A Suicide Threat, A Shoe & A Machete: Inside the Terrifying Night Amber Portwood Was Arrested for Domestic Battery Against Andrew Glennon (EXCLUSIVE)

Teen Mom OG fans just learned that Amber Portwood has been charged with three felonies: “Domestic Battery”, “Domestic Battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old,” and “Criminal Recklessness Committed with a Deadly Weapon”…but The Ashley has learned that a shoe is not the only weapon Amber allegedly threatened her boyfriend Andrew Glennon with on the night of July 5.

And, what’s more, the night was much more terrifying than the original report stated, according to a source close to the criminal investigation, who gave The Ashley an exclusive peak at the scary Affidavit for Probable Cause filed on Tuesday in Indiana.

The Ashley obtained the full documents from her inside court source, and she can reveal how the night that ended with Amber going to jail unfolded.

Amber and Andrew had intended to take their son to see the 4th of July fireworks at the Geist Bridge near their home, but Andrew told police that the roads were crowded and they were unable to get through traffic to get to the bridge.

“Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood made him feel like he ‘dropped the ball’ on plans to see fireworks because the roads were blocked….Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood then bashed his character,” the affidavit states.

Andrew said he then dropped Amber off and drove around with Baby James for a while so Amber could “cool off.” He called the traffic helpline and found out that the roads to see the fireworks would reopen in 30 minutes.

Andrew returned home and found that Amber had locked the door, according to the affidavit. She eventually let him into the house and that’s when things allegedly went from bad to downright frightening.

“Mr. Glennon stated when he got inside the home, Ms. Portwood grabbed a shoe off the shoe rack and hit him with it. Mr. Glennon stated he was holding [the baby] and he turned to the side to avoid [the baby] getting hit with the shoe,” the affidavit states. “Mr. Glennon stated he then left [the house] again with [the baby].”

While on the road, Andrew said he kept calling Amber “to gauge where she was at mentally and if things had cooled down.” He claimed he drove around with the baby in the car for three hours, “got her a gift and brought her food.”

When Andrew got back to the house, he states that “he went upstairs and Ms. Portwood was coming at him like she was going to hit him,” the affidavit states. “Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood told him to put [the baby] down. Mr. Glennon stated [the baby] was crying and upset and he was not going to put him down.

“Mr. Glennon became visibly upset and stated Ms. Portwood then threatened to kill herself,” the affidavit states. “Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood went to her drawer and took a handful of Klonopin and tossed it back like it was nothing.”

When Andrew told Amber he was calling for help, he says Amber then regurgitated the pills.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the night of terror, according to Andrew’s account.

“Mr. Glennon stated Ms. Portwood picked up a machete towards him and [the baby]. Mr. Glennon stated he locked himself and [the baby] into the office,” it states. “Mr. Glennon stated she hit the door with the machete and kicked the door and broke the handle. Mr. Glennon stated that is when he called for help.”

It was previously reported that Andrew texted Indiana’s 911 system and claimed he feared for his life, as well as his son’s.

Once officers arrived, the affidavit states that the officers had to call for backup because Amber “started yelling at the officer.”

Amber and Andrew both reportedly gave their accounts of what had happened, and Andrew stated that Amber denied the alleged incidents with the pills and machete but admitted to hitting him while he was holding the baby, and that is what she was arrested for.

Amber’s newest mug…

Andrew told police that Amber had the machete for protection, since she is unable to own a firearm because she is a convicted felon.

In the account Andrew gave to Indiana Detective Linda White on Tuesday, Andrew stated that when he came into the house (the first time), “Amber began screaming at him and hit him several times and he wasn’t positive if it was an open hand or closed fist.

“Then Amber picked up up a sandal with about a 1-inch chunky heel and hit him in the shoulder, causing him pain and redness and a light abrasion.”

He told the Detective about the machete as well.

“She keeps a machete with a sheath on it,” the affidavit states. “Amber picked up the machete, took the sheath off and looked at Andrew with a look so as she was moving around the bed, he took [the baby] into the office and closed the door and put his foot on it to hold it closed.

“Andrew said Amber kicked the door allowing the top to pop open from the kick but he kept his foot at the bottom…Amber then used the machete and began using it to put slashes on the door.

Amber was arrested that morning, booked into Marion County Jail, where she stayed until the next afternoon. She was bailed out by a non-related female. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Andrew filed for full custody of their son James on Tuesday.

The Ashley’s source tells her “Amber is in big trouble. She has three felony charges from this incident already and it is likely not over yet.” 

UPDATE 2: Amber appeared in court on Wednesday and has been ordered to stay away from Andrew and their son James. Click here to read the latest court details.

(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Marion County) 



  1. First of all, why is Amber taking benzodiazepines? She is a recovering drug addict, and benzo’s are NOT an appropriate prescription for someone who has a substance-abuse issues. My guess is that she is receiving that prescription from a Dr who is unaware of her other issues. I know these things firsthand, because I am a recovering addict myself, 4 years this August. Klonopin is in the same class as Xanax, and although it is a bit weaker, it is longer lasting, and it is just as addictive and dangerous. Amber clearly has serious mental health issues, and is obviously not on the right drug regimen. Sounds like it’s probably the benzo that she has no problem taking, but refuses to take actual medication that will help her, but doesn’t get her high. That’s very normal for a recovering addict, they don’t really want to take the drugs that will actually help the imbalances in their brain but there is no “high”.

