Amber Portwood’s Brother Shawn Insists Amber Paid to Bail Herself Out of Jail; Says Andrew Glennon Took Amber’s Money

“Don’t worry sis, I got this!”

Amber Portwood’s recent bail drama has put her name back in the news and put her brother back on the task of helping to tell her side of the story. 

As The Ashley reported, a woman named Rhonda Russell has come forward alleging that she bailed the Teen Mom OG star out of jail after she was arrested in July for domestic battery against her (second) baby daddy Andrew Glennon. The woman is reportedly asking that the $2,000 she used to bail Amber out of jail be paid back to her… though Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood—aka Bubby—is telling a different story on social media. 

Shawn first denied that Rhonda was the one to bail his sister out of jail and revealed that he didn’t even know “this Rhonda person.”

“ … I don’t know her as being the one to bail my sister out,” he added. 

He then claimed that Amber was actually the one who bailed herself out of jail (with a little help from their mom). 

“ … The person who bailed Amber out really was Amber. My mom is the one that went to get her but Andrew actually put the money back in Amber’s account after he stole it to bail her out,” he wrote.

In an attempt to clarify his statement, Shawn went on to accuse Andrew of draining Amber’s bank account and putting her in a financial bind. 

“Well considering Andrew took all of the money out of her account and transferred it into his personal account. The only way she was able to bail herself out was to have him transfer money back into her account,” Shawn tweeted. 

“Yeah, we’re just gonna go ahead and crop Andrew right out of this family snapshot.”

As to why he didn’t bail Amber out himself, Shawn fired off a list of reasons why the burden didn’t need to “be on [his] shoulders.” 

“First of all why would I bail her out? I live in Florida and she lives in Indiana,” he said. “Second of all she has the money to (bail) herself out which she did. Why must it be on my shoulders to take care of all of that? Everyone holds me to this weird standard for some reason.” 

While Shawn admitted to not supporting Amber by way of bail money, he maintained his title of Number 1 Bubby by assuring followers that he was helping Amber by continuing to “defend the truth.” 

“Who says I’m not supporting her in a different way? I support her in a very different way but I’m defending what is right and what is wrong and this stuff that has been put out is not the truth,” he tweeted. “I am entitled to defend the truth and this is not it.” 

“These people are so concerned as if their own lives revolve around my sister but really no matter what happens to my sister whether she goes to jail or she doesn’t it will not affect you in any way at the end of the day,” he continued. “So why does this even matter?”

However, the court documents obtained by Starcasm last week specifically name Rhonda as the person who bailed out Amber. Whether or not she used funds given to her by Amber, or used her own money, is currently unknown. 

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter) 


  1. I call complete BS. She’s a loser! Every guy just happens to steal her money? MTV is disgusting if they keep her. Abuse is abuse.

  2. Shawn is a loving kind brother, who is looking out for his baby sister.

    You people judging amber, she’s been used, by these men.
    And made to look like the villain.

    In my opinion, Andrew is a user.

  3. Shawn, Andrew has his own money. Remember? That’s why they went to California. It’s called a JOB! He doesn’t need Amber at all,

  4. For the life of me I can’t understand how Bubby is with that girl. I have seen a lot of crazy this in my life but this one boggles my mind.

    1. When you said that it reminded me of how Ben on Parks and Recreation was always flabbergasted about why Gail was with Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry.

  5. He’s either purposely lying or he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Either way, STFU Shawn.

  6. Has buby been checked for drug use lately? He sounds like he’s been hitting the crack pipe lately..

  7. I see a possible love after lock up opportunity for Amber once she does her “gel” bid. We won’t be able to get rid of her 🤦‍♀️

  8. The court documents show the name of the person bailing Amber out. It shoes Rhonda Russell bailed her out. Either you’re feeding a line of bull, or you’re being fed one. Public documents.

  9. Next year at time, Amber will be back in “gel” where she belongs. Of course, she will not be able to bully people around her as she is use to. Her fellow inmates will not care who she is, how much money she makes or is she is a “real women”.

  10. How about outlets stop reporting on this dude every time he sits down to post something? It’s not news. It adds nothing to the big picture, it can’t be taken seriously because his opinion is biased. Who cares what he says. You support your sister, we get it.

  11. A couple of years ago my parents were fostering two teenaged girls, one of whom had mental problems similar to Amber’s. Their biological family were always saying things like “we’re family, blood is thicker than water, we’re always there for each other”. They were never there. Shawn (I cannot call a grown ass man bubby) reminds me of that family.

