Briana DeJesus Says She’s Ready to Make Amends with ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Kail Lowry: “I’m Putting the Ball in Her Court”

“Now just because the ball is in your court, doesn’t mean you can throw it at me.”After publicly feuding for nearly two years, Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus says she’s ready to call a truce with her co-star Kail Lowry.

According to Radar Online, Briana said that, although she knows it would be “awkward as hell,” she’s ready to for her and Kail to end their feud, which began shortly after Briana announced that she was dating Kail’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, in October of 2017. 

Who could forget this completely legit and not at all doomed-from-the-start pairing?

Even after Briana and Javi’s short-lived relationship ended, Kail and Briana continued to take their feud to social media on more than once occasion, with Briana even accusing Kail’s baby daddy Chris Lopez (the father of her youngest son, Lux), of physically abusing Kail.

The most notable interaction between the two moms, however, went down in May of 2018 when Kail and Briana (and Briana’s sister Brittany) were involved in a physical altercation on the set of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8B Reunion taping. 

Despite their tumultuous past though, Briana said she’s ready to move forward with Kail. 

“I know the girls of the Teen Mom OG cast took a trip together,” Briana told Radar. “I’m down for a moms trip for our cast. That includes bringing Kail. Yeah it would be awkward as hell, but it would make for some great TV.” 

“Sooo… basically you’re saying you want a free trip?”

Briana added, “What’s in the past is in the past.

“I’m open to being mature, moving on and filming the reunion as a whole group this year,” she continued. “Of course, that’s not up to me, but I’m putting the ball in her court. It would be a nice change of pace to all be together and let the drama go.” 

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  1. I’m so glad my flu has cleared up , my second grandson is due in 6 weeks 🙏😇My daughter lives interstate ( 4 hour flight) so as soon as she’s in labor I’ve got to jump on the first flight I can get. I’m sooooo excited 🤩
    I was 17 when I had my son and 19 when I had my daughter and seriously I never had any of this CRAP these teen mom girls seem to have . Thank fuk . LOL

  2. Chelsea is my favorite, She most definitely has come along way. I love Her Cole and the little DeBoars. 🙏🧚‍♀️😇😇

    1. Chelsea and her family are my favorites too. I think it is wonderful how Cole has stepped up for Aubree. And she just amazes me, for a 9 year old she is so mature. Sure, the way A-d-a-m acts hurts (as it would anyone) but it doesn’t faze her.

      1. Yeah, Aubree is adorable. Chelsea and Cole should be proud in the way they have raised her ( And also the other bubs) 🙂
        I love the relationship that they have with Chelsea’s dad as well . Randy is a good dad. He helped Chelsea out but yet didn’t hand her everything on a silver platter. He’s a good man.
        I don’t know, Chelsea reminds me of my own daughter in a lot of ways.
        An awesome mother with a beautiful nature:) I’m EXTREMELY proud of her

          1. Sorry Hannah, I meant to upvote and accidentally hit the thumbdown 🙄
            Thank you for your kind words hun, yes I’m a very proud mumma 🙏😇💟

          2. I think I need to enlarge the font on my phone LOL . I’m forever hitting the wrong buttons!
            How are you doing my friend?

          3. LOL, I’ve got fat ass fingers too !!! LOL. I just thought “enlarging” my font was more elegant than I’m blind as a bat without my glasses ( actually I’m not bad) and fat ass fingers 😂😂😂😂😂😂.
            Those two little icons are to close together 👍👎 they need to be like this
            👍 👎 😂😂😂😂😂😂

          4. It’s not so much about the font size in my case. I just have fat ass fingers!!! 😂😂😂😂

          5. Very true @Andrea Wilkie. They are far too close together. There is enough space for them to have 1/4 inch between them.

      1. Bahahahaha 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤧🤧
        Lost my drink through my nose !

  3. I think Brianna looks like she’s stacked on weight! I don’t think Dr Miami did his best work there !

  4. If Briana is waiting for ANYTHING GOOD to come from Kail, she’ll be waiting a while. I imagine hell would freeze over first.

  5. Aww That’s so good Bri! Hopefully Kail will agree and everyone can do the reunion together and go on a trip together. I love Briana so much, and she’s shown so much growth from the 16 and pregnant days.

  6. This is strictly a desperation move. All these women have to be quaking in their shoes, that the long ride is almost over. With this latest mess with Amber, they are desperate to drum up viewership and interest. I’ve read in several places that the numbers are way down, which I believe especially since they’re on opposite 90 day fiance.
    Personally I think it’s over but we’ll see. Of course Briana is willing to extend an olive branch, if it keeps the gravy train rolling.