    I hope The judge makes her go to rehab this time. I am aware that she chose jail over rehab last time. Yet another poor choice. Jails are FULL of drugs, and she knew it. She needs more than 30 days as well. She needs the 90 days, followed by sober living. Extreme? Absolutely not. That’s usually the only way it works. 30’day stints are a joke.

    I believe this story 100%. What I CAN’T believe,is that they would have a damn **machete** anywhere in their home, especially considering her mental issues. I always thought that her having another baby was a terrible idea. There’s always adoption etc. You can tell that she is not really the mothering type, period. Having a “do over baby” similar to Ryan and McKenzie and Jenelle and David, is another poor choice. I hope that Andrew does retain full custody until Amber gets her head together.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    What Amber did was inexcusable! But mental health is a real thing… the best thing is for her to go inpatient @least 6-9 months and really get down to the root of her problems. Jail is not therapy! I love those 2 together and baby James! But she can’t be around him right now! I just hope she doesn’t take her own life. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. She also needs to be going to meetings! I wish her nothing but the best… she can get through this too… if she puts the work in

  3. Andrew seems like a fucking weirdo. If he was so afraid of her, why come home? Also, bring her food and a gift? It sounds to me like he was trying to push her buttons. Even the way this is written it sounds like parts are made up and exaggerated by him. Amber’s worst problem is her choice in men.

  4. I really really think thid is the nail in the coffin for Teen MOM. They should cancel ALL variations..

  5. She doesn’t deserve her kids. Sorry.. Fuck that…Charging at your bf while he has your kid in his hands? Up yours Amber.

    If you have mental issues then DO something about it but she is too lazy to do something. Just runs her big mouth.I am certain that Andrew probably takes care of James and Amber just bitches about her life in bed or om the couch.

    Also. AM I THE ONLY ONE that thinks Matt is laughing his ass off right now?

  6. Guarantee it was one of her producers that bailed her out, and THANK GOD she can’t/doesn’t have a firearm. What a shit show… Run Andrew Run

  7. I am now officially convinced Stephen King is on the writing staff for teen mom. Lets all think about this… between Davids beard, his entire demeanor, abusing children, murdering animals and overall animal cruelty, THE LAND, amber with a machete breaking down doors! Its like Cujo, Pet Cemetery, and The Shining all rolled into one!

  8. Why is it when a woman is abusive to a man it’s always awww poor girl needs meds but when a man hits a woman everyone is lock him up it’s a double standard this girl could have killed Andrew and all I read about is poor amber needs meds how about a good taste of her own medicine in jail bet she won’t be so bad ass then it’s sick mtv needs to fire her ASAP

    1. well, you asked an obvious question: men are usually a lot bigger and stronger than women so they do more damage. men are much more likely to murder their romantic partners than vice versa statistically.

      I’m not hearing poor Amber anywhere about this. people believe Andrew, and want Amber in jail.

  9. She actually doesn’t look at all “deranged” in the picture considering all that had gone on. Perhaps you love your mug shot but most people don’t. It’s a sad enough story without adding made up drama. Get a grip.

  10. Where’s HANNAH (more like Amber… Hamber?) from the comments in last post👀? I’m dying to hear how she tries to justify and defend her(self) now.🤣😂

    1. I’ve apologized (or tried to) already for my actions and my words. Could you please lighten up!!! I was wrong, I get it (and admit it)!!! This is NOT Amber!!!!!

    2. I’ve apologized (or at least tried to) for my actions and my words!!! I was wrong, I get (and admit it)!! And this I assure you is NOT Amber!!!!

    1. She actually doesn’t look at all “deranged” in the picture considering all that had gone on. Perhaps you love your mug shot but most people don’t. It’s a sad enough story without adding made up drama. Get a grip.

      1. Unlike amber I do not and never have broken the law.

        And how am I making up drama? I’m just stating an opinion

  11. Amber is nasty trash and no amount of MTV money will change that. Her nasty ass belongs in a 6×6 cell. PERIOD.

  12. Where is MTV? They need to fire her. No one cares what her excuse may be this time. If the details are true and she took after Andrew and James with a machete MTV needs to publicly condemn her violent actions and terminate her contract. Period.

  13. Karma Karma Karma.
    Like she just dogged Jenelle Evans for her husband and BAM….she is obviously no better at all she seems to think that she’s so much better and her behavior has gotten better and look at how she behaves she clearly has not changed one bit and is clearly just pretending for the cameras….everybody’s true colors will eventually show and boy have they. Amber needs to loose this man he is way to good for her and I have no idea why he would go so low to be with trash like her. I bet his family is relived he is over her.

  14. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Karma Karma Karma.
    Like she just dogged Jenelle Evans for her husband and BAM….she is obviously no better at all she seems to think that she’s so much better and her behavior has gotten better and look at how she behaves she clearly has not changed one bit and is clearly just pretending for the cameras….everybody’s true colors will eventually show and boy have they. Amber needs to loose this man he is way to good for her and I have no idea why he would go so low to be with trash like her. I bet his family is relived he is over her.

    1. How does amber go after David for being an abusive lunatic, when she is no better herself!? Well, I wouldn’t know, because after all, I am not in the “industry” as amber is! 🤣

  15. No, Amber doesn’t need more therapy or in patient treatment. She needs prison. Some people need prison to stabilize themselves. NOTHING, else works. I see so much hatred towards Janelle but I see Amber just as evil. This incident could of ended with the death of her baby or Andrew.

  16. I don’t feel any more sorry for him than I would for JE. He knew what he was getting in to with her and he did it anyway. I feel sorry for the baby but that’s about it. These two grown ass clowns get none of my sympathy.

