Andrew Glennon Takes to Instagram to Comment on Amber Portwood’s Arrest, Her Cheating Allegations & More: “I’ve Been Trying to Find Rational Explanations for [Her] Actions”

“I won’t be silenced!”

Andrew Glennon is opening up on Instagram about his relationship with Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood in the wake of Amber’s arrest and subsequent three felony charges. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Amber was arrested July 5 for allegedly hitting Andrew with a shoe while he was holding their infant son, James, and she was also accused of coming at Andrew with a machete. In the days following Amber’s arrest, a No Contact order was put in place, preventing Amber from seeing James and from contacting Andrew, however, the No Contact order regarding James has since been dropped. 

Andrew took to social media yesterday to share an image featuring the quote, “Nothing better in the world than a clean conscience,” adding, “…Except baby James,” in his caption.

After seeing the post, many followers commented on Andrew’s post with their own opinions or assumptions of what he was referring to—many of whom received a response from Andrew himself. He confirmed that the post was in regard to Amber’s recent insinuations that he cheated on her. 

While Andrew revealed to one person that he had forgiven Amber, he admitted to another that the July 5 incident was not the first time Amber allegedly got violent with him, but rather “the worst time.”

Andrew added, “It’s just been a long road of trying to heal.” 

In response to a person who accused him of doing something to cause Amber to become so angry the night of the altercation, Andrew said he had stopped “trying to find the rational explanation” for Amber’s actions. 

“I’ve been trying to find the rational explanation for the actions, but doctors have told me to stop for the sake of my own mental well-being,” he wrote. 

Andrew told another person there was “more to come” in regard to what really happened that night.  

When someone accused him of setting Amber up (as her brother Shawn Portwood recently told The Ashley), Andrew replied with sarcasm.

“Yes, you are right, my plan was to destroy everything that I loved in my world, correction, my ENTIRE world (sarcasm),” he wrote. 

Earlier this week, Amber took to Instagram to reveal she was “heartbroken,” right after a Radar story was posted that alleged Andrew had been texting another woman. However, Andrew said the texting story was “taken out of context and blown out of proportion per usual.” 

Amber’s post with original text, which has since been edited.

“You’re more than welcome to have a pity party for literally nothing, but I’ve no time for the nonsense, and the extent of my energy spent talking on the sordid topic ends with the period of this message,” Andrew commented on social media—seemingly aimed at Amber. 

Here are some other things Andrew revealed during his Instagram vent session on Thursday:

– MTV (or the other ‘OG’ cast members) have not reached out to him at all, even though they’ve all rallied around Amber.

Andrew claimed he was not surprised by the ‘OG’ crew’s lack of support toward him.

“I don’t expect them to [reach out to me],” he told one person. “I didn’t know them for 10 years.”

“James and I aren’t a part of the show anymore it seems,” he wrote in another response. “Follow your ladies. They went that way…”

“Ready when you are, MTV!”

-Amber later tried to wiggle out of those cheating accusations, according to Andrew.

“I was told by people close to her that she posted that about a ‘friend’s relationship,’ and took it down when it was ‘taken the wrong way,'” Andrew wrote. “OK, fine, but when all those stories came out [about me cheating] she never once thought to clear the air and my name…that hurt deepest.”

-Andrew was offended that people think he cheated on Amber.

“I’m sure Amber’s conscience is perfectly clean,” he wrote. “Don’t read into it too much, I just don’t like being called a cheater when I’m not. If I cheated you wouldn’t hear a peep from me but I’m not that species of animal so conscience clean.”

“I’ve never cheated nor am on on the market to. Eveeeer,” he told another thirsty follower who was trying to get some of that salt-n-pepper lovin’ from Andrew.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram) 


  1. The state of Indiana is pretty strict and tends to incarcerate. Amber has a prior domestic violence felony and served prison time. It doesn’t matter, at this point, if she is mentally ill or seeks treatment. She is going back to prison and it doesn’t matter how good of an attorney she gets. I get that she is mental ill and sick but she also committed a violent crime and needs “gel’ time.

