Kail Lowry’s Ex Chris Lopez Welcomes Third Son: “I Experience More With the Third One Than I Have With the Others”

“I’m catchin’ up to ya, Kail!”

Chris Lopez is officially a father of three. 

Chris revealed on the latest episode of his P.T.S.D podcast that he is now a father to three boys, as his new baby mama– who is not named– has given birth. Chris also shares sons Lux, 4, and Creed, 1, with Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry. 


According to The Sun, it is unclear when exactly the baby boy was born, however, Chris did reveal on his podcast that he’s been able to “experience more with the third one than I have with the others.” 

“It feels crazy, it feels good,” he said. “I got to be a part of it more than I ever have.” 

Chris went on to post a photo of his new addition, though he quickly deleted the image. (A screenshot of the photo was shared by @teenmomchatter on Instagram.) 


Though Chris seems to be reveling in the birth of his third son, he didn’t miss the opportunity to remind podcast listeners that Kail was the one who announced he was expecting a third child. 

“Regardless of situations … like, it came out … I don’t even care,” he said. “You ain’t about to destroy some peace. I’m just trying to be as peaceful as possible. Leave me the f**k alone.” 

“No thanks.”

While Chris may have a new son, he continues to deal with the same old drama with Kail, who fired back this week after Chris leaked a personal email exchange between the two. Kail addressed the incident in a video on Instagram. 

“Since some people want to share parts of my email, I’m just going to put the whole f***king thing out there,” Kail said before posting the alleged email in its entirety, which was shared by @teenmomshaderoom_ on Instagram. 


Within the email– written in response to a message from Chris with “BABYMOTHER” in the subject line– Kail told her ex she would use her platform to discuss “all things pertaining” to her life, and even claimed Chris owed his success to her; Kail noted Chris’s social media, podcast and contract with ‘Teen Mom 2’ as examples. 

” …and you have me to thank for it, Chris!”

She went on to mention an injury involving one of their sons, accusing Chris of “not checking in on a regular basis” as he had not contacted her “the entire week since we left the hospital on Sunday, November 27.” As for her decision to speak about the events on her podcast, Kail defended her actions, stating that Chris did the same thing on his own podcast and she “did not do anything he didn’t already address.” 

Kail also told Chris to “do better” after he failed to deliver an apologize to her directly. 

“I do not believe your apology is sincere when it’s via podcast,” she wrote. “Do better.” 

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(Photos: YouTube; Instagram; MTV) 

20 Responses

  1. Karl. Don’t tell Chris to do better. You do better. You chose him.
    Choose better Karl.
    You knew what sort of father he already was and went back for seconds. And keep expecting more.

  2. Well, it sounds like Chris has bonded more with his new baby than he ever did with Kail’s two. And I bet the other baby mama is a LOT easier to deal with than Kail! Odds are that New Baby will become the favorite, and Lux and Creed will fade into the background, through no fault of their own. Chris didn’t even call to check up on the well-being of a child who had been injured, for over a week??? What a dirtbag. You sure can pick ‘em, Kail! Luckily he probably will be bugging you less and less, now that he has New-and-Improved Baby!

  3. Is the acronym for Chris’s podcast “Putrid Turd Sperm Donor”? It’s a joke if he considers himself a “single dad”. Maybe he’ll actually be there for “the third one”.

    As for Kail, you lie down with dogs, you wind up with fleas (or in this case innocent children who didn’t ask for trash bag parents).

    I guess at this point I click on Ashley articles about these two to hate-read.

  4. It’s so easy to co-parent when you don’t give a fuck what the other parent is doing in such a bitter manner. Kail is bitter AF and that’s why she can’t co-parent peacefully with ANY of her baby daddies. And Chris is just an immature prat and that makes HIM impossible to co-parent with.

  5. I largely ignore the Kail stories, as her constant bitchiness and pettiness really gets under my skin, but I couldn’t help but notice… she runs instagram accounts for her infant children?! That is so weird and desperate. I mean, what kind of weirdo wants to see personal photos of a stranger’s children enough to follow them on instagram? The odd photo of her with her kids on her own page is one thing, but an entire page dedicated to the child, that they have no control over?Why would she want to put them out there like that? Ugh, she is the worst.

    1. I think she runs the SM accts so no one can “claim” their name or make parody/ fake accts of her kids.

      Either that or she thinks they’re gonna be huge stars bc of her hard work on TM.

  6. They both are petty as hell and childish. They both need to “do better”! Maybe stop broadcasting everything online where your children will grow up & read how immature their parents are.

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