UPDATED! Mystery Woman Who Bailed ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Out of Jail Wants Her $2000 Refunded

“Thanks for gettin’ me out of gel!”

UPDATE! After the Starcasm article was posted, the Without a Crystal Ball vlog tracked down Rhonda, who says she was  a housekeeper/employee of Amber and Andrew Glennon from May until about a month after Amber’s arrest.

In her interview with the vlog, Rhonda stated that she witnessed Amber verbally abusing Andrew inside their home. She also confirmed that she was the person who bailed Amber out of jail, but states that she was pressured into doing it by Amber and her mother, Tonya Portwood. She claims the Portwood Pair made her feel like she would be fired if she did not shell out the cash to bail Amber out of the clink.

Rhonda also confirmed that she did, indeed, write the note to the court, attempting to get her bail money back. She stated that, while she wanted the money back, she was also doing it on behalf domestic violence victims and Andrew. (This part of the story has been met with some criticism online.) 

Rhonda stated that she has given statements to the prosecutors, Andrew’s lawyers and other officials about what she saw in the house. It is unknown if or how Rhonda doing the interview will affect the legal case against Amber.

Also, some of The Ashley‘s initial details were not correct. The Ashley stated that Rhonda was in her 60s but she is actually in her 50s. Also, Rhonda lives closer to Amber than The Ashley initially reported. The Ashley apologizes for the misinformation and has removed it from her original story!

You can watch Rhonda’s on-air interview with Without A Crystal Ball at the end of this story.

The Ashley’s original story appears below! 

Bailing a Teen Mom star out of jail turned out to be much less exciting than one Indiana woman expected, apparently.

The mystery woman— whom The Ashley will only call Rhonda R.—bailed Amber Portwood out of jail after she was arrested for domestic battery.

She is now reportedly begging the court to give her the $2,000 she shelled out to free Amber from the clink. According to Starcasm, Rhonda submitted a hand-written note letting the judge know that Amber has not yet repaid her the bond money— and she needs the cash fast!

The Ashley has checked in with many sources connected to Amber, and did her own search to uncover the connection between Rhonda and Amber. It does not appear that Rhonda is related to Amber, does not live near her, and is not connected to Amber via MTV or her family. 

A search of online court records shows that Rhonda did, indeed file a bond form on September 25.

In Rhonda’s note– which was obtained by Starcasm— she explains that she has no job, and that she should have used the money to pay her utility bills, instead of bailing a ‘Teen Mom’ out of jail.

“I, Rhonda [redacted] am requesting that the court release the bond to me due to the fact that the money that I paid for the bond was income that [is] owed to me from the Defendant, Amber Portwood,” Rhonda wrote in the note, before pleading for a refund.

“This bond posting has created a serious financial burden on my family and I am respectfully requesting that the bond be released to me immediately,” she wrote. “I am currently unemployed and my husband is on short-term disability. We are facing disconnect issues on our electric and gas expenses and are without any other source of financial income.”

Unfortunately for Rhonda, there are no refunds on reality TV star bail money. A judge denied her request on Wednesday. 

Rhonda is on the hook for the bond money should Amber violates the terms of her bail. Her case is active, and her attorney is set to appear in court on October 10 for a pretrial conference, although Amber does not have to appear.

Watch Rhonda’s interview below!

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

97 Responses

  1. Rhonda can testify but has been told it isn’t likely cause they say they have enough evidence. Pictures, statements, evidence , audio and video. This was mentioned by Katie Joy.

  2. Does anyone think this woman is the creation of the grand mistress of fake drama’s crystal ball Katie? Nothing she said was very exciting. It was like me telling all of you a scary Halloween story of 3 old witches: Farrah, Kail and Amber. I just didn’t hear any proof. Just Katie typing and talking loud while the “guest” quietly mumbled and got asked the same question about drugs 20 times.

    1. Crystal Ball is a terrible YouTuber. Yea she released a big story, but she did a really crappy job of it. Her content is horrible. Who clicks their mouse, and types in the middle of an interview, with a microphone right there? Who comes on with no intro and just stares at the camera for like 3 minutes clicking and typing before talking? Who has a Q&A, but snaps at people if they ask a question that was already answered…just don’t respond to the question. Then I’ve notice that she comes after other blogs (especially The Ashley) for the most petty stuff. I had to stop watching her videos, and I refuse to support/subscribe to her channel. She’s not personable and very unlikable.