    1. That’s a really good point ! Their all way past their teens now ! So “Teen Mom’s ” is a bit inappropriate 🙄

      1. Even the mom’s they added to cast aren’t teens, nor were they teen when they became moms. Even on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant the girls weren’t all teenagers. Briana was 17 when the show started, Kayla was 19 and Lexi was 18. But Ashley and Jade were 20.

      2. Soon it will be called menopausal moms…..

        Hi Andrea, sorry to hear you have the flu.

        My bloody email got hacked, so I have to use another one.

        I’m at home with a tummy bug.
        I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Hiya ALISPINKCHAIR, How are you doing 🙏😘 Missed you guys a bit , I’ve been offline for a bit with the f*****g flu !!!!!!

  7. If she really wanted to move on, she’d start with a basic apology. I mean there wasn’t any other guy to hook up with besides he cast mates ex husband????? That was the dumbest thing she could’ve done

    1. SERIOUSLY…and a cast member who has 8/9 years seniority over her…I remember in one episode before she decided to date Javi, Kail actually praised Briana for dumping Luis for being a POS, and said that she wished she could do that…So at one point there was a chance for Briana to fit in with the TM family/click, but that chance is GONE…

      Girls like Brianna are insecure, so they look for attention in men (no matter who) and then love it when the man’s ex or current partner gets upset. It boosts her already weak ego. Girls like her cannot be trusted. They’re conniving, vindictive, sneaky, and dumb. 7 billion people on this planet, and she chose to be with JAVI, then proceeded to antagonize Kail via twitter. I don’t know what she thought was going to happen when she decided to do this??? Kail would just let bygones be bygones?…and when she decided to turn the reunion into Jerry Springer while Chelsea and Leah were on the stage…She thinks they would want to vacation with someone who’s capable of hurting anyone that comes between her and whomever she’s trying to attack/intimidate?? I wouldn’t want to go on vacation with that either.

      Now that her only ally Jenelle is gone, I think it’s finally hit her that she literally doused every bridge to any of the girls on OG or TM2 in gasoline, and set them on fire with her antics. She needs to just accept that they’re never going to be cool with her…I don’t see any of the girls doing more than just tolerating her for the sake of reunions. They’ll never be her friend, and I don’t blame them…Brianna can’t blame anyone but herself.

    2. Exactly!! Anyone trying to move forward from something like this should start with apologizing for their part in it without placing more blame on the other person. For example you should say something to the affect of “I’m truly sorry I did it was wrong of me & I’d like for us to work it out.” Refrain from one that goes “I’m sorry for my part in but you did blah blah blah” that should be learned with basic manners. Just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♀️ most likely the other person will respond with saying how they’re sorry too unless they aren’t there yet and still holding a grudge. I don’t care for Briana too terribly much and we all know her motivation here isn’t just for her piece of mind but if she were to apologize I’d hope Kail step up too.

      1. I agree with you. Apologies shouldn’t really come with a “but”
        It tends to make them insincere.

          1. LMFAO !!!!!! Lucky I wasn’t having a drink…fruit juice would have gone through my nose ! You’re freaking hilarious 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  8. How much beef did Dr. Miami carve off both of those babes? I would prefer to see them go at it pre reduction, like a battle of the Titans. It’s like to Taco against the grill cheese sandwich fight scenario.

        1. It was NOT funny. It was bodyshaming and it was a mean/bullyish thing to say. And it needs to stop because no matter how skinny or overweight a person is they SHOULD NOT be made fun of!!!! I am paralyzed and have been in a wheelchair since birth so I too know what it feels like to be teased!!! Suicide was never too far from my thoughts. And as I said in the post about Gary becoming a cop, it did enter my 14 6year old cousin’s mind. He hung himself after YEARS of being teased about his weight!!!

          1. Year old not 6year old. When I type in anger at people’s meanness and stupidity my fingers create typos!!

          1. I personally don’t understand the whole plastic surgery thing. There really is no point to it other than vanity. I don’t see anything wrong with being happy the beauty that God gave you!!!!

          2. I TOTALLY AGREE, But if it makes a person feel better within themselves YEP go for it , but for the sake of sheer vanity then AND THIS IS ONLY MY POINT OF VIEW then I say be happy in your own self AGAIN , That’s ONLY MY opinion.