  17. Does anyone remember when she had that altercation with Gary, she had lost a ton of weight? Obvi on drugs, but this time it must be… different drugs? Hmm. Also, just a thought- What if the unrelated female was Kristina?? Or Cate, or Maci?? So mysterious. On recent episodes, it’s easy to tell she was losing patience and interest in Andrew. So this is how it ends. I guess she decided to make her own fireworks.

    1. I was thinking that it was her mom or cousin Crystal. I don’t think any of the other girls would make the trip. As for Gray’s wife, I don’t think she would either now that she’s a cop’s wife. That would make Gary look badly.

        1. A little off the Amber topic, but did you see the recent one where Rhine was calling from gel and he said very little other than he was ‘tired as F—?’ Like, what do you have to be tired from?!?!? Not parenting or adulting!

        2. This is also off the Amber topic, but does anyone think Nova is spoiled and needs an attitude adjustment?? I’m not suggesting throwing a shoe at her or trying to come at her with a machete. But Cate and Tyler need to be firmer with her and let her know that not everything is about her (nor is she the center of the universe)!! She needs to realize that life isn’t exactly fair, because if she isn’t “set straight” she will grow up to be another “trouble child”.

    2. Love ur user name. I was thinking the same thing about her weight. Back then she wasn’t in osych meds which sometimes makes u gain weight or hard to lose it. Also how can she lose weight when all she does is Kay in bed & eat good that Andrew brought her?

      1. @Liz, Thank you!
        Yeah, it’s hard to guess what she’s up to. But I think we can all agree, it’s not amazing choices.

  18. Amber needs to get serious about her addiction issues, before she can ever get mentally stable! She ‘uses’ her mental illness to excuse her actions and behavior, and to manipulate the people in her life! She ‘plays’ with her medications, as she chooses. SHE IS AN ALCOHOLIC AND DRUG ADDICT, first and foremost. Until she gets honest with that, her mental illness will not get a accurate diagnosis, or proper treatment. Amber, without her mental illness is still a nasty, mean person “wanna be gangsta”, bragging about being in prison!

  19. Ambien needs a serious stay at an in-patient mental health facility. Considering she is a threat to herself and others, I don’t know why this hasn’t already occurred. She very clearly doesn’t take her mental health seriously as she consciously chooses to consume alcohol rather than take her meds as prescribed (she was supposedly “sober” but knocking back booze even while with Matt), she continues to physically abuse the men stupid enough to procreate with her and she very clearly is unhinged.

    I hope Gary and Kristina terminate any contact Amber may have with Leah until she gets her crap together, though it seems that unless it’s for the cameras, Amber could clearly give two craps about “Bew-Bew”.

    Hopefully, Hodor has learned how important condoms are, though considering her met her while ALL her crazy was on full display for Marriage Boot Camp and still tapped that ass sans rubber shows just how smart this guy is. Good luck with these 2 as parents James, you’ll need it.

    1. I realize you probably have very little education and none in psychology so I’ll excuse your ignorance about Mental illness. Amber is a sick woman with several serious mental illnesses, none of which she asked for. She needs very serious treatment. You can pick up the tab if you want to stick her in prison but I’m not chipping in. Prison will do nothing to address her issues and only make them worse and then subsequently for her child.
      She’s not, “evil”, that’s just some teenage childish drama queen bs. Get out of your butt and crack a book if you want to learn about the real “evil” people in the world not this very sick woman.

      1. Bullcrap, on everything you said.

        First, for someone seemingly so enlightened, you’re ignorant AF when it comes to me (or that of anyone else posting here), my (our) education, or my (our) experience with mental illness, so please, have many seats.

        Second, while I think that she legitimately suffers with mental illness, that DOES NOT excuse her behavior, past, present or future. She is well aware of the fact that she NEEDS medication and therapy and she CHOOSES to often go without either, even being stupid enough to forego taking BIRTH CONTROL mere MONTHS after having a baby with a guy she met while having a mental episode and relapse. Brilliant.

        Third, No one said she’s evil, at least, I didn’t, but she is a bad parent and these are choices she has made. If she’s so ill that she doesn’t know that swinging a phucking machete at a door her baby is behind is insane, she should be institutionalized, for not only the safety of others, but for herself.

        Fourth, I never said she belongs in prison, but while on the subject, she is a felon who just committed more felonies. I think she deserves more than a med adjustment and some couch time. Please tell us how you think being in prison is going to affect her child more than her mother OD’ing on klonopin or bashing daddy’s head in while he is holding him?


  20. Makes no sense that he had “light abrasion and redness” 3 hours AFTER he got hit with a shoe?! I don’t know, I feel like Andrew was already over Amber because she didn’t “fit in” to the lifestyle and background that Andrew is from. And by that I mean he tends to hold himself at a more “presentable sophisticated” level and she well she isn’t the type to hold back on or censor her language (in which she’s ever tried to hide who she is). I hope her happiness and hopefully she will show everyone how great of a heart she really has and what a great mom she can be…

    1. People have been killed by shoes. Had she used a stilleto she could have easily punctured his neck and possibly killed him. It is no joke. She hit him with a hard chunky heel, how would it NOT be red a few hours later? Pretty sure everyone, even Andrew, knew how trashy she was and clearly still is. Like you said, she doesn’t even try to hide it.

    2. Did you miss the machete part? What is wrong with you people justifying her actions. Him leaving her isn’t a bad thing if he wasn’t happy. In no way does that give her the right to attack him. BTW, this is her SECOND offense. She IS NOT a victim for god sakes.

