EXCLUSIVE! Andrew Glennon Reveals His Feelings After Amber Portwood is Sentenced in Domestic Battery Case; Plus His Full Victim’s Impact Statement

“My turn to speak, Portwood!”

Andrew Glennon may not have been given the chance to sit down with Dr. Drew Pinsky like his ex Amber Portwood was, but the former Teen Mom OG dad finally had the chance to share his story publicly and tell Amber exactly what he thinks of her, and her antics before and after her arrest in July.

On Thursday, Amber was sentenced after accepting a plea deal stemming from her crimes from her arrest on July 5. As Amber’s victim that night, Andrew got to reveal the plea deal before it was accepted and he asked to be allowed to read a victim’s impact statement in court, in front of the judge, Amber and those in attendance at the hearing.

As The Ashley reported yesterday, Amber was sentenced to 906 days of probation, and must follow strict probation guidelines or risk being sent to county jail. 

Amber’s face when she learned Andrew got to tell her what he thinks of her…

In an exclusive statement given to The Ashley, Andrew said his ex has not apologized to him for what she did on the night in question, or for her behavior before or since.

“Still no apology [from Amber] but that’s OK,” Andrew told The Ashley on Friday. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force them to have a heart and apologize for kicking you in the short ribs because they were startled by their own ghosts.” 

On Thursday, Andrew read a prepared Victim’s Impact Statement before the court, while Amber sat in the courtroom. He later shared it with the Without a Crystal Ball vlog.

The Ashley has transcribed the lengthy statement in its entirety below: 

“I won’t be silenced!”

“To say that our family was broken in one night is an understatement. The reality of what brought us here transpired over a year and many months. It dates back to the first time you hit me in the face while I was driving you and our son on a highway in the pouring rain to make it to your daughter’s school on time to see her off. 

That moment when the first blood was drawn was when you deemed me an enemy, a liability to your career because I wouldn’t take your abuse and keep my mouth shut. Gary[Shirley] your ex was an admitted witness to the attack, along with two brave teachers and one parent.

It was after that day, August 7, 2018, that you grew more and more comfortable abusing me and neglecting our son and separating yourself from us as a family. Not a day would go by where your screaming and violence would not be felt by myself, by James, by our nanny or by anybody who would be in the house long enough.

You have stripped us of too many precious first memories together. Days when all three of us should have been at our happiest in life. You have darkened every holiday I can remember with you. For this all to happen on the 4th of July fits that pattern to a ‘T’. And here we are, on Halloween, in court for something that never should have happened and was entirely avoidable. 

That night was one of the scariest nights of my life, and my mind replays the worst moments to no end.”

Andrew seemed particularly upset about the interview Amber did with Dr. Drew for the Reunion. (See the video below.)

“For you to go on national television and downplay your atrocious behavior as if nothing happened is so shameful. You stated in that interview that ‘if someone were chasing me with a weapon like that, I’d be running out the door.’ Yet you failed to let the public know that I am legally handicapped by way of an ankle fusion; I can not run. [You also didn’t let the public know] that I was holding our son at the time of our attack.

More importantly, that, when you came at us, we were on the second floor of the house, up two flights of stairs. I got away as fast as I possibly could from you and, yes, I did consider leaping down two flights of stairs with our son in my arms but I’m glad I did not; he could have gotten seriously hurt.

That same consideration was not displayed by you while you were throwing full-force punches at me, missing our son’s head by inches as I held him in my arms. When I begged you to please stop shouting and cursing in front of our infant, your reply was, ‘It doesn’t matter. He’s just a baby. 

He’s not just a baby. He’s your son. But you have forgotten that time and time again and have carelessly put his life and mine in serious danger. You can not control yourself in your fits of rage. 

I know you’ll be forever torn inside about not having custody of your daughter, but you have allowed that pain to destroy your relationship with your son, and you have pushed away a man who loved you so unconditionally and fully, who only wanted to help you regain your health and show you true happiness.

The damage you’ve caused this family is irreparable. And the reason it can’t be repaired is lack of ownership. The one glaring truth that is omitted from this [plea] deal was done so for the sole sake of being able to keep your job, and that is all. 

