Raiven Adams Says Baby River– Premature Son of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown– is Still in Hospital; Bear is Currently on a Camping Trip

“I’m not claiming the baby until I hear Maury Povich say ‘You ARE the father!'”

Bear Brown‘s son was born earlier this week, but the baby– who was born over a month premature and is still in the hospital– doesn’t appear to have met the Alaskan Bush People star. The baby’s mother, Raiven Adams told her Instagram followers on Friday that Baby River was born via emergency C-section on Monday and is still using machines to help him breath.

“He was put on machines to help him breathe and expand his lungs,” Raiven wrote in the caption of a photo of the baby. “He has been progressing and getting stronger every day. We hope he will be off both in the next few days.”

In a new interview with In Touch Weekly, Kassy Contes, Ravien’s mother, said that Raiven stayed in the hospital for two months prior to River’s birth, in an effort to prevent the baby from being born early, and is preparing to be a single mom.

“River is her only concern at this point,” she told the magazine. “This is a lot for a single mother to take in. She spent two months in the hospital before this trying to keep him in until 34 weeks. She literally risked her life to have this baby.”

Baby River weighed in at 4 lbs. 15 oz. when he was born, according to Raiven.

“She hasn’t slept for days,” Kassy said of Raiven. “She still has staples. … She’s literally sitting beside his little incubator around the clock, just waiting for improvements.” 

As The Ashley told you, earlier this week Bear filed court paperwork to try to disestablish paternity of River. That filing came just a few days after Raiven– who is Bear’s ex-fiance— dropped her request for a long-term and short-term restraining order against Bear. (She alleged in her filings that Bear was using cocaine, and had been abusive and threatening to her during their relationship.)

Bear has not posted about the birth of River at all; in fact, he has stated on Instagram that he has been on a solo camping trip for the last few days. 

In her post, Raiven made it clear that she was not expecting Bear to be present in the baby’s life.

“I will willingly do all of this by myself as well as financially,” she wrote on Friday. “I have done what was best for his health and mine. My son deserves the most and I will bust my butt to do so…Thank you for all your kind words and prayers. Please be kind to my son as he enters a life he did not ask for.”

To date, none of Bear’s relatives had posted about the baby’s birth. Bear has not responded to any questions posted on his Instagram regarding Baby River or Raiven. 

(Photos: Instagram)

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  1. Why would someone take the trouble to go to a courthouse to claim his son as his, to go on a trip while his son can be born any moment and stay away?
    It doesn’t make any sense.

    1. To disestablish paternity. He’s claiming he’s not the father, so him taking off and refusing to be there makes sense.

  2. I feel no sympathy for her! She spent her entire pregnancy bashing him and trying to keep him away, but now she wants to give the single mom sob story. Him requesting a paternity test should be a red flag because that means at some point she lead him to believe River wasn’t his child, so how can you be mad at him for not feeling attached to the child until he knows for sure he’s the father? Let’s not act like women don’t do this regularly! I know more than a few men who signed a birth certificate only to find out that the child wasn’t theirs, and the mothers knowingly put these men on child support when they knew they lied about paternity.

    1. She’s not asking for sympathy, she’s asking that people pray for her son who was born prematurely. And him requesting a paternity test, could just be some petty bullshit. I know quite a few guys that have done that, my ex-husband to name just one.

  3. The picture of the baby being kissed by mom is pretty much the proof needed that he’s the father his eyes and nose for sure. What a selfish POS camping instead of being there for the birth of his kid. I hope she rReinstates the order of protection because he’s clearly not stable.

  4. His family didn’t get Raven pregnant, Beau did. I dont watch their show, just read occasionally on this site, but sometimes if you’re not sure what to say or it’s a conflict of interest in some way, or you have conflicting feelings…silence is better on social media. No one ever has the true story of what happens in person or over text/call.

  5. Raven and the baby are probably better off with Bear never coming around, if the allegations are true.

  6. Sad just sad. The innocents are always the children and the animals and the idiots are the trash pieces of humans who should not be permitted to have children and animals.

  7. Which was it, one month in the hospital, or two months in the hospital? Raiven’s mother says both in her statements.

  8. Brown town- pieces of shi*. Take them off the air. Good for you Raiven, best wishes, you don’t need them!

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