  21. Now I’m convinced she belongs in a mental institution (along with David)! That’s not normal what she did especially considering he was holding her child! What if she hit the baby?! I’m sorry but if all of this is true, this kid deserves to be with his father and Amber deserves to lose (again!) custody of her child. Unfortunately after she undoubtedly spends time in prison, she will find another guy who will be ready to knock her up!

  22. Amber is definitely wrong, but she needs to be in a mental health facility. How is jail going to help her??? But I completely agree that Andrew needs full custody of the baby.

  23. I can’t own a firearm so I will buy a machete instead “for protection” said no sane person ever.

  24. Mental illness is no joke. U don’t just take a pill and everything is hunky dory. Talk therapy is crucial to get at the issues that r causing the depression anxiety etc. Bi polar, borderline personality etc need ongoing medication management & intensive therapy. Also what works for 1 person won’t necessarily work for another

    1. Mentally ill people still need to be held accountable for violent behavior. It’s not an excuse. The majority of people with mental illness do not commit violent acts.

      1. Absolutely. As a commenter posted people struggling w/ mental issues r no more violent prone then people w/ out. I’ve said b4 that adults should stop using their mental illness, horrible childhood, crappy partners as an excuse fir bad behaviour. Have issues ? Figure it out somehow & move on. Love fe happens. Can’t change the past. Live for the present & future

  25. I wonder what her thought process was as she wields a machete. At a door. As her baby is likely screaming on the other side. All these teen moms are the same. They are mentally ill brats. They not only throw huge ridiculous temper tantrums- but they go nuclear with weapons as the go to. If Amber was able to have a gun- she would have been using that. Instead of jail or rehab she should have to go to the Land. There’s a good show MTV. Send all the teen mom brats to The Land to duke it out and try to survive the Easons. That would be ultimate punishment.

    1. “Hunting Teen Mom”. Let the moms loose in the forest while David hunts them down using his guns and his “fightin ‘ words”

    2. Just a thought so don’t get pissed. Maybe he was telling her he was taking James and going to get full custody of him because she’s a physco bitch and Ben in gel ect ect.
      And she was like no way Mother F…. I’m going to chop down that door and get my baby… This could be Ambers brain thoughts?

      1. Spelling Sorry! And I was wonder if this is the big story her brother is talking about. Because he was Planning to move to California from his IG.
        Don’t know if Amber was included in that move or not someone found it on IG.

        1. Her brother always came off to me as a real @sshole. He seemed to love to brag about his military experience. And, yes, I served in the Army and did 2 tours.

        2. I get what your saying a d probably is true. However, still doesn’t justify her actions. She simply could have dealt with in court. Not slanging machetes and shoes.

    3. How did he not know if she punched him or slapped him….kinda weird and if she hit him several times his face wouldve been red. Dont make sense.

  26. Who would have known when they got together it wouldn’t have ended well?

    I’m willing to bet Andrew knew and wanted in on that Teen mom money, got her pregnant then started to push her buttons until she snapped, not he’s got baby payday . Matt he gold digger he was wasn’t smart enough to get her pregnant.

    1. Amber physically abuses every boyfriend she has. At some point, she needs to take responsibility and try to overcome her demons. I doubt Andrew is 100% innocent, but Amber is unhinged right now. She needs professional ongoing help.

        1. I agree. She needs something, she could of killed her own baby. I highly doubt she is having professional ongoing help. She went to a therapist once on tv, but is she actually seeing someone weekly, taking her meds, following the steps of being a recovering addict?! (I don’t think she is even sober anyway)

          If she can’t do any of this, then she absolutely needs prison. She’s totally unhinged right now. Its terrifying.

  27. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Sad… Just non excusable.

    1. its really crazy how many domestic abuse happens on the 4th of july, memorial day and labor day because summer and alcohol do not mix well

  28. I see horse therapy summer camp in her future.
    Sad situation. Glad Andrew and the baby are ok.

  29. Yes. Andrew def knew what he was getting himself into. Maybe he was thinking with another part if the anatomy that men use instead of their brains. Hopefully it was good because I don’t think it was worth it. He got a son yes but oh boy having to deal w/ the baby mama fir the next 17 years? Wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    1. Yeah, I think Andrew was just planning on hitting it and quitting it. He wasn’t expecting to knock her up.

  30. Amber has become the FYRE festival of the Teen Mon franchise. She doesn’t need medical help, I’m pretty sure that was a big part of the situation we are in now. No, she needs to be culled from society and delivered straight into ass rape prison. She can let her system heal itself from all the drugs, take accountability for her actions, and finally admit she is a homosexual. Then, and only then, she will may turn into a decent person. You got to be true to yourself, and down deep you all know I’m right. Old Uncle Nibs is deep AF.

  31. I have terrible anxiety. The doctor prescribed me meds that are basically the same as allergy meds (over-the-counter allergy med, I can’t think of the name). I was on Ativan after I almost died from a surgery and obviously it traumatized me for a while afterwards. They were super reluctant to even prescribe me that, bc it can be addicting. I only took it when my anxiety would hit and I was shaking and having attacks and panic attacks. I never abused it. They switched me to something different bc they can’t/shouldn’t keep someone on Ativan for a long period of time. (Which btw worked wonders and helped me.) I was fine with switching meds tho. I did ask my doctor years ago about Klonopin, bc my friend took it and swore by it. He literally laughed in my face and said, “I’ll tell you right now, I’m not giving you Klonopin, so get that out of your head.” I felt like a dumb ass. I didn’t know anything about it. Only that my friend said it would work bc my anxiety was so bad. So, how the hell is she getting Klonopin with a past drug abuse history???? I am clean as a whistle, and never have abused any meds or even done drugs, and I was laughed at and told, “hell no!” Ironic enough, this old friend was a nut job, and had her husband arrested, claiming he pulled her earring out in an argument in front of their child, and he was arrested with a felony. Bc their child was in the room connected to where they were arguing at. Indiana too.

