Andrew Glennon Expresses His Unhappiness About MTV Continuing to Film Amber Portwood for ‘Teen Mom OG’ Despite Leaked Audio Recordings

“I bet my followers would really love to hear my thoughts on this matter… “

Amber Portwood’s baby daddy Andrew Glennon seems to be siding with many of the Teen Mom OG fans who are, um, surprised that Amber has been allowed to keep her job on the long-running MTV show, despite the release of disturbing leaked audio earlier this month.

Over the weekend, Andrew took to social media to unleash a series of posts on his Instagram Story seemingly aimed at his ex in the wake of the release of the audio clips, in which Amber could be heard verbally abusing him and threatening to kill him in the presence of their son, James.

“America: Bloody your ‘soulmate,’ win a job,” the first post read, followed by a second, “Attack your family, win a job.”

Andrew’s third and easily most-disturbing post appeared to reference James directly.

“Shove a baby, win a job,” he wrote. In a fourth post he added, “Abusing your family is a choice, not a mistake.”

As The Ashley exclusively told you, Amber has not been fired from MTV, despite both the leaked audio and her domestic violence arrest in July. Furthermore, the mom of two recently filmed for the upcoming season of the show.

“Yeah right, like MTV is really gonna miss out on this hot mess express.”

“Amber has 100 percent filmed for the new season,” The Ashley’s production source said. “She is not being fired by MTV.”

While Amber’s future with MTV has yet to crumble, Andrew seems to be keeping his head up in the meantime. On Sunday, Andrew went on a motivational-quote-posting spree, sharing various encouraging famous quotes, including a Bob Marley quote that referenced people using others.

As for Amber, her social media has largely consisted of the usual ‘Teen Mom’ click-bait stories (which are automatically posted to her social media accounts by the click-bait company). According to The Ashley’s source, Amber has been advised by her lawyers and PR rep to stay off The ‘Gram.

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  1. Hope you get your head checked out, you are clearly one disturbed person.

    Seriously who posts under many many names and then comes back again, to say it wasn’t me, ffs gurl get a damn life, your a narcissist with an obsession.

    Fuck, the Ashley needs to have you checked, talk about single white female vibes.

    You need to get out if the basement more.

    You sound like a teen fan with a severe mental illness

  2. Andrew shut up, you egged her on, now ya face the result.
    You lost, and ambers still on teen mom.
    So get over it, and give her son back to her.

    1. Going by the audio I heard, Andrew was trying to re-use the situation.
      He was being quite whilst she continued with her rant!
      She wasn’t getting the reaction/attention she wanted….so she flipped out

    2. Egging him on? Really, hope your never on the receiving end of domestic abuse.
      Andrew was getting evidence, to prove that amber is a nasty violent pos.

  3. My teen (and friends) never watch Mtv. They don’t believe me when I tell them it was the coolest channel back in my day.

  4. I totally agree! And when they have had good shows they proceed to ruin them, just like when Real World first came out it was unique and interesting and then they went the Jerry Springer route with fighting/drinking/obnoxious losers. MTV began with such promise and it has evolved into complete trash.

  5. So they fire the one guy because he called out homosexuality…….but she is actually threatening life and thats ok.

    For fucks sake mtv you are whats wrong with America.

  6. It is obvious that Amber is a neglectful mother and does not promote learning in her child or want to help his well being.
    MTV by continuing to film and pay her is actively participating in letting her win some custody of the baby. It isn’t safe for him or good for a baby that needs hands on love to be around her.
    Could she get better? Amber start reading to James, Have PBS cartoons on that are calming and soothing. Not any of those fast paced cartoons. Provide him with an enchanting childhood. Teach him about nature and animals. Take him for walks.
    Be good
    To him.

      1. You say”Give her back” like she belongs to Amber?? Gary has parented that kid way more than Amber ever has. Hell, even Kristina has parented Leah more than Amber. Gary doesn’t have to “give back” a child that belongs to him. And he’s certainly earned the right to have Leah in his care way more than Amber ever could. She is the poorest excuse for a mother and both of those children are better off with anyone other than Amber.

