‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Wants Ex Andrew Glennon Held in Contempt of Court for Keeping Their Son From Her & Violating Agreement by Allowing Release of Private Audio Clips

“It’s your turn to go to gel, Andy! Enjoy the Jolly Rancher hairspray!”

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon just finalized their custody agreement for their one-year-old son James a few weeks ago, but the estranged exes are already back to battling it out in court!

Radar Online broke the news that the Teen Mom OG star filed documents in court on Wednesday stating that Andrew is not giving her any time with James, despite agreeing to give her a very specific amount of parenting time in their court agreement. She is also angry that Andrew (or a “family member” of Andrew’s– wink, wink) handed over negative audio and video recordings of Amber to a YouTuber without her knowledge or consent, which would be a violation of a court order that forbids the exes from doing so.

Now, Amber’s calling for Andrew to be thrown in gel jail!

On Wednesday, Amber requested a Striking Panel, and filed for Information and Verified Motion for Rule to Show Cause. In the documents, which were obtained by Radar, Amber claims that Andrew has ignored all of her requests to get James for her approved parenting time.

“Gimme that baby!”

(The Ashley broke the news last month that a judge ordered that Amber and Andrew only communicate via the Our Family Wizard custody app.) 

“[Andrew has] denied Mother all parenting time since October 22, 2019,” the docs allege. “On October 23, 2019, [Amber’s] counsel contacted counsel for Father requesting to confirm times for parenting time exchanges and no response was provided. Father’s failure to communicate or schedule parenting time is Violation of Paragraph 1(c) of the Mediated Agreement.”

The docs allege that Andrew was contacted again two days later to arrange for the exchange of James but he, again, did not respond. Amber also claims that she had court-approved holiday parenting time on October 31 for Halloween, but, once again, Andrew ghosted her (pun intended).

Amber provided the court with proof that Andrew is not reading her messages in the app.

“Father has failed to open or view his account,” the court papers claim.

“I can’t be foolin’ with these pesky technologies!”

Lack of parenting time isn’t the only bone Amber has to pick with Andrew. She is also very angry that he (or his “family member”) has been releasing numerous audio and video clips of Amber to a random YouTuber who has no apparent connection to either Andrew or Amber.

The clips— most of which were recorded inside the home Amber and Andrew once shared— have been leaking online for nearly two months, with the most-recent one being on Tuesday. (Some of the clips contained audio of Amber threatening to kill Andrew, possible sounds of physical violence and more.) 

Amber claims that Andrew recorded the clips without her knowledge or consent and then leaked them online, despite a court order that forbid both Amber and Andrew from talking negatively about the other publicly.

“Upon information and belief, Father recorded Mother Without Mother’s consent or knowledge and released, or allowed family members to release, video footage of Mother to be broadcast on YouTube,” the court documents state.

She is also very angry that Andrew recorded his Victim’s Impact Statement (which was read in the courtroom on October 31 at her hearing), and handed it (or let his “family member” hand it) to the YouTuber to blast to the masses. Amber claims this was a direct violation of their agreement.

“On or about October 31, 2019, Father recorded statement and released this statement to be publicly broadcast on YouTube, in Which Father made negative statements about Mother. Father’s actions in releasing, or allowing the release of, videos and statements to be publicly broadcast online is violation,” the court docs state.

“To gel with you!”

Because of all of these things, Amber is asking the court to hold Andrew “in contempt of court for his willful violation of the Court’s orders.”

“Mother respectfully requests that this Court issue Rule to Show Cause and order Father to appear to answer as to why Father shall not be held in contempt for his failure to abide by the terms of this Court’s Orders,” the court papers read.

In addition, she wants Andrew to pay her attorney fees and give her the time with James he allegedly withheld from her.

On Thursday, a judge issued an order stating that Amber and Andrew have 10 days to strike from a Panel of Parenting Coordinators. Three attorneys are listed as the Parenting Coordinator panel choices. 