    1. You just had a doctor that looking after himself and afraid to prescribe. I have taken klonopin off and on for years. It helps for my anxiety when nothing else did. I never abuse it and I have an extensive drug and alcohol history.

  32. Amber has been seriously mentally ill for a long time. She should be evaluated thoroughly. Prison and hospital both should be part of her future. I hope Gary takes note and does not allow Leah any time with Amber that ia not in his presence.

    1. I so agree, and she needs to stay in a mental institution for a while too, not a rehab (which she also probably needs). I’m currently learning about Mental disorders and what not and I was just mouth open reading this whole article. I pray that she gets the help that is needed either before she goes to jail, in jail, or after she gets out. Because lets face it, she IS going to jail again.

      1. Makes no sense that he had “light abrasion and redness” 3 hours AFTER he got hit with a shoe?! I don’t know, I feel like Andrew was already over Amber because she didn’t “fit in” to the lifestyle and background that Andrew is from. And by that I mean he tends to hold himself at a more “presentable sophisticated” level and she well she isn’t the type to hold back on or censor her language (in which she’s ever tried to hide who she is). I hope her happiness and hopefully she will show everyone how great of a heart she really has and what a great mom she can be…

  33. Someone has watched The Shining one too many times. Poor Andrew…he left and got her a present and food. What a sweetheart. I’m so glad he spoke up. The saddest part is Leah will not get to see her brother much anymore. Im sure Andrew will move him back to California (totally justified though!).

  34. He doesn’t deserve any of that, but he knew what he was signing up for when he got into a relationship with her. She was flipping out on every and anyone on Marriage Boot Camp while he was the camera man. He saw her psycho 1st hand, and I guess thought that he would be the one to change her?? Now that he sees that she cannot be changed, he needs to move back to Cali with James, far far away from her. The fact that she was willing to whip out a machete and threaten his life with it is terrifying. I knew this wasn’t the 1st time she’s lost it on him, and if he stays with her, it definitely won’t be the last.

  35. I just don’t understand what Andrew saw in Amber. What made him think it was a good idea to start a relationship with her on the first place? I don’t get it.

    1. Right? did he not see her losing her shit on marriage boot camp? What made him think I want to have a baby with her. Amber is very manipulative tho.

  36. Really MTV. This shit show has to stop. Is this how you want your “talent” to behave? Seriously Farrah, Jenelle and now Amber. And they all blame the show for their bad behavior. People are only watching the show now because they’re nosy and thirsty for more drama but this has got to stop. These girls need help. Not cameras in their faces. Not being made into some form of entertainment for the masses. This is real life and real lives in danger. How about taking the money you would normally pay them and use it to put all of them into some kind of therapy. It’s clear they all need it. These are not teen moms who over come adversity and teen pregnancies. Just because they’re living off big paychecks does not make their lives as teen moms successful. Every single one of them are messed up in some way. Stop exploiting them for entertainment now and help them. This is disgusting!

  37. Yeah that’s a real bullshit suicide attempt. “Oh let me wait until he comes home to swallow these pills in front of them”. If she really wanted to commit suicide, she would’ve done it while he was gone for hours! She just wants all the drama. ALL THE DRAMA!

  38. When Andrew first laid eyes on Amber on the set of Marriage Boot Camp, she was acting like a crazy unhinged lunatic, screaming at other cast members, and threatening to “ride up on their asses.” A veritable one-woman wrecking crew.

    And apparently…none of that has changed.

    Andrew, what they say is true: When someone shows you who they are, feel free to BELIEVE them. Now please take little James (who deserves absolutely NONE of this) and get this sweet, innocent child AWAY from this shoe throwing, machete wielding nightmare. This is as we all continue to pray for Leah (who’s probably reading all this and goodness only knows what’s going on in her mind right now).


  39. I seriously stopped watching the teen mom franchise after nugget and I’m
    Glad I did I can’t stomach supporting these low life’s anymore

    1. The same type of person that would call 911 on their partner 25 times in a year! These two are absolute trainwrecks!

    2. I own a machete. I use it to cut down the reeds in the ditch to clear my driveway sightlines, and to cut down the sunflowers and cornstalks in my garden in the fall.

  40. “Reality” TV or not,
    F*** all these girls for screwing up their kids childhoods! I hope they grow up and rise above all their parents’ issues unscathed!

  41. Holy fucking shit. This isn’t fun anymore. This isn’t Leah for caught on the deer cam drama. This is, if amber had access to a gun, the 3 of them would be dead drama.

    I was reading on Reddit Bubby was tweeting about how we’d all be surprised by some magic twist. I pray it won’t come out that amber is this manic because she’s pregnant and off her meds. I think she needs to be locked up for a long time. Idk if jail or psychiatric care is better – can either really help you if you don’t want to help yourself? Just …. holy fucking shit.

    1. Her brother is saying that at least some of this Andrew is lying about. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. It seems that Amber has always felt that everyone else has to walk around on egg shells around her. She plays the victim far too much. There are millions of people that have mental illness and anger issues that don’t act like her. Smh

      1. He’s lying about some of it? Which parts? Because if this is even half the truth and doesn’t look good. Her brother needs to stop defending her actions and notice his sister needs a ton of help.

