New Court Documents: Pregnant Ex of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Accuses Him of Using Cocaine & Exhibiting “Abusive Behavior”

“Keep away, Bear!”

Raiven Adams— the pregnant ex-fiance of Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown— is accusing the Discovery Channel star of abuse and drug use in recently filed court documents.

As The Ashley told you last week, Raiven filed for and was granted a temporary protective order against Bear, claiming he was violent with her. Now, The Blast has exposed new court documents filed by Raiven in which she details the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of Bear.

In the court documents, Raiven claims Bear has verbally abused her, intimidated her with his gun, and threatened to withhold money and even food from her if she did not do what he wanted.

Raiven claims that, shortly after moving to Loomis, Washington, in August 2019 to be with Bear she “realized his behavior was abusive.” She also claims that Bear used his fame and connection to the Discovery Channel as a way to keep Raiven in line.

“While dating I would bring up his erratic behavior (yelling, slamming things, preventing me from leaving rooms),” Raiven wrote in the court docs. “I was told multiple times if I didn’t follow what he wanted me to do/say/act he would have Discovery [Channel] bury me [with] lawsuits if I spoke about his behavior.”

“Me? Act erratic? NEVER!”

Raiven also claims that Bear admitted to using cocaine, and blamed his behavior on the drug.

“When expressing concerns of his drug use, he would threaten to kick me out/withhold food, money,” Raiven wrote. “He would punish me by verbally abusing me or threatening to kick me out.”

Raiven stated that Bear’s guns were also a concern for her.

“He would use it as intimidation/tell me gun laws don’t apply to him,” she wrote.

The Blast also reports that Raiven claims Bear threatened to take their baby away from her if she left him. In another disturbing part of the court documents, she writes that she believes Bear intentionally used propane to scare her multiple times.

“I fell asleep on two occasions [shortly] before separating permanently,” Raiven wrote. “Both times I woke up to propane left on in our trailer. When I expressed my concerns he laughed as if was a joke.”

Raiven began dating Bear last year, and the couple quickly announced their engagement in August 2019…only to break up two weeks later. One day after announcing their breakup, they revealed Raiven was pregnant with Bear’s child.

After their first breakup, Raiven’s mother Kassy took to social media to slam Bear and his famous family for “treating Raiven like trash,” and other assorted things. However, Raiven and Bear decided to give their relationship another try in September, but split again in November

Raiven is currently about 31 weeks pregnant with Bear’s son. On the day the news of the restraining order broke, she posted to her Facebook account that she had been experiencing pre-term labor and was taking medication to stop the contractions. She also posted a promise to keep her unborn child safe.

“I promise I will fight and protect you until my last breath,” she wrote. “You are my biggest blessing and I’ll never be the same because of you sweet boy.”

Raiven is due back in court on February 27 to find out if her request for a long-term protective order will be granted. The Blast reports that, in her filings, Raiven also requested their baby be protected from Bear once he is born.

“Our child due in April will need protection from violent behavior/ source of control / putting the baby in harms way,” Raiven wrote, requesting that Bear be required to enroll in substance abuse treatment, as well as a “program for the rehabilitation of batterers.”

Bear has not responded publicly to any of Raiven’s claims.

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(Photos: Instagram, Discovery Channel)


  1. That kid would have tasted better for Raiven had she swallowed and there wouldn’t be all this drama!
    If you think for one moment that Solomon isn’t “on the Spectrum” somewhere, you’re sadly misled. It runs in the family. What is the oldest Bush Boy’s name that spends more time in rehab than on the show! He positively has a learning deficit and is on the “Spectrum” as well. He can’t even function. With all the exposure that this family is getting FB there should be live in therapists to square these baby having babies situation out! Best wishes with everything! Peace

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    This doesn’t sound like bear at all

  3. What the actual fuck is wrong with some of you commenting on this?!?

    “She deserved it”
    “She’s a gold digger”
    “She planned this”


    1. And saying that she’s only with him for his money. Like what? He lives in a fucking TRAILER! From what I’ve read about most reality show participants, they don’t get paid much. Unless they’re super lucky enough to be a long-running show, like teen mom, jersey shore, Vanderpump Rules, nd some of the housewives shows.

      1. If these are the kind of comments that are being left here by who we believe to be his family and/or friends, then I can just imagine the shit she’s being texted.

    2. Right. If these are the type of people that Bear hangs out with and is surrounded by, I have absolutely ZERO doubts that this is the way he acts and the kind of stuff he says, which is verbally abusive. Way to tell on yourselves, random, new commenters. Comment after comment from Bear and friends calling her a fame whore, lying, gossiping, skank who apparently can make herself get pregnant all on her own, and who is just out to get money from him that he shouldn’t have to pay (you know, child support, for the child he will have) AND YET ALSO saying they don’t believe that Bear and family are verbally abusive, unsafe, and difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with? Make it make sense, people.