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44 Responses

  1. I’m no Amber fan, but I’m glad Andrew can be held accountable for his actions – he’s really playing all the sides – playing victim to the press, pressuring MTV and advertisers to fire her while at the same time he violates custody agreement and orchestrates the release of tapes and even his victim impact statement. This guy is really something. He doesn’t have to put on a big show to prove he’s the better of the two parents, he’s making himself look worse. Just shut up and raise your kid and stop playing games. That poor kid doesn’t have a chance with either of his parents.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    That is what i am thinking, u can’t violate something before it’s set in stone. Now if he continues this after the judge signed the paperwork then yes he can get into trouble. Her luck she will have him sent to jail and get baby James

  3. I was on Ambers side for a long time.. Not any more this was not a new side of amber we have seen this before. She is an awful full time Mom she is abusive nasty and should never be left alone with any children it is just not her thing I wish she would stop pretending she wants to be a mom. Andrew did what he needed to do she is just pissed we got a glimpse of the real her

    1. Yes. She should be honest; should stop pretending she wants to be a mother.
      Also stop saying ‘I was depressed’ if she means ‘I was drinking’. Most people would agree that a drunk parent should not be around a child, let alone drive a car. Hardly anyone would accept ‘being depressed’ as a reason not to see your child once in a while.

  4. It would have been interesting if the courts had ruled that Amber should have James 50% of the time. Seeing how much time she has spent with Leah over the years you know she would be the one in contempt for never showing up to be a mother! It is people like Amber who tie up the courts with this nonsense. She really should have gone back to prison for her behavior. Its just a matter of time before she really hurts or kills someone. We have all seen her rage and she will never be able to control it because she is in denial.

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    As far as her “content of court” as far as negative comments about her they are proven and true he wasn’t on social media making up a story they were true video and audio so that would not hold up but if they have and agreement to visitation and it’s not followed that can hold up in court but all he will get is a slap on the wrist and told to abide by the order

  6. Andrew needs to be very careful during this time. He absolutely needs to obey any and all court orders if he stands a chance at full physical custody. This is not the time to take out any anger or resentment. He had to keep the baby’s best interest in mind and look at the big picture. He won’t be able to keep James from her completely (not at this point anyway) so he may as well follow the courts orders if he wants that child with him in the future

  7. He can’t legally be held in contempt if the incidents of “failed communication” take place before the finalization of the actual ruling. Simply having it said during proceedings doesn’t actually finalize things. She may be able to get him on the halloween one, possibly, but only if the ruling specifies THAT holiday as being one she should have had visitation (it’s not specific, so hard to tell).

    She doesn’t have a leg to stand on in regards to “recording without consent”, or sharing those recordings, because she already admitted, just about everywhere, that she knew she was being recorded. She was, in fact, pissed off about it and screaming about it during one of the fights. In the recordings, she actually talks to the equipment, intentionally. His victim impact statement is public record, and not something he has to keep hidden, or can’t share. It was made public record during the proceedings. He can actually share that, in whatever form he chooses, wherever the hell he wants, with no restrictions unless a judge decides otherwise (none did in this case).

    I would ever suggest ANYONE should put themselves in a position to be in contempt of court, but I don’t think he actually is. If things were finalized before the dates she alleges he failed to communicate, he should, and would be in trouble. How much trouble, however, is going to be limited no matter what, because she’s the one that has visitation limits, not him. Even if he’s found in contempt, it’s not going to magically increase the allowed visitation she gets, and it’s even less likely to give him jail time. It’s more likely, if it even happens, to give him a fine. If it were the other way around and he had limited visitation like she does -most of which has to be supervised, he would, and should, be the one in trouble. No one should be breaking any legally binding ruling in regards to custody, visitation, child support, etc…unless there is a direct danger to the child involved. If that is the case, the court would need to be notified of such beforehand, and they would already have that information, but might not make it public record until it’s verified.

    I don’t think Amber or her “lawyer” actually understand these laws, much less how they apply in their state, lol. I know lawyers will push for whatever motions/filings their clients want, even unreasonable and unlawful ones, because they’re getting paid bank to do so. Even if her lawyer knew/knows she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell (unless they get put before a bunch of morons who also don’t know the laws -which I doubt, hence why they’re specialized in this kind of law), he’s not going to tell her “no, don’t try to do that”, it would mean less money for him, lol. Lawyers will file whatever the hell you want, it ensures they have a paycheck coming.

    1. That’s what I was wondering and I actually got downvoted for it. LOL. It was only finalized a week ago (a week and a day depending on where you are located) and they are going after him for contempt of court? I feel this is just pettiness on her behalf.

  8. When are these “parents” going to put the child’s best interest before their own?! All I see from this couple and the Eason’s is mud slinging and “trying to prove a point”. Not one if these block heads have ever stopped and thought “how will this impact/benefit my child?” it’s all just ego. I’m sick of their shit.

  9. I hate Amber, but if Andrew is violating any terms he is just giving her ammo to have his time with James reduced. I’m sure he’s terrified to hand that baby over to her. She’s incapable so it’s scary but this won’t help his case.