      2. Are you for real ????? How in the hell did you come up with that conclusion? …..Ambers a good mum? She’s a foul mouthed abusive bitch….and as I’ve said, if the rolls were reversed right now ….Everybody would be feeling sorry for Amber!

        1. @kailandleahkissinginthesea, I have a couple of quick questions for ya. Wasn’t it you that said, “it’s best on to feed the troll.”? So…why are you doing exactly what you are telling other people not to do?

  7. This doesn’t surprise me. MTV wants the drama and the ratings. Look how long (and how may mug shots) it took for them to dump Jenelle. Someone or something literally needs to die before they fold and dump a cast member.. *eye roll*

  8. Smear campaign. He wanted her off the show and was hoping releasing the audio would do it. Just another way to antagonize her.

    If it wasn’t for teen mom, Amber wouldn’t have met Matt and they wouldn’t have gone on that boot camp show and Andrew wouldn’t have gotten his meal ticket for 18 years. You really have to question his judgement. Isn’t it forbidden for crew to socialize with show contenders anyway?

    1. What meal ticket if it is his plan to have her fired??? No MTV=no money and Amber sure as hell isn’t going out to find a job, nevermind keep one. Isn’t Andrew’s family wealthy anyways? This theory doesn’t hold water.

    2. So he wants her as a meal ticket, and he accomplishes this by alienating her and eliminating her source of income. ¯\(°_o)/¯

    3. Y’all need to work on your reading comprehension. Good lord.

      James is his meal ticket. Amber can venture out and have other gigs. Maci, Chelsea, Farrah, Kail, all do side things and they make money off of it.

      If you think just because someone is or comes from a wealthy family that they wouldn’t want to go after someone else’s money then you’re naive as hell. The rich stays rich cause they spend other people’s money.

      1. More like James is Amber’s meal ticket. She clearly didn’t want him or to take care of him, she said it herself plenty of times so those are her words and not mine. But won’t let Andrew leave with the baby. Why? Because more money from MTV? Why didn’t she have a baby with loser Matt but did with allegedly wealthy Andrew? Sounds like maybe she is the one deflecting her motives on Andrew. When Teen Mom does eventually end, either dure to this or other circumstances, what will Amber have then?

        Sure, she could have other ventures, even after her likely prison sentence. But didn’t she already try several other ventures? Like flipping houses (lol) and even her online boutique that failed. If she can’t even run an online business from her couch, what can she do? I’ll tell you, it is sit on her couch and rant for the camera. If not MTV’s it is her own posted to social media.

        Many wealthy folks work their asses off to earn their wealth. Sure there are thieves everywhere, but you are the one who truly sounds “naive as hell”.

    1. Agreed.
      Dejesusgawdleah, hope he stays off social media.

      And keeps his son safe, he has no need to reply on SM, the audios were enough, to prove that amber, is a crazy azz bish.

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Since she has a diagnosed mental illness she is more than likely protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This may have tied Mtvs hands as far as terminating her.

  10. Andrew, again, stay off social media. No attorney would agree with what your doing.

    Gary, again, don’t associate with Andrew until the case is settled.

    Your posts can be used against you. Even who you are pictured with can be used against you. This case is going to be very ugly. James and Leah are both being well cared for in their respective homes and why risk anything if a visit goes badly, or someone misinterprets a comment.

    1. Absolutely, I just have a feeling that this is the tip of the iceburg. Those recordings, as distubing as they are, are probably the tamest (I mean compared to being chased with machete). He probably has many more recordings that are much more damaging and will likely use those as evidence. This was just a taste to probably warn Amber not to try and pull anything with MTV like she did at the reunion. I honestly don’t know if Andrew would have “leaked” the recordings if Amber didn’t go on MTV at the reunion to completely deny and blame Andrew for the situation and accusing him of cheating. Plus, I have heard that MTV annd Amber are the ones who set up Andrew with this girl that Amber alleges he was cheating with. Who knows what MTV will stoop to in order to protect their “star”. And I also believe that is the real reason Andrew wants MTV and Amber to cut ties because they give her all the resources to create a false narrative all to save her ass and throw Andrew and James under the bus.MTV will gladly oblige because $$$$$. Sad situation.

