‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Claims Her Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Is Expecting His Third Child; Chris Seemingly Reacts to Kail’s Announcement

“On a positive note, at least it’s not my womb that your spawn is growing in this time, so there’s that!” 

The Teen Mom 2 tree may be getting yet another limb!

Kail Lowry announced on Thursday, via Instagram, that her estranged third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, is expecting yet another child, just over a year after the birth of Creed, the son he shares with Kail. (Chris and Kail also share four-year-old son Lux.) 

Although Chris has yet to officially confirm or deny that he got another girl pregnant, a message posted to his podcast’s Instagram account shortly after Kail took it upon herself to announce the pregnancy indicated that he was not pleased with his existing baby mama’s actions.

“I was just trying to send him some love..honest…yeah, that’s it…”

On Thursday, Kail posted a “congratulatory” message to Chris, announcing that he has another baby on the way. 

“Congratulations to Chris & his new family,” she wrote. “So exciting for the boys to have a new sibling to love.”

Kail did not provide any more info on Chris’ newest spawn— or the woman allegedly carrying the baby. However, the Instagram account @WaWaMelen (who is set to private) released plenty of photos of the Chris’ supposed second-baby-mama, who is one of Chris’ exes. (The Ashley is not confirming that this girl is, indeed, pregnant by Chris, though.)

Chris recently deleted his Instagram account, but did post on Twitter after Kail made her announcement post.

“If they ain’t give you the right attention I get it but this ain’t the way to get mine,” he wrote.

The Instagram account for his P.T.S.D. podcast also posted a telling message that seemed to be in response to Kail blurting out the (alleged) baby news.

“Age doesn’t define maturity. Some people will never grow up,” the meme posted— which was quickly deleted— read.

On a recent episode of her podcast, Kail talked about how she was extorted by another girl Chris had been seeing. According to Kail, the girl was seeing Chris at the same time Kail was seeing him, and the girl threatened to publicly reveal private things Chris had told her about Kail if Kail didn’t pay her. That ex is a different girl than the girl who is allegedly pregnant, The Ashley can confirm.

If Chris’ ex is, indeed, pregnant, Kail may be serving up some revenge to him and his family by announcing the pregnancy before Chris or the ex (who The Ashley is not naming at this time). As you may remember, the news that Kail was pregnant with Creed was broken by Chris’ aunt, who posted it on her social media accounts in January 2020. Kail and Chris has not yet publicly revealed the pregnancy at that time.

As The Ashley recently told you, Chris has signed a contract to appear on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ so it’s likely that the topic of this alleged pregnancy may play out on our screens.

Kail, in a few months…probably…

As of press time, neither Chris nor the alleged baby mama has confirmed or denied that they are expecting a baby together. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)

36 Responses

  1. Kail seems dead set on burning every bridge. She’s an entitled brat who’d rather be petty than have a friend- she’ll wind up alone and angry forever.

  2. This is not the first time Kail has leaked someone’s private information, she had no remorse yet wants her private business to be private. She continues to mess around with all her baby daddies, which is why she gets so upset when they move on. Hence her now getting along with Javi, now that he’s single. She’s only friends with Vee because Jo has been with her all this time & is married so that ship has sailed but look how long that took. She’s a great mother, from what it seems but it super childish & awful in relationships.

    1. Kailyn is so rude and entitled,she treats people very badly and it’s so sad ! She’s not a good person at all not sure how can look at herself in the mirror she’s total narcissist her an Janelle are two peas in a pod

  3. This honestly p**** me off a lot. I think it’s because whoever the girl is that Chris is sleeping with, obviously doesn’t want to be in the spotlight (I say this because I have honestly heard or seen nothing of this girl) and what Kail did was so wrong. Not everyone wants to be on TV or in the spotlight and Kail is basically forcing this girl to be in the spotlight because she’s a petty b*** and can’t get her crap together.


  5. Kail obviously thought she could make Chris HERS by having Lux. When that didn’t happen she tried it again with Creed .