Because, after all, a mother displaying such horrendous actions against her soulmate and child wouldn’t be a tolerated motherly action. Yet, swinging uncontrollably inches from your child’s head. That, apparently, is right on the line of acceptance today. 

You’ve saved your job, but you’ve lost your family. But fear not, the truth will get out there. After you were arrested, you have publicly accused me of kidnapping, car theft, cheating, stealing, gaslighting, violence, soliciting prostitution, and money laundering. Once all your stories of deflection came out, not long after I was contacted by your manager and attorney, saying you would like to reconcile with me and get back together, a slick attempt to getting everything dropped.

That is the same as being hugged and being stabbed in the back at the same time. What type of woman are you, to want to be with such a vile man, if that is the case? You have done nothing but attack me online and in the press, yet behind closed doors you want your family back? 

You never even made a formal apology for ripping our family apart in the first place. I hope you find your heart, that you finally can heal, and that you can finally forgive yourself for all the terrible stuff you’ve done in your life, and that happiness will finally come to you. 

The psychological abuse you have subjected me to will take years to overcome. I’m feeling the fall-out of it now, and the healing process is terrifying. James is doing great, but he needs his mother to be healthy. Be a mother, for once in your life. Or don’t, it doesn’t matter to me. But that boy is going to have a happy life, and that is now certain.

I was a single father before becoming a single father. I saved my son’s life on the 4th of July. You destroyed our family on the 4th of July. This will how it will be celebrated. But I hope that James [and I will] celebrate it as the 4th of July, the first day toward you saving your own life. If not for yourself, but for your two beautiful children.”

To read more about Amber and Andrew’s custody court feud, and all things related to Amber’s court cases, click here

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  1. Andrew is not a victim he is what I consider a fame whore. If you really read the article you would see he said that it has been going on for a long time and he had plenty of time to leave and do something about it. If you watched the show Amber says that any little thing sends her into a rage. I am not on anyone’s side but damn don’t make it sound like you are a victim when you did absolutely nothing to change things when you could have.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I hate to say it but it sounds like you want attention from MTV and viewers. If things were as bad as you say you would have left a long time ago. I’m not on anyone’s side but you make it sound like you were living in a horror movie and did nothing about it, you are responsible for putting that baby in harms way more than Amber who has mental issues that you knew about. I think it’s called being a game whore.

    1. Can we agree that neither parent should be parents? it doesn’t matter who screwed someone else over or who has a mental issues or who’s the fame whore.

  3. Good for you Andrew. I believe you. Amber may have anxiety depression etc but that’s no excuse for not having self control over her words and actions. I hope she finds the strength to become who God created her to be. Best wishes to all.

  4. He seems obsessed with the public’s opinion of Amber. Take it to the court, and keep your personal life personal. My mom has mental issues and said really terrible stuff to me, I would be beyond upset if my dad put recordings/interviews documenting the terrible stuff she said and did for everyone to see. My mother’s actions are mortifying, and I wouldn’t want people to google and know my mom said she wished she never had me, and be able to tease me or judge me by her actions.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Absolutely. My 87 year old grandmother has dementia and it’s a day to day struggle, I don’t know from one minute to the next what her temperament is gonna be, (i.e- is she gonna be sleeping and calm or is she gonna be angry and physically lashing out).

  5. Moral of this story…Dont get into a relationship with a documented abusing psycho thinking they’ve “changed”, and don’t make an innocent child with the abusive psycho. I am sure everyone on that MBC set saw how abusive and insane Amber was, she was screaming and trying to fight someone DAILY, and he pursued her anyway. While I hate that he went through all of that, and he is a victim, he had no business helping to create another victim for Amber to abuse, poor little James. He’s got to deal with a bitch for a mother, who said she didn’t even want him in the first place, for the rest of his life. And right now James is forced by the courts to spend time with that lunatic. I feel most sorry for James in this situation. He didn’t ask for any of this.

  6. Wow, you’re incredibly immature and definitely not married or in a serious relationship with kids yet as you’ve essentially justified what Amber did by mocking him for being frightened and hurt. I’ve no doubt you’ve been in violent relationships yourself to dismiss it so summarily or your watched Mummy and Daddy smack each other-either way, you’re trash. It’s really pathetic and creepy and I hope you get help because your personality disorder sounds far worse than Amber’s.

