Amber Portwood Wants Baby Daddy Andrew Glennon Held in Contempt of Court: Says He Violated Custody Order & Lied About Their Son’s Serious Dog Bite

“I want him thrown in GEL for what he’s done!”

UPDATE! The Ashley has obtained the papers filed by Amber on January 6 and has updated the info below and added more information! 


Amber Portwood is demanding her ex Andrew Glennon pay up after she says he violated the custody order they have for their son James by hightailing it out of state for Christmas– with the kid in tow— and then failed to disclose details of a serious dog bite James received on Christmas!

On Tuesday, TMZ stated that the Teen Mom OG star filed documents in court, demanding Andrew be held in contempt for violating their custody order and not allowing her the visitation with James she was due to have over Christmas. 

The Ashley can confirm that, on Monday, Amber did, indeed, file an application in court for “Injunction Against Custodial Parent to Prevent Interference with Parenting Time.”

In the court paperwork— obtained by The Ashley— Amber claims that Andrew took James out of state over the Christmas holiday “without proper notice, preventing her from getting her holiday visitation.” She claims that she followed the agreed-upon protocol of using the parenting app, but Andrew did not respond.

“Mother utilized the calendar section on Our Family Wizard to enter her parenting time for Christmas,” the court papers read. “Prior to Christmas, Mother contacted Father on several occasions to confirm her holiday parenting time, to which Father failed to respond. The undersigned counsel contacted Father’s counsel regarding holiday parenting time, who advised that Father was leaving the state and would be gone with the child over the Christmas holiday.

“Father removed the child from the state and denied Mother her holiday
parenting time as ordered, and failed to communicate with Mother regarding his
deviation from the court order. Father’s interference with Mother’s parenting
time is a violation of Paragraph 1(c) of the Mediated Agreement.”

(This is the second holiday Amber claims that Andrew robbed her of a holiday visit with James. She also claimed back in November that she was not given the time on Halloween she was due to have with the boy.) 

As The Ashley told you back in October, the custody agreement that Amber and Andrew agreed to permits Amber “all scheduled holidays for eight hours, as long as James is returned an hour before his bedtime.” (Just to clarify: this means all of the holidays that they’ve agreed Amber will have, not all holidays in general.)


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But that’s not all: Amber also claims that Andrew failed to disclose the seriousness of a dog bite he says James received on Christmas by the family dog. (In case you’re wondering, according to the court papers, it was Andrew’s sister’s dog that did the face-biting.)

In the court docs obtained by The Ashley, Amber states that Andrew simply told her that James had been “nipped” by a dog and had to go to the emergency room.

Andrew reportedly told Amber “it was not serious, that he had the minor child checked out at the emergency room, and that a bandage was the only thing necessary.”

In the court docs, Amber claimed it took three days for her to get a photo of her son’s injuries, and Andrew never shared with her what happened at the ER. (She says she only got the photo after she had her lawyer contact Andrew’s lawyer, since she claims Andrew ignored her requests for more info.) 

The photo Andrew eventually sent her “showed James had a black eye and a bandaged nose, ‘indicating that the injury was more than a ‘nip.'”

“Father’s failure to provide Mother with information regarding the child’s medical care is a
violation of Paragraph 1(b) of the Mediated Agreement,” the court docs state.

(Luckily, David Eason wasn’t around…or we know what might have happened to that pup…) 

Finally, Amber is peeved that Andrew violated their custody agreement one final time, on New Year’s Eve when he posted a photo of James to his Instagram account. The Ashley broke the news last year that, as part of their custody agreement, both parents agreed not to share photos of their son on social media.

However, Andrew did, indeed, share a pic of James on Instagram on December 31. He also shared some ramblings on Instagram Stories regarding YouTube, MTV and a person named Gary (whom we can presume is Gary Shirley, Amber’s other baby daddy).

“Find us on YouTube, the latter conglomerate couldn’t care less about REALITY,” Andrew wrote on New Year’s Eve. “Gary belongs in bars, right with his ex.