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Sound like someone’s looking for a payday…who gets engaged and pregnant weeks after meeting someone….

  5. I think bear should go have a drug test right now that his lawyer to have in court then another the day of court, yes go to classes for substance abuse if it’s found that he did in fact use drugs also she should Supoepna the crew from discovery the ones that witnessed any of his behavior, it’s her word against his

  6. Wow. Hope none of y’all ever end up in an abusive relationship. I would hate people to victim blame you the way you are this girl. People like you are why people like me had to wait until my ex pulled a gun on me in front of a camera before I could get a TRO. But Bear’s on TV, so he MUST be innocent and rich. One, living in a trailer tends to mean you’re not that well off. Two, I saw Chris Brown on TV all the time too. Just sayin’…

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    If I Were Raivan, I would keep myself and my son as far away from Bear Brown as is possible.

  8. Weird… a bunch of names I’ve never seen commenting before, all calling this girl a liar. Hmmm. Hi Bear!

    1. Okay, it’s not just me. I have never seen half of these names. It’s like on Jenelle stories, everyone always has one or two downvotes and it’s obvious the swamp people are reading comments about themselves. It’s very obvious…and it also points out, to me at least, who the guilty party is. Innocent people don’t have to troll comments about themselves because they have nothing to hide. Maybe these ‘celebs’ should find employment. They have too much time on their hands.

    2. Their names are also very similar… first name and last name instead of a more “screenname” type name. Very suspicious! I bet it is his family and friends

  9. Yeah that “extremeness” isn’t working out so well, too bad no one thought it was problem, he was never taught (or couldn’t be taught) any kind of self control.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Well I hate to say but I think this kid Bear brown is a damd drugie, look at the way he act da ! Why does he act so wierd ? DRUGS Da.

  10. I don’t believe any of it. She hooked on to a ” celebrity” figure and wants money for stories now. Sounds like she has a weird mother too. They just want money!!$$. Divorce him, get away from him but don’t spread gossip. I saw how she acted on the show. Not even interested in him. Its all about the money$$.

    1. She’s not spreading gossip. She filed a court document for protection for herself and the baby, that was then accessed by tabloids and reported on. She’s not out there “selling stories.” She’s doing the exact right thing, going through a court of law rather than just the court of public opinion.

  11. Didn’t she realize that Bear is a very erratic person at the best of times? Or, was her quest for “Stardom” so all encompassing that she allowed herself to become pregnant so quickly that she ignored it? Take some responsibility young woman!!! I’m so sick of hearing things like this! And yes, I have been a victim of abuse, I realized that I put myself in the position to be abused and that by giving “another chance” even once, I made the choice to do it again! Put on your big girl panties and grow a backbone!!!

    1. “allowed herself to become pregnant.” Yeah, I bet when she saw his trailer and the huge piles of money he was making, she immediately released egg after egg after egg from her Fallopian tubes to make sure she would get pregnant. Whereas, if he were poor and not on TV, she would have just purposely not ovulated for the course of their relationship because she wouldn’t want to “allow” herself to get pregnant. And poor bear, he just had the sperm sucked right out of him by a machine when he was sleeping. He had no idea! He definitely wasn’t at all a willing participant in the sex that led to her becoming pregnant.

  12. Isn’t Bear the one that stabbed a fish a hundred times in the episode where the little girl needed to see the dentist? I only ever watched the first season and that stuck out to me because it was so unnecessary and crazy.

  13. I believe Raiven had a plan along with her mother to get money from the Brown family!!

    Don’t believe everything you read from people that has a trashy back ground and a mother that has been to prison, this was a plan!


  15. So sorry you are going thru this. I have been abused, verbally and physically. Had 4 children, wished they had not seen some of the things they did. Good luck, you are on the right path. In my thoughts and prayers. You go girl.

  16. Get out while you can they have been raised like wild animals.that is not normal and now that their out in society there testing new waters .get out while you can and stay away from that family.

  17. I feel so badly that she’s having to deal with all of this, but this is exactly why you don’t have children with someone you just met.

  18. I don’t believe this woman so what if we are all raised differently we have been watching the Family for years and we have seen Bear Bron be nice to everyone for years unless this woman has sold proof I don’t go by stupid gossip and we are not to judge anyone it’s up to God really and we really know nothing about this woman who is making these accusations there is two sides to every story and you all are believing one side I say give the man a chance

  19. I don’t believe this gossip for one second we have all watched this Family for years everyone whom has a family chooses wow they will raise their kin we have never ever seen anyone of them hurt anyone or even themselves shame on you for blasting someone for being raised differently from anyone else as individual people we all choose how we raise our children they have done nothing wrong where is the proof instead of just hearsay from one bitter person

  20. Load of old crap. Just a stupid girl playing games with a young man’s head. She definitely has issues. She has had her 5 minutes of fame and now wants more. Oh and $$$$.