  42. Why hasn’t someone put a 5150 hold on Amber? Here in Calif it’s fairly easy for cops, doctors, partners or a person w/ mental health issues to b admitted to a pysch ward if they r a danger to themselves ( multiple suicide threats like Amber) or a danger to others. ( Clearly Amber) it’s a 72:hour mandatory hold to hopefully find out what the heck is going on.

    1. It’s not the same for every state. I don’t know about Indiana, but it’s a lot harder in Alabama. My husband had a freakout and the cops could only throw him in the drunk tank for 24 hours to calm down (he wasn’t drunk, just crazy). Me and his mama tried to see if we could have him committed or something, and you have to get a lawyer to write up some sort of letter and go to court. We thought about waiting until he was in Florida (we live right on the stateline) and having him Baker Acted (at which point they can do a three day hold). So Indiana might be one of the states where it’s not quick and easy.

  43. She better get kicked off teen mom! They can’t kick one person off for bad behaviour, then not her… cos what she did was way worse than what David did (the online posts that caused him to get kicked off teen mom 2)

  44. I bet you anything those Klonopins are what she says she is “prescribed” (by her dealer) for her bpd when in actuality she probably has never gone on the actual medications for bipolar or bpd. So her “anxiety” was bad on vacay because she may have actually been smart enough to not mix her non-prescribed Klonopin with alcohol.

    I also bet that the non-related female bail poster was from MTV. And that they are going to do everything possible to try to either A) show the ship of TM going down in its full glory (🤞🏻) or B) try to convince the judge that she will be in rehab for the next 90 days.

    Andrew, get a security system with cameras mate. And change your locks. You can’t change crazy and you can’t fix stupid. So protect your child with everything you can legally, physically and you might make it through with your sweet baby somewhat unscathed.

    1. I completely agree. I no doubt suspect that it was an MTV producer or crew member that bailed her out. Once again, MTV to the rescue! They couldn’t let their prized “star” sit in gel when they have a show to put on and they could exploit the hell out of this!!! So, so shameful!!

      Oh, and I just have to say. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Amber was coming at him with a machete! A machete!!!! I know it’s a very serious and dire situation, but I couldn’t help but laugh a little as I’m picturing her going for this long machete like sword and unsheathing it as if she’s about to duel! I mean come on, clearly she’s too dangerous to possess firearms, but sure, give the mentally unstable felon a machete. What could possibly go wrong?!?

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
        My initial thought on who bailed her out was her cell mate. She and Amber seemed to have a genuine, honest, and caring relationship.
        That being said, is never put it past MTV to have bailed her out.

      2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
        Lmao to the second paragraph 🤣

  45. Well, ”Here’s Johnny” again I guess. Teen Mom sure is turning as scary as The Shining. First Jenelles merry-christmas-911-call about hiding from unhinged Lurch breaking her door, and now Amber chopping through the door with a machete!? For real?

  46. As far as I’m concerned, Amber is every bit as unhinged as David Eason. The girl needs serious help if she is going to get past her demons. She really needs to be on a psych hold until she can get herself under control. I’ve heard people bashing Andrew for calling for help, but he did the right thing. NOBODY deserves to be the victim of domestic violence. I hope for James and Leah’s sake, Amber can finally get herself straightened out, but until (and if) that happens, both Gary and Andrew need to keep those children far away from her.

    1. I think it’s interesting that somehow all of the initial reports only talked about a shoe and some scratches if this is what really happened. I feel like her team still somehow spun it for at least a little while.

  47. Unpopular Opinion: If you REMOVE Amber’s “mental illnesses”, she would simply be a dirtbag, wannabe “Gangsta”! She is PROUD of her first prison term, served! She “brags” about it, and wears it like a medal of honor!

    1. She is a low life, abusive “og” in every sense of the word. She made sure to let Andrew know all about how much of a g she was and how she “knew real g’s” all to intimidate him. Happy he came to his senses and took baby James with him.

  48. Holy shit! Jesus. That was a horrible story. What doctor is prescribing her Kolonopin anyway? She’s a recovering addict, she shouldn’t even have access to those. Damn. She’s going to lose another kid. She’ll probably be checked into rehab by the end of the week.

    1. Maybe that was her aim, she can’t handle being a full time parent. But will act like a victim who got her child taken away… but it’s just a way out of having to be responsible full time for her kids

  49. she consistently shows how aggressive and unstable she is on the show. i guess up until now he tried to have some sort of compassion for her and assumed she changed? the red flags have been there though. he seems very sweet and laid back while she verbally abuses him for not taking her side on things or not being able to make certain things happen the way she needs them to happen. she can kiss her second chance to be in Leahs life goodbye. She’ll most likely never see her son again. she belongs in a facility and should not be released. sounds harsh but this girl is a danger to herself and others. it takes an entire second for her to burst in rage. she should not have a relationship with her children until they are adults. i’m not sure how she was before becoming a mother but it certainly magnified her issues.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      She is vile! I hope Andrew and Gary never let her near those children again. What a pathetic excuse of a mother, she’s so self absorbed that she can’t even put her children’s safety before her feelings of anger that are quite clearly unwarranted! She will now blame her mental health issues, there is no excusing this behaviour, if this was a man doing this to a woman we would be locking him up and throwing away the key and I don’t see why it should be any different for Amber!

