Mama June Shannon’s Boyfriend Geno Doak Calls Out WEtv & ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ Producers in Lengthy Video Rant

“You sure do know how to use them words, Geno!”

Geno Doak, the boyfriend and literal partner in crime of Mama June Shannon, took to social media this week to address everything from drug use and drinking to WEtv allegedly having him blacklisted from social media. 

For those who may be unfamiliar with June and Geno’s recent activities, the Mama June: From Not to Hot stars were arrested for crack cocaine possession (among other things) following a domestic dispute at a gas station in March. Last month, June’s youngest daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, announced she would not move back in with her mother until Geno was out of the picture. She continues to live with and be cared for by her older sister, Pumpkin Shannon.

 Geno’s lengthy video rant (over 16 minutes long, to be exact) kicked off with an apology to his family, friends and “fans” for “letting everybody down.” He went on to blame his social media absence on WEtv and ThinkFactory—- the production company behind ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’—- whom he claims have “blocked me on everything.” 

Geno’s video dived right into his other grievances with WEtv and ThinkFactory, including claims that the show knew he was using drugs while they were filming and that production even found drugs in his hotel room before and looked the other way.

Geno argued that the show didn’t say anything at the time because “it would have cost you too much.” 

“It’s not about the drug use, it’s about money to you,” he continued. “Well, why was the drug use overlooked daily when I would go to the bathroom 100 times, come out pouring sweat and the production company would say, ‘was that using the restroom?’ They knew I was in there getting high. They didn’t care!

“I was still profitable at that time, so nothing was said. I’ve been blasted on every f**king media outlet there is, made everything to be my fault, which it’s not. I’m not saying anybody made me do drugs; nobody made me do drugs. It was my choice, but it was overlooked [by the network and show producers]. It was never an issue. Nobody gave a f**k until it was public.” 

Geno then elaborated on the lengths those associated with the show went to in order to cover his drug use while filming. 

“You guys knew I had dope on me and that I wouldn’t come in without bringing my cocaine in, so you escorted me around security check points,” he said. “Why? So I could get my drugs in. When we were at the events and there were drugs being used blatantly by everybody, it wasn’t an issue then, why is it now?”

He also described a time when production allegedly purchased beer for him and other times when production would drink with him. 

“ … Production at one time bought three 30-packs of beers,” he said. “That’s 90 beers. It just so happened to be my [beer] brand of choice. [My] drinking wasn’t an issue then. Go back and look at the footage; every Solo cup you see me drinking out of? There’s beer in there! And who bought it? Production!

“Beer just tastes better when it’s free!”

“What about sitting at the bars, with production, drinking?” he continued. Wasn’t an issue then! It’s only an issue when it affects you financially. You guys have found drugs repeatedly and nothing was ever said because it would have cost you too much.” 

Later in the video, Geno accused production of also knowing that he does not have a drivers license, but letting him drive anyway. 

Geno did admit guilt when it came to the stories about him getting caught texting other women; however, he claimed some of the text messages circulating online were fabricated. He then proceeded to call out individual writers from news sites. (Sadly, The Ashley didn’t get a shoutout.)

According to Geno, one writer from The Blast created text messages that were supposedly sent between Geno and another woman. 

“Them journalists don’t want me with my soulmate!”

“You created the messages and brought s**t, trying to separate June and I. Why,” he asked. 

Geno also said he believes journalists are working with those behind the show to get him and June to break up. 

“[They feel that] if they can get Geno and June apart, they can get her back on the show and make more money,” he explained. “It’s not about money for me.” 

Due to his supposed blacklisted status, Geno encouraged others to share his video with “every media outlet that can possibly hear it” in order for his side of the story to be heard. As for the show’s decision to stop filming, Geno said “they simply vanished” without an explanation. 

“To this day, production has not said a word about why they left. I was available for every call time. They simply vanished. I quit getting messages that said, ‘Be here at this time.’ To this day, I have never had one explanation as to why I haven’t been paid. It seems to me you guys are the ones in breach of contract.” 

Geno’s also addressed his portrayal on the show and the fact that he’s considering taking legal action.