    1. IKR a childhood name like bubby should STOP at around 10 or eleven . And to call him that on TV, just sad & silly.

  12. The master of contradiction is at it again! When will Bubby realize every time he goes keyboard warrior for his sister he opens mouth and inserts foot? Just stfu already. While I might be a bit skeptic of Rhonda, I do believe her over any of the Portwoods.

    Why in the world would Rhonda have to get involved if Amber had the money and Tonya was picking her up? Wouldn’t it be wise “being in the industry” and all to have the least amount of people involved for this very reason? Doesn’t make sense.

    Why would anyone who “stole” money “put it back”. Again, doesn’t make sense. Is it more likely that they had a joint account and Andrew took his share, leaving Amber with her share which was probably already spent? We have heard her spending habits are out of control like everything else in her life. And we witnessed it when she brought Leah “back to school” shopping on one season of Teen Mom. I think it was when she was with Matt. She brought Leah to an expensive children’s boutique and bought a bunch of ridiculous clothes that a child wouldn’t normally wear to school, like a big poofy princess dress.

    She is so far disconnected from reality, how anyone believes her tall tales is beyond me.

  13. When is she going to learn to stop combining finances with the random guys she moves in? If people have “stolen” your money before, then keep it completely separate. And then you each pay certain things from your own accounts (like Amber could pay the mortgage, and Andrew pay the utilities). If you keep giving people 100% access to your money, I don’t feel sorry for you at all. She does it because she’s too lazy to actually pay her bills, so she lets whatever random dude she’s hooking up with take responsibility for making sure the bills are paid.

    1. It seems like Amber believes what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine. She has no problem depositing the money she believes that she allows him to earn from Teen Mom but goes bat shit crazy if any of that money is withdrawn or spent by anyone else but herself. So in her twisted, delusional and paranoid mind, she is always a victim.

    2. I seem to recall Amber bragging a while back about Andrew making money day trading. If he was making money why wound he need hers? Tell me that Blubby Portwood.

      1. You are using the names blubby and Gin&Tonyac,, in your comments, that credit goes to Dejesusgawdleah.

        You speak what others comment and not speak the truth.

        1. You’re pretty butthurt over some words, lmao. Who the hell cares who used them first?

          You’re using words that were used first by others that came before you…for shame. That’s a really weird soapbox ya got there.

    3. So much this!!! If she gives every man that comes into her life access to her accounts and funds, then that’s on her.

  14. The real ISSUE to me is not about Bail money. I find it quite ironic that Andrew felt the need to RECORD Amber during verbal outbursts that HE CONTROLLED, HE PROVOKED HER, HE IS A CAMERA MAN AND KNOWS HOW TO EDIT AUDIO. SPLICE, CLIP, ETC. WHAT WAS HE ACTUALLY DOING TO HER FOR THAT REACTION. I believe her Narratives were SET UP by Him. Where’s all of the conversations. Why only record the outburst which I will add from only what I read and audio clips heard HE DID PROVOKE. Andrew knowing full well she was mentally struggling, DID NOT SUPPORT HER, HE SABBATOGED HER. SHAMEFUL! Andrew you were a leech and she caught on, so you FLIPPED SCRIPT …as in AUDIO.

  15. You can tell you people have no life because no one actually knows what went on between Amber and Andrew you’re on the outside looking in at some videos that MTV put out there for the make money that’s why they’re not going to fire Amber and Andrew put out video clips and tapes of her and make it seem like he was the calm one where is the tape from the beginning, I make no excuses for Amber at the end of the day it is to court decision on what to do on what’s right but on both parts they were wrong she has been out there and social media for years with her bipolar all her mental illness which Andrew was completely aware of so he could have chosen not to talk to her as she should have chosen not to have any kids at that time in her life because she was still having mental problems but as we all know we all have our own life that’s why we’re always quick to comment on somebody else’s that’s why y’all b****** are sitting on here why she still making her money why you talk s*** about her

  16. According to Amber…. her past boo took all her money too… BUT as part of her DV she told these guys that their money was hers because if it weren’t for her, they wouldn’t earn that money so verbally abusive, physically abusive, withheld finances… yep, she’s a pearler…. & lol at Shawn saying Amber posted her own bail yet Andrew took all her $$, which one is it Shawn??