  50. Well, MTV, I hope you’re proud of the trash you’ve created!!! These fools think they are untouchable because of their “reality show” status. It’s time to give them a huge dose of reality and discontinue these teen mom shows. If anything, Amber needs to be fired or it would be so hypocritical on their part. This show doesn’t promote anything positive because it’s cast, (with the exception of a few) are just a bunch of lazy, uneducated, alcoholic, violent, child and domestic abusers. Some of whom are even murders and felons! WTF kind of message is that sending?!?!

  51. I feel so saddened that james had to see this. He probably won’t remember it but in that moment he can tell that something bad is happening. Stuff like this happens everyday with so many families it is sickening.

    It also makes me rethink about the stupid arguments my husband and I have near our daughter. They might be just back and forth arguing with a normal tone or being annoyed, but this stuff really makes you think what actions you are doing in front of your kids.

    These kinds of stories make me realize it is never worth it to be upset and to try to always better yourself. It makes me want to hug my baby with my husband and cuddle her so close.

    I’m looking at my daughter in the baby monitor thinking how bad some babies have it with their parents and family members. That even though I sometimes don’t do enough for her, that I am a million times better than most moms and I love her so much. I just wish more parents were okay in their minds to be civil with eachother, especially when there are kids involved.

    I feel like there is no coming back for amber. That andrew is not going to take this lightly. Attacking with a machete is seriously so messed up sounding. Imagine being andrew and thinking is something going to happen to me and my child tonight? Amber has psychotic behavior that is very worrisome. I think that leah is probably very saddened as well to hear what is going on with her brother, more so maybe than her own mom. At least she has gary and Kristina. They turned out fantastic. Amber needs help. She needs to be away from her children. I feel like she might end her life. Which will also be very tragic. She clearly needs psychiatric help. Much more so than before. She is completely broken.

    Wishing all families to try their hardest for eachother. Being happy with your own family has been the happiest part of my life. I feel so blessed to have my husband and daughter alongside me right now.

  52. Amber, you are PURE TRASH. Andrew is a normal (well… a normal weirdo) guy and you put him through this shit? This is more than mental health. Amber is so fucking unstable that this whole incident makes jenelle as a person (excluding the uh…. choosing abusive husband over her kids and what not lol) a damn near saint.

    You first, make your poor father of your child feel like shit over something he can’t control like being able to see fireworks. Instead of coming up with another idea or solution, you berate him like the piece of shit you are.

    Then he drops your sorry ass off at home while you had your fucking episode. Leaves for HOURS, then comes back with food and a gift for your ungrateful ass.

    How do you repay him? By drawing a weapon on him and almost hurting your baby.

    You are the most selfish person on the planet amber. Why didn’t you swallow all of your meds when he was gone? You are an attention seeking bitch. This isn’t “post partum”, this is you just showing us how garbage you are.

    Andrew, i hope you get full custody and never see ambers sorry face again.

  53. This is why Amber should not have children. She is mentally unstable, she cannot maintain sobriety let alone her mental health. Imagine if she had hurt the baby? She needs a lot of counseling and so many other things. I’m not sure why Andrew thought Amber was the best baby mama but she really needs to get her life together. I also hope MTV takes this seriously because this is the second time she was physically violent with her partner. She needs to go.

  54. Gets hit with a shoe, leaves and then comes back with a gift and food. LOOOOOOOOL. Dude is the biggest beta I’ve ever seen. Amber definitely wore the pants in that relationship.

    1. I’m not understanding, how any of this is funny? A baby was involved. It’s really not an LOL moment.

      1. Meh the baby. Read the first sentence. He gets hit with a shoe and then comes back with a gift and food. That’s definitely an LOL moment.

        1. First sentence read. Still not funny. He is in abusive relationship, I’m willing to bet , he was trying to calm the situation for his kid . So yes, Not funny. But you are entitled to your sick opinion. Good day.

    2. Please learn some compassion. This world can be a terrible place, and it’s no better with people like you.

    3. So you think the one who “wears the pants”, the male role, is the one who is violent and abusive, and to be caring and patient is to be lesser?

      Do not mistake viciousness for strength, nor kindness for weakness.

      1. If you get hit with a shoe and come back with a gift and food, that’s not being caring and patient. That’s being a little bitch.

    4. He was probably scared he awoke the kraken. I’d be scared too if that bitch was chopping down a door shining style. None of this is funny. That kid was probably terrified. What kind of a mother does that??? Someone who cant control themself but acts like everything is golden. She never fooled me for a sec. The only part I watch on teen mom is.. actually none of them, I’m good

  55. Whoa wow…. this story is so detailed it’s definitely true! She needs help ASAP! If she’s not using then her meds aren’t working. She should NOT have klonopin either! I don’t care what her reasoning is but NO doc should have EVER prescribed Kpins to her! I guess Money equals power…. thank god andrew has a wealthy family

  56. THIS is some scary crap right here!!! She doesn’t hide the fact she is mentally ill. I have some fam that does suffer from mental illness. I know that every now and then, they need to go back to the hosp and get meds readjusted. My one fam is good for almost a 2 yr cycle on his meds. Makes me wonder…🤷 I have read that she went through ppd after James was born but not clear if she got help with any of that and having a mental illness on top of it, makes it way worse. This incident seems to be a lot worse than the one with Gary holding Leah. And the difference between her and David…Amber has been diagnosed and David refuses to be diagnosed & Jenelle always drops the charges. IDK what is going on with these TM stars lately. Been watching since 16 & Prego and I gotta say…not exactly a fan of any of the abuse that has been going on!!! And some of it has been going on since day 1. Glad Leah wasn’t there for this and glad Andrew protected James, as well as himself. 😿😿😿 Anyone able to fill in my blanks on what I seem unsure of, please let me know!!

