‘Siesta Key’ Scandal! Alex Kompothecras Announces His Girlfriend Alyssa Salerno is Expecting; His Ex Juliette Porter Claims She Hooked Up with Alex “Several Months Ago”

“I’ve been humping your baby daddy, just FYI!”

Social media shots have been fired in Siesta Key!

Alex Kompothecras’ recent announcement that he and his new girlfriend Alyssa Salerno are expecting a baby together didn’t quite go as planned.

Right after Alex announced on Instagram that Alyssa is pregnant with his baby girl, Alex’s ex Juliette Porter made a social media announcement of her own. Juliette revealed that Alex cheated on Alyssa with her “several months ago,” which, if true, means Alex cheated on Alyssa while she was pregnant with his child.


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Little princess on the way😍😍

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On Sunday, The Morning Toast reposted Alex’s Instagram announcement post. In the comment section of the repost, Juliette left a scandalous comment.

“Weird how he cheated on her with me several months ago but ok,” Juliette wrote.

Juliette has since deleted her comment…

Alex has yet to comment on the allegations against him, but appears to be overjoyed to have a “little princess on the way,” based on his IG post on Sunday. The post’s comment section did not disappoint, and it appears that the show’s fans are ready for some drama to ensue!

“He better name her baby Juliette,” one comment read.

Another stated, “Oh my gosh! I bet Juliette is pissed!”

Videos posted to Alyssa’s Instagram show her and Alex finding out they are expecting a girl. The gender reveal was done via a plane flying by releasing pink smoke.

Alyssa has yet to publicly address Juliette’s comments.

Alex and Juliette have nasty dating history that has played out on the last two seasons of ‘Siesta Key.’ Aside from being a less-than-stellar boyfriend, Alex has hooked up with nearly every girl on the show including Juliette, Kelsey Owens, Maddison Hausburg and Amanda Miller. (Let’s also not forget about the time he had two girls in his bed at once, but claimed not to have cheated on Juliette!)


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Back in February, Juliette opened up to ‘Us Weekly’ about splitting from Alex for good.

“We went back and forth a lot; I broke up with him in October for about a month. It was a toxic relationship. We tried again until about a month ago,” she explained. “After that, I was like, ‘We just have to rip the Band-Aid off.’”

More recently, Juliette accused her ex of dating Alyssa because he was jealous of her short-lived relationship with Bachelorette star Robby Hayes.

“The first time I saw them together I could just tell he was just like, ‘Oh, and Alyssa does this and Alyssa does that.’ I’m like, ‘That’s so awesome. Congratulations.’ But it went downhill from there and yeah, they’re still together and good for them,” Juliette said.

‘Siesta Key’ Season 3 premieres Tuesday, January 7 on MTV.

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  1. Please send Christmas cards. The only thing he wants for Christmas.

    Marty Mendoza
    419 West Avenue C
    Benton, TX 76513

  2. If you’re a cheater or mess around with somebody you know is in a relationship, you are TRASH. I couldn’t even make it through this whole article. Why is everybody so proud and public about stuff like this?

  3. Is Robby the one with a sex tape with the girl from that Christley show? -If so wild how everyone is just going show to show swapping dicks. 😂

  4. I hope Alex’s girlfriend realizes that nothing, especially a baby will make Alex keep his nasty, diseased d!ck in his pants. If I was Juliette I wouldn’t be bragging about sleeping with Alex even after he repeatedly cheated on Juliette. That just makes Juliette look weak. And Robbie is just another ho like Alex.

  5. How desperate are these women?! My only exposure to him is from this post, and to me he appears to be exceptionally meh.

    1. Extremely desperate. He literally has nothing going for him and has done nothing with his life. His parents are rich, that’s it. The thought of him “supporting” a child and a girlfriend is a joke. He’s just a spoiled rich kid who has sex with every girl that walks by. And oops, one of them got pregnant.

    2. Hes also likes to torture & kill animals. He even posted videos of him & 2 friends doing that. He wasn’t even punished. I refuse to watch this show. He needs to be in jail…and tortured🤬

  6. She’s salty. It makes her look just as bad as him. She knew he was in a relationship and slept with him anyways. They’re both disgusting

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