EXCLUSIVE! Amber Portwood Battling with MTV to Get Her New Belgian Boyfriend Paid; Plus New Details About Dimitri Garcia

“You best be payin’ my MAN!”

Amber Portwood is battling with her ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon over their son, and, at the same time, battling with MTV over her new boyfriend Dimitri Garcia!

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that the Teen Mom OG star is trying her best to get her new Belgian boo a paycheck, but is getting resistance from MTV! The Ashley can confirm that Dimitri has filmed for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ since being brought to the United States by Amber a few months back.

“Amber flew him to the United States and he doesn’t have a return ticket,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “Dimitri doesn’t speak much English, so it’s very hard for [the crew] to communicate with him.”

“Siri, how do you say ‘I’m a damn good mom’ in Belgium-neese?”

“Since Dimitri has been filmed for the show, Amber demanded that he be paid, but the producers told her that, because he is not living in the United States legally and he’s still a visitor, he can’t be paid,” the source added. 

Last month, The Sun broke the news that Amber had a new man. The site claims that they met after Dimitri– a fan of ‘Teen Mom’– reached out to her on social media. 


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A second source tells The Ashley that those closest to Amber are very skeptical of Dimitri.

“He has young kids in Europe that he left to be with Amber in the United States, which made a lot of people think of [Matt] Baier,” the source said. “She had only been talking to him a short time before she flew him out here, so it’s a strange situation, and the language barrier makes it even weirder.

“Plus he’s almost 40 so he is definitely giving people Matt Baier vibes,” the source added.

The Ashley will continue to update this story! Stay tuned….

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  2. I find it so funny that MTV keeps people like Amber cuz they realized their numbers are tanking and they hope she will bring the drama they need for more viewers. What they dont understand is: the reason they continue to lose viewers is BECAUSE they keep people like Amber. We can’t watch this, it’s literally unwatchable. Shes a horrible person who should be paying for her crimes instead of importing boyfriends; she would be better off in “gel” than collecting MTV checks for abandoning her children for weeks on end to play lets-watch-the-couch-growing-out-of-my-ass with her next baby daddy. Also, I’m not worried for him, as long as he’s faster than this sloth he’ll be fine.

  3. I cannot wrap my head around how these girls just. cant. be. single. ‘Dating’ would be my LAST thought.

  4. Is Amber really that desperate for a man that she now has to pay for them to come to the US from Belgium? And she doesn’t even care if they aren’t fluent in English as long as they know when she is pissed off & how to out run her!!
    Maybe Amber thought this guy didn’t hear about her hitting Gary or Andrew & she thought she really got a new start!!

  5. She is a mess. Now I can see why Andrew didn’t let Amber take James on Christmas. Because she has this loser living with her.

  6. This woman never gets it. She keeps repeating her behavior and never seems to fully acknowledge or understand why things inevitably fall apart. Gary taking that little girl was the best thing that ever happened.

  7. I wish she would stay single for now and take care of her beautiful children and work on herself !! Then the right one will come along !! Good luck amber

  8. Lmao! ?
    What a f**king LOSER!!!!
    Disgusting garbage, man! She does NOTHING productive but “save” incompetent “men.” She’s so stupid.

  9. I was just thinking, the last two dudes she shipped in stayed at that house she bought with all those dogs aka the Machete House, but since Andrew is now occupying the place, where are she and this scary Belgian staying?

  10. It of course he “reached out” (stalked) to her on social media. Ugh. I can’t even stand those two words anymore. Why can’t she meet someone who isn’t a fan??? I never knew so many stable, gainfully employed, single, available, normal guys are fans of Teen Mom! Who knew?
    She is gross and he’s most likely just as gross. If he was a fa, he’d know that this girl is a troubled individual with straight up violent tendencies. He would know that she’s gone from guy to guy for the past ten years. He would know that the last thing she needs is a brand spanking new sleaze bag looking to be on TV. AND she should know better too! If all the terrible things that can be said about her, add “dummy “ to the list. All these girls deserve whatever is coming to them. Dysfunctional, all of them (with the exception of Chelsea…maybe)

  11. Officer Gar Bear needs to get on this! I know he is very protective of Leah but please don’t let Leah unsupervised around these two knuckleheads. Please.

