‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown & Baby Mama Raiven Adams Make Peace & Plan for Bear to Finally Meet His Son River

“Wanna be friends?”
“Um…sure, why not?”

There’s finally a bit of peace in the ‘Bush.’

Bear Brown and his fiance-turned-baby-mama-turned-nemesis Raiven Adams appear to have finally called it truce, after months of battling back and forth over their failed relationship and their son, River. In a recent Instagram post, Raiven revealed that she and Bear have been working on getting along, and that Bear will finally be meeting River, six months after the baby’s birth.

“For everyone asking! No Bear has not met River that has to do with a lot of things!” she wrote. “Not because I won’t let him and not because he doesn’t want to come. We’ve spent the past two months focusing on co-parenting! Which is a huge reason I took a break for a bit!

“Now we previously discussed traveling to him but River was still so small and it was dangerous for him to travel so young!” she continued. “Now with COVID it’s still dangerous but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an end for now! And It’s been 6 months and that’s clearly far to[o] long. So I have offered to bring River to him so he can start bonding with him and his other family!”

“If you see a guy that howls and scampers up trees, that’s your Daddy!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Raiven took out a restraining order on Bear, claiming that he used drugs, was abusive to her and tried to threaten to have the Discovery Channel “bury” her in lawsuits. Bear denied Raiven’s claims, and later claimed she was abusive to him. Raiven dropped the restraining order when River was born in March. She later filed for sole custody, after a paternity test determined that Bear was, indeed, River’s father.

In June, the estranged couple surprisingly came to an agreement and ended their nasty custody battle,with Raiven having primary physical custody of River and Bear being allowed restricted visitation. 

In her post, Raiven admitted that her history with Bear is strange, but that things have been worked out between them.

“Please don’t assume things when you do not know!” she wrote. “We will never make sense to any of you haha. Life is not always easy and we are doing the best we can! We are in a very good place and you may not understand everything we do but that’s okay! We will be traveling in the next week and the boys will get to spend some time together!”

Raiven said that the trip to visit Bear’s family will be a long one, so that the Browns can get to know River.

“River and I will be staying for a while so he can really get to spend some quality time with his family,” Raiven wrote. “And taking all precautions we can to travel safely!”

“They better not try to shove a camera in my face this time!”

Bear also posted the happy news on Instagram.

“Hey everybody I have some awesome news!” he wrote. “Raiven is bringing little River up for a visit! It’ll be the first time I’ve gotten to see him in person, but we have been talking a lot over the phone! It’s gonna be so cool to be able to hold him!”

While answer fans’ questions on Instagram Stories earlier this week, Raiven discussed how she and Bear came to the decision to call it truce.

“Everything in life is learned,” she wrote. “We aren’t born knowing how to co-parent. We had our struggles and we have moved past them.”

On the current season of ‘Alaskan Bush People,‘ viewers have watched as Raiven and Bear’s relationship disintegrated, just days before they were due to get married. 

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(Photos: Instagram, Discovery Channel)

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Wait, how the hell did she get pregnant?! I thought she called off the wedding? Was she pregnant and that’s why the wedding was rushed? Is that why she cancelled it bc once she knew she was pregnant, she knew she didnt have to mary Bear in order to “own” him for life? Wow. These two are stranger than strange! Bear needs to have a relationship with his son, but look for a romantic relationship elsewhere. I know Bear may not be anyones definition of stable, but Ravien cant even spell stable. Good luck, Bear. You deserved better and you still do!!! Dont settle.

  2. What I wanna know is why she has to travel with the baby and go to HIM?! If he wants to see his son bad enough after 6 whole months, he should get off his ass and go to his son!! Especially during times like this when travel isn’t necessarily recommended, I’d think they’d both know better as parents!

  3. Why does she keep saying ‘coparenting?’ Bear has yet to meet his son, and I guarantee you she is not including him in any of the major or even minor decision making about their son. THAT’S what coparenting is. Not bringing the baby who knows how many miles to FINALLY MEET (at 6 months old) spend time with this trashy pack of criminals and rapists.

  4. I refuse to believe anything this girl says until it actually happens. One day she’s saying she wants Bear to be able to meet & bond with his son. Then a few hours later another article comes out saying she’s talking about filing another RO to keep him away.

  5. FINALLY! Better late than never…I hope they continue on this co-parenting path even when undoubtedly they find new partners one day.

    1. It is truly sad, when a child is born into hostilitie and doesn’t get a chance to bond with both parents. Each parent has a responsibility and right to participate in the child’s life. When you have a parent who constantly tries to keep the child away from the other, the ONLY person you are hurting is YOUR child in the end. This child has to experience the guidance of both, if you deny that, count on the child to have PTSD or worse. Most children when they reach a certain age will be on drugs, trying hard to make their psycho sense feel better. So if you are one of these parents who deny your child the right to see their other parent, I guarantee that will be your child. All because you couldn’t act like a adult. Unless the parent is a pedo or abuser you have no business holding your child away from the other parent. You laid down and made a baby with that person, now it’s time to pull up your big girl panties or big boy pants and work with the other parent.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        Umm there are no true facts that a child/person will turn to drugs just because a parent wasn’t there from the start. There are many reasons a parent can’t/shouldnt be involved. There’s plenty of times both parents are involved and it actually creates more issues. You kinda sound bitter in this comment, that’s only my assumption, and I can only view things from my experience and knowledge. Maybe you could expand on why you feel the way you do? Not trying to be rude, you just come off slightly off handed

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