‘Unexpected’ Star McKayla Adkins Reveals She Plans to Drop Out of College & Is Struggling with Her Mental Health

Raise your hand if you’re overwhelmed…

Fans of Unexpected are used to watching McKayla Adkins’ tackle drama involving her ex Caelan Morrison; however, the 19-year-old is currently facing challenges unrelated to baby-daddy drama.

McKayla shared a video update with fans to her YouTube channel on Monday where she revealed that her “life has been crazy lately.” 

“ … I have been very unhappy, I’ve been depressed—I don’t take that word lightly either … I’ve been depressed for a little bit now,” she says at the beginning of her video before adding that she’s been “bouncing around” on different medicines to help with her anxiety and depression. 

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McKayla explains that she was diagnosed with PTSD, which she says is what her anxiety and depression stem from. Unfortunately though, she says she’s been having “pretty bad reactions” to the medications she’s tried and that they haven’t seemed to help her.

“I don’t have any motivation to do anything, I don’t have any time to do anything. As you guys know, I’m in college and I might not be in college for very much longer … ,” she reveals. 

“Yeah… maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.”

McKayla, who began taking college courses just last month to become a nurse, explains that her busy schedule has hindered her from making videos on YouTube, leaving her “broke, pretty much.” She says she’s in need of a job—YouTube or other—and has already begun applying at different places.

“School has just been a lot,” she admits. “Nobody really told me how much is going to be taken out me. People said this school I’m going to is going to be extremely hard and it’s going to be pretty much sucking the life out of me, but with two kids, it’s sucking the life out of me even more.

“… I’ve just been mentally not good. I just, I’m losing my mind. I feel like I’m very unhappy.” 

In addition to the stress her college classes brought upon her, the mom of two says she feels like her kids don’t understand why “mommy’s not around” and she fears they will get attached to other people. She does, however, plan to eventually return to school once her children are older. 

On top of McKayla’s aforementioned struggles, she reveals towards the end of her video that she and her boyfriend Josh have called it quits. 

“Things just didn’t work out,” she says. “I just feel like with my mental health and stuff it just wasn’t a good time for me.” 

You can watch McKayla’s full video below! 


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  1. That girl will never finish college. Sorry to be that Debbie Downer, but I’d bet my own nursing license on it. I do feel bad for her though because her white trash mother has basically ruined her life.

  2. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks she is a spoiled brat. Her grandparents are wonderful people but they enable her bad behaviors. She never pays the price. She cancelled moving in w/her mom after promising she would. Caelan seemed to really be trying. He got a nice home for his family. And, worked a lot to take care of them. She brings in more dogs then moves out because her toddler was too much to handle when Caelan was gone (at work but she doesn’t give him credit for that. All she sees is he’s not there). So, she ran back to her grandparents. They know what it takes to make a relationship work. They need to force her to follow thru. Keep her promises. And, allow them to not have to chase after kids on a daily basis in their golden years. I thought it was funny how everyone was so disgusted when Caelan didn’t immediately go to the hospital for her false labor. First, he was receiving directions that were very unclear. Then, when he was there, they treated him like he was such a bad person. Almost like they didn’t want to share McKayla with them. And, McKayla behaved like she didn’t want him to share in his own child. For her family talking so much crap about when he arrived and how long he stayed, they seem to have forgotten that when Tim (grandfather) was hospitalized McKayla didn’t even bother to go see him. The man who will work himself into an early grave just to keep McKayla happy, was not worthy of a visit. Proof that she is ridiculously self-centered. She also needs to learn to apply discipline to her children. Timothy won’t listen to anyone and seems quite destructive. She needs to get it under control instead of just taking him to his great-grandma to be watched. When he goes to school, they will not accept that. And, her grandparents need to stop saying Caelan is never there but every time he tries to come see his kids, they say “not now”. The few times he was allowed over they choose to lecture him. And, he seems respectful. He didn’t say anything when Tim said he needed to be there to help McKayla. He was being lectured for being a human that can’t be at work and at home at the same time. Tim would have been better off giving his spoiled granddaughter some points on life. She uses her children as an excuse to not do anything. And, her using the kids to justify potentially dropping out of college is extra pathetic. She is truly sickening.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    She’s a spoiled little bitch and cannot keep those kids away from their father

  4. I sure hope the kids dad stays away and uses his head before thinking of sleeping with her again! Last thing this world needs, is for them to have another child!

  5. Mental health isn’t a joke and I feel so bad for her for this, but she is such a horrible person. From what I see on TV she is so childish and needs to grow up, even more so since she has 2 children. I feel bad for their father. She really needs to grow up and realize(again from what I see on TV) that her kids dad os trying and isn’t this monster she had in her head. She has such an amazing father to his 2 children and goes above and beyond than any other 18 year old would even care to do. That poor girl really does need help, hopefully she can get the help she needs. Her family needs to realize she is an adult and treat her like one instead of tip-toeing around her and encourage her to grow up. Ok…end rant! I really hope she gets the help she needs, she is so young and has 2 children to think about.