  17. So, according to Bubby, after Matt stole Amber’s money, she went ahead and gave access to Andrew as well?! She apparently doesn’t have a single brain cell if she is that stupid.

    But also, banks don’t just let one of the account holders drain a joint account without consent from both account holders. She makes a ton of money, so there is no way, the bank was ok with Andrew transfering hundreds of thousands of dollars out of there (or even tens of thousands). That would definitely get flagged. Also, if he stole that money, why would he put it back for her bail?

    And why does the court have record of Rhonda posting bail? If Amber had the money, why didn’t her mom use it herself to post bail? Why send the housekeeper? Basically, Bubby, shut up and stop drinking Amber’s kool-aid.

  18. He needs to stop talking. She has a no contact order: he should get one too. I believe Rhonda and Andrew.

  19. Sorry but in that family pic.
    Blubby needs to go on that shake diet.
    Every time he’s offered food, he should shaking his fukkin head.

    Amber is a ticking time bomb.
    A loose cannon.
    Bat shit crazy.

    1. 😂😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
      That’s so funny lol, you crack me up. 😂😂😂

    2. No doubt I speak the truth will steal that comment too.

      You are so funny with the things you find out with.

      My old user name was Bri Btw.

  20. And this man was serving his country ??
    I bet he was a useless fucker, who chastised his comrades, for firing at the enemy.

    He’s a liability, he’s infatuated with his fuckwit sister.

  21. Bubby stfu, it’s about time, Amber was given some tough love, your relationship with your delinquent sister is far from a normal one, because of you truly cared for your sister you’d be telling her some home truths

  22. How exhausting….Shawn needs to stay off social media too. I’m tired of hearing about people owing Amber money (Tonya, Matt, Andrew…etc). I’ll bet Shawn owes her money too, which is why he keeps defending her.

  23. Ladies- let this shit be a lesson. Don’t have babies with random guys.

    Guys- let this be a lesson Don’t have babies with random girls.

    Get to know someone before you decided to not use protection. This show needs to stop.

  24. Before Amber was arrested, the general concensus was Andrew was good for Amber and helped her stay calm. After he is attacked by armed Amber, some peeps are talking mad shit about him. Amber is bat shit crazy! Her mental illness does not excuse her repeated verbal attacks, and even violent threats and attacks. She belongs in jail again! She is a repeat offender in a state with strict sentencing laws. Bye bye Amber.

    1. I believe the mental health is the excuse amber uses, for her bsrshit crazy wats, she’s a narcissist and this isn’t related to mental health at all, her mom treated ambers father the same way, this is normality to amber.
      She needs more than just 6 years in jail.
      No wonder her poor daughter is suffering from panic attacks, I bet that Leah has seen a lot, with ambers rages, ( that’s why all ambers visits are monitored by Gary and or kristina )

  25. Just like I’ve been saying The big fat giant who stayed at Amber’s because it was so bad there he was so scared but he stayed with the baby and stole her money and set her up. He’s a liar unemployed fat unkept mooch loser who only wants her money. I was never fooled by this.7 foot tall POS. He says he was in danger then why did he stay with the baby I’ll tell you why because it’s all a scam a lie. She’s a good mom and a good person yes she gets mean but he pokes and pokes and starts it. He makes fun of her mental illness. I think she’s got post partum and it will cause you to be off the wall if untreated. C’mon she’s not a danger to the baby or anyone. But he is and he’s evil.

    1. You can say all that you want and poke fun at his appearance,,, but at the end of the day AMBER was the one that was all over that and then some!
      Lol, she wanted him just as much as he did and they wasted no time. She attacked with a machete!! That’s okay? Amber is an unstable lunatic who only deserves to be sitting between bars for the nastiness that she is. Should be comfortable for her anyway since she won’t need to work an 8-5, walk far for her bed and the toilet…

    2. Is this a joke?!? Amber is a terrible mother. She sees her daughter a handful of times a year. She makes no effort whatsoever. She barely took care of James. She makes more of an effort to be with a man than her children. Be real..

    3. Ok Amber. We all know it’s you. Go take your meds. PLEASE! I believe you are capable of killing someone.

    4. You seem a bit stupid. Or you are Amber replying to this while sitting in your closet listening to music and taking pills. Either way….you’re a bit stupid.