  57. Never supported her or thought she had changed. People make too many people excuses for this little gremlin like she’s gone back on drugs or she has mental health issues or it’s someone always her boyfriends fault she lashes out, buy in reality she is just a piece of shit. She is everything a domestic abuser is, angry, violent , , manipulative and beyond selfish.

  58. Wow!!!! Amber needs help. A lot of help. She needs to be locked up in a psychiatric unit and treated. She is obviously not taking her meds and if she is she isn’t doing it right.Last night’s episode showed her drinking alcohol which is a big no-no while on psychiatric meds (I’m looking at you too Catelynn.) I’m glad Andrew filed for sole custody Amber isn’t a good mother. She never was. Not even with Leah.

    1. No offense but this is the problem with America, every problem is either solved by rehab or throwing prescription meds at. Then way too many diagnoses like bipolar or personality disorder or depression every person seems to have something . You know no where in the world is like that or especially if you are a recovered drug addict you most certainly are not allowed any prescription meds.

  59. Sign me up for a date with Andrew!! Jesus Christ Amber, why are you letting him get away?! You beat the man with a shoe while he was HOLDING YOUR SON. And he takes the baby and leaves for several hours, then BRINGS YOU FOOD AND A GIFT HOME!! WTAF?! And you repay him by coming after him with a machete? Psycho!

  60. Didn’t think she was sober… someone knocking back handfuls of Klonipin is NOT sober. Anyone working on a recovery program knows that taking benzodiazepines are not conducive to staying clean. Most anxiety can be dealt with with therapy, it takes a long time but it works! I was prescribed klonipin for almost 10 years, and had my prescription cut off cold turkey when I caught drug charges. Man, that was a brutal withdrawal. But, my anxiety is actually better now not being on anything for it.

    1. I have bad anxiety to the point I pour sweat and shake! But I’ve been benzo free since 2014. It wasn’t fun but I’ve learned to deal with it and actually now I’m better with NO anxiety meds!

      1. Me too!! Proud of us!! It ain’t easy but we are no longer zombies!! I had anxiety as well,real bad! Was on paxil for 12 years but i am clean,3 years in August! I still have anxiety but knows how to deal with it! And i am me again!! Good luck!!
        Greetings from Holland!!

  61. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Sadly I’m not surprised at all. I have always heard that some people never learn from their mistakes & they usually end up spending a lot of time behind bars. Some people just can’t handle living life on the outside of jail & would rather be in in prison, and they usually end up doing great while behind bars. I wonder if Amber is like that??

  62. I am speechless. Get away from her, Andrew. Take the baby and never, ever go back. Gary should never let Leah be alone with her again. I am so sorry for Andrew, and especially baby James.

  63. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Yeah she needs no access to either of her children. She’s a recovering addict but has a klonopin script in her night table ?!?! Someone that is capable of doing this to someone while they are holding any child, let alone her own, needs a CPO filed to protect both of her kids and their dads. She’s more twisted than I ever gave her credit for.

  64. How does Amber go to jail?!David can kick in doors and threaten people with guns and not go to jail? Kill dogs, no jail. Put bruises on Kaiser, no jail. Jenelle says she got assaulted by David, no jail. Secret service goes to his house,no jail. IDFU!!!! If you are following Jenelle on instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat, UNSUBSCRIBE. If you follow her report her for spam. Do not put money in Jenelle’s pockets. UNSUBSCRIBE.

    1. And let’s not forget Jenelle chasing a man to his home and brandishing a gun on him! Still no charges there, either!?

    2. The difference is that Andrew is willing to follow through. Jenelle calls 911, but then pretends like nothing happened and everything is fine. They can try to prosecute without her cooperation, but that’s really difficult. Andrew, on the other hand, gave a truthful statement to the police and then immediately filed for full custody of his baby. Jenelle would never put her kids first.

    3. Unfortunately the biggest difference between this story and Jenelle’s is Andrew called 911, said he wanted charges pressed, then immediately took the baby and filed full custody. If Jenelle even came close to those steps, David would not be where he is. Andrew is a victim. Jenelle is just Jenelle

  65. What the fuck… Amber has turned into the female version of David. I wonder if she was sober tho…
    It’s so ironic that she acts like this “I want respect” diva with her monologues about how far she’s come… And to think she was open to the idea of having more kids with Andrew…

  66. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    OMG, I’m shocked!! Please get help, Amber. Andrew should get custody and take the baby back to California.

  67. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I think I read she is bipolar. I wonder if shes off her med

  68. This is some redrum straight out of the Shining. Who keeps a machete in their home? I can’t decide if I should start calling her Jack Torrence or crocodile dundee

  69. Omfg!!!!!!!!!! Shes a terrible person. All I’m thinking of is that poor baby crying while all this was going on. Poor andrew and that baby.

  70. Amber needs to be kept away from children – and especially hers. I hope Andrew steps up and safely raises James himself.

  71. Okay this sounds crazy and scary. At first I was team amber because I figured Andrew’s plan was to flee to California and this was his way out but after reading this wow. Hope he doesn’t go back with her and hope he really gets custody.

  72. Holy shit! She is hacking doors with machetes! That’s horrifying, I wondered if there was more to the story because they are pretty heavy charges for hitting someone with a shoe. This is terrible, Andrew should run for the hills with that baby.

  73. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Holy shit. That is all.

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