  7. It’s about freakin’ time someone has told the truth about Amber. She’s a hot mess from the get go.. I could tell from the first time she hit Gary. They should’ve fired her ass back then. Now for her to bring another child into the world with her sickness?? Smh!
    Off with her head! FIRE HER!!

  8. This Andrew Glennon dude is a whiney little girl isn’t he?? Awee poor poor pitiful me wahwah someone that size afraid of a little ole girl. Now that he’s had his 15 mins of fame he just needs to fade away.Get on with your life dude Amber is so done with your big ass.

    1. He can’t just fade away or get on with his life because of James and the court-case.
      Or do you suggest his just forgets about his child? And leaves his son with Amber?

    2. He can’t just fade away or get on with his life because of James and the court-case.
      Or do you suggest his just forgets about his child? And leaves his son with Amber?

      Amber may be done with Andrew but James isn’t. It’s not about Amber, it’s about James.

  9. Yes! Actually, Amber was on Dr. Phil years ago with her original prison sentence. if I remember correctly, he went to visit her in prison, and then she appeared on the show later on after she was released. I agree with you. Dr. Phil would be much better at the reunions than Dr. Drew.

    1. But Dr Phil had no positive impact on Amber. She’s still the same not owning her shit bling everyone else and her mental illness for why she’s such a horrible person.

  10. If your “legally handicapped” why would you rent a house with stairs? If it’s a permanent disability wouldn’t you find something more suitable? He makes no mention of being forced to live there.

    If a teacher was a witness why didn’t they report to CPS and law enforcement ??

    So many questions… when you put your business on social media.

    1. He didn’t rent it….Amber was living there before she met him. He never said he couldn’t use stairs, just that he can’t run.

    2. He can walk. He just can’t run. That was Amber’s house before Andrew came along. He wanted to live with his girlfriend and child. Plus the psycho bitch probably would have never moved from the house she rents to make his life any easier. The only thing disability related he mentioned was the fact that he couldn’t run from her as she suggested to Dr Drew that she would if someone was coming at her with a machete. Follow along dumbass. Why would a teacher call CPS? Amber didn’t hit or hurt a child. If you want to come after anyone it should be Gary. The bigger question is if Gary witnessed this why didn’t he step up? He’s the one who has been through this before and he’s in local law enforcement. So what, just because you’re “off duty” you ignore a crime? Seems like law enforcement is afraid of the wrath of Ambien too!

  11. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    If that were a man on that show doing this to a female, he would have been fired immediately! MTV why are you perpetuating, and by doing nothing, condoning, domestic violence? By allowing Amber to continue to stay on your show displays a sad truth, which is that you care more about ratings than what’s right. If only everyone would stop watching the show, that and that alone would show we do not support DV, and convince you to stop enabling a proven abuser.

  12. Do the right thing MTV. Do not film this woman. If a man had done this you would have dropped him and he’d probably be in jail.

  13. I think he started out thinking a relationship with Amber would give him the publicity he probably wanted and craved. I don’t think the money was the issue. I think it was being on TV. Then she got preggers and I think he got trapped. Unlike Gary who made the decision to run! he stayed. I think the difference is that Gary was a little bit more emotionally mature than Andrew and realized how dangerous she is.

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why she got off with a slap on the wrist. But because there was no recording of it, it was her word against his. Her past behavior with Gary, however, should have been considered because third time is the charm. The next time she will kill someone. You can tell she is unhinged with her rants on social media, which should have also been ‘evidence’ in this case.

    It’s a sad statement Andrew made. It shows he feels like a victim and someone who didn’t get justice and how angry he is at her. If he stays in Indiana, she will get drunk or high one day and come after him. I am guessing he is very scared she will come for retribution.

    I hope she violates her probation and gets thrown in gel where she belongs. She’s evil white trash and with all the ‘help’ she’s been afforded, she’s only gotten worse because everyone has enabled her!!!

    I wish MTV would dump her and definitely not allow Junelle back. It sends the wrong message.

    1. You’re an idiot. You have no idea why he started a relationship with her and ridiculous to pretend you do. It’s actually kinda creepy when people think they know this stuff. It’s like, get a life, seriously.