  12. Everyone here has already nailed on the head the rational thoughts that go along with this situation.

    But here’s one thing I’m genuinely surprised at – How the fuck was this guy allowed to come into this country without a return ticket? I’m from the US and dated a guy from England for 5 years. Anytime I went to visit him, or anytime he visited me we always got grilled by customs regarding what we were doing while here, when we were going back home, seeing if what we were saying matched up with our departure date, how long our stay was …. And we needed to provide proof of a return flight ticket back to our respective countries. I mean, how in the fuck did he get away with that? It looks so suspicious. The US is also far more strict when it comes to that stuff than the UK was, in my experience.

    Also, any person that can just leave their children behind and move to another country without so much as an afterthought as to how it might affect them can go fuck themself with a cactus.

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    So, he left his own kids behind to fly to the USA to be with machete/knife toting abusive chick?! That’s legit insane, and she should be disgusted with herself, but she has no shame. He looks creepy af, and something about his whole appearance seems ‘shady’ imo. He’s in for some bigtime problems with Ambien.
    I hope Gary doesn’t let Leah around him either!!

  14. She needs a long term, intensive, all female treatment program to figure out herself and work out the reasons she can’t be single more than one month, why she chooses the D over the kids all the time, why she doesn’t do basic background checks on potential guys, or ask herself why these guys want to be with her ASAP and on tv even more ASAP. In other words, she needs common sense camp.

    1. Childhood trauma and the fact she just wants to be/feel loved. Co-dependency issues at its highest with her and Jenelle

        1. One of the things people with BPD suffer from is deep fear of abandonment. So, yeah, pretty much have to have someone. Also identity issues. Not knowing who they are and transforming into the person they are with. A lot of people with BPD don’t realize they are sick, but amber knows and just thinks it’s an excuse. DBT therapy works wonders if you put in the time. I know this from experience. I also know bipolar is usually a treatable illness. It can take time to find the right meds, but you have to put effort in. She’s a lay about, victim wanna be bum.

  15. Not that has made an effort to see her, most likely, but Gary and Kristina need to keep Leah away from her. She is a horrible example. Can’t be alone, will move in anyone willing to give her a little attention, lazy, no education, no future. Leah doesn’t need to think that her lifestyle is ok.

    1. There was a time that Amber asked Leah on camera: “Can you name mommy’s bussinesses?”.
      (Clothing webshop, make-up webshop, HOUSE FLIPPING.) And she added: “You’ve got to have WITS!”
      I think she meant it as an EXAMPLE for Leah…

  16. After my divorce, I had my sexual flings, but never at my house and they were never introduce to my kids. A girl has needs, ya know? And toys only go so far, in my opinion.

    My kids step-dad is the ONLY man I’ve brought around them. I just don’t understand how these girls jump from guy to guy and move them in and have them around their children. All the evil in this world, all the things that could happen, and you just don’t even bat an eye to move ANOTHER guy in with you?!?

    1. She knows NOTHING about this guy. He could be a danger to her kids for all she knows. Irresponsible and disgusting behavior on her part.

    2. Remember when Leah was a few months old and she had that guy she met at the grocery store who just got out of prison or something move in and was changing Leah’s diapers and bathing her? CRAZY!

  17. Hahahha, what a loser Amber is. I guess she communicates through screwing since love is an international language, and that’s the only way Amber knows how to communicate. Baby number 3 on the way

  18. Wow can you say SCAM…She fell for another one. When will MTV realize that they are funding her ridiculous, dangerous and clearly unstable lifestyle? I sure hope she realizes who and what she is getting herself involved with here, this guy looks like he is not about to put up with Rambo Ambo’s bs.

    I don’t support Andrew violating any court orders, if he in fact has, but I honestly can say I would not want my infant son around some random foreigner and batshit crazy Amber, by themselves. What is stopping them from hopping on a plane to Belgium or somewhere, who knows where. I would not put it past crazy ass Amber. That being said, Andrew should petition the court for a change or amendment of the custody agreement now that she has some random guy living in her house from another country with no other place to go. Supervised visitation in the least since she clearly is out of her mind and you can’t trust her judgement for herself, nevermind an infant or other living being.

