Chris Lopez’s Aunt Claims ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry is Pregnant with His Baby: Inside Their Crazy Last Few Months of Violence & Arrests (Exclusive)

“Want another one of my kids?”
“Um…yeah, no thanks.”

The Teen Mom World was rocked on Monday morning after it was reported that Kail Lowry is pregnant again by her third baby daddy Chris Lopez. The news came from Chris’ aunt, whom confirmed to the Teen Mom Shade Room Instagram account that the Teen Mom 2 star was once again pregnant with Chris’ child. Chris’ aunt posted a photo of a person holding a sonogram who is supposedly Kail, who had very similar fingernail polish back when the photo was taken.

While The Ashley has been unable to confirm or deny whether or not Kail’s actually pregnant, (stay tuned on that!), The Ashley did discover the cornucopia of craziness that’s been going down between Kail and Chris over the last few months!

According to Chris’ aunt–who claimed in Instagram comments that she exposed Kail’s alleged pregnancy because “karma is a bitch” and because Kail “has slandered Chris and made him look so bad in the media”— Kail is due on July 25. However, that would mean that the baby would have been conceived right around the time The Ashley has discovered that Chris was arrested for violence against Kail!

Online court records indicate that Chris was arrested twice in October, and that there is currently a protective order barring Chris from going near Kail. (It appears that order has been in place since right after the arrests.) 

The Ashley can also reveal that Chris is due to face the charges in court later this month. Online court calendars indicate that he and Kail have a court date on January 21. (The Ashley is still hunting for Chris’ mugshots.)

Kail and Chris– who share son Lux— also spent time in court in the Fall of 2019, where Chris tried to give up his parenting rights to Lux. Court records indicate that a judge refused to sign off on Chris’ request, though.

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The protective order is currently still in place, meaning that if Chris approaches Kail, he could be arrested for violating the order and taken back to jail. 

In Chris’ aunt’s explanation as to why she posted that Kail was pregnant, she indicated that she was upset about some stuff that Kail did in the past (which may or may not be having Chris arrested).

“There are some things that happened that I never mentioned or said anything about so now is the time,” Chris’ aunt wrote on Instagram.

The Ashley has reached out to both Chris and Kail’s team for comment. While she has not heard back from Chris, a rep for Kail told The Ashley that “Kail can not comment due to an ongoing investigation.”  Chris has yet to comment publicly on his aunt’s claims. He did, however, post that “You can block family too” on his Instagram Stories, indicating that he may not be thrilled with his Auntie’s decision to either spill the pregnancy news, or make up a pregnancy story out of pettiness.

The Ashley has also reached out to her production/crew sources. 

“If Kail is pregnant, she’s done a good job of keeping that information from the producers,” one source said. “Until the story broke today, no one had any clue that a pregnancy was even a possibility.”

The Ashley will update this story when she has more information…stay tuned. 

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  1. Kail is definitely pregnant! I’m currently pregnant and due July 24. I had my first ultrasound in December. If you go on her instagram at the picture of her in a blue shirt holding her new dog on 12/15/19, you can see her thumb and the nails are the exact same as the ones holding the sonogram picture.

  2. Say it loud THESE BABIES WON’T KEEP THESE MEN! I’m looking at you Kail and Caitlyn and the slew of other women that thinks this a good idea

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    She wants this dude so bad n it’s obvious the feelings aren’t being reciprocated. I really hope it’s not true she needs to stop having kids like now . She is a beast

  4. It’s so disheartening when you have to try so hard to pregnant as a responsible married adult and these girls just pop them out left and right.

  5. She become such A Mess. Teen mom and needs to back away from the negative vibes. Our young people need positive exposure. Not how to make babies after baby with no daddy on board.

  6. How old is this attention-whore aunt?? Acting like an immature little 5th grader. GROW UP!

    P.S. While you’re “punishing” Kail for things she did that you didn’t “approve” of (not that it was your business), how about worrying about your own nephew’s behavior….like getting arrested multiple times, not paying for his children, trying to legally separate from his own child, etc. He’s no angel sweetie (not that that’s your business either).

