‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2’ Star Jordan Wiseley Reveals the Real Reason Costar Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran Was Sent Home

Hint: it wasn’t because he copied Jordan’s favorite color.

Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran, reigning champ of The Challenge: War of the Worlds, was sent home from the competition on Wednesday’s episode, despite never technically coming to blows with Jordan Wiseley during their second argument of the season. 

After a deliberation in the house among some of Team U.S., Jordan and Turbo once again found themselves face to face (literally), with the argument really heating up once Jordan decided to imitate Turbo’s signature walk.

Yes, this was an actual argument.

While chaos quickly ensued, Turbo and Jordan remained a good distance from each other throughout the incident, mostly due to the multiple security guards woking to hold Turbo back. Viewers then watched as Turbo was removed from the house, presumably to cool off for the night. However, host TJ Lavin revealed to the cast at the next day’s challenge that Turbo had actually been sent home. 

While fights among the cast typically have to turn physical before a competitor is removed, Jordan explained on the Challenge Mania podcast that he and Turbo’s interaction that night wasn’t what sent the Turkish reality star home. 

“It was nothing that Turbo did to me… He did not put his hands on me,” Jordan explained. “Turbo had an all-out brawl with security. It took three security guards to hold him down.” 

Jordan also pointed out that both he and Turbo had already received warnings for nearly getting into a physical fight with each other a few weeks earlier. 

“We all get a second chance,” he said. “We both got a stern talking-to: ‘Don’t let this happen again…’ This is the game — you’ve gotta be professional. When security comes in and says, ‘This is over,’ it’s gotta be over. It’s not your job to start fighting security.” 

Jordan went on say that he didn’t believe a language barrier was at fault for Turbo possibly not understanding the show’s rules. 


“Turbo absolutely knew that he could be sent home,” he explained. “He has been sent home from shows before. This is not his first physical altercation on a show, whether it was a U.S. show or a Turkey show… He’s someone who respects people in the armed forces and the security positions. … So I don’t know if it was just the weight of everything coming down.

“People snap. People snap all the time. I don’t believe it was just the sh*t talking that got him that worked up. Maybe so. Maybe I am that good at pressing buttons — but I do think he was very aware that he could go home for his actions.” 

The day after his departure-episode aired, Turbo took to social media, posting clips of he and Jordan’s altercations this season, along with a lengthy caption stating that his honor was more important than a million dollars and that he would “break all his bones” (“his” being Jordan’s, we assume), if security wasn’t around. 


He posted a similar, albeit shorter, message on Twitter, in which he called out those who “do everything for the money” and hinted that he plans to make a comeback.


In July, ‘The Challenge’ executive producer and showrunner Justin Booth told People that the show “doesn’t put up with” physical altercations. 

“You can watch a fight on television on almost every channel now,” he continued. “I think it’s ridiculous and kind of trashy and I’m not impressed by it. So security details have increased but in the past three or four seasons, the cast is getting my message.” 

To hear some of the cast (including Jordan) give their thoughts on the Turbo incident on the latest episode of MTV’s Behind The Challenge, click below. (The discussion takes place during the first four minutes of the video.) 

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11 Responses

  1. If MTV does not tolerate physical altercations, then why is Jordan there? He bit, spit in and called a Black female very explicit racial slurs on his season of The Real World (Real World Portland).

  2. Jordan has a history of making racist statements against cast members and making fun of people with intellectual disabilities.

  3. Cara and Paulie need to go down. They’re using Kayleigh, Dee, Joss and Rogan. Using them to secure for themselves a victory in a future take down…. they can beat them for sure… Jenny,Tori,Theo and CT need to stay strong. Get Jordan to turn…..and we can pollen cause alliance.

    LeRoy needs to realize Cara and Paulie will turn on him soon. Same for Cam. I hope they go soon and people wake up if they WANT to win the challenge….if not Paulie and Cara will and deserve to win. Great politics at its finest. Not a fan. Used to love Cara. She has changed over the years. Her rookie season was my favorite. I want to see that Cara again. Maybe she will be back to herself once she gets smart and leaves Paulie. I have always thought she has had poor taste in men. Just some thoughts of mine.

  4. I truly can’t stand Jordan. Jordan has always thought and still thinks that he is above anyone around him. Not just on the show, in real life. I hope for Tori’s sake it’s an act but I don’t think so. Jordan was pushing Turbos buttons on purpose. I have no doubt that this was a calculated plan of Jordons to get Turbo out. I think Jordan realized he set off the wrong person.

  5. I get it, Turbo had to go. I don’t disagree. It’s too bad because I do like him. Hopefully he’ll be back and learn to grow past this crap like CT did over time. Now, as for Jordan … I cannot stand that mega douche. He is such an arrogant prick. I think deep down he’s a miserable person. Psychology 101 behavior. He’s incredibly insecure and so instead of dealing with that on his own he makes it his mission in life is to make others feel the same. I do not understand what It is Tori sees in him the outshines the way he treats people. One day they’ll be divorced and we’ll hear all about how emotionally and mentally manipulative and abusive he was. Duh.

  6. That sucks. I like Turbo, especially more than Jordan… he’s just so arrogant and cocky I can’t with him. I can understand how he could get under anyone’s skin if given enough time. I do agree with the other comment though, he didn’t seem the same this season. Hopefully he is allowed back.

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