Back Together! ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Says He & Ex-Fiance Raiven Adams Are Giving Their Relationship “Another Try”

“Let’s give it another go! After all, my child’s about to spring from your loins!”

The story of Bear Brown‘s relationship with Raiven Adams has just taken yet another unexpected turn!

The Alaskan Bush People star announced on his Instagram on Monday that he and Raiven— who is his ex-fiance and future baby mama— are back together and trying to make their relationship work. In a video message posted to Instagram, Bear told his fans he had “some AWESOME news for everyone!”

“Hey everybody out there, I wanted to let y’all know that Raiven and I have decided to give it another shot,” Bear said on his private Instagram account. “After having been separated for a little bit, we found that we still have feelings for each other. So, we’re gonna give it another try!”

On her own private Instagram, Ravien told fans that she and Bear are going to make some changes in how they handle their relationship this time around. When a fan asked her what she and Bear will do differently this time, Ravien revealed that they plan to tune out other people.

“Stop reading your opinions or caring what y’all think…not in a mean way; I think we just cared too much what people thought before,” Ravien wrote.

The reunion came as a shock to some ‘Alaskan Bush People’ fans, who watched as Bear and Raiven became engaged in August, only to break up two weeks later. Two weeks after the split, the exes announced that Raiven was pregnant with Bear’s baby

Although Bear and Raiven made it seem like they ended things on happy terms, Ravien’s mother, Kassy, revealed in a series of social media posts made days after the baby announcement, that it was not the case at all.

She slammed Bear and his family for not caring about Raiven (among other things), and even revealed that Raiven broke up with Bear because she felt he was too “unstable.”

While it’s unknown at this point how Kassy feels about Raiven and Bear getting back together, but Raiven says that Bear is an excited father-to-be.

“We talk daily [and] he knows just as much [about the pregnancy] as I do,” Raiven told a fan during the Q&A session. 

Ravien— who had previously stated that one of the reasons she split with Bear originally was the pressure she felt from dating someone on a TV show— told another fans she’s slowly adjusting to life in the public eye.

“I get it easier than most [of Bear’s] family members since I’m new but it’s also really nice to have so much support,” she wrote. 

Raiven is currently 10 weeks along in her pregnancy. It is unknown if the couple plans to continue with their engagement, or if they have just started dating again.

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8 Responses

  1. Do they know that it’s not absolutely necessary to update their social media followers on every single thing happening in their relationship as soon as it happens? Like there’s no law saying that you must instantly broadcast every development in your relationship. She’s only ten weeks pregnant and we’ve known about the pregnancy for a couple of weeks already. They announced their engagement and that lasted for like a week or 2. Then they were broken up, apparently with animosity (according to her mom), for like 2 weeks and now they’ve just decided to get back together. We didn’t need to any of these things yet! They could’ve kept her pregnancy private until she was safely past the first trimester. If they made an announcement then, we wouldn’t even know about the engagement, broken engagement, break up, and getting back together. All the breaking up and getting back together just makes them seem immature and silly and I bet now that they’re back together that they wish they had never told everyone they were broken up, especially since it opened the door to her mother publicly criticizing Bear and his family.

  2. Glad all is better, love the show and love the family. There will always be drama big or small in oned family. Understanding, love and faith works all the time. My blessings to all.

  3. Alaskan Bush People? They aren’t in Alaska. Fake show. How can you get dui’s if you live in the bush? How can you be an alcoholic if you live in the bush? How can you meet your spouse/gf if you live in the bush? They aren’t in the bush or off the grid.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, several members of the family got into some legal trouble for claiming Alaska residency when they lived in Texas (I think) for the majority of the year.

  4. Right because a baby will make all the other issues go away. I just hope Bear doesn’t make the baby do all the heavy work while he sits back and shouts orders. Hope he learned what not to do from his own dad.

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