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Im due July 26th 2020 and i ovulated and got pregnant on Nov 3rd so if she is they broke the court order cuz that means she got pregnant on Nov 2.

      1. He broke the court order. The person who files a restraining order/PFA legally cannot break the order. It’s sad because alot of girls will get a RO/PFA and then try to contact the defendant so if the defendant responds they get a violation. It’s petty and wrong and makes it hard for those who truly need a RO/PFA to be taken seriously.

  7. Kail should just get her tubes tied at this point, or at least start using a better, more reliable form of birth control (if she was even on any when she got knocked up – I doubt it, which makes this even worse). Reading this just makes me even more disappointed in her – not that I ever particularly liked her anyway. So irresponsible and unfair to her 3 (!) other children.

    1. YES! 3 babies by 3 different men! And he tried to sign his rights away on their son so why lay down with him again?!? Especially after he did something that required her filing for (and being GRANTED) a restraining order.

  8. WHY does she waste a breath on this clown when he tried to give up his parenting rights to begin with. WHY ARE YOU BRINGING ANOTHER CHILD INTO THIS WORLD WITH A MAN THAT DOESN’T WANT HIS FIRST ONE TO BEGIN WITH.

    Get it together, Kail. Jesus.

    1. The answer to this question is that kail is selfish. She has openly expressed that she wants another child by Chris, so she got pregnant by him. That is why she’s bringing another child into the world. She doesn’t care that he tried giving up rights to lux (!!!!!!!) or that he doesn’t want to be with her, or that he literally had a RESTRAINING ORDER from her. She just wanted another baby and that’s what she got. Typical selfish behavior. No regard for her kids long term lives.

      1. I remember her saying she wanted another baby with one of the existing baby daddies – too bad the ones that make cute kids aren’t willing to knock her up anymore. I know it isn’t kind to say that babies are ugly – but that poor Lux looks like he has a permanent 5 o’clock shadow. It’s like the angles of his face cause weird shadows that makes him look like he’s about 45 minutes past a scheduled shave. He’ll look like one of those Geico commercial cavemen when he hits puberty.

        1. She did say that, she said she wanted at least 2 of her kids to be full siblings rather than half. She literally said that on TM2

  9. Jeez, having kids with a man you have to call the cops on (multiple times) does not end well, Kail.

    Just ask Jenelle.


  10. Judges don’t usually let a parent relinquish their rights unless the parent is extremely unfit. It’s pretty hard to do. If it was easy every dad who didn’t want to take care of their kid and pay child support would be at the courthouse terminating their rights left and right.
    I don’t understand the not cutting his hair either. Didn’t she also stop vaccinating with Lux too? She does things much differently with Lux then she did the other two.

  11. If you want a girl so badly why not do IVF and only implant female embryos? I’d say the same thing to Cate and Ty…if you want a boy so badly…there’s ways of going about that.

  12. For once I am on Kail’s side. (I can’t believe I would ever say that) That aunt seems crazy just like Chris. Even if she is pregnant again, I doubt it is his baby, it might be a rando who she found in a bar. (Wouldn’t even be a first for this franchise…looking at you, Brianna!) But boy, she needs to aim higher than this guy, this girl has extreme low self esteem if she thinks landing this guy was a jackpot.

  13. If this is true, Kailyn is being extremely irresponsible and reckless. Does she think about how her poor decision making effects her innocent children? I mean they are already confused about her relationship with Chris and now your going to add ANOTHER child in the mix that the father doesn’t want? She’s not able to keep a relationship together longer than a couple years. 3 kids by 3 different dads before the age of 28 isn’t a good look and now she’s going to be 4 with 3! She’s got some deep seeded emotional issues to address and money and fame or tattoos can’t cover them up anymore. Stop chasing D and take care of what you already got!

  14. She prob poked holes in his condoms and lied about birth control. He prob found out and went crazy. Also she proberly had alot to do with y he couldnt give up his parental rights. She was prob saying no i dont agree and saying y he shouldnt.