      1. I like Leslie Bass. She gets repeated questions over and over. She understands ppl come into the chat at differ times and may have missed what they were wondering about. Also the ppl in her chats will also answer too. Everyone’s opinion matters & s accepted. If you have a bad day, you are welcome to say so. There is no potty talk but it is ok to replace them words with others. Be nice and respectable to others. WACB is nasty, her mods are nasty. Ppl are always getting booted or scolded or comments taken down or blah blah blah. Katie Joy is also boring to watch. My opinion.

        1. Totally agree…WACB is honestly in the wrong line of work. She’s terrible at what she does, and with an attitude like that, she doesn’t need to in front of anyone’s camera. She’s the worst “reporter”(that’s what she likes to call herself) I think I’ve ever seen…I’ll have to check out Leslie. I usually like watching The Grace Report.

      2. I agree….also her interview with the young girl claiming to be the “nanny”….WACB is SO LEADING and is trying to portray a certain narritive. All of her Amber interviews are Amber Bad/ Andrew Good opinion pieces, and it looks to me that WACB has ZERO empathy or compassion for another human that has mental health/ addiction/ came from a broken home. Even though Amber got lucky with MTV so her finances are good now, she came from a completely different walk of life than WACB and it appears WACB does not have the ability to show compassion for a broken soul. This whole obsession she seams to have with ALWAYS portraying Amber Portwood the worst that she can,with a judgemental attitude and Amber bad narrative has really revealed the nasty person WACB is. I’m over her “holier than thou” bullshit. Plus she is UGLY AS HELL inside and out. And those thumbs of hers….GAG

    2. The more plausible scenario is Rhonda signed the bond, but it was Amber’s $. If you go through a bondsman, most of the time you cannot sign your own bond because they need someone that will be liable if you don’t show up for court. You pay bondsman 10% of court-ordered bond, which is nonrefundable, as that is his fee for using his cash to post the remaining 90% of the bond. Your 10% and his 90% is given to court as “insurance” that you will show up for trial. If you do not show up, 100% of bond is forfeited to the court, and bondsman is out his 90%, hence the reason they want someone other than yourself to sign the bond, as whoever signed is now responsible for the 90% of bond that bondsman is out.If you don’t pay, they can put a lien on house or car ?? (or whatever) Alot of times it is grandma or parents who sign and you are more likely to show up for court if granny or mom&dad now have to cough up thousands.

  3. I do not feel sorry for this lady because she knew what she was getting herself into. If she feared her job would be I jeopardy then that should tell her right there that the job was not for her. I hope that Amber will be a stand up person and give her the money back because either way that bond money is GONE!

  4. I’m feeling like this lady wants to make a quick buck off a new story. How do we know that the 2k wasn’t Ambers money & this lady just didn’t sign for her.

  5. Hope Amber at least “thanked” the woman for bailing her out, since she didn’t find it necessary to repay her.

    Real woman.

    Yeah. Okay, Ambs.

  6. Why isn’t she working there now?

    One call to Ambers attorney and they would have advised her to repay Ronda immediately.

    She lost all credibility as a witness for either side. Disgruntled employee who thought enough if Amber to help her but now doesn’t like Amber, but thinks Andrews in the right? Also it shows she can be pressured into doing or saying anything.

    Ronda is team Ronda.

  7. Duuuuuuude! How can these 10-year reality TV veterans with so many skeletons in their closets still be so naive?! Like the Chin, Ambien must have a circus of lawyers on retainer at any given time. Any one of whom should have advised her to protect herself from disgruntled employees. Even Backdoor knows the importance of signing non-disclosure agreements with anyone desperate enough to be graced with her heinous presence. There’s no excuse for such stupidity, Ambien deserves all of the backlash she’s getting from the tea being spilled by Andrew, the Ashley, and any of the poor unfortunate souls dumb enough to offer her help!!

  8. That “Without A Crystal Ball” pod cast or You Tube channel is just killing it, that girl is pure gas, fire.

    Sir Nibs approves.

    1. I thought so too, but then I went back and watched some of her videos from the past couple months. I personally know one of the families in a couple of her videos. She has some seriously incorrect information – which would be fine I guess if she was stating it as opinion, but she’s stating it as fact. I’m staying out of it and not pointing it out to the people involved, but she needs to be very careful. I don’t know much about libel, slander, etc. when it comes to the law, but she straight up stated some negative information about these people that is 100% untrue. And she says it as if it’s proven fact. With 30,000 followers listening to her. Not good.

    2. Someone needs to tell this “Without a brain” woman it’s time to quit. I could see her screwing up court cases just like she screws up her recordings. But gulliable women fall for everything she says just like it was the absolute secret truth. Come on. Even Andrew fell for the idiot.

  9. “No.” Is a complete sentence. Learn it. Live it.

    “No, I don’t have $2,000.00 to bail out your daughter.”