    And it’s now more than obvious that Chris just enjoys sleeping around UNPROTECTED —and will never be truly be committed to any of these women who think they have the inside advantage.

    So the way I’m seeing it Kail should just focus on raising her family. And if she’s STILL sleeping with Chris thinking she has an edge with “two” of his kids — she should just go and get herself STD tested.on a regular basis instead.

    1. I agree totally ! Especially she brings havi into her an Joe’s sons life he was his second dad he should of continued seeing that boy that entire thing around season 6 was horrible she traumatized that poor kid so yep them kids hear her yelling and treating people like crap all the time !!look how she treated V SHES A REAL HOT MESS ENTITLED SNOT

  6. Chris and his family took her baby announcement from her. She’s doing the same to him. Seems equal mud slinging to me.

  7. Kail is trying to be a smart ass and I agree that she needs to grow up. She acts like a scorned child. Chris is a dumbass and needs to keep it in his pants for real.

  8. What Kail did is absolutely petty and classless. Nothing else needs to be said about that.

    But I do need someone to explain to me how Chris gets all these women. Seriously…W T F

  9. Geez, Kail, how do you have so much time to butt into other people’s business when you have FOUR YOUNG BOYS to parent??? Get your azz off social media and pay attention to your kids! You got a loooong co-parenting road to travel with Chris, so you would be smart to do what you can to get along with him. Your emotions about him don’t matter anymore. Do what will help YOUR KIDS. Mind your beeswax!!

    Chris, are you buddies with Nick Cannon or what??

  10. Why anyone would want to have a baby with this deadbeat loser is beyond me. But still dying at the fact Karl is seething! She was planning on having his 3rd baby, not some other woman!

  11. Just reading the headline for this article screams that kail wants attention. It is so cringey and petty. Imagine having 4 kidsssssss and still finding time to be acting like this!

  12. Kail needs to grow up. First she puts Javi’s business out. Now she puts Chris’s out. Yet she has NDAs on all of them. Kail has her favorite child a big birthday party again. Here’s hoping the new baby looks just like Lux.

  13. Kail left out the part of the alleged extortion where she began texting Chris’ other woman at 7:00 in the morning. Instead of getting her kids ready for school she was rage texting another girl over freaking Chris.

  14. These two could teach a class on Passive Aggressive behavior.

    He was the “bad boy” that turned out to be…..bad. Too bad you got the next 20 years to deal with him.

    Find a good guy so you can finally put the petty behind you. He can then be the guy you’re SO glad you didn’t end up with.

    You deserve better, stop giving a shit about this man.

  15. Oh my absolute fucking god, just STOP! Her drama is maddeningly relentless. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

  16. People close to the baby mama have also said it’s a boy, so by putting that blue heart she also knowingly put the gender. She’ll always be petty, and it’ll never be a good look on her. You’re 30, maybe it’s time to wipe the smirk off your (swollen) face.

  17. The IG handle @WaWamelen being mentioned. Lmao!!

    Just Kail being petty again, per usual. She’s still mad about Chris’ contract with the show and the fact his uncle spoiled her last pregnancy and she couldn’t make clickbait money off the news. She’s only taking it upon herself to announce this unconfirmed pregnancy involving Chris so he can’t make money off the clickbait news. The message itself wasn’t petty, just the sequence of events behind it.

  18. The ratings for last season were trash, so now these girls are literally throwing it all out there to see which headlines/storylines will stick.

    1. I wish I could agree, but I’m afraid you’re giving Kail way too much credit. She has repeatedly proven herself to be toxic and vindictive, with a staggering lack of self-awareness – she’s been filing PFAs on the men SHE has physically abused (on camera) since the get-go. This latest stunt is perfectly aligned with her character.

      I’ve shifted from disliking Kail to feeling genuinely sorry for her. She is not capable of a normal relationship, and her behavior will always prevent her from having what she so desperately wants.

      By the way, that’s not excusing the shitty behavior of her douchebag baby daddies! But if a miracle happened and she picked a decent man, it would still turn out pretty much the same way. 🙁

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