      1. Definitely amber! Only Amber and Catelynn refer to postpartum depression as ‘postpartum,’ which is the incorrect use of the word. ‘Postpartum’ is the time period after having a baby, usually about 8-12 months. I don’t know why these idiots call postpartum depression ‘postpartum’ and it drives me up a wall.

    5. Aww Bubba…you are on here too under fake name Teresa? Or is it Amber? Cause she is the only one calling Andrew fat all the time.
      Guess she has no mirrors.

      1. Teresa must be Blubby Porkwoods after hours name. When he tucks it and sashays around pretending to be his sister. 😂😂😂😂

    6. Man, if you called Andrew a bitch or the R word, I would swear it was Amber commenting!! 🙄

      I’m so sick of “mental illness” being an excuse for this bitch and her behaviour. She’s a wannabe street thug who thinks she’s hard and Bubby the moron and MTV are enabling her all the way.

      She needs to learn some consequences for her actions.

    7. Teresa Is ambien for sure.

      Vile comment and it’s the way illiterate porkyWood writes things, and the same things porkyWood would say too

  26. Oh please, Bubby is so full of 💩First, a court would never accept and file a false statement directly related to an open matter and that’s what he’s accusing Rhonda of doing. Second, he wonders why people are “holding him to a standard” when he’s the one who refuses to keep his mouth shut. Third, I find it extremely difficult to believe that Andrew was able to “drain” Ambien’s account to the point that she didn’t even have $2,000 when she makes at least $250,000 a season. Banks place limits on withdrawals to prevent this exact scenario. So unless, $2,000 is all Ambien had in her account, this like all of Bubby’s other claims, is a complete fabrication. Bubby needs to verify that his lies hold water before he spreads them.

    1. He cannot access her account unless he is an authorized signer on it. If he is, he can easily “drain” it by transferring the funds to another account or by having a cashiers check issued to himself, then depositing that check into another account that she isn’t a signer on. He can also wire it elsewhere. Not to say that he shouldn’t, just saying it is definitely possible. I hope he did take a significant sum of money to ensure that baby is well taken care of!

  27. Ok so someone gave Amber’s money to Rhonda so she could bail her out? Why didn’t her mother bailed her out if it was Amber’s money? LOL what a load of BS
    All the Portwoods are lying trash, I can’t believe how low he would go to keep milking the money cow. Have some dignity, bro, you are making a fool of yourself!

  28. The money Andrew took was for child support, Amber. Remeber you still have to help provide for baby James even while youre locked up. Gary allows Amber to skate by child support with Leah, I don’t think James Sr will be that passive. James to Amber is the equivalent of Javi to Kailyn. In other words I think she’s met her match.

    1. Amber does have to support James. But, Andrew just can’t drain an act. In the name of child support. It does not work like that.

  29. Shawn lies just like Amber. Court records tell the truth. If Andrew took Ambers money that’s her fault. Don’t let your boyfriends have access to your bank account. I don’t feel sorry for Amber. I feel bad for Leah and James.

  30. So Bubby,
    Andrew stole all Amber’s money,gives her back money because he knew he stole it all and he knew amber would need to bail herself out, to bail amber out of jail when andrew is the one that put her there because he was scared for his life….
    Sure jan er bubby

  31. No one holds you to any standard Blubby. You put that on yourself. Must be feeling guilty. We’re just tired of you covering for that abuser and lying to us. We’re not ducking stupid Blubby. You are if you think we believe anything that comes out yo mouth. You know damn well Rhonda bailed her out and was probably threatened by gin and tonyac. No one wants to piss off a Portwood. Ya get the shits beat outta ya!! Jeez o Louise! And how would Andrew get your sisters money? Because she’s the dumb fuck that gave out her PIN number. (Did that with mooch too, didn’t she?). Or did she add him to her account? And she did either/or, why? Why is she stupid enough to share her bank account with every numb-but she sleeps with. Don’t blame Andrew. Blame your sister for being so stupid. You keep lying for her and making up stupid stories and then the real truth comes out. No one holds you to any standard Blubby. We know you’re not smart enough to expect anything from you. You’re a Portlywood too. Calm down buddy. This isn’t all on you. We don’t expect you to take the money you mooch off your sister to bail her out. I would have let her sit too. Stop throwing the blame and put it where it belongs. On your sister.

    1. Gin and tonyac, that’s so funny, never get tired of seeing her called that name.

      @ Dejesusgawdleah is so funny with the things she comes out with.

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