  14. Dr Drew is such a weak guy. Hate how he can’t stand up to these ladies.Bring in Dr Phil. Amber wins again. Wish he could take his son and go far away from her. Someday Amber will have a reckoning with another man.

    1. People really misunderstand Dr. Drew’s scope on these shows though. He wasn’t hired to be a therapist on the reunions, he was hired to be a TV host. He’s given his talking points and given guidance by the production team to create a watchable show. His job, his entire reason for being there, isn’t to help the girls, it isn’t to have difficult conversations, it isn’t to get them to see or do anything. It’s to host the show. Full stop.

      1. Dr Drew is a licensed pychotherapist. Also has experience dealing w/ all the or blems these girls have. He’s just not ” a tv host”.

        1. Right he makes sure to “analyze” and criticize everyone else with his mumbo jumbo crap. He is a joke and is probably more thirsty than all the teen moms combined. Saw him on an episode of ridiculousness and he acted about 12 years old with his phone out every second recording and posting to social media. Total fame whore. Pathetic.

          1. No he really is. However I agree w/ you. I don’t like that he does not confront any of the girls on their shit. He had a fantastic call in radio show w/ Adam Corolla ? back in the 90s and he had very good advice/ info about sex, relationships etc etc.
            He dies not do that on Teen Mom which is a shame.

          2. Yeah, I know he is, but like you mentioned he is way too soft with these girls. Perhaps MTV makes it that way, but it is damaging to his career as a real pyscotherapist but he is obviously more interested in being a tv doc. Never heard the radio show, but he was decent when Celeb Rehab started. It all went downhill from there. He got the fame bug.

      2. Dr Drew knows Amber could and would shred his ass on stage if he in any way tried to be real with her. He probably shits his pants every time she comes on stage.

  15. It’s a tragic situation for everyone, especially James and Leah. Amber has approximately 2.5 years of strict probation, and given her history, along with taking no responsibility for any of her heinous actions, she will no doubt violate the terms of probation. Karma will ultimately prevail.

  16. In my opinion those audio tapes show the real Amber Portwood. That is the Amber when cameras aren’t filming and she isn’t putting on a performance for social media and her fans, or coworkers or family, whoever she is performing for. Those tapes show she is violent, mean, lazy and a terrible excuse for a mother. Her mental health issues are the excuse she uses when she gets caught being an a**hole. She is truly a vile, mean person who will never change. Thank God for Gary marrying Kristina, because she takes care of Leah the way a real mom should, and is a great example for Leah. Amber needs to sign her rights over to James and let Andrew take James back to CA where him and his family can raise James without the continuing drama that Amber will no doubt be bringing in to James and Andrew’s life as long as they have to stay in Indiana. And for the love of God, hopefully Amber never has another child.

  17. I’ve been waiting patiently to hear Blubby’s 2 cents in this. I thought there was more to the story Blubby? I thought Andrew was at fault for this Blubby. You said we would see. That the truth would come out. Please explain! Seriously. Why did your crazy, abusive sister sign off on this plea deal if she wasn’t GUILTY AF? Why did she sign off on this plea deal if she had shit against Andrew? I thought there was more to the story. Oh, so you mean she was just deflecting and not taking responsibility for her behavior? Or was it because she WAS guilty and she knows it. Or was it both? And she was afraid of going to gel and losing her kid (which she still should) and losing her hundreds of thousands of dollars she makes at her job. I don’t know how she makes money from just sitting on a sofa complaining. She’s not a mother. Well, she is a mother if you know what I mean. Oh Blubby please explain. My head is spinning. Come out from behind the Doritos and the 2 liter and do share.

    1. All they will say is tune in and see for yourself. Over my dead body will I or anyone watch that monster on any of my tvs. MTV altogether for that matter. Nothing but garbage.

  18. That’s all you have been doing is putting your feelings or opinions out there. It’s over let her deal with her consequences. In my opinion you lose and are a big LOSER!

  19. Most of the guys that i see that get attacked by women are Alphas who refuse to hit women. Beta men typically will hit and beat on women because they aren’t tough enough to fight men. Thats my observation.

    1. My Spidey senses, backed by me Sociology degree, tell me you’re off base. And my years of internet leave me scratching ,y head trying to figure out the point of your post in response to this article.

