy medium that helps her.

      I dont much like Bri or her family but I still dont want to see someone sick or hurting in any way.

    2. Prednisone also made me crazy. I was only on it for a week or so, but I chucked a book at a friend’s head because he made a joke (he ducked), burst into hysterical sobs and went and hid in a stairwell for an hour. Not something to screw around with.

      1. I have a friend that is coming off of a heavy dose of prednisone and like Briana and everyone else said here, it’s no joke. He’s been a total mess for over a month during the withdrawal.

        It’s actually nice to see the supportive comments here. Sometimes it’s easy to rag on her and her family, but this clearly isn’t the time.

        1. BC pills make ya bat shit crazy too!!!

          No lie, I had to get on them for regulation purposes at the age of like 12 and my mom said she literally felt like was that girl from The Exorcist and that my head was gonna start spinning!!!!

  6. Talk about my baby
    A little Latin Lupelu
    She’s a hot footin’ baby
    There ain’t no dance she couldn´t do
    She’s my groovy little baby
    A little Latin Lupelu

    Too soon

    stay lit

    1. What is your damage dude?

      Sometimes you’re comments are funny (but true), sometimes you are serious and sincere and other times you are a complete ass!!!!

      1. TRUE DAT, I want you to understand one hing here. I like you, I respect you, and I miss you when you are not here. And most of all girl, stay lit.

  7. Good that she has a diagnosis.

    I’ve heard prednisone makes you gain weight. Hopefully she can find something holistic like she was saying.

    1. The sooner she gets on Plaquenil or the generic the better. Plaquenil helps your immunity system not attack your organs. You must begin taking it on a low dosage. One pill with food a day for a couple of weeks. Then you can increase to one pill twice daily. Many stop taking Plaquenil because it takes so long to fully be in your system, but it works. Many will get the vomiting and stomach ache at onset of taking Plaquenil too. This is why you must start with low dosage. Plaquenil is a life saver for lupus patients. Don’t give up. You’re lab work and side effects will get better after just a few months of being on this medication

  8. Damn!!! Isn’t that what Roxanne has? I’ve always wondered if it was a hereditary disease or if it only affects females (I’ve never heard a male say they have it).

    The fear Roxanne must have for Bri and the fear Bri must have for her girls!!!!

    1. Your comment made me wonder so I looked it up. This is what I found, “The most commonly quoted statistic for men with lupus is that there is a 1:10 ratio of men to women. ” So men are affected, just not nearly as often.

    2. From my understanding it can be hereditary but it’s also mainly found in women like fibromyalga is mainly found in women.

      I personally have all the “pre-reqs” for lupus, including my mom having it, but I have yet to show symptoms so I haven’t personally bothered with getting tested at this time (I discussed whether or not I should with my docs and they said not to bother).

      1. Thank you both. I googled Nick Cannon and he has something called Lupus Nephritis.

        I’m guessing there are different forms of Lupus just like there are different forms of Spina Bifida (the condition I was born with)

        Yes @Farrah’s Lips, I have get tested annually for the kind of cancer my mom had. Every time the time to get tested come around, I am a nervous wreck!!!

    3. My husband has it. It’s a very new diagnosis so we’re not sure what is in our future. He also has type 1 and 2 diabetes. (He is not at all overweight) I had no idea that was even possible, but it is. He is only 36 so we have no idea what our future holds. 😢

      1. One of my best friends was diagnosed with lupus when we were in high school (we are now 42). It took her a long time, a lot of research and experimentation, and many low periods, but she has been totally off her lupus meds and considered in full remission for about 6+ years now. Check out several rheumatologists, ask what their treatment plans/philosophies are, ask about long term prognoses, find a doctor that your husband trusts and likes, and go with them. Do your own research about the disease, about treatments, about diets that may help (which could be tricky with your husband’s Diabetes), and ask lots of questions.

        My friend credits her parents greatly for her health today, as they were tireless in advocating for her, both to initially receive a diagnosis and to find a doctor they trusted and who didn’t write her off immediately. The rheumatologist she has seen for over 20 years offered several different scenarios when they first met with him, and while he never promised the great results she has achieved, he also didn’t offer them only terrible predictions. He was honest about the disease’s potential effects and treatments. He was willing to learn and research too, and he’s trusted her to know what she needs in terms of more or less treatment at different times in her life.

        I wish both of you luck, and send you good thoughts for the road you have ahead. Take care of each other!

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