‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Kail Lowry Announces Chris Lopez’s Baby’s Gender; Debz OG Announces Her Plans for a New ‘Teen Mom’ Spin-off & More

“…depending on how talkative I’m feeling that day!” 

From spilling the beans, to slamming Dr. Drew Pinsky, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Kail Lowry Announces the Gender of Her Baby Daddy Chris Lopez’s Unborn Child

“…and I have no idea why!” 

Last month, Kail spilled the beans that her baby daddy, Chris Lopez, was expecting his third child, despite the fact that, this time, she was not the woman carrying Chris’ baby. This month, the ‘Teen Mom 2′ star decided to give her podcast listeners even more details about Chris’ unborn child, taking it upon herself to announce the gender of the baby.

Kail— who is the mother of Chris’ oldest children, sons Lux and Creed— blurted out the baby’s gender on the latest episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast.

While talking with her co-host Vee Rivera (who is married to Kail’s first baby daddy, Jo), Kail mentioned that Jo is the only one of her baby daddies who has had a baby girl. 

“Even my other baby dad is having another boy!” Kail said. (While Kail didn’t specifically say Chris’ name, he is the only one of her baby daddies currently expecting another child. Her second baby daddy, Javi Marroquin, has another son, Eli with Lauren Comeau.)

“So there’s about to be seven kids [among all my baby daddies] and only one [is a ] girl,” she said, adding, “With Lux’s family, there’s four grandsons, no granddaughters; well there’s about to be four.” 

While Chris has yet to comment on Kail’s baby blabbing, he did seem to be peeved that she chose to leak the news in September that he’s expecting another baby.

“Congratulations to Chris & his new family,” she posted to Instagram. “So exciting for the boys to have a new sibling to love.”

After that was posted, Chris tweeted, “If they ain’t give you the right attention I get it but this ain’t the way to get mine,” he wrote.

The Instagram account for his P.T.S.D. podcast also posted a telling message that seemed to be in response to Kail blurting out the (alleged) baby news.

“Age doesn’t define maturity. Some people will never grow up,” the meme posted— which was quickly deleted— read.

Debz OG plans to pitch a new ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off; says she would be a better host than Dr. Drew

“Screw Dr. Drew’s T-shirt/blazer combo! I’m gonna bring back the top hat!” 

In a move that screams, “my rap career sure isn’t taking off like I hoped it would,” Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen is pitching an after show called Hollywood Moms– a series she claims “would be better than these bulls**t reunions with Dr. Drew.” 

According to The Sun, Deb– who is the mom of former ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham— reportedly wants to enlist herself and other “Hollywood moms” to get together and “comment on the play-by-play” of MTV’s recent catastrophe ‘Teen Mom’ spinoff.  

“I’m like any other mom in the United States,” Debra said. “That’s why so many mothers relate to me. I was talking to some friends of mine and we recently talked about doing an after show on the ‘Teen Mom’ spinoff.” 

“I make my own pasties just like every other mom in America!”

Debra says she and the other moms could “give you the good, bad and ugly based on what they’ve been through,” and she could even expand the show to cover regular seasons of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

Debra claims she and her show would better than the “bulls**t reunions with Dr. Drew,” which she believes are losing viewership “because other shows are more open and honest.” 

“Maybe if I show a lil’ chest hair next time, that will boost ratings?”

As for the format of ‘Hollywood Moms,’ Debra said it would be similar to Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, and of course, SHE would be the main host.

“I would be like Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live.’ Fans would love to call in and talk,” she said. “I have die-hard fans that would be fabulous on speed dial. They have followed the show, know it and react in real time. I think it would be brilliant.” 

If you’re wondering, Debra’s ideal cast would include Patti Wilkinson, mom of The Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson, as well as the mom of Jersey Shore star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. 

“I gotta remember to call my moms to let her know this is NOT a good situation.”

“They’re down-to-earth, practical women who love their families and children,” Debra said. “These are seasoned women who can call things out.” 

“Call me! We’ll turn this heap inta a talk show starrin’ me, interviewin’ all tha moms about their booooooyfriends!”

Despite her daughter’s less-than-amicable split with MTV years ago, Debra said she hopes to pitch her idea to the network’s producers, as they “worked well together” and “didn’t have a falling out” during her stint on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ 

Madisen Beith’s dad, Nick, got hitched!

“We done had ourselves a ding-dang weddin’ y’all!”