  20. MTV is despicable and these “teen” Moms — especially Amber and Jenelle — are monsters. End this show and boycott MTV until they stop using child and animal abuse for profit.

  21. That’s a rough statement to read. I was never a big Andrew fan and felt like him getting together with Amber was a shady move on his part. He’s seen how she acts better than anyone who watches the show. Despite the fact that I feel he had ulterior motive‘s getting in a relationship with her, he and his son do not deserve to be subjected to this one bit. Both of them are victims both physically and mentally to her violent behavior. I think that this sentence is BS especially combined with the fact that she has unsupervised visits with James. The only solace is knowing that there’s no way Amber will be able to keep the terms of her probation for 2.5 years and she’ll end up in gel. She can’t even be bothered to get out of bed a 2 in the afternoon to watch her kid. You think that she’s going to visit her son 3 times a week along with taking the parenting classes and actively getting mental health treatment ? LMAO.

    Gary isn’t going to say anything to support Andrew even though he’s a witness and a victim of the abuse for one reason and it’s pretty simple; Leah. As much of a POS Amber is she’s still Leah’s mom, and for him to make such a statement it will negatively affect Leah. If he makes a statement it will continue the media frenzy on the whole ordeal and Leah is old enough to read/hear/watch it. Leah has also been showing signs of anxiety and is worried that she will never see her brother again. Gary is doing what he needs to do to protect Leah as much as he can and minimize how this affects his daughter. He’s basically spent her entire life playing damage control for her mother’s behavior.

    Now I really want to know what was omitted for her to keep her job. I also wonder if Andrew will go after MTV for defamation they allowed amber to use the show to spread lies about him and the night at question.

    1. I definitely agree. I believe Andrew had ulterior motives when it came to pursuing Amber, he saw an opportunity at money and fame…but it all blew up in his face. I really feel that aside from Jeremy, Cole and Taylor, any new boyfriends the girls bring on the show that get the girls pregnant are just in it for the fame and money. They think a child is going to ensure a spot of TM (especially any of Jenelle or Ambers boyfriends)…Andrew doesn’t deserve the abuse, no one does, and that sentence was not fit the crime, I’m pissed that he created an innocent child with her that has to deal with Amber as his MOTHER.

  22. Woooow!! MTV need to fire her at once!! She admitted guilt and needs to be held accountable. Fire her fire her. Sign the online petition to get her fired, I did!!!

  23. MTV needs to stop this gravy train. Time for this crap to be over. She was at risk of losing her job if found guilty so she pleads guilty and now gets to keep it. They fire Jenelle and now Nathan has been spot filming aka she’s back on Teen Mom too. I’m not watching anymore. These girls have gotten too pig headed and too rich and I’m tired of seeing it.

  24. I agree Gary needs to day something in support of Andrew. However he DOES NOT need MTV money. He’s doing great in his own

  25. Dr. Drew is getting a little to cringey for me. I think he is a big part why these girls are so F ed up. I also feel bad for Andrew but lets be real, he is a total cuck. I have never had a women get violent or try to punch me ever, and I have been around a lot of girls in every situation possible. I think it’s a beta vibe dudes put out that women pick up on, and feel it’s ok. Weird

    1. Dr. Drew is a hack.

      The rest of your comment sounds like ignorant victim-blaming. Dead giveaway: “cuck” and “beta.” The man was protecting his child in the moment and continues to do so by setting boundaries and showing his son love. That’s what a real man does.

      1. Normal people know Dr. Drew is a hack the problem is these wacko girls feel validated by his response or lack of and support because of his title. I think it definitely adds to their delusion.

        1. A “Real Man” knows better than to get involved with trash. “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.”

        2. A “Real Man” knows better than to get involved with trash. “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.”

          1. I think you misunderstood my comment, by “fleas” I did NOT mean Baby James (he is the best thing that has come out of this situation). What I mean when I say “fleas” is the dv, the court appearances, the plea details, etc.

  26. One month. By the way, Andrew is not at 4 in the morning. He has his own job. That’s why they were traveling back and forth to California. In addition, his family is fairly well-off

    1. Hey everyone, ignore my prior comment. I meant to say that Andrew does have a job. He doesn’t need Amber’s money. My phone just went crazy this morning when I was trying to post that. My phone is old and it has a case of the stupids.