“If they want to sit there and make me look like I’m horrible, like they’re perfect and they’ve tried to get us help or whatever, screw off man,” he said. “I’m human. I’ve had one drug charge my entire life, that night at the casino got out of hand drinking and [we] ended up doing drugs and got caught. That’s it. Simple. 

“To ThinkFactory, to WEtv, you guys need to chill out man. I have so much proof and I haven’t contacted [legal] counsel and I will. As a matter of fact, if there are attorneys, I think we need to go that route.” 

Geno went on to call out Dr. Ish Major, the doctor who participated in the intervention held for June on ‘From Not to Hot’ and the “ultimatums” he encouraged June’s family to give her. 

“All this stuff’s make believe,” he said. “Ultimatums? How about this, Dr. Ish, I’m gonna call you out, too. What about your statement to the facility that June went to, saying June was on drugs and all that. You’ve never seen her! How can you provide a statement to a facility about an individual you did not see? You did not examine her. You spoke to her in a crowd of other people. 

“What’s up with that? Isn’t that illegal? I think it is. By the way, when that happened, when she went to the facility, because she was on ‘drugs,’ guess what? She passed a drug test; there were no drugs in her system. Amazing, isn’t it?” 

Geno closed his video by telling everyone he wasn’t concerned about the money aspect of the show, nor was he worried about being in breach of contract, stating “I don’t care dude. F**k y’all. Come get me!” 

“I’m human, I made a mistake and that’s it,” he added. “There’s no other way to put it. I’m trying to better myself and move forward and constantly, daily, I’m bashed. ‘Geno did this, Geno did that.’ Leave me alone man, I’m trying to do better. I didn’t want to do this f**king show anyway.” 

To hear to Geno’s full rant, check out the video below. 


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(Photos: WEtv, Instagram, YouTube) 


  1. No matter what Junes says, she deserted her children. What a terrible, disgusting “mother”.
    Your children come first.

  2. Of course when June was drug tested her system was clean. She just was just released from hospital the day of the intervention… She received lots of iv fluids during her hospitalization which flushed her system….Him and June blame everyone but themselves…Idiots!!!! Hopefully June wakes up before she ends up dead as her health is already extremely compromised….

  3. What trash this man crashed his sorry self into her garage & could not stand up straight just think if he had crashed into some innocent people he trys to blame wetv, the media, etc but it’s 💯 percent his fault June Shannon is just trash to who would keep a man over their children only selfish, garbage that’s who.

  4. He would get along really well with Jenelle and David. One minute he says he couldn’t go anywhere with his drugs and was always on drugs and two seconds later says it’s only one drug charge and June is clean.

  5. I feel so bad for Alana. I think she’s better off with her sister. And I only read about her here. I haven’t ever watched her shows.

  6. I just now got to watch the second season because I have to wait for them to come on Hulu. He seemed so good with the girls and everything then and I kept having to remind myself that he’s apparently a violent, drunk-driving crack addict. Dude would have had me fooled if I hadn’t read on The Ashley about him before watching him on TV.

  7. Could barely read this article, but during my skimming I came up with a new reality show. ‘Dumpster Fire Trainwreck’. It follows Mama June and Geno half the time and Jenelle and Lurch the other half. An hour of the lowest grade white trash imagineable.

    But the agreement before filming starts is that all proceeds go into trusts for their kids along with all money made off social media / product endorsements. I’ve encountered small individual Rocks more intelligent than the four of them combined (a box of rocks has waaay more intelligence), but I’m guessing they’d all turn it down if they couldn’t make money for themselves for drugs, guns, etc.

    As an aside, Mama June’s makeover sure didn’t last long. She’s always looked 20 years older than she is.

    1. The holiday special of that show would be called, “Dumpster Fire Trainwreck: They Can’t Fire Us”

  8. I really can’t even listen to anything he has to say. His whole argument is RIGODAMNEDICILOUS!!!

  9. Isn’t it against production’s contact to get involved in things?? Not only that but interventionists don’t sit and interview and addict before they do an intervention. Crack and cocaine also don’t stay in your system all that long. The only way to get a lengthy drug history on June is a hair follicle test and most rehabs only use urine tests🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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