    I am sure Amber has no clue about anything about this guy because she just takes these scammers at their word. I am hoping Gary is doing some serious background checks like he did with Matt, not like it will matter to Amber, but at least for Leah’s safety. She needs serious help, this is disgusting.

    Now please let us all pray she doesn’t get knocked up again, if she hasn’t already.

    1. If this guy living with Amber is the reason he kept James from visitation then I fully support him on that. He absolutely needs to take her back to court over this major development. Amber is so stupid.

      1. I thought she was allowed unsupervised visits. That’s what’s bothering a lot of people. I really don’t understand that that was an agreement…

  19. Good thing he doesn’t speak much English. This way, he won’t understand a word she’s saying while verbally abusing him. Good thinking Amber. Ugh. A boyfriend already. She should be ashamed of herself

  20. Why do you not publish my comments??? Everytime I comment inhere you AshleyRoubdup censored it but when there is cursing, and vulgar comments from other people their still gets published mine doesn’t. Do I have to be vulgar for my comment to be published?

  21. This is disgusting. Instead of try to be a better human and regain custody of her children she let any rando in her house and expects MTV to pay for it! Can’t you be without a man for a few months?? She is for sure the worst mother in the Teen Mom franchise (and that includes Farrah and Jenelle). I hope she had her tubes tied, for what she said in one of the infamous audios she doesn’t want children but still didn’t learn that if you stop taking birth control there will be a pregnancy. Stupid b*tch

    1. She is probably doing this so she can get knocked up again. Send this guy packing so he doesn’t get full custody. It may be her only way to keep custody of a child…. So sad….

  22. If anyone was wondering, the hashtags he chose to accompany that scowl roughly translate as:


  23. To her mother and family: Get a conservatorship order on Amber, now! Go to Court and have her tested before she gets robbed of all her money, gets murdered by all these strangers she moves in to her home or the worse – something like this happens to those kids of hers. This is extremely important and overdue. She has NO business taking care of kids.

    1. I agree. Amber needs to be protected, not only from people like Matt but also from HERSELF.
      MTV isn’t protecting her. They just keep on filming her f***ed-up live and keep paying her a lot of money, which attracts ‘certain men’.

  24. Unable to cool her panties down for more than a minute, now Amber wants MTV to pay for some broke random who saw his next easy meal ticket all the way from Belgium?

    Clearly, after her attack on Andrew this past year while he was holding James, she’s lucky MTV didn’t flat out FIRE her along with the bed and couch her ass is constantly attached to.

    No doubt, permanently yanking her off the MTV money train will find her with less resources for man hopping — and “possibly” more time to focus on getting some HELP.

    One can only hope.

  25. Wait…if he can’t speak any English, how did they even talk in the first place? Maybe he is some creep who actually said swear words to her and she took it like a compliment…LOL. Oh yeah, Google Translate, I forgot is SO RELIABLE!

    Amber is pathetic and desperate! How can you be mad at Andrew for not giving you visitations while in the same breath you are mad at MTV for not giving your bae money for appearing on the show?! Which one is it, Ambie?! Do you care more about this guy or your son?! Pick one!

    And please, PLEASE, stay away from Europe. We don’t need you here.

  26. Damn all it takes is a social media message. And these girls start being sugar mamas. Youngest sugar mamas I’ve ever seen.

    1. Well to be perfectly honest, it’s NOT MTV’s say. MTV is absolutely 100% correct and if you watched the 90 day Fiance franchise on television you would know that when these participants in the 90 days show, come to America under a 90 day K1 visa, they are NOT allowed to work until they get a green card. So MTV would be breaking the law if they were to pay him. She should do a little research before she lambastes MTV because they’re the ones supporting her lifestyle with a pay check right now.

  27. An older, foreign man sliding into your DMs isn’t suspicious at all, Amber. She deserves to be swindled out of her TM paycheck for being this stupid. My god.