  6. Omg fuck off, McKayla. You just want someone to praise/feel bad for you for something that PLENTY of people have gone thru and don’t whine about every second. BYE. i can’t with this entitled little brat.

  7. Welcome to adulthood McKayla!

    BOTH Caelan and McKayla spoiled brats in my opinion. I mean, yes Caelan is trying to do the right thing by working and providing for his family. But he is a TOTAL Mama’s Boy (he can do no wrong in her eyes). And McKayla is a TOTAL Grandpa’s Girl (she can do no wrong in his eyes).

    Honestly, if it weren’t for the children having to suffer, I’d say “these two deserve each other”.

  8. Who the hell doesn’t know nursing school is hard? And she said people told her it was going to suck the life out of her but nobody told her it would be hard? What did she think they meant by that?

  9. Does this girl know anything? She didn’t know she could get pregnant a 2nd time, and now she’s saying nobody warned her that nursing school was going to be hard?? What is the matter with her? If she is struggling mentally then hope she feels better, but she is way too naive.

  10. Also, if you’re getting a job and working, your excuse of your kids not seeing you will still be the scenario. So better off for your future to go to school to get a higher paying job than having to settle for a lower wage one with longer hours

  11. Next pregnancy announcement from a totally new guy will be in T-minus 3, 2, 1. Guaranteed. Probably already is pregnant again and that’s why she’s tired and depressed.

  12. People can say what they want about Shelly and Calan (spelling) but she was right when she said mckayla is broken. She is. Her grandparents aren’t bad or wrong they just have dealt with so much and watched her suffer so much an angel could walk through their front door and not be good enough for her. I personally think her mom is just using her and very manipulative. Mckaylas grandfather raised his kids, worked, continued to work, and raised his grandkids. So living up to him in her eyes won’t happen. I think Caelan tries but is still a kid himself. I hope she gets the help she needs and that they stop going after Caelan so badly and just let him learn

  13. I don’t think she’s depressed – I think she’s slow (learning disabled). She’s not the brightest so going to school probably would take it out of her more than someone else in the program. And I don’t think it’s a nursing program she’s in – I think she’s in a nursing assistant program to be an STNA (state tested nursing assistant).

      1. Not surprising at all. They just repeated the same mistakes they made with their daughter with their granddaughter. Now they can mess up their Great grandkids too! I hope they kick Mckayla to the curb, just like they did to their daughter. Good times.

    1. Being on birth control is hard, keeping your legs shut is hard.
      Being a entitled spoiled brat is not hard.

  14. Seems like she doesn’t feel like she’s famous enough from her YouTube channel and it’s putting a damper on her self worth. Go to school, raise your kids. Stop with the YouTube ish. This younger generation is really struggling with attention. Smh

    1. She’s a miserable human being. Not once in any of these shows has she been “happy”. She might have depression and anxiety and ptsd but I honestly think that she’s just a miserable human being on top of it all. Not even the birth of her children could stop her from bitching and complaining about anything and everything. Also…if you’re so broke, why did you just drop $700 on lip injections? She’s miserable and depressed and anxious because she can’t take responsibility for anything and so in her mind everyone is out to get her and she’s a victim. Stop playing games little girl and own up to your mistakes. School is hard. Work is hard. Life is hard. Get over it and just do it. Teach your kids to be responsible instead of waiting for people to cater to their every whim like your grandparents have done for you your entire life. I’m not saying Caelan and Shelly are completely right but they are a lot more level headed than you.

  15. I really feel bad for Grandpa Tim. No wonder why he drinks so much as I heard he has failing organs because of the alcohol.

  16. If Tim and Cindy would stop making every decision McKayla makes “okay” then she may grow up some and make an effort to raise her kids with their Father. The only reason McKayla came back home from the Very Nice house Caelyn provided for his family is because raising her kids alone while Caelyn worked was too much of a job🙄 why not go back home and Raise your kids when ya want to? She has a lot to learn. As for Caelyn, you are letting her family make you look bad by letting them run you away from important events. You should never let them make you leave somewhere you have every right to be. May you both mature and do what’s right for your kids. And may Tim and Cindy let that happen and not let McKayla run from everything because that is what she wants.

    1. Thank you! I’ve watched nearly every episode wondering how exactly Caelan is so terrible, when he was providing a nice home, and working to support his girlfriend and their children. I mean, he’s not perfect, but he’s a heck of a lot better than a lot of young dads; he’s better than a lot of the other dads on this show! He’s present, he’s working, he has a very nice home for them…it seems like he’s stepping up to his responsibilities and trying to make a family, but McKayla is only interested if someone caters to her every desire and bends over backwards to make HER life easier. If her grandparents would tell her to grow up, be a parent, and consider herself lucky to have a boyfriend who WANTS to parent and support his children, this story would probably be very different. Relationships are work, and Caelan seems to be the only one putting forth the effort.