    1. EXACTLY. She let the Portwood’s intimidate her into bailing out Amber. She clearly had an extra 2k, go straight to the cops and say that you’re being threatened, file for a restraining order, or like you said….just say NO, I AIN’T GOT IT. I still don’t feel sorry for Rhonda.

    2. I am trying to figure out how someone who can’t pay their bills has $2000 laying around in the first place. And she claims Amber was such a bad employer yet she feared losing her job if she didn’t bail her out? Cleaning jobs are a dime a dozen, no? Something does not add up here.

  10. Considering she’s a repeat offender, I hope so too.

    Rhonda was a moron. I mean who seriously does such a thing if they can’t even afford to pay their own bills? She was likely promised that Ambien would pay her back quickly, or fore more than she even put out.

    Bubby Darlin’ no doubt has boat slip bills to pay, lol and her pill addicted mother has to keep herself in oxycontin.?

    The whole lot of ’em are mentally challenged.

    1. Can you imagine Tonyas threats? How Rhonda managed to understand what Tonya said between bouts of falling asleep and slurring is beyond me.

  11. Hey Rhonda honey, that’s not the way bail works. She had a $20,000 bail and you paid the 10% “fee”, or $2,000 dollars which is the interest on the $20,000 the bail bond company gave to the court to ensure that Amber shows up and doesn’t run off. That’s a high interest rate, but you were dumb enough to bail Amber out of jail. You thought that your $2,000 would get you some reality TV press, but that didn’t work out so well. As I always say, Rhonda…… There is an ass for every seat!!

  12. Amber is hitting new lows. There’s only so much she can blame her ‘mental illness’ for. She is just a terrible person.

  13. I read it was an employee of hers, cleaned the house and such. She claims Tonya intimidated her to bail her out since she didnt have the dough herself; shes spillin all sorts of tea now. She said Amber asked her to tell Andrew to lie and chg the story or shes going to prison. She said she felt intimidated because, hell its familydeAmber, and she was afraid of losing her job. Told to that crystalball blogger again i think. ?

  14. Sorry but if there really is no actual connection between Rhonda and Amber then I don’t see why she’d expect to get her money paid back. It’s not Amber’s fault Rhonda is financially irresponsible. Bailing a stranger who just assaulted their fiance out jail is dumb. Spending $2,000 on a celebrities bail money when you are unemployed is dumb. I don’t know what she expected to get out of this? An MTV cameo? Seriously.

  15. She was Amber’s and Andrew’s cleaning lady.

    Let that sink in for a moment, The dog piss, Ambers skid marked 3xl thongs laying around, the half empty food bowls around the bed. The bowls in that house. The infested with farts couch cushions. The piles of dog shit around the house. The overflowing diaper genie. The big mans jizz filled socks in the bathroom. Plus she 2k out, but this is who MTV is filming with now. Sadness.

  16. Is it possible that this lady thinks Amber broke bond by live streaming (breaking no contact order) and therefore is trying to get her money back before the court takes it? Either way foolish move. No point in being stupid if you aren’t going to use it!

    1. You said “before the court takes it.” Even if the judge revokes your bond….it doesn’t mean the court takes your bond money. The only time bond is “confiscated” for lack of a better word, is when you pay a bondsman a 10% surety bond, which is nonrefundable in exchange for the bondsman putting up the other 90% (90% + your 10%)until you appear for your court date. The bondsman gets his bond (the 90%) refunded and keeps the 10% as a fee for his “loanshark” bailing you out. If you pay a cash bond yourself,(the whole 100%) as long as you show up for court, even if your bond is revoked, you get the bond money back. If you have fines ordered by the judge on this case, they will subtract fines and court costs from the bond and refund the difference. A bond is just a “deposit” (or a deed to property can alot of times be used) kinda like an insurance to better the odds of you showing up for court. Like I said, if you use a bondsman, you put up a nonrefundable 10% of the total bond and that is the fee the bondsman charges for putting up the other 90% of the cash.

  17. She spent 2k on a violent repeat offender whom she’s never met before, before she paid her own bills?? That’s what she gets for doing something so stupid.

    1. she was forced by Amber’s mother to do it. Rhonda’s explanation makes so much sense with everything happening with Andrew, and baby James behind doors

    2. I guess she was Amber’s cleaning lady…which honestly makes it worse because she’s seen Amber in action, and she bailed her out anyway.

      1. And?…Go to the police or get a restraining order against them, or just tell her flat out that you don’t have it. Don’t bail Amber out before you can even pay your own bills. She’s a fool for doing that.