  2. I honestly don’t understand the people defending what Amber did.

    Even IF everything was exaggerated and all she did was what she admitted to the cops, that still means that at the very least she hit Andrew while he was holding and shielding their child… No, that wouldn’t make her a horrible person who deserves to be in prison forever, but it would make their relationship toxic and abusive and that would mean that Andrew did the right thing by getting himself and his son out.

    And even IF it was proven that Andrew was cheating or just using her for fame and money, (which there is no proof of) that still wouldn’t justify her becoming violent with him.

    None of these conspiracies flying around this situation would excuse or justify what Amber herself admitted to doing.

    I have to wonder, if the tables were turned and Andrew was the one who admitted to hitting Amber while she held their child, would there be as many people supporting the abuser and questioning/accusing the abused?

    1. I agree. And this was the point I was trying to make. I wasn’t defending or justifying her actions. Though, I did offer an explanation to why people don’t trust Andrew or hesitate to believe his story; however, it doesn’t excuse her being violent with him. ESPECIALLY while holding their son.

  3. Honestly, I don’t believe she chased him with a machete or tried to OD. I just don’t see Amber going to that extreme especially with her baby present. I know she’s been abusive around Leah in the past but it was never to this extent. I do believe she hit him though. I think that is why everyone is rallying behind her because his story seems exaggerated. Plus, the way that they met and Andrew pursued her still seems sketchy.

    Either way, she deserves to face the consequences but, based on the true severity of her actions.

  4. SERIOUS QUESTION FOR THOSE WHO ARE #TEAMAMBER: What could a person do to justify going after that person with a machete?

  5. Now let’s keep it 100, if Andrew was accused of abusing Amber, no one would be saying “there’s two sides to every story”. He would be gone. They got rid of David for threatening the staff, but other than that, MTV has shown that they will accept antisocial behavior as long as they get the ratings. They only got rid of David when the camera staff when they threatened to strike. Amber has proven that she is incapable of controlling her rages. Whether she’s just a bully or she has mental illness that is not well controlled with medicine, it’s clear that other people are not safe around her. She abused Gary. She almost abused Matt on Marriage Boot Camp. And I believe she did everything Andrew accused her of. She needs to face the music.

    1. Of course they would be saying that because 1 women are hardly ever believed and 2 it’s amber and people hate her. They would no doubt be questioning what really happened.

      1. No one is team Andrew, just because they hate amber, you fool.

        They are team Andrew, because, what amber did was 100% wrong on every level.

        Had it been the other way around, people would be, team amber.

        So bubby/ Tonya, chryssstaL it who ever you are, stop enabling amber

  6. Good job MTV for your continued involvement with this show that supports drug users and perpetrators of domestic violence. 👏

  7. Which is always the same no matter how smart you try to be by using 500 names. You’re a fucking troll.

    If you had two brain cells to rub together, you’d have figured out what is foiling your dramastic plan to make others think you’re different people. As it is, you were too fucking stupid to even realize all your names shared the same avatar even. 🤣😂 Dolt.

    1. This comment is dedicated to Staci/Monroe/Lisa/Olivia or whatever the hell else she calls herself. 🤦‍♀️

      1. “Bruja”, you do realize that no one here is using their real name to comment on these boards. Are you telling me that your real name is Bruja? No, I don’t think so. So what difference does it make which name we use on these articles since they are all screen names to begin with? And no I don’t use different names to make it appear like Amber has more supporters. I just pick whichever one comes up on my saved names because this isn’t the only subject I comment about. I comment on politics and other current events on different websites and it saves the names. Anyway, does that make you feel better now? I really don’t care “Bruja”. Geez. Relax. It’s a reality show. It’s not that serious.

        1. Dear Sybil (or whoever you’re gonna be today)-

          Of course most people don’t use their real name online. What a seriously asinine statement. However, most people do at least use a specific username for at least each specific site/outlet they frequent. More-so, most people at least keep to the same name in the same thread/article that they’re communicating with others in, not 4 different ones. You’re full of shit and your lame “whatever name comes up” is flat out humorous. Clearly, you’re still not grasping how this works. LOL. 🤪

          I mean, you did say I was one to talk, as if perhaps you knew me as someone else, right? I’ve been Bruja online for years. People who have interaction with me here and elsewhere know it. I’m not trying to avoid negative interactions or unpopular opinions by pretending my vantage point is that of a completely different persona. You are, that makes you a fucking troll. At least have the cajones to stand by your opinion under the same username in the same topic! By changing it 4 times (and not even to some funny witty shit either, boo hiss!) in 1 conversation, you only succeeded in looking like you are a creepy Amber super-fan trying to make others see just how many supporters she has. You’ve posted as 4 different users here in 1 day, yet you have the nerve to call me a lunatic multiple times?