  28. Love how she will literally let any random weirdo who DMs her on social media into her life (and house, and bed). She can’t go 5 mins without a man. Get some self respect for once Amber, STOP going after men, focus on yourself and your KIDS for once.

    1. She doesn’t care about her kids. She is only fighting for James if media takes coverage about it, she doesn’t really care about that boy actually.

  29. You can’t make this stuff up….Amber lives with a guy she can’t verbally communicate with (maybe that’s a good thing?). James is probably way safer with Andrew than with Amber and some guy who doesn’t even speak English and has two young kids in Europe (that spells stability lol). Unfortunately, Andrew had agreed to the terms of the custody agreement with Amber. This parenting app would prove/disprove claims about interaction and what was agreed upon. Andrew is at fault if he doesn’t follow through or ignore Amber in court approved requests.

    I see this playing out with violence between Amber and her new boyfriend. It will probably be over money.

  30. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Guess who’s gonna be on the next season of 90 Day Fiance ?

  31. Good old Amber- still thinking she doesn’t have to follow the rules.
    Bitch needs to give her coochie a rest and STOP PAYING FOR RANDOM MEN TO BE IN HER LIFE.
    Can’t wait till DadBod Gary does a bit of research on this new guy.

    Someone said she is seemingly worse than Jenelle – I think they could be right. At least Jenelle’s kids see her more than Amber see’s Leah. And Jenelle at her worst was seeing Jace more often than Amber visits Leah…..

  32. Never mind “Matt Baier vibes,” this dude has Dimitri Dahmer written all over his face!

    I wonder how Bubby is going to spin this decision as Amber trying to do better with her life? Amber seriously needs help.

    1. In one of her video’s Amber herself said something like: “I know I get in relationships too quickly and I must ask myself WHY I am in that relationship”.

  33. Was he really born and raised in Belgium or is he just living there? As an European, I’m wondering how is it possible, that his English is so weak, if he’s young. Also his first name Dimitri is Russian / Slavic. On the other hand, his surname sounds Hispanic ?

    1. Yup, very weird. I’m in Belgium and I don’t understand someone just a couple of years older than me doesn’t speak English. We in Flanders learn French from the 5th grade and English from the 8th grade. In the French speaking part they have the choice between Dutch and English starting in primary school, and English is definitely more popular. Plus the constant stream of English we’re subjected to in music and on tv (we don’t have voice-over, we have subtitles).

      1. So he has watched TM and other shows with subtitles. That’s how I learned English before we started to study it in school, from English and American TV-shows.
        Still wondering about his background ?

        Hi from Finland!

  34. Amber is a type of person, that will always need a man and old behavior predict future behavior, I hope Andrew gets custody of the baby.

  35. How do these reality “star” train wrecks have such a revolving door of men? Amber, Jenelle, Leah, Leah’s sister, Mama June….I mean, seriously! It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a man in my life and I can’t figure out how these girls can constantly have a new man in the wings. Granted I think I’m a little more selective in my selection process but still! Put your kids first. They didn’t ask to be born into these insane circumstances and families. What makes me really sad is the lesson they are each teaching their daughters. You can’t ever be alone and any warm body will work. It doesn’t matter if they don’t work, have anger/addiction/mental health issues, children of their own they don’t support. It’s sad. It really is sad.

    1. Omg @Curious yes! Was thinking the exact same thing when I heard Janelle, Amber and Briana are all dating someone new. Again we are slightly more picky ? but I find even trying to find time and a sitter difficult to go on a date much less have a relationship!

  36. people do strange things when lonely. It’s hard to be alone. As for amber’s ex,I am sorry the guy is not at all to look at and lucky if anyone looks his way. And everyone looking at this REMEMBER there is 3 side to every story. Her side, his side and the truth.

  37. I will NOT watch the show if Amber is on. So sad that MTV allowed her to come back. They don’t care about her well being, for them she is nothing but a toy for ratings.

  38. Oh look, Amber is continuing to make terrible choices. And no, Amber, your boyfriend can’t legally work in the U.S. and can’t just stay here indefinitely. Is she trying to get him deported? Because publicly trying to get a huge company to pay a tourist is a good way to draw attention to yourself.