“Youv’ve [spelled wrong] all the personal info and social security #’s of the top MTV/Viacom heads…leaked b4 I wrote this,” he added.

The next morning, Andrew claims that “some people” (possibly Jose Cuervo and Jack Daniels?) “took liberties with my account last night. Pls disregard any previous posts. Happy New Years!” 

However, Amber wasn’t buying Andrew’s claims of being hacked. She wants him punished for violating their agreement by posting the photo of James. 

TMZ states that Amber is “demanding more parenting time — to make up for what she lost over Christmas — and wants Andrew to cover all her legal expenses.”

Below is part of the affidavit filed by Amber, exclusively obtained by The Ashley.

The Ashley has reached out to both sides and will update this when more information is available. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Ive been saying the same thing since the beginning of this whole thing. Hell yeah she went over board but he was looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Doubt the jolly green giant was scared of her. Well now people will always remember his name so good job Andrew I guess. Hey beats being behind the scenes on the tv shows huh finally your in front of the 🎥.

  2. “Prior to Christmas, Mother contacted Father on several occasions to confirm her holiday parenting time, to which Father failed to respond.”

    Why do I have a feeling that the “several occasions” in which Amber contacted Andrew began at 11:55pm on Christmas Eve, then 11:56, 11:57, 11:58 & 11:59? She probably waited until the last minute; so he made plans, assuming that she was spending it on the couch with her new user/foreign fling.

    Andrew probably did post the photo of James to antagonize Amber and try to set off one of her trademark rants in order to take the focus off of his drunken nonsense, though.

    Poor James. Both parents should have to pass mental competency exams before they take children home from the hospital, I swear. (I guess we would have a lot less Reality TV, though.)

  3. He is just as manipulative and narcissistic as she is. I’ve said this from the beginning. They’re both nuts! That poor baby.

  4. I wouldn’t have let James pass a second with Amber but a court order is a court order. Dude, think about your son! He needs to have some time with his mom so that when he is old enough, he will see what a train wreck she is! (Not to mention she is already dating that Belgian guy while you are single and focused on raising your son…good for you) You aren’t doing yourself any favors like this. When he will be old enough, he won’t want to spend time at all with her I bet but while he is still a baby, just let her have the hours she had written in court order and nothing more. Leah already knows her mother is of no use, your kid will feel the same.

    1. we don’t know that he is single. The picture in question that he posted was of James with a woman in a bikini behind him. But Amber is a train wreck for sure. He shouldn’t have agreed to the terms for the childs safety.

  5. They’re both trash. Amber isn’t fit to raise anything, but the quickest way to give Amber more parenting time is to ignore her visitation and parental rights.

  6. Stop trying to prove you’re the better parent Amber. We all know the truth.
    Andrew, let her cut her own throat. Follow the rules. We all know Amber can’t do that for longer than a minute.

  7. Yikes. Not surprising that he’s also a mess. Not cool to violate the courts like that. Poor James. He’d be better off with a nurturing pack of wolves adopting him.

  8. Not an Andrew fan, but I can not say I blame him for not wanting the baby to be with this lunatic for eight hours unsupervised, who knows what could happen. We all saw how unhinged she was on the video which showed her true self, unedited. She is not well and should only be allowed to see the baby at a visitation center. What a mess.

    1. Violating the court is a fast track to her getting more time with James. He’s not doing himself or James any favors.

  9. Amber plays the victim a lot. And she has been caught in so many lies, it’s hard to believe her. For all we know she hasn’t seen james this whole time and all of the sudden she wants him for Christmas. And let’s be honest, why does she want him over anyways, she is just going to nap and sit in the couch all day.

  10. What a nightmare. While Andrew should have obliged bu the court established rules, I understand if he’s frustrated dealing with Amber.

  11. From what I got from what he posted is he was plastered on JackDanials,Curov nothing wrong with having fun in New year’s but don’t talk shit about people when you were ordered to not be on social media just shows you are a big duce bag an a dork.