    2. What job does Andrew have? I only see him sitting on the couch next to Amber (oh wait, I take that back, he changed locations by lying in the bed to recover from that sinus surgery).

  27. This is just incredibly sad. I wasn’t sure I believed him 100% until now, but he signed off on the plea deal and clearly has a lot of healing to do. This isn’t a man out for blood, this is a broken man desperate to feel whole again. I hopefully amber gets the help she needs.

  28. And now we know why he doesn’t hav a job and wants Ambers teen mom money. He’s “legally handicapped” because of his ankle.

    1. Don’t be silly. My husband is considered to be 100% disabled by the VA yet he still has a job. There are many other people who are physically and mentally disabled and able to work. You missed the point of the comment. She is trying to deflect and blame him to make herself look good. She is trash.

        1. Andrew did NOT have a job within two weeks of getting with Amber he QUIT and was using her money to “trade” daily

  29. Oh gawd! Here he goes again. Time to give it up, mister. She didn’t get the time you wanted, some of your trumped up charges were dismissed, and you don’t get to move to California.

    Amber was actually smart to keep her mouth shut and let her lawyers handle it instead of him selling audio and ranting all over Instagram.

  30. Amber is a narcissist and will never change. Andrew you have to push for sole custody and getting back to Ca. Do not give an inch. Unfortunately it sounds like you and james are stuck in indiana since she is not going to jail. I hope not. Dont wait for any meaningless apologies

  31. Isn’t there a no contact order that prevents Amber from talking to him unless it’s about their son?? Plus there was a temp restraining order where she couldn’t even talk to him about that. How can she apologize without risking more charges for not following the no contact order? He totally deserves an apology but if I was her I wouldn’t risk added charges when he felt like using it against her

    1. She can write a letter to himhave her attorney or manager or whoever get it to him and post it on line. No contact. There are ways to apologize which she has not done.

    2. She wouldn’t shut up about him “cheating” etc etc on online rants and dr drew interview and she could have given him and James an apology through the court.

  32. Two stay at home parents with no job yet the have a nanny! Lol I doubt Andrews as hands on as he acts like being a stay at home parent and still having a nanny

    1. Because he can’t even go to the grocery store, doctor appt, etc and trust Amber to care for James for 30 minutes.

    2. Amber bragged that he made his own money day trading. He can’t focus on day trading and watch James 24/7 especially while on computer trading stocks and we all know Amber sleeps all day and smokes and rants in the closet all night.

  33. Can we start a poll for how long until Amber messes up?

    Everyone just take a minute to imagine Amber’s screwed up face as she had to sit in court and listen to this read out.

  34. Gary, stop the b.s. and man up. No doubt in my mind Gary would be 100 percent supporting Andrew if Gary didn’t need Amber for his HUGE MTV paycheck. Amber, I pray to god you just let Andrew do for that precious boy what needs to be done and step back.

    1. I agree Gary needs to day something in support of Andrew. However he DOES NOT need MTV money. He’s doing great in his own

    2. I don’t think it’s just the MTV check, Gary is in law enforcement now. The issue is what’s best for Leah. Gary speaking out against Amber is unnecessary; everyone knows he was another victim of Amber’s (it was aired on TV). Who knows though if he reached out to support Andrew in private, but supported Amber in public and private.

  35. That was intense! I never have liked Amber, she’s always been shitty towards Leah and her rants online scare me. Andrew might have entered this without the best intentions but he didn’t deserve what he got and I think he truly cares about James. I haven’t watched either show for a couple of years now because of these antics! I wish the girls that have really made something of themselves the best and the rest of these lunatics need to quit getting their 15 minutes of fame!

    1. Remember when Amber was discussing with Gary the possibility of letting Leah have Instagam? I’m sure all Gary was thinking about was how much more he would be spending on therapy after Leah had to come across her mother’s midnight IG Live Ramblings one time….That would be terrifying to a child. Thank god they said no. For now….

      1. Unfortunately Leah will b able to read and see ALL the dirty details eventually. That will be the time that Gary and Kristina will really have their parenting skills put to the test.