          GET. 👏🏽 THE. 👏🏽 FUCK. 👏🏽 OUTTA. 👏🏽 HERE. 👏🏽

    2. Could be totally wrong but I don’t think this site allows people to use multiple names in one thread. The moderator knows who everyone is and would probably delete the person using a bunch of names to post on one subject. Like I said could totally be wrong here. 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. It does. I did it as an example as “BRUJAAVATARDOPPLEGANGEREXAMPLE” and as my normal “BRUJA” in the “EXCLUSIVE! Amber Portwood’s Brother Shawn Comments on Her Court Case & Custody Battle with Andrew Glennon: “She Doesn’t Deserve What’s Happening to Her” article.

  8. Exactly, Kails. The victim shaming is ridiculous. If the tables were turned everyone would be all over his shit. Imagine if this were the other way around and someone commented to Amber asking what SHE DID TO GET HIM TO REACT LIKE THAT…So, if my husband hit me and came after me with a machete its cool for everyone to assume I instigated it? Amber has a history of abuse and mental illness, not mention she is not taking her medication. Now, Andrew could be playing his cards extra hard in an attempt to get her ass back in gear and on her meds. He has his own career and does not need hers. I do think he loves her and cares about her even though she is not herself right now. He has to look out for their son as well himself.

    1. I agree with you Molly 100%. No one would ever say to a woman “what did you do to provoke his anger?” No one makes a person do anything. Yes, sometimes a person can bring out the worst in us but attacking someone with your hands or a weapon is on THAT person. No one made her do it. She’s sick and violent

  9. It’s embarrassing that people like this want to put everything out there for everyone to know about their child’s mother or father. Think how much it would hurt your child someday to see these things online about a parent they love. I would never, ever want that for my child.

  10. I hope Amber gets on the right meds- she really needs help getting mentally balanced. Exercise and getting off of the couch would really help her also. I’d love for her to get her tubes tied, she’s just not destined to be a mother. I’m wondering how hard she would even fight for James, I think deep down she knows she doesn’t want to take care of him and she’s not even capable. Even though I think Andrew is an idiot for dating her and having a baby with Amber, he is certainly a better parent and I’m really hoping he wins in court.

  11. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Good for you!! It’s time you stopped walking on,eggshells!! I have seen,you humiliated by her so,many times. Your better off away from,her! She is toxic!!

  12. I’m going to say the same thing I said about Nathan.. you want your son, go find work and a suitable home Andrew. I’m rooting for you and believe you’re the better choice, but, none of our opinions matter- it’s all up to the courts.
    A few days ago one of the posts on here was that Andrew can take James and move anywhere he wants..noooooooo, he can’t. As another poster said “ this is going to get ugly”, yep, it is. I’m not saying they won’t allow a move if he shows enough convincing that it’s in the best interest for work, etc. The state of Indiana will always be holding this case as long as Amber lives there or until James is of age.
    The best thing Andrew can do right now is to find work and get out of her house, don’t show you need to depend on her, and put the brakes on this “ set up” bullshit.

  13. Andrew strikes me as a gaslighter and Ambo is abusive. His judgement is highly questionable that it’s almost impossible to feel any sympathy toward Andrew. He knew exactly what he was getting into but expected different results, Rambo Ambo has a well documented history of both verbal and physically abusive behavior. Tons of red flags, and likewise with for him. Any man who has two restraining orders filed against him definitely has his own toxic issues.

    Now James doesn’t deserve any of this however and is the real victim, and Amber should face the consequences of her actions.

    1. Exactly! Please watch the entire season of “Marriage Boot Camp” (the season with Amber in it obviously); then comment afterward. She was off the chain the whole season.

