Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad David Eason is a No-Show in Court; Warrant Will Be Issued for His Arrest if He Fails to Appear Today

“Hello, courthouse? Can I just do this thing via video chat from The Land?”

David Eason may not be wanted by his estranged wife Jenelle Evans, but he is (almost) a wanted man in North Carolina. 

TMZ reports that the former Teen Mom 2 dad failed to show up to court on Thursday for a case regarding the 2018 incident in which he illegally towed a truck owned by Terry Hill, resulting in the judge signing a warrant for his arrest, according to the New Hanover Criminal Court Clerk.

The Ashley can confirm that David did, indeed, fail to show up today. According to a clerk at the New Hanover Criminal Court, he has until the court closes today at 5 p.m. EST to show up. If he fails to do so, the warrant will be issued for his arrest.

“I’ll fool ’em by wearin’ this disguise!”

The clerk tells The Ashley that a $1000 warrant will be issued and that David was set to face two charges: Injury to Personal Property and Tampering with a Vehicle at 9 a.m. today in Wilmington, North Carolina. The case has been continued multiple times before this hearing.

As you may recall, David took it upon himself to aggressively tow a stranger’s vehicle (while Jenelle filmed the whole thing, cackling) because he believed the vehicle was parked too close to his boat. The incident occurred in June 2018, but David did not post it until December 2018. After the video was posted online, the police in Wilmington, North Carolina came across it and ultimately launched an investigation into the incident. 

David was officially charged on December 23, 2018 with two misdemeanors stemming from the self-towing event, according to WECT News. The footage (posted below) provided enough evidence for Terry to file the criminal charges against David. 

According to TMZ, after constant requests from David for continuances, the court finally ordered him to appear at a hearing and while his lawyer showed up, David did not. 

“Maybe he couldn’t go ta tha court because he had to work! Hahaha, look at that, I made a funny!”

UPDATE! According to the Criminal Court Clerk of Courts, David did not show up on Thursday and an order for his arrest has been officially issued. If he is pulled over, or comes in contact with law enforcement, he will be arrested. 

As of Friday, though, David was not listed as an inmate in the county jail. The Ashley will continue to update this story as more information becomes available. 

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(Photos: MTV, YouTube)

36 Responses

  1. Oh I cant wait for the cops to nab him! I am going to lmao. Someone needs to be there to take a pic of his perp walk

  2. They know where he lives,why don’t they just go to the house and arrest him???Is the law in America weird or what in the UK the police would be actively looking for him after a warrant is issued

    1. Given his violent past, the fact that owns multiple guns, and his claims that he will shoot anyone who comes onto his property (including law enforcement officials), they are likely very leery of coming onto The Land to arrest him. He definitely is the “shoot first, ask questions later” trigger happy type.

      1. Tasha,
        Every state is different with their laws but for the most part the police won’t search for someone that has a warrant unless it’s a felony. They sometimes will do round ups where they will get a bunch of people with certain types of warrants. Like DUIs or my fav they call it deadbeat parent roundup where they will arrest everyone that has a warrant for not paying child support. But mostly unless you come into contact with police nothing happens on a warrant for a misdemeanor charge. Too many people have those and not enough police to deal with those and all the other crime.

  3. I kinda don’t buy it that he is living alone in that big old house…at least one night stands sound like something David would do. ALTHOUGH there are women who have standards and I’m sure word about him being a psycho came around. (But I bet he will start dating soon just out of spite to Jenelle)

  4. Damn. Imagine how much this will affect his court date with Jenelle on the 13th. Doesn’t look good to go to court with a warrant for your arrest and I bet he doesn’t have $1000 to bail himself out of jail either.

    1. If he still has the warrant when he goes to court again about him and jenelle stuff he will be arrested. Remember adam went to court with chelsea and was arrested for back child support since he had a warrant

      1. I doubt they would extradite from Tennessee. I’m sure the jurisdiction is probably their county or surrounding counties.
        Defentily not State wide or other states.

  5. I hope he fails to show. That way, maybe Maryssa can finally escape The Land and her menacing, abusive, dog murdering father.

    1. I don’t know if she’ll burn it down but she’d definitely go back to take everything of value out of there and sell it. And trash anything that David enjoys.

      1. If she’s smart (which she isn’t) she’ll find a way for it to have an “accidental” fire and collect any insurance money, assuming they were able to insure it even though its built on swamp land. Burn it before it sinks completely

  6. Well, Lurch has learned that since being hooked up to the Mtv cash cow that the law doesn’t apply to him, much like Jenelle and Amber, only this time he’s not going to have the money to make bail (he might have to spend a whole half hour in the clink).

  7. Keifer , Courtland, Nathan, UBT. All of these dudes have dated Chinelle and have done time in jail. Coincidence? Me thinks not ?

    1. Courtland and UBT were collated in jail so I think she just hooks up with men she meets when she checks on with her own probation officer

  8. Think he got used to mtv lawyers handling all this stuff for him. But now that he is split from Jenelle, his teflon is gone. Back to reality!

  9. Media- don’t print this stuff until it’s too late for him to get in to the courthouse. You know he reads this. You’ve just prevented him from going to jail by giving him a heads up. ??‍♀️

    1. Justice For Maryssa and Nugget! I hope he goes to jail! He is a horrible child abuser dog murderer! Now, let’s hope they get that little girl out of there and take those animals. Then the earth can swallow up that house and be done with them! But, I will never let that Ex-Teen Monster Mom get back on TV. And that Bad Mother Amber needs to go. I read somewhere that Dr. Drew was going on Broadway? Who would go see him? He’s also a POS!!!

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