‘Siesta Key’ Star Juliette Porter Accuses Co-Star Cara Geswelli of Cheating on Boyfriend Garrett Miller with Johnny Bananas of ‘The Challenge’

Bananas trying to figure out if the cast of ‘Siesta Key’ is even old enough to drink legally…

Trouble in paradise?!

It’s no secret that Siesta Key couple Garrett Miller and Cara Geswelli are not exactly in a great place at the start of Season 3, and now Garett’s ex Juliette Porter is claiming Cara cheated on Garrett with fellow MTV star Johnny Bananas!

“Cara is a shady skank and she f**ked @johnnybananas while dating @__GarrettMiller in Cancun,” Juliette tweeted earlier this week, later clarifying, “Cara from our show” — not Cara Maria Sorbello from The Challenge.

And where did all this hot gossip stem from, you ask? Well, according to Juliette, Floribama Shore star Nilsa Prowant “told her.”

“Here’s to sippin’ wine and spillin’ tea!”

Nilsa, Johnny and Cara were all in Cancun back in March 2019 for MTV’s Spring Break. Nilsa also hung out with Juliette and some of the other ‘Siesta’ stars recently, so she totally could have spilled the beans to everyone then.

While Garrett neither confirmed nor denied the rumor, he did respond by tweeting out a GIF from The Little Rascals.

Johnny broke his silence on Monday, tweeting, “Is there a drought in South Florida because these #SiestaKey kids are thiiiiiiirstaaay.” Yikes!

Juliette and Cara haven’t gotten along since Cara joined the MTV reality series last season. Cara used to hook up with Juliette’s now ex-boyfriend, Alex Kompothecras. She then moved on to Juliette’s other ex-boyfriend, Garrett, who has also dated Juliette’s now BFF Kelsey Owens. (Got all that?) If what Juliette is saying is true, it would make Cara the third girl in the Key to cheat on Garrett.

Interestingly enough, Cara says in a clip for an upcoming episode, “If I’ve learned anything, it’s to stop cheating and to stop lying because people will find out about it.” 

To make matters even more complicated, Johnny is currently dating fellow ‘Challenge’ star Morgan Willett. Johnny has not directly addressed the rumor, but he did tweet out a photo of himself laughing just days after Juliette posted her accusatory tweet, which may be his way of denying there’s any truth to the rumor. 

‘Siesta Key’ airs Tuesday nights on MTV.

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