‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Says He Plans to Expose His Baby Mama Raiven Adams’ “Lies”; Claims She Was Abusive to Him

Let’s get ready to ruuuuumble…again!

Bear Brown is once again speaking out against his baby mama, Raiven Adams, demanding she stop lying about what went down during their strange and stormy, on- and off-relationship. 

After Raiven slammed Bear on social media for posting on Instagram about their infant son, River, Bear fired back on Friday, informing Alaskan Bush People fans that he no longer plans to stay silent about their failed engagement and custody battle.

“I have something to say! Everything that Raiven has told the news tabloids and has insinuated about me is a mean abusive lie and I will no longer stand by and say nothing!” Bear wrote on Instagram.

“Soon I will be making a post about the truth of what happened between us! Since Raiven has not stopped [lying] about me people deserve to know the truth!”

He also refuted Raiven’s past claims that he abused her, and claimed that Raiven abused him, not the other way around.

“It was Raiven who was abusive toward me and she continues to be so, by constantly [lying] about, I will not stand by and do nothing!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Raiven filed for a restraining order against Bear earlier this year, claiming that Bear allegedly used cocaine and exhibited “erratic” and “abusive behavior” during their relationship. She also claimed that Bear used guns to intimidate her while she was pregnant with River and that Bear threatened to take their baby away from her if she left him. Raiven dropped the restraining order in March, three days before River was born.

In his Instagram post on Friday, Bear slammed Raiven’s drug and intimidation claims.

I never did any drugs I never threatened her with a gun or anything else she has said I did!” he wrote. “She didn’t even tell me until two days after River was born! It’s sad that someone I loved would treat me such a way! It’s heartbreaking!”

“Me? Erratic? NEVER!”

After a paternity test confirmed that Bear is River’s father, Raiven filed for sole custody of the baby, asking that River only be allowed “restricted visitation.” Additionally, Raiven is seeking “primary physical custody” of River in lieu of Bear’s requested “shared physical custody” and she is asking that Bear have “restricted visitation” with the baby. She is also requesting that Bear pay child support effective March 9 (the date of River’s birth).

A custody hearing was held on July 1, and the custody case remains open and active, although it has been sealed from the public.

Bear has yet to meet his son, but has been posting photos of him on Instagram, much to Raiven’s dismay. Last weekend, she told her Instagram followers that she would no longer be sharing photos of River, due to somebody using them inappropriately. 

“Unfortunately, due to recent events, I won’t be posting photos of my son,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “His privacy is more important, and the way they are being used by everyone else is not appropriate.”

UPDATE! Raiven has responded to Bear’s post with a post of her own. In it, she made fun of Bear’s misspellings of the word “liars” (he wrote “layers”), and informed her ex that he should be taking his grievances to a judge instead of social media.

 “Let the battle of the ‘layers’ begin jk the adults go to court for help not Instagram,” she captioned a post about narcissists that reads, “Narcissists try to destroy your life with lies because theirs can be destroyed with the truth.” 

Raiven’s mother Kassy provided her thoughts in the comment section of Raiven’s post.

“You’re such a layer Raiven,” she wrote. “He’s mad you didn’t release a public statement like him and his lawyer demanded you to do by today. This further proves his mental instability and abuse is real. If you were abusive you wouldn’t have this baby in your home. He sealed the custody agreement to avoid the public knowing the outcome. If he was a victim why would he seal it? This is typical behavior from an abusive person just take a deep breath and let your attorney handle the rest.”

On Saturday, Raiven appeared to have a change of heart about posting about her drama with Bear on social media. She told her Instagram followers why she removed her previous post.

“I took the night to think about how I should respond and how it will affect others,” Raiven wrote. “Then I realized anything besides this response is childish and damaging for my son. So I am wishing peace for your heart… My job was to protect my son and myself not argue or be petty. My son comes first and I won’t be explaining why this is so very wrong.

“I pray you all put your children first and love them enough to let go of anger. I pray you protect yourself but let that be the end,” she continued. “Hurting one another at the expense of your child for social gain is disgusting. Time to move along and keep being the best momma I can be. My attempts in the past where to make awareness not to gain sympathy or approval. I simply wanted to hold someone accountable for their actions. But then came my son and that’s far more important. Teaching my son what a loving parent is who puts him first is a lesson I would much rather teach.”

In the comment section of the post, a fan asked why Raiven is still keeping River from Bear. Raiven denied that she was the reason Bear has yet to meet his son.

“I don’t keep his son from him,” Raiven responded. “Just curious as to why you assume I keep him from him because he hasn’t met him it has to be my fault!?”

She later posted the following to Instagram Stories:

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  1. Sad cause time goes by very fast then baby river will read the immature attacks written on the World Wide Web against his parent I pray bear do not start saying any thing bad about Raiven but that he loved her. In order to get sole custody terrible things may st be said in order for a judge to rule that. So much of it is probably not true. It it was as then why hasn’t he been arrested. It’s most playing the system at the expense of the child. I like the show cause in the woods if u don’t create it then it doesn’t exist. Snow bird where are the sheep u promise us put down rats cause although I understand cats eat mouth woman viewers are in love with their cats. Thank you. Bear. Stay away from Raiven just pray for her she won’t always be in her immature twenties.

  2. she makes fun of his spelling and then says she doesn’t want to be childish. That makes no sense.

  3. Ugh! I can’t stand this deadbeat loser. He’s totally dependent of his parents and can’t take care of himself, so why he thinks that he can care for an infant, is beyond me. I feel so bad for River having a “father” like Bear, who has the mentality of a 10 year old. And the fact that he has fans who really believes that the Brown’s live like in the show, is mind blowing!

  4. Raiven needs to just take the baby far away from Bear as possible. They are both dumb asses, but he is the worst.

  5. Bear, what the hell do you care what the internets think?? You better figure out fast how to coparent with this woman and hammer down custody of your son. Before your son’s mother takes up with someone like David Eason. Poor baby River—his parents refuse to put his needs first.

    1. They are both acting just as immature and childish as the other! They both laid down together and created that baby thinking or feeling like they were in love, he proposed, she accepted! It’s actually a good thing they didn’t marry seeing how they are behaving towards each other now. They need to grow up fast because now they have brought an innocent child into their ridiculous relationship and he’s the one that’s going to get hurt the most and the deepest through their immature dragging each other through the mud comments, tweets and tongue lashings! You can delete all your want, but what gets put on social media and the Internet stays there forever, especially when these types of articles exist quitting every single nasty thing that’s written about each other! Say it forget it, write it, regret it! – Judge Marilyn Milian

  6. What is it with people announcing that “soon I’ll be making a post about the truth”. Speak now or forever hold your peace, Bear. But, you might want to use spellcheck first.😉

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