‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Confirms He’s the Father of Two-Month Old Son River; Baby Mama Raiven Adams Files Child Support Affidavit in Court (Exclusive Details)

You ARE the father!

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is howling (literally) in celebration after confirming that his is the biological father of River, his infant son with ex-fiancé Raiven Adams

Bear announced his big news on Instagram, stating that the paternity test results had come back and he is the father of the boy. (Sadly, Maury Povich wasn’t hauled up to the mountain to read the paternity test results on-camera.)

And now, The Ashley can exclusively confirm that Raiven has hired a lawyer and taken the first steps to establish a custody agreement and a child support schedule.

In a video posted to Instagram, Bear claimed that he knew he was River’s father all along, but had to confirm his paternity.

“Hey everybody, I’ve got some awesome news I’d love to share with you all,” Bear said on Instagram. “It is 100 percent official River is my son — I got the results in today. It is awesome news. There was never any doubt, but in order for me to further get equal rights to parent, that is one thing I had to prove, that I am actually his dad. And I am!” 

Bear ended his announcement with a howl and a celebratory “YEAH!”

We assume this is how Brown family celebrations go down.

In March, Bear raised some eyebrows when it was revealed that, four days after River’s birth, Bear and his lawyer filed a Petition to Disestablish Paternity. Bear later claimed on social media that he wasn’t trying to disestablish paternity, but rather establish himself as River’s dad and that his lawyer had made a mistake when filing the paperwork.

“When my petition was filed there was a mistake in the order, it was supposed to say I’m trying to establish myself as Rivers dad,” Bear wrote on Instagram. “NOT un-establish! Please check the court records and you will find the mistake has been rectified! I will always consider myself Rivers dad!” 

 The Ashley confirmed at the time that the situation had in fact been rectified and that Bear’s attorney had also filed a Child Custody Jurisdiction Affidavit.

Raiven, however, doubted Bear’s claim that his attorney had filed the wrong paperwork. 

“Likely story, Bear… “

“Sounds to me like you didn’t like being called a deadbeat and needed someone to blame,” she said on Instagram at the time. 

Now, a few months later, the exes seem to be working toward a co-parenting relationship…and a child support regiment. 

The Ashley can confirm that, on Monday, Raiven finally hired an attorney. (Bear has had one for months, but Raiven did not have any legal representation recorded until May 4.) That same day, Raiven’s lawyer appeared in court on Raiven’s behalf and filed both a Child Custody Jurisdiction Affidavit and a Child Support Guidelines Affidavit, on which Raiven declared her income, deductions, etc.

The Ashley can also reveal that, on Wednesday, a status hearing was scheduled for June 22 in Alaska. It is unknown if Raiven and/or Bear will have to personally appear or not.

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(Photos: Instagram; Discovery Channel) 

8 Responses

  1. Did he already see his son? He was too busy having a vacation to go seehim before and now he wants equal rights?

  2. You have to establish paternity in a child support case. My question is-how much has Bear contributed towards his child before being ordered by a judge in a set amount? I get that he wants a set amount every month based on both incomes but I have a sneaking suspicion that he has yet to purchase anything for this baby.

  3. We should normalize requesting paternity tests. I don’t see anything wrong with requesting one no matter what your relationship status is.

    1. I have no issues with this, should just be normal part of tests for baby once its born. I actually wanted one back then, 15+ years ago, even though I knew who the father was – my husband – just to see how the test worked. The rules might be different now, but back then in Texas they assume your husband is the father, one of the reasons they won’t allow you to get divorced if your pregnant either. That’s one thing that happened to my sister, got pregnant during a divorce, so she had to wait until the baby was born for DNA and to finalize the divorce. But, yeah, it would probably save a lot of heartache and paperwork in court proceedings

  4. I believe the filing was an error (terrible one) because this family is odd but they are very tight knit and supportive of each other. I think they’d welcome the baby and want as much visitation as possible.

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