      2. I’m calling bullshit. She does not appear to be a timid, easily bullied pushover in her interview. I think she thought Amber would reward her for bailing her out (or something similar)so she did. She was with her husband her husband while she was “bullied” into it, and he said, I guess you gotta bond her ?? That is what she explained in her interview with WACB. I don’t believe anything her or the “nanny” girl/child said. I think they are all team Andrew, it’s obvious WACB is in her videos about Amber/Andrew. Both the “maid” and “nanny” reach out to WACB….out of all the people on youtube making videos about Amber, both choose this b*tch independently and have the exact same outlook on the situation (Amber bad/ Andrew good) and WACB asks leading questions to paint Amber in the worst light possible.

        1. The more likely scenario is it was Amber’s money, and Rhonda just signed the bond. Most bondsman require someone other than yourself to sign, so if you fail to appear for court, the person who signed is responsible to pay bondsman the 90% of the bond he paid the court. You pay bondsman 10%,which is non-refundable to you, as that is the bondsman’s fee. He puts up the rest, and now is out $18,000 on a $20,000 bond. The person who signed for the bond is now on the hook to repay the bondsman the $18,000 he lost to the court when you were a no-show. Most times this is a close family member, which increases the odds that you will show for court, because family now must pay, or get a lien on property, or whatever. Signing for someone to bond is a contract.

        1. I saw that, and Crystal Ball is clicking on her mouse, and typing so dang loud while Rhonda is talking, you can barely hear anything. It’s distracting. She seriously needs to watch other gossip channels, and take a few notes on how to YouTube effectively. Her videos are seriously painful to watch…I think that’s why she hasn’t gotten a lot more followers…her videos and video etiquette SUCK.

  18. No sympathy for the lady who posted her bond. She probably thought she’d get 10 minutes of fame by doing so. Amber is not obligated to repay her. This lady’s plan didn’t pants out.

  19. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    There has been talk on Fab that Ronda is or was an employer of Amber

  20. I hope I’m NOT reposting but Katie straight blasted Rhonda’s phone number to EVERYONE! I love her streams but WOW!!!! Anyway I find it odd that Rhonda bailed her out after witnessing what she did. I get she needed a job but paying 2k to keep one seems off to me???? I know amber is a POS but?!?! ? ?

    1. I USED to like Katie but she has turned into a monster. I understand what all of her critics are talking about now. She’s made so many videos where she ACTS like she’s done research & educated herself but no. I’d hate to know her. I’d never be able to tell when the witch will throw me under the bus. A total female type dog. She posted her phone number? That’s low. I hope people stop subscribing. I am, however, an Andrew fan. I feel bad he’s been through SO much!

      1. I agree. I thought she was great when the Amber stuff first came out, and I subscribed. But I personally know one of the families she talked about. I didn’t see it at first, but once I subscribed I went back and watched some stuff from the past couple months and saw that she talked about this family. She stated things as straight up facts that are 100% untrue. I am not about drama, so I’m staying out of it, but holy crap – dangerous game to announce things to 30k followers about other people based on what you “think”. She states things as fact that are really just her opinion, and that is seriously not ok.

    2. I just watched it.
      I dont understand why Amber couldn’t bail herself out of jail.
      Maybe put it on a credit card or something.

    3. She says she did that by accident ??‍♀️ Don’t see how she could accidentally put out someone’s number, KatieJoy was, so unprofessional and rude when talking to Rhonda.
      Clicking her keyboard, and the background noise

  21. Katie Joy just did a Live video with Rhonda on her YouTube channel. Rhonda spilled major tea. And it was Tonya, Amber’s mother who pressured her to bail out Amber, because Amber is her employer. See Rhonda worked for Amber and Andrew, she was the cleaning lady. Rhonda felt threatened and feared losing her job, that’s why she cave in and bailed Amber out. Among other tea, she confirmed seeing verbal abuse, drug use, and Amber being lazy and sleeping all day, never doing anything for baby James. Also, she hardly saw Leah. Also, She confirmed the machete marks on the door and saw the actual machete in a closet, with white paint on the blade.

    1. Absolutely pathetic of Tonya. Why didn’t SHE bail out her precious daughter instead of harrassing and pressuring this poor woman into doing it?! Tonya should be the one refunding this lady’s money – and then some for all the horrors she’s witnessed in that house.

    2. That’s juicy af but I’m reserving judgment on what she may or may not have seen until it’s corroborated by someone who isn’t a burned former employee.

      It really wouldn’t surprise me tho and I hope that she made a statement to the police about it.

  22. Amber, you’re a piece of you know what fro doing this to an elderly couple. Karmas not good and you make around 600,000.00 a year, come on.