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She prob poked holes in his condoms and lied about birth control. He prob found out and went crazy. Also she proberly had alot to do with y he couldnt give up his parental rights. She was prob saying no i dont agree and saying y he shouldnt.

  16. My theory is he asked to sign his paternal rights away once he found out she was pregnant again. Betcha she told him she was on birth control and he was stupid enough to take her at her word and raw dog her.

    1. If she’s pregnant she got pregnant in mid to late October if she has a July 25th due date. Their court date was in September to terminate his rights. It’s crazy to me he even filed to do that because he was just in Hawaii with her and the kids in July. Wtf happened between Hawaii and September that he was like “I want out!”

      1. I have a stepson who was born July 25 and my own daughter was born on her due date July 20. Seems like she was allowing him to violate the order. I’m curious if he’s being arrested not for contacting her BUT for the aunts post. Bc it’s sort of like 3rd party harassment.

        In my state when u have a restraining order BOTH parties must follow it. She has not done that at all!!!

  17. Who cares. The aunt seems crazy and it’s sad that he tried to sign the rights to the kid away. Kail should say F you , you neve have to see the kids. Punks ass bitch! What a deadbeat

  18. That D must be goooooooood. You saw how he treated the first child in the beginning, why risk having another…?? Do better, Kail..

  19. None of this will play out on TM2 I’m sure, instead we’ll just get to see Kail ho on 17 more vacations. Dumb.

  20. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Seriously? Chris tried to get his paternal rights for Lux taken AWAY by court and she’s going to have another one by this….person??? #braingone

  21. But he was her 1st true love. and he was so much better then Javi!! not that Javi didn’t f up !! He definitely did!! But man Chris just altogether always was and always has been a f up!!

  22. But he was her 1st true love. and he was so much better then Javi!! not that Javi didn’t f up !! He definitely did!! But man Chris just altogether always was and always has been a f up!!

  23. But he was her 1st true love. ? and he was so much better then Javi!!? not that Javi didn’t f up !! He definitely did!! But man Chris just altogether always was and always has been a f up!!

  24. Why anyone would willingly or “accidentally” become a single parent of 4 is beyond me. I don’t hate Kail, but this is stupid.

    1. Right?! I just had my first baby with my very supportive husband and I cannot IMAGINE how hard it would be alone, much less adding 3 more?!?

  25. Hell she has three kids three difference fathers nothing she does is surprising at least this isn’t daddy #4 thank goodness lol ? she is stupid tho to have another child with a man she has a protective order against AND SHE COMMITTED ON JENNEL AND DAVID HAHAHA THATS THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK!!!!!!

  26. Think her having another baby with A DEAD BEAT BOY!!! Because he’s not a father or a man she would be absolutely STUPID!!!!! But when u already have three kids and they all three have different fathers hell nothing surprises me. Lmao

    1. She makes mad bank from MTV, she doesn’t really care who father’s her kids, only that she keeps cranking them out for her 250k paycheck a season?

  27. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Wow she sure knows how to pick them. How can any of these girls, except Chelsea, say they provided anything positive to this show? I would use this show as an example to my daughter as to what NOT to do

  28. So wait are you telling me for the first time with 3 different PFA and three diffrent baby daddies she actually needed it ??

  29. Kail answered a fan question at the last reunion stating that she intended to get pregnant again and try for a girl. So I’m 100% not surprised at this. And OF COURSE she wants it to be Chris’s baby. Girl is hung up on him HARD because he’s the only one who doesn’t want her. She can’t see that she was literally a booty call for him. She’s obsessed. And Isaac and Lincoln seem to be such sweet boys and she’s accepting this shitty behaviour from Chris that they are watching. I’ve never been a fan of Kail. Maybe for 5mins when she only had Isaac and seemed really determined to make something of her life. Then she latched onto Javi “for the benefits” and her true colours shone through ever since.