  39. I’m sorry if this bitches are going to be someone’s Sugar Mama, why can’t they get good looking Sugar Babies? Because I know looks aren’t everything but their personality sucks and this guy looks scary af.

  40. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Amber. The entitlement is strong with this one. I Suppose when you have a child at 16 and have had a man (any man will do) you have no concept of how to be ok with yourself. She is so pathetic. This dude is beyond sketchy, he just randomly pooped up and she thinks that this is genuine. I guess it’s easier to deal with Amber when you can’t understand what the f*** she’s saying, and once she starts beating his ass, he won’t know why, but hopefully he’ll get it on tape.

    1. This is 100% speculation and prejudice of me but he doesn’t look like the ? Andrew is. There won’t be a tape.. more like bruises, black eyes and excuses like Jenelle used to make. Amber needs to rethink her choices like yesterday!
      I can’t believe she os falling for this.. ..again.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I LOLed so hard at this

  41. She is literally the dumbest person on TM2! Wow. She will NEVER EVER put her kids first. Never. Thank God for Kristina raising Leah with Gary. I cannot believe Amber is that stupid and desperate. How long til she’s on drugs again ….. ????

  42. Hahahha, what a loser Amber is. I guess she communicates through screwing since love is an international language, and that’s the only way Amber knows how to communicate. Baby number 3 on the way.

  43. How does she not have enough personal experience to know that this is a fucking awful idea?

    This must be a form of self sabotage

  44. Dudes eyes are creepy AF… he’s probably a big part of the reason that Andrew’s keeping James away from her.

  45. Is amber angling to be on 90 day fiancée or something? ? From what I’ve read, only the American can get paid on that show as well, so I don’t think they’re lying about that. I’m not even commenting on her choice of boyfriend, as she’s hopeless… you’d think she’d have learned after Matt Baier.

  46. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Is she also filming 90 Day Fiancé?!

  47. So he barely speaks English, and I think it’s safe to assume that Amber doesn’t speak French, much less Flemish…oy vey.

    1. So it’s basically just a sexual relationship? (Also ew!) And with Amber being so dumb she can get baby #3 in no time!

      She can say about Andrew all she wants but he isn’t dating around and is actually looking for HER CHILD! I don’t think he’s an angel but at least he knows when to be single!

  48. Stupid B. Worry about your children. See your children on a consistent basis. Don’t abuse people in front of them. Quit worrying about the D. Leah is almost an adult and you still don’t see her on the regular. Leah doesn’t want to see you because you don’t have time for her. Sending Love.

  49. Oh good god. No wonder Andrew doesn’t oblige with the custody order. This is exactly what good moms teach their kids to avoid- strangers! I don’t blame Gary or Andrew for not wanting their kids around amber and a random man who can’t even communicate for himself. Amber is just another Jenelle, honestly.

    1. This is what happens because MTV is catering to these idiots. They become entitled divas in their own minds. I agree, fire the slob!

  50. I sincerely hope Gary keeps Leah away. This screams danger for a young girl. She doesn’t know him ?‍♀️

  51. Well he has to have a return ticked because if he overstays his visitor visa, he’s gonna be in big trouble with immigrants on and they’ll flag him in the future. I wonder how he’s going to react when she starts beating him.

    1. If he used esta then yes he has to have a return ticket it’s part of the requirements of using it. If he has a visitor visa instead then they aren’t required to have a return ticket and it is up to the discretion of the cbp.

      Prior to and at the border having intention of using the visitor visa or esta to stay and adjust status is illegal but once through intent isn’t an issue anymore so technically now he is in they could marry and adjust he status.

    2. Unless they marry and adjust his status – then it doesn’t matter if he overstays as it is forgotten for spouses of Us citizens.

    3. Actually if she starts beating him he could potentially get a green card. Larissa from 90 day fiancé lied about Colt beating her so that she could divorce him but still remain in the country. It is some type of immigration law. I am not totally sure the rules but I know there is one.

    1. Jenelle at least takes her children places even if it is to brag about it on social media Amber is too lazy to even fake being a mum for the cameras. Jenelle also has Jace most weeks where as Amber can go months without seeing Leah.

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