  21. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    It’s about time somebody stood up to those people. I still say there a bunch of inbreds and are probably not right in the head. I’m glad to hear she got away the only reason they gave any fame is all filled with lies.

  22. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Should know the person before sharing a child with them

  23. I believe her. I’m sorry but you can see that guy isn’t sane, even when he is on his best behavior on camera.
    I don’t believe the whole “happy wholesome kind and propper family” image for one bit either.
    These kids have been raised in anti social way and the filming made things in their heads worse.

  24. If bear is so bad and dangerous, why did raven go back to him to try again? Sounds fishy to me and a way to get money from him.

    1. Right, because someone going back to an unhealthy relationship is just unheard of. If I had to guess id say they tried to make it work for the baby. Thats also probably why they got engaged in the first place.

    2. If she has a child with him, that child DESERVES money from his father. That’s the law. And if she is the caretaker of the child because the dad is a shove and there’s a literal court ordered restraining order against him, then the money would go to mom to use for the baby. They weren’t even married, were they? She’s not going to get any kind of alimony. The only money she would get would be child support.

  25. I think that Bear is a reflection of the whole Brown family environment. The oldest May be an active alcoholic or at least was, but the rest of the family has a dry drunk behavior. This family has some serious alcoholic issues in previous generations. Why do you think papa is so very much against alcohol…. because he grew up in an alcoholic family. And don’t think mama bear isn’t from an alcoholic home, she also has the dry drunk behavior.

    Do your research! You WILL see the dry drunk behavior in each one of them. In some form or another!

  26. Give the guy a break you knew he was a mountain man and you even came back.. How do you like the power of being famous.. You should come back to earth and try to work things out! If not for you,for the sake of your child.

  27. She looks and sounds like a skank. I mean anybody who would shack-up and allow themselves to get pregnant, is very suspicious. She knows if she gets knocked up that’s big money for at least 18 yrs. Bear is a fool for ever coming within 10 ft of such a nasty skank.

    1. Again with the “allow herself to get pregnant,” as if she just willed herself into being pregnant all on her own. It takes 2 people to make a baby. If they’re having sex and she’s not on the birth control pill, and he doesn’t want to have a baby, then he needs to wear a condom. It’s not like she can go to the gas station down the street and buy the BCP if they have decided they want to have sex ASAP. But he can go buy a condom. And it takes two people to “shack up.” Or did he not know she was living with him? Did she just sneak in when he was away, hide under his bed, Will herself into ovulating, and then extract sperm from him in the middle of the night and inject it into her uterus? What kind of backwards double standard is this?

  28. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    No one knows what goes on behind closed doors BUT seems like she just wants the baby to herself!! No one really knows though but then unfortunately !! Prayers for all of them 🙏🏻

  29. She deserves what she gets. Any woman who allows herself to get pregnant by someone she’s only know for weeks is stupid in my opinion. She sounds like a gold digger. Having a kid will keep her rolling in dough for at least 18yrs.

  30. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She needs to get a protection order from the whole family.

  31. Bear has a screw loose. 30 something years old and jumps around like he’s 3 years old. What a wacko.

  32. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Raiven just wants Bear’s money for child support. I feel for him. How can Raiven have the audacity to even contemplate to take away the baby from him and keep him from his own baby. She just a gold digger.

    1. He made a baby. He has to support that baby financially. That’s just how it works, legally. Though I highly doubt that the guy who lives in a trailer and whose job is to be the kid of some D-list reality show people, is really going to be able to provide so much child support that Raiven will be “rolling in dough” for the rest of her life. And you get that if she stayed with him and he was raising the baby with her, he would still be paying that money to take care of the baby. It’s not like if they’re together, the baby suddenly costs $0.

      But if he’s abusive, and a judge agrees, in a court of law, then he doesn’t get to see the baby. She is doing everything correctly, in the legal, above board way. Abusers don’t get to raise their own kids. It’s a consequence of being abusive to the mother of their baby. This stuff isn’t that hard, people. Plus, if she’s such a horrific, lying, gold digging, skank, who apparently gets herself pregnant all on her own and moves in with unsuspecting men in order to “shack up” with them, then why do you want her around long term in a relationship with him?

  33. I don’t know what if any of her claims are true, but this is a wonderful example of why you should not procreate with people you do not even know. Seriously, is birth control not a thing anymore!

    1. Of course birth control is still used. Just watch any of the Teen Mom shows. You know the one that promotes safe sex to stop teen pregnancy… LOL yeah that’s sarcasm….

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