    1. I agree 100%. Yet, Andrew needs to comply with court order. He should realize Amber isnt going to be interested in James for that long (given her track record). Just do what the court orders until Amber finds a new man and forgets to see her son. She wont see him for months at a time then; maybe even longer after she violates probation.

      1. He needs to follow the court orders to a T and gove her enough rope to hang herself. She’ll fuck up with these strict conditions, so he just needs to wait it out. She’ll stop being interested (especially a needy baby who doesn’t give her much validation or affection at this point) or she’ll violate and go to gel.

  10. Ummm, how about NOT attacking the father of your son while he is holding the child? How about checking YOUR temper? How about not hacking doors with weapons? How about you start worrying about Amber and how Amber’s actions caused this with not one but TWO children?

    What’s the common denominator with “drama” in your life? Honey, it’s YOU! You have a choice to grow up and think before you act. Your actions don’t only affect Amber, they affect everyone that loves and cares for you. If you won’t mature for yourself, at least TRY for the people who love you.

  11. Hey Andrew, She was speaking directly into the camera at one point – wonder how she’ll get around that one? Ambers just mad the public saw her make an arse of herself and prove that she never changed.

  12. They only finalized everything a week ago and she already going after him for contempt of court? Most of these incidents occurred before was finalized, so can she really go after him for violating something that wasn’t set in place yet? Like, why wasn’t this brought up during their court hearing? Sounds like Amber is just being petty.

    1. That is what i am thinking, u can’t violate something before it’s set in stone. Now if he continues this after the judge signed the paperwork then yes he can get into trouble. Her luck she will have him sent to jail and get baby James

  13. How about Amber take an interest in spending some time with Leah? You know the kid that Gary is begging Amber to remeber.

    1. Is that the same kid that Gary allowed and incouraged to skip visitation with her mom again and again, just for sleep overs?

      1. The one that already has anxiety issues that daddy Gary ignores. Amber seemed more concerned with helping the kid than Gary did.

  14. “Now, Amber’s calling for Andrew to be thrown in gel jail!” This is priceless. But, on the other hand, Andrew is acting like a 16 year chick who got felt up at the movies. Your going to blow it bro, nut up and give her the time with the kid the court ordered or you will blow the big payday and leave that kid with that sick and deprived horror movie. If you follow the rules I give her 2 months before she blows it.

  15. What a selfish, vindictive, evil bitch! She has said over and over how she doesn’t want James but now she wants to parent him? All this to try to put Andrew in Jail. This shows everybody what a loving mother she is! She could care less if James is left without a father. The only person that has cared for him, protected him, and nurtured him could go to jail because this vindictive bitch wants to fool everyone into thinking she cares about her son. I have met mean and evil people in my life, but Amber is the most vile person I have ever known about.

  16. Shes a disgusting abusive, lying, pig faced bitch. I saw the video of her she is an absolute pos!!. That poor baby. Shes being vindictive because the world knows how horrible she is. Perpetual victim. She belongs behind bars. Absolute garbage

  17. Kinda shitty that crystal ball decided to allow these things to be released when she knew it could get Andrew in trouble……

  18. The Giant is not very smart is he? He’s going to end up losing custody and sitting in GEL.

    The court of public opinion doesn’t matter but for some reason he thinks it does. Almost like he’s the teenmom celeb trying to save his image. LololoL

    I’m very surprised Amber managed to be quiet for the most part and let the lawyer handle it in A COURT OF LAW.

    1. She’s avoiding jail time for beating him and now she wants to shut him up so he can’t talk about how she beat him and how he felt during those beatings…
      Amber, you are the lowest piece of trash in the entire reality TV world and that includes David Eason.

  19. Ok, I get that she’s mad about him not following the custody agreement. But what kind of “good” parent wants the child’s primary caregiver put in jail and therefore left without a stable environment? A selfish one. And that describes Amber to a T. It’s not about James…it’s all about her wanting to punish Andrew for having the audacity to turn her in for her abusive behavior. She’s one sick mother…..you fill in the rest

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      What I want to know is why are all these courts so corrupt? Seems it’s not just mtv it’s the us justice system that fails here amber and jenelle get away with horrible abuse killing of dogs ect and no courts bat an eye because money talks and America sucks that’s why problem isn’t mtv Mabey if people woke up and realized that this government sucks and is allowing these shit heads to get away with this stuff and pay off the judges fuck amber and duh nell sick of hearing about both these pieces of shit that came from the gutters those kids deserve better and it’s the us justice system that’s failing them! Not mtv wake up people!

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