  36. Absolutely heartbreaking. I feel horrible for James and Leah. I pray amber gets it together and not because of her but for those kids. Andrew by far isn’t perfect but she’s disgusting and I have very little faith in her but again I pray for those babies because thats their mom and they deserve better 🙏

  37. Even though Andrew has bad judgement for getting with Amber in the first place, this letter was sad to read. What if Amber had hit James while trying to hit Andrew? Her son would be dead right now.

    She has been out of control for years, so at least something is being done with her legally. There’s a lot of terms and conditions of her probation, and we all know she’s not going to comply with everything for over 2 years. She will probably volunteer herself to gel like she did the first time.

    1. It sends shivers down my spine to think she could have hit that precious little baby who will be growing up knowing this is his mother.

  38. I absolutely don’t understand how anyone, including the TM cast, can stand by Amber after all this.
    My heart breaks for James for having a POS mother. And for Leah, because she’s old enough to read all this AND listen to the audio of her “mom” acting like a lunatic. And I hope to God she won’t get bullied at school for this…
    I’m shocked that these people, like Amber, Jenelle, David, Mama June etc are running free, escaping jail time, and are on TV, earning a shitload of money.
    Andrew did the right thing for speaking up, and not using MTV as a platform.
    Amber is a lost cause just like Jenelle. She will never, ever change.

  39. I believe every single word Andrew says. I’ve always thought he was a schemer and a scammer who saw her absolutely abhorrent behavior on that Marriage Boot Camp show, but thought the shot at a reality tv paycheck was worth putting up with it and I had little respect or sympathy for him. But reading his victim impact statement really touched my heart and you can tell by the tone and detail of what he’s saying that it is all true. He might be a scammer, but he does not deserve the horror she has put him and the baby through. Hopefully he can take James back to Cali and raise him around his family far from Amber and her toxicity, she’s a sick person, she has been since punching Gary and trying to throw the tv down the stairs at him. Unfortunately since she’s the only one in her family circle with money, she’ll always be surrounded by pacifiers and yes-men so she’ll never change.

  40. Amber sucks balls. She has gotten worse every year and for her to still be on tv is apalling. Even though she got a somewhat long probation, my guess is she will be in prison soon since she can’t follow rules.

    I feel bad for baby james. That boy is a sweetheart for all he has been through. God help james and andrew.

    Hopefully amber can overcome her own self. But i don’t see any improvement.

    Parents hug your babies.

    1. I think the next season of TMOG will be the last, as it should’ve been years ago. After Amber being an abusive POS again and all of the audio that no doubt everyone has heard, people don’t want to support this shit show anymore.

  41. Hopefully Andrew and James can find some sense of normalcy in Amber’s crazy life. She has issues, and I think that it’s time she faces some more time in jail for them. But today’s judges are pu$$ies and like to leave trash out on the street for others to deal with.

  42. Wow. Amber sucks. She needs to let Andrew take his son back to CA and raise him around people that love and care about him. That IS NOT AMBER. Amber has no business being a mother and I pray to God she never has anymore children. How she got unsupervised visitation is a wonder. She couldn’t even be bothered to get out of bed and care for him owhen she had help from Andrew. She needs to do one selfless act in her life and let James and Andrew go back to CA.

      1. that’s not how the law works, it’s not up to him. The plea is between Amber and the State of Indiana, not Andrew!

      2. That’s the twisted part, if he didn’t have to accept then why did he??

        What do the defence have on him that he doesn’t want made public for him to accept that plea deal.

    1. He chose to move here with her and been living here, so just bc something bad happens doesnt give him the rt to move away to another state, and then get is taken away from leah. If he wanted to b around his family, he should of never moved here. Hes the 1 that got involved with her knowing how she is and that shes on tv. He chose to still b on tv and I think it’s funny that now all of a sudden since he cant get that paycheck anymore, he says james cant b filmed anymore. Hes such a hypocrite. And no parent should b allowed to move their child out of state unless other parent says yes, and no judge should ever allow it just bc they arent together anymore and now they decide they want to b with their family. Oh well… should of thought about that b4 having a baby.

      1. Are you serious? Andrew is a DV victim. He has every right to take his child and get out of the state to protect himself and James from his abuser which she pled guilty to.

  43. Wow. That was a powerful statement. I feel for everyone involved. James deserves the absolute world and I hope he gets it.

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