      If you were Andrew, as a cameraman on that season, and saw that behavior at your job what would you think? I mean, as a rational person, I don’t see how Andrew would want to date Amber or go to Indiana to live with her after that behavior.

  14. Everyone saying that Amber’s family enables her and you all who are saying that, who have have been watching this show from day ONE, are perpetrating a FRAUD when you say Shawn is enabling her. You know very well Shawn NEVER enabled Amber. He ALWAYS her in her place. I remember this clearly, because I always use to be upset with Shawn for talking down to Amber all the tie and never having her side on anything. I always thought he was way too hard on her. So for all of you saying that he enables her……….WRONG, guess AGAIN because that is NOT Shawn. All the proof is in all the episodes he was ever in so all you Amber haters, don’t you try to re-write history. You know dang good well Shawn was never one to enable Amber. So ANYWAY,now that we got THAT settled, the fact that he is publicly taking Amber’s side 100% tells ME Shawn is telling the TRUTH and that Amber is probably mostly innocent in this. I stand with Amber. I never seen her as abuser. I always seen her as someone who attracted losers, manipulators, liars , users and game players that pushed her to the edge with crazy stuff. Her relationships are very toxic and relationships like hers are a dime a dozen in America. She needs to stop being with a guy for at least 5 years and JUST be single.

    1. This is the fourth name (at least!) under this avatar. You were two different people in the last amber article and before that you were someone else, too. You’re a troll. If you need to post under four different names in order to attempt to show that amber has lots of support, then maybe you’re wrong.

      1. Oh please. You’re one to talk. I really don’t care. Doesn’t matter what name it is, it’s the content of the message.

        1. My response to your madness is above at the top of the page. No one here is hiding behind numerous alts to post their opinions except you.

    2. Then why did Andrew put the kibosh on marriage with her? He’d be getting a whole lot more married to her. Matt was a user, begging her to marry him,not the case with Andrew.

      1. There’s a reason I’m sure of it, we just don’t know what it is yet. But look what he’s already getting without being married to her…..maybe he really didn’t need to.

    3. Jesus God, how many usernames do you plan on using? So far, just in the past 24 hours we have Olivia, Lisa, Monroe and Staci! What do you not understand about not being able to hide that you’re the same person simply by changing your username here? Your. 👏🏽 Avatar. 👏🏽. Stays. 👏🏽 The. 👏🏽 Same. 👏🏽

      At least be smart enough to pull a JB and change your fucking “opinion” with each username/personality you manifest. You used 3 of them in the last article ( EXCLUSIVE! Amber Portwood’s Brother Shawn Comments on Her Court Case & Custody Battle with Andrew Glennon: “She Doesn’t Deserve What’s Happening to Her” )alone! It’s fucking looney tunes.

      We get it, Sybil. You stand behind Amber. You don’t need 500 alts to keep saying the same shit. 🙄

        1. lol! You must be trippin’. I use this name everywhere. Literally everywhere,for YEARS and I have never had any others. 🤣

          You’re just all pissy cause you got busted. Dumb-ass.

    4. @olivia Well, for starters.. Indiana isn’t a dower state , BUT, should Andrew gets James he would have more than enough reason to ask for the house. Alimony, if Andrew left a career behind to marry Amber and raise a family with her; leaving her the sole provider – alimony surly would be asked for in a divorce. Anything that was purchased under the marriage would be asked for.. I could go on, I think this is enough to get the picture.
      Andrew is asking for his son and anything reasonable that the baby needs, nothing for himself .. marriage makes a huge difference.

      1. Um, you’re wrong about that, he is asking for more than that. Go back and read all the articles. Read the one with Shawn Portwood posted a day or so ago.

    5. Oh Please Amber. The poor grammar in this post is atrocious! We know it’s you. It doesn’t matter whether Bubby is telling the truth or not. Fact is you resorted to violence. There is no justifying it. Stop trying. You’re disgusting!!

  15. Quit blaming Andrew. Amber has been violent with all her relationships. Andrew needs to be treated just like a woman would under the same circumstances. The TM’s have been Coddled for so long. They think everybody will over look everything they do as MYV does. Well ladies welcome to the real world.(lol) real world

    1. Doesn’t he have restraining orders against him from a couple of exes. I don’t think he’s innocent and he knows exactly what he’s doing. Let’s see how this plays out.