  23. OMFG! Is this for real?! How telling is it that a complete stranger had to post bail for Ambien?! Where was her Bubby? Or all of her TMOG BFF’s? This is even more pathetic than all the times The Chin fake cried to all of her to bail her Heroin Soulmate #1 Kieffa out of the clink after she accused him of physical assault for the umpteenth time ?

    1. Rhonda isn’t a complete stranger. She was Amber’s and Andrew’s cleaning lady. Tonya Amber’s mother was the one who pressured her to bail Amber out. Rhonda was scared of losing her job. Rhonda is very much Team Andrew. She has talked to the prosecutors and has shared all the things she witness during her time there.

  24. What is 2000$ to Amber anyway? Why didn’t she just paid that poor Rhonda back?
    Ok, sure, Rhonda was very naive, maybe even stupid. You should never post bail or give bond money for a stranger. But she did it to help Amber out of a terrible situation she had put herself into. If Amber had just a little bit of heart, she would have reimbursed the woman who helped her be free as soon as she was.
    What an asshole.

  25. More like Rhon-DUH. Sorry but I don’t feel sorry for her dumb ass. Hopefully in her 60s, this lady will learn a valuable lesson that most people learn in their teen years. Don’t lend anybody money, N-O O-N-E.

  26. If Rhonda wants her bond ? back all she has to do is call bondsman & revoke her Bond, Bondsman is who would control that, not the courts……

    1. Not true….when using a bondsman there is no money back. You pay bondsman 10% of total bail, which is nonrefundable, as that is his fee for using his own cash for the other 90% of the bond. The court holds the bond (the 90% + your 10%) until you show up for court, then bondsman is refunded the total 100%. If you pay a cash bond (the total 100% cash) directly to the court, that is when bonds are refunded for a revoked bond to whoever signed for the bond. Also, when going through a bondsman, if you are in jail and have your own money to pay the bondsman the 10%, you still most of the time need someone to sign for you. It increases the probability that you will show up if say, your grandma signs your bond. If you don’t show up for court, then grandma (whoever signed) is responsible for the 90% the bondsman loses for your failure to appear. Court keeps the bond, bondsman is out $, and granny is on the hook. They will put a lien on granny’s house if she don’t pay up. So that is, alot of times, enough to make the person show up for trial.

  27. Well maybe Amber “I’m a real woman” Portwood will pay her back. After all, she makes ‘hundreds of thousands and thousands of dollars’ ??

  28. LMFAO!!!!
    How stupid can people be?!!!
    You’re telling us that someone who doesn’t even know Amber personally bailed her out?!!! WOWWWW!!!
    Obviously, Amber doesn’t give two shits about her own family, why would she give a shit about some random stranger super fan??
    What a dumbass!

  29. Well…she never should have put $ up for someone she only knows exists cuz of a tv show. And I wonder if she is asking for the $$$ back cuz she needs it and Amber hasn’t paid it back yet (if that was an agreement between the 2 of them) or if it is cuz she heard the audios that came out?

  30. Amber Portwood is the living walking example of the trainwreck you dont want your kids to be. Mentally I’ll, promiscuous, bossy,very low intellect and pure trash. She is an embarrassment to women trying to raise responsible, educated persons that dont need to get knocked up to make great money.

    1. What if this is a calculated move to make Amber look even worse than she already does? I mean what lawyer told her how to phrase this letter to the court? Most woulda told her to go to Judge Judy as this is a civil matter, not an interest to the court.

  31. Why would you pay the bond for a person you don’t know?? Especially if you are unemployed and your husband is disabled. WTF is wrong with you? You had it coming, Rhonda, I’m sorry but you brought this on yourself.
    PS Amber is getting trashier by the day, Jeez

  32. Of course Amber accepted that money no questions asked and hasn’t bothered to find out who did this for her, especially when no one in her own family stepped up to post bond.

    But seriously, Rhonda is a moron.

  33. Hot damn @The Ashley, you can’t make this shit up! Are people fucking nuts? “Sloths Are My Spirit Animal: The Ambah Saga“, just keeps delivering! ???

    She’s gonna have to do a lot more than “write a note to the judge” to get her money back. She’s likely gonna have to file suit in small claims court.

    1. So Gin&Tonyac, and blabby, couldn’t bail their precious ambien out!!!!

      Some other sap is now out of pocket( their own fault entirely)

      I mean who does that, knowing your hubby is disabled, and you’ve got utilities to pay ????

      This Rhonda is a first class idiot, but amber could pay her back twice over( yet hasn’t done so) what does that say about the portwood’s ( a family of losers, and trash)

      Shame on you Amber I’m a rel woman couch-wood.

      Hope she faces rel gel time.

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