Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Drops Restraining Order Against Estranged Husband David Eason

“Dude, please don’t take this as an open invite to show up at my house.”

Jenelle Evans and her estranged husband David Eason were due to come face-to-face in a Tennessee courtroom on Monday, but the 9 a.m. hearing was dropped after the former Teen Mom 2 star allegedly dropped her restraining order.. 

Radar Online reported that “there was a notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice filed by the petitioner of January 10,” according to the Davidson County Clerk. Because Jenelle (the petitioner) filed to dismiss the restraining order against David, the hearing was called off.

“I bet Jenelle told her attorney she couldn’t control herself around me and my fly courtin’ khakis, didn’t she?”

Although Jenelle has dropped the restraining order against David, she is continuing with the divorce proceedings she initiated in 2019. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle filed for and was granted a restraining order in November, requiring David to keep his distance during their separation. The restraining order also barred David from coming near the couple’s daughter, Ensley, as well as Jenelle’s other two children, Jace and Kaiser. 

According to the documents of the protective order obtained by E! News, Jenelle cited instances of abuse, threats and irrational behavior as the need to legally protect herself and her kids. After a judge signed off on her protective order request, David was ordered not to contact Jenelle or the kids, and he was forbidden from posting about Jenelle on social media. 

While David may have dodged one legal bullet this week, he isn’t out of The Land the woods just yet. A warrant has been issued for his arrest after he failed to attend a hearing in Wilmington, North Carolina regarding his illegal-towing incident that occurred in 2018. As The Ashley told you last week, the New Hanover County, North Carolina, police can arrest David should they come in contact with him while the warrant is active. 

“I’ll disguise myself as a yeti so they won’t know it’s me!”

As of press time, though, David has not been picked up on the warrant. 

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48 Responses

  1. She’s an idiot. Shouldn’t she be able to get in some sort of trouble for lying?? Like “false” allegations to get a restraining order? Its ridiculous she gets away with everything, she will never learn….?

    1. No! We would have only been played if she got her MTV paycheck back, and that ain’t never gonna happen!

  2. She probably dropped it because this whole process requires court dates, hearings, meeting etc. she’s LAZY , she probably doesn’t want to participate in the required follow up court dates. Lazy ass

    1. I just read it on TMZ facebook. They still have money to travel? Now they can go back to The Land and hopefully the house will sink with them in it!

  3. Jenelle is simply trying to “get back with” David (truly doubt they ever really split up). The MTV money didnt come through and Herb dumped Jenelle (if they were ever really dating and just not smoking weed together).

  4. We all saw what a “handful” Kaiser was for Jenelle as a toddler. Which made David his primary caretaker (and abuser) while Jenelle sat around THE LAND all day posting on Instagram.

    Ensley is more than likely in the handful category now, so freeing up David for visitation makes sense. At least, to Jenelle it does.

    1. You can have a restraining order in force and still let the person see their kids. I am on month 8 of that exact arrangement.

  5. There is no doubt in my mind that she did this to save David’s ass! If he showed up in that court room with an outstanding warrant, they would’ve hauled his ass off to jail! She’s always bailing him out… first the child support and now this! I don’t get it… let this dude suffer! He made his bed now let him lay in it!! That’s assuming, of course, the divorce is even real! Which we just don’t know… I’m doubting it more every day!!

  6. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing, divorce etc. was a scam concocted by her and David to get that MTV money. They both see dollar signs in their eyes not the love they have for their children. The only love they have is the deep rooted love for themselves.

    1. Same, but Jenelle is so co-dependent, I don’t think she would last that long if it was just a scam. But I wouldn’t be too surprised either, if she goes back to him. They are both trash.

  7. She should be arrested for lieing to 911 Dispatcher.
    It was either I don’t know if he has any weapons or he doesn’t have any weapons. Which we all knew was a lie.
    But now she put in court papers he has a stock pile?
    This Bitch needs to be held accountable for her wrong doings also. Like the towing case.
    Freaking Teflon Jenelle.

  8. Bingo! Jenelle has never been single. She said in her sixteen and pregnant interview that she loves sex. She isnt pulling guys like she used to so she is trying get that old thing back.

      1. I remenber it too, it was in her “16& pregnant” or in the first season of TM2.
        She explained she was like sex-addict. When she began to bone, she couldn’t stop cause she loved it so much.

      2. This was when she was pregnant with Jace. About 10 yrs ago, she said it in her introduction speech for 16 and pregnant.

  9. So she wanted to keep him out of gel by filing the dismissal, because if he showed up to court he would’ve been locked up. In GEL.

  10. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Ensley is the only kid Jenelle has FULL TIME. She has to drop the protection order so that she can palm her off to her piece of shit father and have some LEAVE ME ALOOOONE TIME!

    1. Good theory. Janelle probably dumped all of the kids on Babs recently and high tailed it to Boston to get some D from the latest loser she picked off the trash heap. Babs was probably screeching at Janelle afterwards that she can’t handle all of the kids at once. So in Janelle’s scheming brain, she decided to lift the restraining order so she can dump Ensley on Lurch and Maryssa whenever she needs to go to Boston for most d time with soulmate du jour.

    1. Haveseveralseats. Nope, username ustacould on twitter said “All this negative attn was messing with his sobriety so he thought it’d be best they didn’t move forward”.

      1. He dodged a bullet… He at least had enough sense to realize Janelle’s toxicity wasn’t worth getting on TV.

  11. I guess having Ensley full time might be taxing. If she drops the restraining order Daddy David can have visitation, Kaiser has his father and Babs has Jace. My guess is freedom

  12. Now what’s her angle? Does she think if she let’s him see Ensley he’ll pay her child support? He already has a warrant.

  13. I know DAVID did more to Kaiser than Jenelle said. All she said DAVID did to Kaiser was lock him in a car and wouldn’t let him out. Now Ensley has to go with him. Seems to me Jenelle is going back to him. Something fishy is going on with them.

    1. I agree. Jenelle has no concept herself of how to properly treat a child. I still get upset when I think about how she just threw poor little Kaiser alone in his crib and left him in the dark to scream. She probably thought the awful things David did to kaiser were “ok.” Who the hell locks a kid inside a car anyways?! I make it a point to teach my kids to never play I’m my car. That’s dangerous as hell.

      1. @OVER IT (Replying) Yes! I remember that scene. It still haunts me to this day.The way she dumped him in the crib for crying is unforgiveable. Some females just aren’t meant to be mothers.

        1. He was so sick too. All he wanted was comforted. Even Babs knew that, but Jenelle shut her down when she tried to intervene. She should of went and got him and took him home with her. I’m sure Jenelle would have allowed that.

      2. To lock a child inside a car is SADISTIC!! It’s not a punishment, it’s not a lesson and it certainly isn’t funny. David is sick. They should keep him away from ANY child. And ANY animal.

  14. Another stunt for attention Jenelle. She was never afraid of him. Her new boyfriend Herb didn’t want to proceed with their relationship because it messed with his sobriety so she’s letting Dog Killer Dave back in. She’s a joke. Poor Kaiser.

    1. Someone needs to protect those children. Just when we think Jenelle finally did the right thing, she goes back to her old ways

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