      1. You don’t know the circumstances. He might have just called them too much after break up. It doesn’t mean he or baby James deserved to be threatened with a machete. No one deserves to be abused. Maybe he got therapy and improved himself. You don’t know. I know he and baby James were being threatened with violence. Is it ok to act like that in front of a child?

    2. Exactly, Kails. The victim shaming is ridiculous. If the tables were turned everyone would be all over his shit. Imagine if this were the other way around and someone commented to Amber asking what SHE DID TO GET HIM TO REACT LIKE THAT…So, if my husband hit me and came after me with a machete its cool for everyone to assume I instigated it? Amber has a history of abuse and mental illness, not mention she is not taking her medication. Now, Andrew could be playing his cards extra hard in an attempt to get her ass back in gear and on her meds. He has his own career and does not need hers. I do think he loves her and cares about her even though she is not herself right now. He has to look out for their son as well himself.

  16. Amber doesn’t need anyone to provoke her. she’s a train wreck. I. don’t believe in cheating but come on who wouldn’t go to someone else with her constant crying and poor me crap!
    Andrew is no prize either. IAM sick and tired of hearing about the losers of this show. MTV please dump the losers and keep the ladies who are positive and have done great things and rasing good just kids.
    Amber and Andrew need to go away to the nut farm with the herion creep, etc…

  17. As I said before, How does Amber going to jail benefit him? She’s facing three felony counts, what will he get from her in jail? Amber is about to lose everything. Doesn’t it seem like an awfully big gamble to use someone knowing the odds are in favor of her career ending much sooner than later and she has nothing to fall back on.
    Maybe he never had a full dance card and he really did fall for Amber, problems and all.

  18. Be strong you Yeti punching bag of love. You Chewbacca whipping boy of fatherhood. You Andre the Giant speedbag of loving Teen Mom cast. You Sasquatch heavy bag of human flesh. One huge man can only take so many beatings before she needs to pay you for the next 18 years.

  19. If their roles were reversed and it was Andrew who came after a woman holding a baby with a machete…would people still ask what she did to provoke him attacking her? Would they still blame her and ask what she did to make him so angry? Obviously, she did it because she wanted to take him for everything he had and she set it all up, right?
    It’s ridiculous to say that to Andrew. He might have known what she was like and getting with Amber wasn’t the wisest choice, but that gives Amber NO right to do anything she reportedly did. She doesn’t get an excuse just because Andrew made the decision to be with her. Victim blaming because he’s a guy who was abused is disgusting.

  20. See, that’s part of the problem. Everyone in Ambien‘s life is so busy making up excuses for her violent behavior instead of doing something about it.

    If this isn’t the first time Andrew was subjected this, why the fuck is he waiting for that bitch to break out a machete before he involved the police or CPS or a lawyer or fucking something? Seriously? Not one person in her life has held her accountable for anything. Gary sort of did towards the end of their relationship, but a lot of what he said and/or did was about him being an asshole, too. The “I’ll take Leah from you! crap he used to spew was done in more of a controlling manner than anything else.

    Gary, Kristina, Bubby, Catelynn, Maci, Cheyenne and MTV continuing to rally around her when she’s gone next level nuts is doing nothing but validating her behavior. I don’t care if Hodor was lying about shit to her as Bubby claims, THERE 👏🏽 IS 👏🏽 NO 👏🏽 EXCUSE 👏🏽 FOR 👏🏽 PHYSICAL 👏🏽 VIOLENCE.

    What message is Leah getting from all of this? That little girl has seen some shit at her age that is no doubt seriously traumatizing. If everyone left Ambien to sleep in the dog piss stained bed that she makes for once in her life, she’d be forced to either grow the fuck up and be a responsible parent, or go about her merry destructive way alone and broke, because someone like that wouldn’t be able to be productive in society on a normal basis. It’s only because MTV has double standards that she keeps raking in the cash that she does.

    Hodor needs to stop commenting about all of this and concentrate on James. He’s doing nothing but looking like an attention whore, and all the “he said, she said on social media and and gossip sites aren’t really doing him any favors. Let the attorney fight your battles for you in court.

