Weekend Link-a-Polooza! Other Reality TV News From Around the Web

“Should we just box it out at the next Reunion or…?”

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

Battling Opinions! Teen Mom Madness: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Leah Messer & Kail Lowry Share Very Different Opinions on Coronavirus 

’90 Day’ Wedding! Starcasm: ‘Before to 90 Days’ Star Abby St. Germain Marries British Boo Louis Dubell

Reunited! In Touch Weekly: Dog Chapman Has Reconciled with Formerly Estranged Daughter Lyssa

Recap! Tamara Tattles: ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Recap: “Pool Party Massacre”

Duggars Making Bank! The Blast: Duggar Family Sells Renovated Home for Over $1 Million in Profit

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  1. I don’t want my kids panicking either, but this is one of those times to make sure they know not to be sharing food/drinks (which they shouldn’t be anyway, but kids don’t listen) and that they’re washing their hands thoroughly and are taking this seriously.

    This isn’t something to just brush off!

    Then again, this IS Kail, who decided not to vaccinate her kids to be trendy.

  2. I slightly get Kails point. Like should her be scared? No. He (and her) should be concerned and taking precautions though. It seems a lot of people are afraid and bulk buying EVERYTHING. I literally can’t find toilet paper and other basic things anywhere near me right now. It’s ridiculous.

  3. Countries, entire corporations, multiple businesses, sporting events, restaurants, amongst other things aren’t shutting down for the hell of it Kail. Shame a 10 year old is taking this more seriously than his mother. Good on Leah for not taking any chances with Ali and the girlses.

  4. I heard that when she was on the whale-watching tour in Iceland, she got mistaken for a beached one

      1. Kail will lie down and get up pregnant by anyone. I don’t think she takes anything seriously besides collecting child support. Disease prevention obviously isn’t a concern of hers or any other the women on the show. The way these chicks stay pregnant and act surprised that is happens, you would think pregnancy was a highly communicable disease.

  5. You would think Kail/Karl would be concerned with anything being pregnant. She’s practically boiled the baby so I guess she’s not worried. Going to foreign countries when there’s a outbreak is ok too. I guess when the kids come home worried and being around common sense people. She gets angry because no one in their right mind thinks like she does.

    1. That’s true, getting an infection while pregnant can lead to a premature infant. I guess they failed to mention that on the anti vaxxer Facebook page Kail gets her medical information from.

  6. Maybe Kail should have the young boy speak to his father about the situation if Kail can remember who’s dad goes to who’s child.

    stay lit

  7. Yeah, we’ll listen to miss anti-vax. Her kids are in more danger than most. When someone pointed that out, she asked them to ‘politely’unfollow her. I in return asked her to politely remove herself from the public eye because she spreads dangerous misinformation. She’s going to get one of her kids killed with the way she thinks. Oh, she’ll immediately block you if you ask her what sources she used to decide not to vaccinate her kids. And don’t even think of pointing out that the doctor who started the anti-vax BS lost his license for faking his study results. She thinks it’s all ‘opinion.’ Someone needs to point out what the difference is between ‘opinion’ and ‘actual science.’ This bitch should have been removed from the air when she compared people who vaccinate their kids to Nazis. We also need to educate her on what the fucking Holocaust was because she apparently doesn’t understand what Nazi means either. If she was an actual real celebrity on a scripted show that requires more than spreading your legs to be cast…she would have been cancelled for that post. She’s lucky she’s on MTV where money matters more than decency.

    1. There are risks to vaccinating. That’s actual facts. They are considered small but they are there. I believe if there is a risk there should be a choice. I also believe in medical freedom. You either believe the Government has the right to dictate what they want to do to your body or you don’t. Do I believe vaccines cause autism? I honestly can’t say I do or I don’t. But CDC is being sued by ICAN because the CDC website claimed vaccines don’t cause autism and they actually don’t have any proof they don’t. I guess we will see what the new studies say.

  8. Kailyn is wrong. Her son should absolutely be aware of and concerned about preventing the spread of germs and how not taking precautions can have devastating effects on those with compromised immune systems. You have to teach children good hygiene habits so that they don’t spread germs that other people (the elderly, sick, or babies) cannot fight off. Yes, I think people are panicking. But if anything, this is a wake up call to all those non sanitary people to wash their hands when entering their home, or not touching their runny nose then touching everything in the grocery store. We should teach kids (and tbh, some adults) that there is more to life than “well If I get corona, it’s just like the flu, I’ll get over it”. Social responsibility people!!! Would you want to be the reason that someone’s baby, or grandparent, picks up your germs and dies from whatever you spread? Simply because you couldn’t be bothered to wash your hands?

  9. Kail is being dumb – no you don’t need to go into panic mode, but being smart and flattening the curve and PREVENTING a huge issue is what is happening here.

  10. I am with Leah on this one. Like Leah’s daughter Ali, I have health issues and I see where she is coming from. It isn’t just senior citizens that are in danger from this virus. It is going to be people not taking this seriously that are endangering the lives of others.

  11. Kail hates it in Delaware or she hates it in the United States? Your kids should be hyper aware of what is going on with the coronavirus. Kids carry a heck of a lot of germs. Lol

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