Nick Beith is a married man. 

The ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ grandpa said “I do” earlier this week, marrying his fiancé, Christina on Wednesday. Nick— who is the father of ‘Young and Pregnant’ star Madisen– wasted no time, getting hitched less than a month after he and Christina got engaged

Madisen treated her Instagram followers to some footage of her dad’s big day, showing the happy couple having their first dance in very casual driveway reception at their Ohio home. (Madisen & Co. no longer live in Arkansas.) The couple cut their wedding cake in the garage (after a cake fight). At one point, Madisen’s daughter Camille decided to join in on Nick and Christina’s dance, so Nick picked her up and the three danced together.


The nuptials were not captured by MTV cameras, as Madisen is not currently filming for ‘Young and Pregnant.’ However, she did her best to keep the show’s fans updated on the wedding festivities.

“I’m not used to doing lives, but I wanted to make sure y’all were apart of this day!” Madisen told her followers on Instagram Live.

“I have a lot of experience going on Live. Let me know if you need some help, girl!”

Last month, Madisen wrote a sweet message to Christina on Instagram, talking about how happy she is that Christina is in all of their lives.

“Thank you. For making my dad so happy and loving my daughter & I as if we have always been your own,” Madisen wrote. “For having my back no matter what, and pushing me to be the best me I can be. For being the best gramma my baby could possibly have. We love and appreciate you more than you could ever know, you seriously are the best. Please never forget that.”

You can watch some of the footage of the wedding below!


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Catelynn and Tyler will visit with Carly and her parents this season on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ 

“Here’s to having a storyline on this show for a little longer! Oh, and to seeing Carly.”

According to E! News, Catelynn Lowell and husband Tyler Baltierra were able to reunite with their 12-year-old daughter Carly– who they placed for adoption in 2009– after nearly two years, and MTV cameras were there to capture (part of) the reunion. 

The couple, who first shared their birth and adoption story on 16 and Pregnant, shared their first reunions with Carly and her parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis, on-camera. However, Carly’s parents have limited their participation on ‘Teen Mom OG’ as their daughter has gotten older. 

“Your decision to pee in a Tupperware container last season certainly didn’t help things case, Cate.”

Because of this, footage of the actual reunion between the two families will not be featured on the show. 

“We did end up having a visit with Carly and MTV did follow that,” Catelynn said. “They didn’t film Carly herself or anything like that but they always film us. People will be able to witness what our reaction was from the first day to the last day, from leaving and even just like the start of the visit and things like that, which I think is definitely important.” 

While the moment won’t be shared with viewers, Catelynn is grateful to be able to share the adoption experience and provide and update for fans of the show. 

“You might say that I’m a bit of an over-sharer!” 

“I think it’s awesome to be able to show the journey of an open, semi-open adoption through the years and the ups and the downs and learning and navigating this relationship,” Catelynn said. “I think it’s super awesome that we can show our fans the journey but also in the way that it allows Carly’s parents to feel comfortable with us sharing it as well.” 

Tyler shared a similar sentiment, admitting he didn’t know much about the adoption process himself before appearing on ’16 and Pregnant.’ 

“Before our ’16 and Pregnant’ aired, I’ve never really heard about adoption, let alone open adoption,” Tyler revealed. “I feel like we did a good job of opening the door for that conversation to happen and making it more normal, more accepted to get information. It’s kind of great to think about being part of that door opening, but we’re blessed to do it.” 

After giving birth to Carly, Catelynn and Tyler went on to welcome daughters Novalee, 6, Vaeda, 2, and Rya, who was born in August. 

Brandon and Teresa– who were unaware of Catelynn and Tyler’s decision to appear on ’16 and Pregnant’ when plans to adopt Carly began– went on to adopt a son in 2012. 

 To catch up on more of the latest ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here

33 Responses

  1. Just amazing the mental gymnastics needed to be able to do this and somehow try to own it under female empowerment. Looks like Kail is trying to stay relevant again. How are those hemp yoga pants selling lol?

  2. What a shitty thing to do. I get Chris is an asshole, but taking away from that baby’s mother the right to announce her pregnancy and gender?!? What is she going to announce the birth for her too?!?

  3. Kail, you being a dick to Chris just hurts YOUR kids. He’s going to favor spending time with his other kids (and there WILL be more!) because you’re such a pain in the ass! You get to explain that life-long string of disappointments to Lux and Creed.