    1. I think Brianna looks like she’s stacked on weight! I don’t think Dr Miami did his best work there !

  9. I would stay away from her. Her being Brianna. No one is perfect but Brianna and her family should have been fired when Brianna and her sister attacked on the stage. MTV is so deplorable that they pay these girls lots of money and they ARE NOT good role models. Don’t watch it anymore.

    1. Kail started it backstage when she wanted to “talk” about the Briana/Javi situation and the things that BOTH of them said on Instagram. Briana was just obliging her (Kail got her Just Desserts which was exactly what she deserved). And Brittany was only defending her sister. So why should MTV fire them. I say FIRE KAIL!!!!

      1. I think they ALL behaved badly…..Chelsea was on that set PREGNANT!….. NONE of those girls gave her a second thought!

        1. Unfortunately when you act in the heat of the moment, your adrenaline pumps and you don’t think about the physical and/or mental well being of those around you. It’s sad, it’s wrong, but it’s true.

          1. AGAIN, Another good point ! 👍 But these girls have now got children of their own to be role models for, and that kind of behavior is a far cry from appropriate. I actually think the BIGGEST MOUTH is Brianna’s sister!

      2. Idk, I think all the girls have mouths on them when the mood strikes. But, you’re right these girls should be setting examples for their children. I honestly believe Chelsea had that in mind, I don’t believe that the safety of her unborn child was the only reason she got up and walked offstage. Aubree was backstage, so I kind of feel like she was setting an example.

    1. I’m sorry but that is an idiotic thing to say. Kail gave her mother so many chances. You realize at some point a mother has to be a mother, right? Her mother got drunk while watching an infant Lincoln and fed him ice cream. That’s what most recently led to kail cutting her out and that was what, 4 or more years ago?! Her mother needs to want to be sober and I don’t blame her for not wanting to dip back into that toxic pit. Why should she rip open closed wounds for someone who live two hours away and hasn’t cared enough in four years to reach out after what she did?

      1. She opens that wound for Chris monthly! Alcoholism is an illness, it’s still her mother and you only get one. I remember all her mother trying to do good too.. when Jo’s was throwing her out;her mother was the only one by her side, jail had no place to go and her mother found an apartment.
        All the reason you state all relate to her mothers dependency, maybe the woman had a horrible life, she’s in need of help not hate.
        Kail is in a good place right now , she doesn’t need to depend on her mother for a damn thing, to have no
        forgiveness for a sick parent goes beyond shameful,she’s going to answer big one day.

        1. Do we watch the same show? I watched Kails 16&p episode not long ago on amazon prime and was disgusted at how her mother treated her! Kail had to beg her to spend time with her, and her mom couldn’t be bothered! She was too busy and interested in her boyfriend. Kail got kicked out of Jo’s parents because she was out running around with other men while she was living in their basement. Jo’s parents were very good to her, and she threw it in their face and screwed around on their son.

          1. I remember that too, Kail asked her mother to visit baby Isaac, and mom’s response was something about absence making the heart grow fondet, some total rejection. I felt very sorry for her.
            Kail has her issues for sure, but her mom WAS neglectful, absent even.

          2. Yeah I remember Kails mother making that comment as well. I’m not sure what the situation was at the time but I think Kail was talking to her mom about having to move out of Jo’s parents house and Kail got upset because her mother didn’t offer her a place to stay.
            Jo was an absolute prick to Kail when she lived there though…… I guess she’s making up for the past and gets on the defensive before anyone gets a chance to hurt her again.

        2. Sorry i lived with an alcoholic for 19 years he didn’t have an “illness” he CHOSE to drink !!!!!
          I’ve lost BOTH of my parents in 11 months of each other my father in July last year and my mother in June just passed . I watched them die from cancer! THAT’S AN ILLNESS!!!!!!!!!

          1. I agree Andrea,

            And I’m so very sorry for your loss.

            my mother passed from ovarian cancer, it was the worse thing ever.
            Such a cruel illness

            Both my mothers sisters passed from cancer.

          2. I’m sorry for your loss too hun, I don’t know about you but the loss of my parents has knocked me on my ass! Especially my mum , it’s only been just on 5 weeks since she’s been gone…..I actually helped nurse both her and my dad towards the end and I was with mum everyday; so I really really struggling without her. It pissed me off so FKNG much when people refer to Alcoholism or Drug addiction!!! FUCK OFF ! NO! People make a choice as to what they put into their bodies….People don’t wake up one day and think ” Gee I think I’ll get my self a dose of cancer! WTF!. Sorry it just gets me angry.
            Again I’m sorry for your loss and I TOTALLY understand how you feel. I like to think my mum and dad are now together and watching over me …just as sure as your mum is watching over you 🙏😇

  10. Her story lines boring and she needs more so lets come up with this Kail story bull shoit. Go away Brainna, we don’t care.