  21. There is nothing Andrew could have done cheating ect that should excuse Amber to go at him with her baby in his arms with a machete. She needs a lot of help, and the baby should be taken away until she does

  22. Something is wrong with that guy and it was obvious on the show. Amber is far from innocent but I don’t believe him. The way he’s going on answering questions is weird. Meanwhile amber hasn’t said anything about their case.

    Hopefully the real truth is revealed and they can share custody and go their separate ways. He needs to get a job.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Regardless if there’s something off with him, in what world does this justify attacking someone with a machete? And get a job? He has a job. He works in film. That’s’ literally how he met Amber. Stop blaming the victim. If this was the other way around ya’ll would be rioting in the streets to have Andrew locked up.

    2. He has a job, a good one, look it up. Even if the truth came out and proved his innocence you would still victim shame him. And finally, he is probably answering questions because everyone is attacking him left and right. Someone posted the guys phone number, email and address online and he has been threatened like crazy. Imagine YOU were the one abused in your relationship and you now have to protect your 1 yr old. Instead of support people came at you from all different directions because your significant other was a social figure and a well known name. Instead of feeling safe what would you feel? Probably the need to defend yourself especially since your job is also in the entertainment industry. So, now youre paranoid that you and your child could now be hurt by a crazy fan AND all this crap could hurt your own career. He cant leave the state because of custody issues so dont even go there. But hey, blame him for everything because he is the guy.

      1. Spot on, Molly! If the roles were reversed, and it was Andrew that went after Amber with a machete while holding James, NO ONE would be asking why he did it. They would be ready to crucify him.

  23. He’s absolutely right. MTV follows the abuser, and gathers everyone around her. What about the victims, which include a baby??

  24. I do feel bad for the guy, but I dunno what he thought was going to happen. We all saw Amber almost bust Gary’s ear drum…I dunno why Andrew thought he was exempt from an Amber beating…should have never gotten involved with her in the 1st place.

    1. Circle the wagons you MTV teen moms to protect your paycheck. I hope Andrew wins and keeps the child away from her with supervise visits. I hope she gets the mental health she needs.MTV you are so culpable for everything that goes on.

  25. He’s doing what’s best for himself and James. Amber is a scary mess! I hope she gets real help. She needs to do some real work on her issues.

  26. Does he not understand mental health, he knew she had problems before he got with her or was he in for the fame at any cost ..

    1. yeah, people with mental health issues should be alone for the rest of their days..(hard sarcasm). She was on medication and seemed to be doing very well. It appears she recently, last several months, stopped her meds. When people say that he should have known to stay away because of her mental health, that is like saying people with mental health issues are less deserving of love or relationships.

  27. Andrew you don’t owe anyone an explanation or insight nor do you need to defend yourself. The trolls will still be there blaming you for what happened. Amber is mental and always pissed off. You are just the closest target. Sorry but again with the double standards. Imagine if the fine ho’s from teen mom showed up in court to support Andrew as a victim of domestic violence. This kind of shit is what sets back the whole “girl power” thing by a mile.

    1. Doesn’t seem like he’s completely sane either though. He admits to seeing a dr about his own mental health so…

      You’d have to be kind of crazy for starting to date the way they started. He was the camera man on the freaking marriage boot camp when she was on it with her ex. LoL not normal. 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. I’m sure anyone who was chased by a psycho with a machete while holding their baby would have PTSD and need therapy.

      2. Most people aren’t “completely sane” and with what he just experienced it’s wise to get mental health advice from a specialist. Don’t judge someone for getting support. Why do you think we see Gary resisting getting Leah help for panic attacks? Because of thought processes like yours. That people who go to therapy are crazy. Educate yourself. Please.

        1. Oh yeah, because of that stigma, I didn’t admit for years I needed help. Like at all, I was like “these feelings will pass” But why did I want to die while being with someone I loved?! When I finally left him, I admitted I have a problem and sought help. I still get it even though I was lying to my family for months before I finally told them where I’m going.

          And while being abroad this year, I found help there too but only told two people I trusted while being there where I was. The stigma is still reall folks.

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