    2. He’s making it easier for amber to get James back, she’s staying quiet, but he’s chatting chit all over the place, he’s finished.

      1. No she hasn’t stayed quiet. She did a rant on Instagram that technically violated their no contact order. She was directly talking to him saying how she will ruin him but kept saying I will ruin “them” not him. She is lucky he didn’t have her arrested for it.

  11. MTV used to be cool. Once they became reality show central, they lost their edge and became more of a corporate reality star churning machine. I’m glad I was able to experience it back when they actually showed music videos and VJ’s instead of these little talentless “reality celebrities”. You suck MtV! I won’t watch any of your crap ever again because I value my few remaining brain cells too much to ruin them with your filth. Goooo Andrew! You got this dude ??

    1. I totally agree! And when they have had good shows they proceed to ruin them, just like when Real World first came out it was unique and interesting and then they when the Jerry Springer route with fighting/drinking/obnoxious losers. MTV began with such promise and it has evolved into complete trash.

  12. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    He better hope she keeps working or he want be getting no money

  13. Thumbs Up to James and a Big thumbs down to MTV who promotes filming criminals for ratings. I will never watch MTV ever again. Boycotting anyone who advertises on this network

  14. I can’t believe they haven’t fired her. Amber hasn’t changed. The best she ever seemed was when she FIRST came out. She was attentive to Leah and calm. As soon as she got that first MTV check, her arrogance and laziness came back through. 17mths in GEL wasn’t enough. Send her back to try and learn again.

    1. They are filming her as much as possible because there is a good chance she’ll go back to prison. I think this is their last Big Bang with The OGs.

      1. Oh I hope so.
        She will find the prisoners, won’t take her shit and they won’t back down, or stand for her vile verbal outbursts.

    2. Honest to God, I don’t ever remember her being “attentive and calm” with Leah! She has always been a raging beast.
      I used to really pull for all these women to beat the odds. They did,financially, but at what cost?

  15. One big difference b/w Amber and Janelle’s firing is Amber doesn’t have custody of her kids and Andrew left. If Andrew was still with her and she was around James, MTV would look even worse for filming her. If janelle left lurch immediately she wouldn’t have been fired. Difference I guess is who’s in the household/together. If teen mom is endangering children, like janelle, then no filming. With Amber they are filming her alone, the aftermath. The abuse is in the past.

  16. I’m by no means a fan of Amber, but Andrew you are getting to be a bit much. You got yourself and kid away from the abuse, got full custody, seeking child support, trying to move kid across the country away from his sister AND you are whining she didn’t get fired? Count your blessing and shut up. She wouldn’t be able to pay said child support w/o this “job.”

    1. Jenelle, put her kids at risk for years, before she was fired, jenelle also never paid barb child support for jace( whilst Earning mega bucks,)

  17. Ask the judge for a gag order. Her story line immediately dries up since she doesn’t have Leah or James. MTV can’t hold an audience to a woman that doesn’t leave the couch. ?‍♀️

  18. I question what show some of these commenters are watching?! People still blaming Andrew for Ambien’s actions need to take a seat. He has every right to be angry with MTV. As do Backdoor, the Chin, and Rhine. They were all let go for far less than the things Ambien has done. Even IF Andrew “pressed her buttons” Ambien is a grown-ass extremely wealthy woman with free will. She is not a child or a helpless delicate flower. She is a mother of two and needs to grow up and start acting like it. Mental illness is no joke, but most people don’t use it as an excuse for their abusive and selfish behaviour, they do whatever they must to be healthy for themselves and their loved ones. A mature mother in her position would stop filming all together to do the hard work it will take for her to address her issues, but she won’t because she’s fame and money hungry. Ambien has never done anything that wasn’t 100% self-serving, so unless there’s a big benefit for her getting healthy, chances are she’ll only put in the bare minimum amount of effort it will take for her to be allowed to see her children occasionally.