    1. I’m sorry but if Chris chooses to continue to be a deadbeat unreliable dad to his children that’s on him not Kail. I don’t like Kail, but can we stop blaming absent fathers on the mother? It’s gross.

      1. You are correct. Chris’s deadbeat-ness is 100% his fault. Kail is supposedly an educated woman, and yet she chose this deadbeat man to father her children. She has an obligation, if she cares about her sons at all, to do what she can to improve their situation. NOT STIRRING THE POT would be a good start! The boys are little now, but as they get older they will blame her for driving their dad away, no matter how big of a jerk he is to them.

      2. Not making excuses for Chris, but maybe…just maybe…Kail is the problem. She claimed all 3 of her baby daddies’blocked her in their phones. It’s one common factor there. When she’s in a mood or feeling irrelevant she turn these dudes world upside down and inside out simply bc she has the platform to do so. However, with Chris’s podcast, the tables have shifted.

  4. No surprises with Kail being petty and bitter – same with Debz OG being weird and look for attention. At this point it’s expected with them and no longer cringe-ey.

    What is cringeworthy is the thought of Chris Lopez reproducing again. He’s dumb as dirt with zero redeeming qualities- maybe not quite as bad as some of the TM loser dads like Nathan and Luis, but he’s no prize either. What can he really do for the kid? He’s probably not even capable of mumbling bedtime stories to his kids – he’s not likely to be around to tuck them into bed at night anyway. He’s already on the child support hook for two kids. What naive girl looked at him and thought “now that’s father material”? Or was it a fling with permanent consequences?

  5. I’m surprised Brandon & Theresa are allowing the reunion subject to be
    made public. Or were they not given the choice?
    Once again, using poor Carly as part of their story line. At least they stopped with those morose proxy birthday parties…. all for the camera.
    The thing is Cate has matured a lot. She has worked hard on her mental health issues, unlike Amber, and she is in a really good place it seems.
    Tyler is really floundering. He needs to be on real meds not this BS stuff for bipolar.
    He’s doing nothing with his life, can barely finish a sentence half the time and I think he gets pretty angry off camera.

    1. I absolutely agree. I don’t know where Tyler gets this crazy idea that he will become “addicted” to bipolar meds. He’s in denial and is probably very hard to live with. I take meds for bipolar daily and it’s changed my life

    2. I really wonder how Carly feels about being given up for adoption and her birth parents having 3 more daughters. Not just that, but filming and celebrating each birth and pregnancy for the world to see while attacking and blaming her Parents. Idk, it’s weird to me.

  6. Kail’s a petty dick.

    Now we see why deadbeat was so eager to finally get an income. This new dumbass– and she’s a dumbass to get pregnant by a known deadbeat with huge issues with his first baby mama– better take him out for child support.

    Carly probably thanks her lucky stars after each visit that she was saved from that mess. In the meantime, they keep popping out Carly replacements.

    Only 6 more years and she’s coming back, guys!!!

  7. I really need everyone to go to the dollskill website and then try to imagine DebzOG browsing and adding shit to her cart, like “ooooh this is nice!” I’m crying ????

  8. Kail would lose her goddamn shit if Chris revealed that she was pregnant, AND revealed the gender. And I’d love every moment of it.

  9. Kail is being beyond disrespectful. Luckily Chris is having a boy, if it was a girl I think Kail could kidnap the baby or something LMFAO

  10. Ahh kail and Jenelle, the 2 most delusional self sabotaging imbeciles on tv. Who of substance will ever want you Kail? Making yourself look like a damn fool over a hoodrat. Jenelle gets thrown a hopeful morsel for the spinoff and immediately starts making demands about David. Both of these morons wonder why things don’t work out

  11. Goodness, Kail is a bitter, garbage human being. At this point there a very few redeeming qualities left in her, and I cannot even say she’s a good mom because she continues to make a spectacle of herself and her messy situation in public for her children to see later in life. She needs to take a step back out of the spotlight. For her sake along with her kids.

  12. Kail’s pettiness ASTOUNDS ME. I always think “surely this can’t get worse” and then IT DOES. I would lose my damn mind if I was the new baby momma. I mean…. making a baby with Chris she’s clearly already short many brain cells.

    1. Kail looks pathetic. Literally obsessed with her ex and his new baby he’s having with a different lady! She’s a mess.

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