  30. She did make mention of DV on the podcast in one of the last episodes and said she is in therapy to deal. She also said that something went down with Javi and Chris. Regardless, Kail has always claimed to have wanted four kids,
    so I don’t understand why everyone is railing on her if it is true that she’s pregnant. She clearly has the financial means to support as many babies as she wants—so why does it matter? No one would react this way if Chelsea was pregnant with #4… Just saying.

    1. Just because Kail has money doesn’t mean she’s providing her kids with stability. Chelsea’s situation is a lot more stable than Kail’s. There’s never been any domestic violence reports from Chelsea’s home and she’s had the same partner/spouse for many years now. Isaac is the only one who has a parent (Jo) that is in a functioning household. Kail’s kids seem well behaved but there’s no way they don’t have scars.


        PS-Did you used to comment on Teen Mom Junkies years ago?

        1. I used to lurk there before the site got messed up, but I honestly can’t recall if I ever posted on TMJ.

    2. Chelsea is married and has been with the same man and hasn’t called the cops or had him arrested. So yeah. We can rag on her.

    3. You’re right no one would say anything if it was chelsea pregnant because chelsea is in a healthy relationship so what would be the problem with her having another one? Kail on the other hand is desperate for a man who could care less about her. That’s like comparing apples and oranges

    4. Are you actually serious? Chris tried to terminate his parental rights to Lux. He doesn’t even claim Kail as a girlfriend and now we’re finding out their relationship is so toxic that they have had DV incidents. Who knows if the kids were around when any of that happened! She could have adopted, or gotten a donor to have another baby. Instead she was selfish as F and choose someone who doesn’t want to be a dad to their current child yet alone another one. Chelsea actually puts her kids first now (she learned as she grew up). Kail clearly does not. Imagine the day Lux learns his father tried to terminate his rights and the only reason it didn’t go through was because the judge denied it. And you’re wondering why people are railing on Kail. Yikes hunny, just yikes.

    5. It’s not the 4th kid. It’s the wife beating, trying to sign rights away, absentee father that’s the issue here. No child wants to feel they are unwanted by a parent and she is consciously choosing to do that to her 4th child. That’s the f’d up part.

  31. Wow. This is a first for her. Two kids by the same guy. Maybe she was trying for something new? New year, new goals.

  32. What a prince of a guy! Kail better hope the show continues because she’ll be on her own with Lux and baby #2.

  33. “Until the story broke today no-one had any clue that a pregnancy was even a possibility” Erm, are they talking about a different show?! An ‘unplanned’ pregnancy is always a possibility with these girls!

  34. Jeez and Mail was supposedly the ” smart and together” teen Mom? Think not. How horrible for her children to have this all over social media.

  35. This story sounds like she some how she stole his seed. I mean, who could A. get hard with her? B, mount that rhino ? C, actually finish. Not your boy, not your boy.

    stay lit

  36. This girl is ridiculous. Of course we all know she pressured/forced Chris to hook up with her again. No one is surprised. What will she tell her kids? Mommy’s having another baby with luxs dad, you know, the guy who comes and goes and doesn’t really like me? The one who I’m not even in a real relationship with? The one who has an order of protection against me? Remember him, kids?

    1. Oh please. I’m not a Kail fan, but Chris is not blameless. ‘Forced or pressured him to hook up?’No. The dude is a straight up idiot for not learning to use contraception and not believe a word that comes out of Kail’s mouth.
      The only person i feel sorry for is this kid, his mum can’t keep her legs shut and make decent decisions, and his dad is a deadbeat.

    2. Who in their right mind could stick their member in Kail? OMG, now I can’t unsee that image in my mind LOL. She’s a trashy and nasty woman, that’s for sure. Nor does she have any common sense!

  37. I bet she is pregnant. She’s clearly obsessed with Chris (for some odd reason), even though he obviously beats her…. maybe briana wasn’t lying when she said Chris beat up Kail in front of Lux.

  38. The only shocking thing about this story is that 2 of Kail’s kids might actually have the same father.

    1. He tried to give up his parenting rights?? What? He acted like he was such a doting dad. She probably is pregnant. These two are a mess and deserve everything they get now.