    1. Amen ☝️??. And she’s admitted several times on the show that she doesn’t take her bi-polar meds as prescribed! I take Ambien every nite…it DOES NOT make you act like that…as a matter of fact, it does the complete opposite!

    2. Andrew absolutely has every right to be angry at MTV. But that doesn’t give him an excuse to post about it on social media like a 14 year old girl. Adults, and especially adults that have children with their ex, do not go online and blast their ex. They focus on their child and don’t feed into further drama.

      Being abused doesn’t give anyone a license to say nasty things about the parent of their child online. It just proves immaturity and the inability to actually put their child first.

  19. Seems to me, he has done nothing but use her. Probably why he hooked up with her in the first place. Yes he leaked the tapes, but from what I could piece together she wasn’t aware plus who really knows how many buttons he pushed to cause this.

  20. It’s called reality tv. Amber definately needs to be on the right meds. And I am sorry but I think Andrew knew what he was getting himself into just like Matt did. MTV should make sure she is getting the help she needs otherwise no filming. There are alot of people with mental health issues in this world and maybe they can view this and realize they need help as well. MTV don’t sugar coat this incident. MTV has made $$$ money off these girls, it’s time to step up and help her heal.

  21. I think this just proves there is so much more to all this than what he is trying to say. I do not feel a bit sorry for him & his pitiful attempts to ruin her life. HE was the one who leaked the audio clips ( that he also had full control of ) HE was the one that stayed in a relationship where “he was being abused” ? HE has always been the one who has went on social media & tried to use it against her. She shouldn’t have hit him, no..but he’s no innocent victim like he’s trying to portray himself. Everyone is so quick to throw blame st her when were only getting one side to this whole thing. I don’t think he’s ever put hands on her but I also don’t for a moment believe he is without blame in any of this either. Everyone knows who amber is, everyone knows she is crazy it can’t be some big shocker when she acts crazy. He knew who and what she was. This whole thing is stupid. She had this “job” before he came into the picture she’s one of the original girls..they are not going to just let her go.

    1. That is because no one cares about the other side. She verbally and physically abused him and her son. I don’t care one bit what he did because that is NEVER okay. We saw her do it to Gary too and Matt has said she did it to him. Why are you defending a person that is clearly abusive? She is a sociopath clearly. Have you seen her Instagram rants? Come on now!

  22. What’s off is both of them.

    No one in their right mind would marry that nutcase Amber. If half of what was shown on TV is how she really acts, you can only imagine he has been abused for a long time. I don’t think he’s smart enough to ‘plan’ something. He’s a person with mental health issues too, just not as bad as Amber. This is how nutjobs act. They bring out their machetes…they record each other…they lay around on the couch and in bed doing nothing with the money being thrown at them. Normal people, like Gary, as others have mentioned, put the money to use, get off the couch, and do things with their lives.

    Andrew stayed home because that poor baby needed someone and Amber wasn’t going to do it because she never did it before! Just like Gary. I think he recorded her yelling and screaming because he knew that he needed ammunition because she’s a psycho who will say or do anything to act like a victim. And as we can see, MTV will back her up because she’s enough of a nutjob to bring in viewers, but hasn’t killed anything yet or talked negatively about gay people like that dope in the woods did. He was fired because he talked poorly about gays. Junelle was fired because she lied and condoned the killing of a pet in front of children.

    Amber hasn’t done either of those…yet. Just wait…

    I don’t think Andrew had any ‘plan’ to fool Amber about anything. That’s paranoid ramblings of a paranoid woman who is drugged or drunk most of the time and her idiot brother who depends on the money flowing in…

    These shows are no longer what they were. I’ve stopped watching. The fact they run to Amber’s location to film the reunion, but don’t contact Andrew says a lot…that MTV is just about creating a ‘script’ they hope will bring in viewers. Too bad they don’t realize they are turning a lot of people off.

