‘Alaskan Bush People’ Couple Bear Brown & Raiven Adams Are Expecting Baby No. 3 Less Than A Year After Welcoming Second Child

“I think mom and dad might be crazy, and I don’t mean for each other.”

The Brown family is growing– again! 

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown and his wife, Raiven Adams, announced on social media Sunday that they are expecting their third child, due to arrive in August. 

“Surprise!” Raiven captioned a photo posted to her Instagram on Sunday that states “We are expecting a special delivery!” 

“Couldn’t be happier, to have another little one on the way!” Bear captioned the same photo when he posted it to his Instagram.

Bear and Raiven are already parents to sons River and Cove– the latter of whom arrived in January of this year. 

As The Ashley previously reported, River was born prematurely in 2020 after Raiven had stayed in the hospital for two months prior to the birth in an effort to prevent the baby from being born early. River remained in the NICU after Raiven gave birth to him via emergency C-section. (Bear did not meet River until the child was six-months old, as Bear and Raiven were not together at the time of River’s birth.)

The couple’s second son, Cove, was born via C-section at 38 weeks, but still had to spend some time in the NICU, due to issues that were not disclosed at the time of the baby’s arrival.

On Monday, Bear’s mom, Ami Brown, shared her excitement about her son and daughter-in-law’s latest baby news.  


“Congratulations my sweeties!!” Ami commented on Raiven’s pregnancy announcement. “Prayers for a light, easy pregnancy, and delivery, and healthy baby!” 

When a fan commented that Raiven had previously said on social media that she and Bear were done having kids, Raiven replied, “God knows what is best. I am grateful.” 

Raiven confirmed on social media that she and Bear do not yet know the gender of their baby, but “are happy either way!” And while the couple has yet to reveal what names they are considering for their next child, they’re apparently open to suggestions. 

On Monday, Raiven asked her Instagram followers to submit name ideas for Baby Brown No. 3, later revealing “Forrest” as the “most common answer” submitted, along with “Brooke.” 

She also stated that she’s currently in her first trimester.

As fans of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ know, Bear and Raiven have had a rocky relationship dating back to September 2019, which has consisted of Raiven filing (and later dropping) several restraining orders against Bear, a messy custody battle over their oldest son and allegations of abuse and drug use. Following several court proceedings and a whole heap of drama, Bear and Raiven reunited (and broke up a few more times) before finally tying the knot in January 2022. 

When you finally hear your parents epic love story…

Bear was arrested in March 2022–- just days after River’s birthday–- for allegedly putting his hands on Raiven after the two got into an argument. Raiven, who was the alleged victim of the domestic violence incident, had a no-contact order placed against Bear March 14, 2022, which she asked the court to rescind two days later. Bear went on to call the claims against him “unfounded” and Raiven posted a statement to Instagram, calling the incident between her and Bear “a private matter” that “shouldn’t be shared online.” 

Raiven announced in December 2022 that she and Bear had separated, but the two went on to patch things up before the arrival of their second son. 

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  1. He’s just going to keep putting hands on her, he’s done it multiple times at this point. Just so sad for the children.

  2. These two were always dysfunctional. I know Bear prob wants what his brothers have (Noah and Gabe who are both very happily married, Rain also recently entered a relationship) but there’s no way this will last. And what then? 3 little children with an absent father? Cuz I’m sure this is what will become of him. This guy is a nutcase along with his rapist brother Matt.

  3. Because nothing solves relationship/marriage issues like adding ANOTHER child… 3 under the age of Four… Yikes. These two clearly are not the brightest crayons in the box… I’m sure within a year, maybe a year and a half, we will see news of a split

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