Pregnant Girlfriend of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Files Restraining Order Against Him

“Stay away!”

Bear Brown‘s on-and-off romance with his pregnant girlfriend Raiven Adams has gone from the Bush to the courthouse!

The Sun broke the news on Tuesday that Raiven filed for and was granted a restraining order against Bear. Raiven, who is currently 30 weeks pregnant with Bear’s son, filed for a domestic violence (short-term) restraining order on Monday in an Anchorage, Alaska, court. According to the court records, which The Ashley located herself, Raiven also filed for a long-term restraining order against Bear.

Raiven’s petition for the short-term protective order was granted on Monday, but she will have to wait until the February 27 court date to find out if the long-term protective order will be granted as well. 

This is just the latest in the cornucopia of drama that has been Bear and Raiven’s short relationship. Raiven– who got to know Bear when her mother Kassy photographed Bear’s brother’s wedding last year– soon became “involved with” (aka impregnated by) Bear. They began dating, and announced their engagement in August 2019…only to break up two weeks later. One day after announcing their breakup, they revealed Raiven was pregnant with Bear’s child.

After their first breakup, Kassy took to social media to slam Bear and his famous family for “treating Raiven like trash,” and other assorted things. However, Raiven and Bear decided to give their relationship another try in September, but split again in November. (Got all that?) 

“It’s her loss! How could she let this stud go?!” 

Raiven has since deleted her Instagram account. On Facebook, though, she posted about people with narcissism (hmmm…wonder who she could be talking about?) and also revealed that she’s had some issues with her pregnancy lately. In a post made on Monday, she revealed that she has been taking medication and steroids to stop the contractions she’s been having.

The post– which was written by Raiven on the same day she filed for the restraining order against Bear– also included a promise to her unborn child to keep him safe.

“I promise I will fight and protect you until my last breath,” she wrote. “You are my biggest blessing and I’ll never be the same because of you sweet boy.”

Bear has not made any public comments regarding the protective order against him.

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    This is what happens when you give $ to trash!

  2. That girl is trouble !! Move on ! She is playing the victim card and will cause you much grief ! There are plenty of fish in the sea!

  3. I’m so sick of channels funding the lives of people that are the last to deserve the admiration, money and platform.
    This whole family is fake wholesome and nice when they are filmed.
    In real reality they have many issues with obeying the law, being a decent human being and pleasant to be around and they have huge fights with each other or are only together to film.

  4. This show is all bullshit.
    These people are just weird and ott.I think they get paid well to be weird. Just wish that sister would get her teeth fixed. Other than that who cares. More fool you if you believe it!

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    He was an was an ass hole from the start?no proper upbringing

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Sounds like a bunch of horny boys.

  7. I have no idea who these people are, but this trend of reality “stars” having to file restraining orders against the father of their children is disturbing… why can’t people just use birth control?!?! All these uneducated people spewing out spawn… Idiocracy is upon us…

  8. You new what you were doing when you got with bear I can’t beleave what you have been saying about him and there famly he is entitled to see his baby and has rights. You are a right joke. I feel and trashing his famly. He should file you a unfit mother. There a nice famly font deserve to be treated bad

  9. Ashley, i dont believe Bear is violent as you describe him. In watching you on the TV series, I think you are a little immature and maybe looking at the mighty dollar.

  10. Alaska Bush People are in any way imaginable the new millennial “Waltons.” The show is a farce. The family members a moral disgrace. The show must be terminated at once.

  11. Who cares this whole family is a big mess. Billy and his wife lie so much that we don’t care any more time is up with this family bull shit. Kids are old enough to be on there own. Gabe,Bear,Noah are not even Men so this little girls that they are having babies with are just as dumb as these guys are. The whole family needs help Bear needs to be on some Meds.Ravine move on with your child you don’t need this family

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