    1. I will never watch the show again. I have zero interest in listening to that awful woman smear all the men she has abused over the years. MTV is giving her a platform to continue to abuse her victim. The fact people defend her is too much. We saw her hit Gary, the police charged her with abusing Andrew which means there was evidence, so why are some people questioning it? The tapes just added evidence. MTV knew what Amber did to Andrew in the car that day but did and said nothing. I have watched the show since the beginning but now I am deleting all Teen Mom from my DVR.

  23. There are four stages that women who develop battered woman syndrome typically go through:
    1.Denial: The woman is unable to accept that she’s being abused, or she justifies it as “just being that once.”
    2.Guilt: She believes she has caused the abuse.
    3.Enlightenment: In this phase, she realizes that she didn’t deserve the abuse and acknowledges that her partner has an abusive personality.
    4.Responsibility: She accepts that only the abuser holds responsibility. In many cases, this is when she’ll try to escape the relationship.

    Some women in abusive relationships never make it past the first 2 or 3 stages, as domestic violence can be fatal.

    Bro is a text book battered wife. Hang in there young lady, I mean dude. MTV is not coming to the rescue.

  24. If Amber isn’t going to be fired for her horrible actions – WHICH SHE SHOULD BE – hopefully at least Andrew will get buckets of child support.

  25. Amber should be able to keep her job. She had it before he came along and she has issues that she is trying to get help for. He knew all along he was going to set her up to get money from her. What a shame. Hes not innocent in all this at all.

    1. That is bullshit Sharon! She is NOT trying to get help because she doesn’t feel she has a problem. She is trying to avoid jail. Follow the story!!!

    2. I do think Andrew is innocent in all of this. Quit with the victim blaming. Amber is not seeking actual help. She cries and cries about how untreatable she is. There are specific therapies that treat BPD and many meds for BP2. She had said on camera that she skips her meds to drink…unacceptable! Meds don’t work if you skip. Getting better takes a lot of time and effort. She wants to sit around feeling sorry for herself instead of admitting she’s an entitled, abuse,bitch. Terrible mother too.

  26. Look, abuse is never okay in any form. But Andrew sure seems to have some kind of hidden agenda. It’s all just disturbing and unsettling and poor baby James is just a pawn.

  27. If I were Andrew I would try to lay low and not stay on social media. And if he gets full custody of James he will get big bucks in child support is she keeps working for MTV. I’m totally on Andrew’s side, I just hope he doesn’t let his need for revenge start making him look petty. He could lose some supporters that way.

    1. Are you kidding, so let’s keep filming an abuser and hey Andrew can make big bucks off the abuse… How old are you> I bet not old enough.

  28. This whole franchise is deplorable, and the profiteers are shareholders, producers and “stars”. Do kids have $$ put into trust accounts? All “stars” are indefensible.

  29. I do not support Amber in any way. But Andrew really is making it impossible to be sympathetic. Look at Gary – he also was abused by Amber. And what did he do? He focused on his child, stayed out of the media, found a woman to help parent his child, and made every effort to allow Leah to see her mother.

    Gary never badmouthed Amber on social media or to his daughter. He let Amber’s actions speak for themselves. He took the high road. And what does he have to show for it? A kind, beautiful wife and mother to his children. A job he worked hard to get and genuinely enjoys. Several rental properties he invested in with his MTV money to provide for his family (rather than spend it on a new luxury car every 6 months and the current dick she’s riding like Amber). A daughter that is a top of her class student, respectful and an all around good kid.

    Gary is one of the few genuinely good people and good parents on the show (Corey is the other example that comes to mind immediately). It’s because he took the high road. Andrew could learn some lessons from him. Keep your mouth shut and let Amber’s actions speak for themselves. Gary did, and look what happened. He came out leaps and bounds ahead of pretty much everyone else on this shit show.

    I can’t sympathize very easily with someone that rants on social media like a 14 year old. Put your damn phone away and concentrate on your son. Andrew does not deserve abuse. He should have custody of that child. But he also needs to learn to leave well be and focus on his family.

  30. I’m not going to watch the show anymore. It’s disgusting how some of these girls act. MTV just supports it. Besides, it’s getting boring they haven’t been teenagers for years. They just show footage of how they live with all that money.