      Also, McKayla is so exhausted that she can’t make YouTube videos?! I have been a single mom, and while I only had one child, I somehow managed to work a full time job to support the two of us, go to school, and do what I had to do to take care of both of us every day. I was tired, I was depressed, and I still struggle with anxiety to this day, but I had to keep plowing straight ahead every day. I’m not perfect, but I made my choices, and I had to live with them; as a result, I also get to own my accomplishments. McKayla needs to grow the hell up, act like an adult, and be a parent. If she stops believing the world needs to cater to her, she may be able to take some pride in earning her own way, also.

  17. Do you mean to tell me that having two children as a teenager can put a crimp in a young adult’s plans?

  18. MacKayla is the capital of Unstable. Her grandparents are enabling her. She moves out, she moves back in, she moves out, and she moves back in. Timmy is only 2 and she’s moved 4 times. Mackayla needs to get it together. Quit having children. Cal wan deserves to see his children. M is a selfish b.

  19. Geez McKayla- No one saw that coming! I’m kidding! She’s a train wreck! Kalens mom called it! That girl is broken! She’s ridiculous though! I’m getting lip injections I want plastic surgery etc! She treated Kalen so bad! All he did was try to work and support her and his kids. She missed a good thing! i hope to god he sees through her BS!

  20. “ … I have been very unhappy, I’ve been depressed—I don’t take that word lightly either … I’ve been depressed for a little bit now,” she says at the beginning of her video before adding that she’s been “bouncing around” on different medicines to help with her anxiety and depression.

    Hide the Machete’s, we’ve seen this one played out before.

  21. Oh cry me a river. Your grandparents are raising your kids. Your babies daddy and his mom want to be involved in their lives but you have to be a brat about sharing custody. Personally, I don’t think she has the intelligence to be admitted to any nursing program and I am wondering if she is in a medical assistant program (no disrespect to medical assistants). She brings the trouble to her own doorstep and then wants to play the sympathy card. I agree there is something wrong with this girl, like Shelly said “this little girl is broken”. Her grandparents mean well but they just enable her childish behavior. She has to realize that having babies is not like playing dolls.

    1. You’re right. To be in an actual nursing program is extremely difficult and requires many intensive science classes as prerequisites before being admitted. In many states, once you complete those classes, you then have to take part in a lottery to be admitted to the nursing program. Many, many intelligent people are not admitted because of this. Therefore, I have a very hard time believing McKayla is in one, especially since she isn’t even smart enough to recognize a good thing when she had it (aka Caelan. What other 18yo you know who has a job, house, and stepping up to be a dad to 2 kids, plus put up with all her shit).

        1. I would normally agree with the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” saying, but there comes a time when a person is accountable for their own selves.

          Like in my case, my father is a raging alcoholic. I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of the mental and emotional abuse he inflicted, and I REFUSE to touch liquor, for fear that I may wind up being the one inflicting pain of some kind.

  22. Can definitely understand why she would be feeling like this. Until you’ve been in a nursing program you can’t judge those who are. It’s A LOT of hard work and if her program is anything like the one I was in then she’s getting up early in the mornings sometimes, she’s spending hours & sometimes almost the whole day away from her children. It can AND will definitely take a toll on you. Crying over tests that were so hard that you were so close to passing – but didn’t. Crying because you made such good grades before – but now that’s all gone to pieces because nursing school is different. Trying so hard but feeling like you haven’t done enough. I pray that everything ends up working out for her in the end though.

  23. She should’ve thought about that before popping out 2 kids before the age of 18, thinking life was going to be sunshine and roses, and that her grandparents would raise the babies. Sounds like this chick is getting the wake up call she desperately needed.

  24. It’s really hard to feel badly for her. She had a pregnancy scare one month before she and Caelan got pregnant with baby #2. It would seem that she got pregnant a second time on purpose. Her grandparents have raised a fragile, entitled, brat, with zero coping abilities. They’re doing her no favors. And it’s not surprising considering they also raised Shannon — who is a total disaster. #taxpayersnightmare

  25. She is a SPOILED BRAT
    I believe depression is horrible & i am not saying she has it or doesnt but 1 probably she does have is being a spoiled snotty little brat. That 1 problem her grandparents contribute to.

  26. “Nobody really told me how much is going to be taken out me.”

    “People said this school I’m going to is going to be extremely hard and it’s going to be pretty much sucking the life out of me”


    1. Translation: its not my fault its everyone elses fault & i have proof it is hard even for people with out kids. But most importantly ITS NOT MY FAULTZ

  27. These kids had a baby and at least one televised pregnancy scare before becoming pregnant with the second baby. I just can’t understand this. The only possible explanation is that they actively chose to get pregnant again.

    Also, both kiddos totally look like Caelans mother which I’m sure drives mckayla crazy, lol!

    1. Disability watch out. PTSD caused by having 2 babies. Get those apps rolling in. Be careful she might try to have a 3rd baby to stay on the ahow. No sweat to her, she isn’t taking care of them, her grandparents are.

  28. Maybe if she wasn’t such a brat to Caelen and his mother Shelly things would be different. This girl feeds off drama.

  29. Gee, maybe choosing to be a teen mom of two was a bad call. Who knew that could be overwhelming? I mean, NO ONE WARNED HER!

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