Angelina Pivarnick Talks About Her Future on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ & the Support She’s Gotten From Show’s Fans Following Mean Bridesmaids’ Speech Scandal

“Um HELLO! It’s gonna take a lot more than a mean speech to get me to stop collecting those giant paychecks!”

Angelina Pivarnick says her wedding may have been ruined by her female Jersey Shore co-stars, but she’s not going to let them ruin her livelihood too.

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star chatted with Page Six on Monday about whether or not she plans to stay on the MTV reality show, considering the mean-spirited speech that her co-stars Deena CorteseJenni Farley and Nicole Polizzi delivered at her wedding last month.

“I am [staying],” she said. “I’m not quitting the show.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Angelina made her ‘Shore’ co-stars bridesmaids at her wedding to Chris Larangeira in November. The girls delivered a speech in which they called Angelina the “trash to their bag,” “the fly to their s**t” and other mean-spirited things. (You can listen to the full audio here.) 

Following the speech, Angelina reportedly left her reception in tears. She has not spoken to the girls since, and the tacky trio has received plenty of criticism online for what they did.

Anyway, Angelina told Page Six that she does not want to leave ‘Jersey Shore’ because she feels like the show’s fans are finally starting to get to know the real Angelina.

“I don’t know what the future holds for me with everything, but I like the way things are coming out — it’s just that one thing,” she said. 

“[Chris] is like, ‘I’m glad that people are seeing you for who you are,’ because nobody really did years ago, because I was on [the original ‘Jersey Shore’ for] such a short amount of time, but now I love it. At least people think I’m funny now. I’m actually funny in real life. It’s so much better.”

Angelina added that the show’s fans have rallied around her following the release of the leaked audio of the bridemaids’ speeches.

“There’s so much more support, and I thank everybody for that. I really do,” she said.

While Angelina may be staying on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ Nicole is not. Earlier this month she announced that she is retiring from the show. She stated that one of the reasons she’s leaving is because she doesn’t like to be away from her three kids during filming, but added that she feels the show has become too dramatic. She even likened the filming experience to “a nightmare.” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. I’m gonna admit something even if I get down voted. I always liked Angelina. I always thought girls were mean to her for no reason and that the show just needed some “villain” that won’t be popular among most of the viewers. I felt bad for her even before but I do even more now. She doesn’t have friends in those girls and FINALLY people saw the three of them (esp Jenni and Snooki) for who they really are. I’m glad she is staying, obv they made her stay for the drama but at least people see her for who she truly is now. The only thing I feel sorry for is her looks. She was beautiful before, too bad such low confidence made her want to look like a doll. One thing I will say too. I think the show is done after next season, with all Angelina-Mean Girls, Ron-Jen drama going on it’s just not interesting anymore.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She should stay. She’ll collect that nice paycheck, and she now has tons of supportive fans. Snooki and the other girls were always seen as better than Angelina and now that they have become mean girls, fans don’t like it at all. Snooki is leaving because she’s too embarrassed to face Angelina after what she did, and the fans can’t stand her now. If Snooki was smart, should would publically apologize for what she said and redeem her character on JS. She’s gonna be remembered as the mean girl who ruined Angelinas wedding. I wouldnt leave a show knowing that’s how people see me from now on. Good on Angelina for staying. I wonder how it’ll be though with Jenni and Deena still there.

  3. The 3 girls behaved terribly at Angelina’s wedding and I hope they have the introspection to be ashamed of themselves, at least a little. Lines were crossed.

    BUUUUT…they hate Angelina. They’ve always hated her. Why the hell would she pick bridesmaids that actively dislike her, who have a history of bad behavior? How did she not see that coming?

  4. Please send Christmas cards. The only thing he wants for Christmas.

    Marty Mendoza
    419 West Avenue C
    Benton, TX 76513

  5. Oh shut up
    With the tacky trio 🙄 you know it was for tv and Angelina was in on it, drama makes for good ratings derp

    1. What they did to her was awful. If Angelina had any dignity she would quit and get an actual job. But it’s OK, obviously a paycheck without working is more important than having dignity.

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