  31. Ok I’m totally on Andrews side but he needs to keep his mouth closed. I feel like he is trying to get revenge. I don’t condone anything amber has done but he needs to let this one do its thing on its own. He only makes himself look bad when he bashes Amber. He should take the high road. Hopefully the law will do its job.

      1. I’m not usually for “bashing” people with words or hands. BUT, my ex was abusive to me throughout our relationship, we had kids, so I felt stuck there. Once I was out of it, believe me, he deserved every bad word I said about him. (I never said anything to the kids, though, they don’t need that burden)

    1. Yes. I’m on Andrews side as well but I think he needs to chill for now and be the bigger person here. He might not be doing himself any favors. I don’t want to see him lose everything to that bitch over a few messages like that.

  32. Andrew just described most of the teen mom cast.
    Get knocked up as a teen Win A Job
    Have multiple kids out of wedlock Win A Job
    Have mental issues Win A Job
    Never ever mature Win A Job

  33. I know this is not popular but Andrew wants Amber fired so she can’t afford an attorney so she can’t afford to defend herself and expose Andrew and how he set out to trap her from the very beginning. She is responsible for her actions and he is responsible for his. He has a past as well. If Amber’s can be used against her, his can be used against him. There is something off about this whole thing including the recordings. How many people think to record a “heated” argument” unless they knew it was going to happen because they set it up and antagonized someone to make sure pushed them over the edge and baited them to the point they directed their conversation and were ready to record them? We are dealing with someone who is older and an experienced media manipulater – he was a camera and audio man. He knew what he was doing. Amber is not experienced with men. Period. She had no idea when she is being played. Look at her past track record. I know people are going to get mad at me and get all defensive on behalf of Andrew. I will not argue with anyone because I don’t think I can change anyone’s mind and no one can change mine. I don’t believe Amber is all at fault here. Andrew set her up to take a huge fall and she walked rigjt off the damn plank into the ocean full of circling sharks. Andrew deserves to be in that ocean right there with her.

    1. Hi, Bubby! ACTUALLY it is in Andrew’s best interests to keep Amber raking in the dough so he can collect A BUCKET OF CHILD SUPPORT. Child support is based on each partners’ income. She will have to pay out the nose. So, if he is nefarious as you claim, he is a dumbass for cutting off his Benjamins. Perhaps, just perhaps, he is a battered man with a battered son who wants a little justice. Hmmmmm

  34. I hope the judge protects the kids relationship and arranges weekly visits with each other.

    That’s a disgusting amount of time for the kids not to see each other.

    If Andrew put in as much time and energy into protecting the kids relationship as he did in spewing/leaking on social media then there wouldn’t be the huge gap.

    1. Why? She’s a good mom and she loves her kids.
      She hasn’t been given a chance to show that she’s s good mother.

  35. All this bullshit just reminds me of Jack Black’s The Man speech in School of Rock.

    “Here’s a lesson – give up! Just quit! Cos in this life you can’t win. Yeah you can try, but in the end you’re just gonna lose big time, because the world is run by The Man… and there used to be a way to stick it to the man, it was called rock and roll, but oh no! The Man ruined that too with a little thing called MTV!!”

  36. So she kicks her first child Leah to the curb and she is rewared with a 6 figure paycheck. Then she attacks James while holding baby James and she is rewarded with a raise? Dont worry James Sr. No one will be watching. MTV is gonna eat this show because they are clearing out the audience faster than if you passed shiart in math class

  37. Shame on MTV for their willingness to keep filming with this abusive, self-righteous, and condescending sociopath. Amber’s behavior can no longer be ignored or explained away, yet MTV is making the conscious decision to keep her on their payroll? That is wrong on so many levels. Hopefully her big paycheck will equal a big child-support payment to both Gary and Andrew. AKA the abuse victims responsible enough to raise the kids that Amber chooses not to.

  38. Now she can pay him big bucks in child support. I hope he gets to keep the baby. She doesn’t even need to be around them unsupervised. I bet the dog murderer child abuser monsters are mad! No animals were hurt in the making of this.

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