  39. I am sure Kail was forced to get a PFA on Chris. Everybody knows he’s prone to violence. Iam not surprised she’s pregnant. She said she was going to get pregnant by one of her bds. I just want to know what the real number is on her baby count? (Abortions miscarriages live births) I think it in double digits.

    Kail gets off easy on this site. I still want to know what happened to coffee convos? Is Kail desperate to make money?

    For everyone saying Kails a good mother. Well now she is because she’s in control. She will lose her mind when the boys are teenagers and older.

    Is she a good mother if she lets Chris around her children?

    1. Kail used to post on this site early in the series, like season 1. I’ve wondered if she’s a source for Ashley, and that’s why she gets a good edit here.

      Using Nagele’s rule, she got pregnant 10/18/19. We know she was friendly with him during October based on her IG pics. She has never been able to see how much he does not really care for her and absolutely thinks she will get him to commit one day. She’s dumb enough to get pregnant by him again, I wouldn’t be shocked if she was.

      1. I had a baby July 1, got pregnant Oct 11. If she’s due July 25, she probably got pregnant around Halloween if that helps ? I don’t know the timeline of all the drama though

    2. I really don’t think it’s anyone else’s business how many times she has been pregnant. Most people aren’t pressed by others about how many miscarriages or abortions they’ve had. Miscarriage is extremely painful for most women and isn’t something they should have to share.

      1. Kail shares everything. She put herself out there for comments good or bad. Just bcuz she didn’t ” share” about her miscarriage(s) doesn’t mean that people cannot comment on it

  40. They’re all just gross. Getting pregnant again by a man who tried to give up rights to his child? If this is true, I’m not surprised.

    1. My thoughts too. You laid down with the guy that was trying to sign your kid over in September a month later? And here he is trying to sign his rights away and then he sleeps with Kail AGAIN and doesn’t use protection?? The stupidity with these fools runs deep. Congrats on bringing another kid into your hot a** mess of a relationship. You two idiots deserve every damn thing you get now.

    1. Why wouldn’t the Judge allow it? If Kail was agreeable too? Because she’s pregnant with his other child? Can’t be because he wants him to be accountable for his child support payments because we know he doesn’t pay that.
      And why won’t she cut that babies hair? Remember when she freaked on Joe for giving Isaac a haircut, because it was a racial haircut?

      1. Judges don’t usually let a parent relinquish their rights unless the parent is extremely unfit. It’s pretty hard to do. If it was easy every dad who didn’t want to take care of their kid and pay child support would be at the courthouse terminating their rights left and right.
        I don’t understand the not cutting his hair either. Didn’t she also stop vaccinating with Lux too? She does things much differently with Lux then she did the other two.

    2. I have never watched tm2 and I can’t say anything about Kail. I just don’t ‘know’ her.
      But in pictures her sons seem happy and they’re pretty handsome!

      1. As far as caring for the kids she’s great! All we are saying is that she (like many of the cast) seem to find it normal to have a baby with every dude they date. Also, her youngest father and possible father of the new baby, has been a terrible parent in that he does not want the kid and makes that clear, even going so far as to try to legally terminate his parental rights and she decides AFTER all that (and two domestic violence arrests in the same time frame) to get pregnant with this man again. Willingly. Probably purposefully.

        Knowing herself how rejected, unloved, unworthy and alone not having her father in her life made her feel it’s ASTOUNDING to me, and most common sense thinking adults, that she would choose to have another child with this man. It’s obvious she’s obsessed with him and the feeling (for whatever reason) isn’t not mutual. To the point he reject his own son.

        If you want a baby, fair game, you have $, and are a seemingly caring parent. But, when you are so deluded about this man, this absentee fathers, that you’re going to make another child purposefully suffer the same feeling of rejection, and unworthiness that you feel and lux will eventually feel is COMPLETELY selfish, self serving, cruel and just plain irresponsible. Disgusting Kail, this is absolutely disgusting and I’ve always been your supporter.

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