  11. Can Brittany come too? She can bring her mom’s stiletto as backup in case things go down. We all know this trip won’t happen though, as Kail is petty.

    1. That would mean Brianna, her leech of a sister and mother would have to get their asses off that couch of theirs LOL

  12. Good Luck Briana, kail won’t even speak to her own mother because she only lives two hours away and didn’t reach out .
    There’s so many parents within the franchise with drug and alcohol illnesses, most all are forgiving and trying to cope with it for the love of their parents .. not Kail, she ain’t having it. Chris is the only one that can do her wrong and all is good.

    1. What is the situation with Kail and Chris???? Are they together or not? I think I saw him once at one of the kids birthday parties but don’t really recall seeing much more of him.

  13. Kails not goin to make up with Bri. Kails mad cuz Jack was banging other people not just Kail. Keeping the fight going is good for her podcast. If she makes up with Bri she will just want it for her podcast. Bri wasn’t following Kails rules. Kails needs to be the boss of everyone. If Kail has you in her life it’s because she is using you for something. Kail isn’t honest with anyone. Kail only likes Chris because she’s attracted to his drama.

  14. I dunno what she thought was going to happen when she decided to date/bang Javi?? When she decided to throw things with a pregnant Chelsea right there on the stage, and she knows Leah and Kail are clicked tight so Leah’s going to take her side by default…As petty as everything is, she totally went against girl code. Girl’s just don’t forgive and forget….and now she wants them to all go on a girls trip together?? She’s more delusional than I thought. You CANNOT trust a girl who pulled all the crap Brianna has pulled…this is the limpest olive branch I’ve ever seen…the girls seem to have accepted Jade, so Brianna knows she’s on her own now that Jenelle’s gone…shoulda thought about that before she decided to be so trifling.

    1. She has her roommates her mom and sister. I’m pretty sure they will grow old together with a bunch of cats.

      1. YEP!!!!! And it will be while they’re still slobbing around on that couch of theirs in the same room !

          1. Hiya DEJESUSGAWDLEAH , How are you doing my friend 🙏😘
            Been offline for a bit with the F*****g flu !

        1. Hi Andrea, I’m not to bad thanks, I’m at home with a tummy bug or tummy flu.
          Feel like sleeping all day lol.
          I hope you’ll feel better soon 🤞🏽🤞🏽

          1. Hiya hun, You poor thing . I’m finally coming to the end of my flu…. FINALLY. Hubby has still sick ….. It sux.
            Drink plenty of fluids and rest up. Hope you’re feeling better soon . 🙏😘

      2. Well 3crazy cat ladies is very fitting, since bri is always giving away her own kitty.

        She’s had More pricks, than a second hand dart board

          1. More pricks than a second hand dart !!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

          2. Both of those comments cracked me up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Kitty’s and Dartboard’s 👍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

          3. Hi bruja, Andrea and Ali.

            My email got hacked, so I’m having to use my other email now.

            Hence the aviator pic change.

            Hope your all
            Okay, hope the flu has gone Andrea??? Im at home with a tummy bug, feeling like shit at the moment, but I still had to get up early to
            Walk my dogs, I’m sat on the grass up in the mountains, whilst they run around and get tired.
            Then I’m heading home to chill.

            Have a great day/night xx

          4. That sux hun , Do you know how you got hacked?????? BASTARDS!!!!
            I LOOOOOOOOOOVE dogs.🐶
            Get some rest and don’t forget your fluids xo

          5. It sounds pretty awesome where you live ! I’d love to live up in the mountains, it would be amazing I imagine. 🌄🏞🏞

  15. Teen mom 2 trip will never happen, Chelsea wouldn’t leave her kids/cole. He actually works and probably won’t use his vacation days on a trip with them 😂

  16. What strikes me is if she really wanted to clear the air and be mature, she wouldn’t have made such a public announcement of how mature she is. Briana ran to Radar Online, and had nothing to sell other than this crap that happened 2 years ago. She must be hard up for money.

    1. I agree. Plus this girl just had an interview where she said if she was in Jenelle’s shows and felt her husband was a perfect man and was truly in love with him she’s stand up and defend him too! Like girl is not smart at all. I will never understand why these girls openly have to announce their intentions known they social media then dealing personally behind closed doors. They aren’t hard up on money but milk everything.

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