    1. It actually looks like it says “Amber Porkwood” (like the Twitter Hatter, not making fun of her) lol!

  12. There’s no two ways about it – a court order is a court order. If Amber was supposed to see James on Halloween and Christmas, than Andrew is in the wrong and should be accountable. Same for the social media picture he posted of James. And if he wasn’t completely upfront about the dog bite, Amber has every right to be pissed. Get it together, Andrew. You had a kid with her,
    Now figure out how to co-parent.

  13. Andrew needs to follow the court order to the letter. If he gives it enough time, Amber will lose interest in seeing James on her own (like she has with Leah). If he keeps engaging with her by denying her visits, she’s going to dig her heels in a demand to see James.

    1. Cop Car Dramatics. I agree. Ambers another Jenelle using this child as a tv prop like JE did hers. No doubt if MTV wasn’t paying her $600,000.00 plus a yr, she’d be on that couch letting Andrew take free reign, she hates Andrew and wants revenge. She’s not well.

  14. Okay, it says previously agreed upon holidays, not EVERY holiday. And he let her know ahead of time (maybe not a lot ahead, but he still let her know before the day of) that he was taking him out of state to spend Christmas with his family.
    The dog bite, he should have let her know how bad it really was. But that’s the ONLY thing she’s got on him right now.

  15. Can all the moms, dads, grandparents, &best friend of the weeks on teen mom just stop and think about the kids? For once!

  16. As much as I dislike Amber, she is right here. Andrew has ignored the court order more than once and if she had done that everyone would be up in arms. I still think James is better with him but he needs to follow the simple rules in the agreement.

  17. Both of them are vile. This is the price of making a baby with a psycho, so Andrew needs to accept the consequences and be on his best behavior in regards to the custody agreement they BOTH agreed on. He should’ve known she was going to come after him about ANYTHING she could find to make him look as gross as she is. Again, I DONT KNOW WHAT HE EXPECTED MAKING A BABY WITH AMBER PORTWOOD!

    1. @LEXII I don’t really know how to put this in English. Maybe Amber and Andrew just wanted to have you-know-what, without thinking about std’s or pregnancy (which is stupid). Then Amber appeared to be pregnant. Maybe neither of them was planning on making a baby…

  18. When mother of the year can’t get her way 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I wouldn’t have given her the heads up either… she’d only try n screw it up!

  19. Amber is right with this one. He violated a court order several times. He agreed to the terms. If he felt the child was in danger, he could have filed something to stop the visits. and the picture he posted of James had a bikini clad woman with him. Clearly, he wanted attention.

  20. I wish Andrew would have pursued a harsher sentence for this lunatic. He settled for James’sake and now Amber will be a thorn in his ass until he’s 18.
    She wasn’t very concerned with her child’s safety when she attacked and punched Andrew while he was holding him, she wasn’t very interested in having time with him while she was getting high in her closet until dawn and then sleeping until the afternoon. Maybe now she is bored considering she can’t get high anymore and wants to play with the baby like he’s a toy and not her son. She’s beyond disgusting and makes Jenelle look like Mother of the Year.

    1. I don’t think Amber wants to play with James. But maybe she wanted to please Leah or make pictures? I don’t like Amber but I don’t know what to think of Andrew anymore. I can’t understand how people NOT protect their child from dogs (or some other animal that can hurt a person). That’s not a good thing.

  21. Go Amber, Something off with him from the start, he sensed Amber was an easy target for his own fame. Hope she wins

    1. Amber is disgusting and a poor excuse for a human being most of all mother! Maybe if she took accountability for once in her life she could gain a little face back to the world. This all seems like a petty ploy of payback for him finally blowing the whistle on this monster!

    2. The last thing Amber needs is my ore custody time. James shouldn’t have to sit at her house and watch her lay on the couch and text.

    3. I do agree with you about Andrews initial intentions…I think that he tried “securing the bag” when he got her pregnant (Amber getting pregnant by him meant a permanent spot on the show as long as she’s on it, a pay check, fame, perks, ect…), he just didn’t realize how truly INSANE she is…that being said, he’s the more fit parent in this situation, and Amber doesn’t need anymore custody of that baby…she honestly needs less custody.

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