‘Unexpected’ Stars McKayla Adkins & Caelan Morrison Still Battling Over Their Kids; Caelan Finally Allowed to See Daughter

“I need to protect my daughter, or she could end up wearing a SCRUNCHY like her mother!”

Nearly a week after Unexpected star Caelan Morrison complained on Snapchat that his ex McKayla Adkins was refusing to allow him to see his children, the reality TV dad finally got to see his son Timothy and newborn daughter Gracelynn.

“Today was a good day,” Caelan’s mother, Shelly, captioned a series of Instagram photos of her and Caelan with the kids on Sunday.

Caelan may have won the battle, but it appears that the war between him and his baby mama rages on. As ‘Unexpected’ viewers know, McKayla and Caelan share two children together, son Timmy (whose July 2017 birth was featured on the show) and daughter Gracelynn (who was born in January).

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Today was a good day ❤️

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The couple’s rocky relationship has played out ‘Unexpected’since Season 1. (Here’s a quick run-down in case you’ve forgotten: moving in together, planning a wedding, moving out, breaking up, getting back together, getting knocked up again, breaking up, etc.)

McKayla and Caelan broke up shortly before the birth of Gracelynn, and things with the couple have become toxic. Last week, Caelan took to Snapchat to air his grievances about his baby mama.

“For everyone asking why I don’t post pics of my daughter and my son all the time [it] is because I can never see them,” he wrote. “McKayla will not let me be a father or be in those kids’ lives and it kills me every day to have to go through this. I hope you all can see.”

McKayla responded to Caelan’s Snapchat claims, denying his accusations and making accusations of her own.

“Caelan was just over yesterday,” she wrote on February 25. “He spanked Timothy so hard that I had to scream at him. Then he threatened to take me to court and when I said okay go ahead he left and told me he’s sign[ing] his parental right away bc there’s no point in him being in their lives. Just an FYI.”

She also tweeted her reasons for giving Caelan limited contact with his kids.

“He was just over my house and left bc I told him he’s not seeing our kids outside of my home bc I don’t trust him,” she wrote. “He doesn’t have a reliable car or a car seat for that matter and he was pissed bc he spanked Timothy really hard and I freaked out.”

She also defended her actions to nay-sayers on Twitter.

“Regardless of being slammed on social media and people assuming the worst about me I will do anything and everything to protect my kids and make sure they’re okay,” she wrote. “They’re my priority and always will be. I don’t care about Caelan’s feelings, as long as my kids are safe.”

This is not the first time the ex-couple has fought over Caelan’s rights to the kids.

“Actually, I can stop him from seeing Timothy and the new baby if I wanted,” McKayla told a fan on Twitter before Gracelynn’s birth. “I have full custody. Caelan has 0 rights to either of the kids but I would never do that.”

In the past, McKayla has accused Caelan and his family of only wanting to be involved in the kids’ lives when the TLC cameras are around, something Caelan and his mother have denied.

“But I won’t be [allowing them around the kids] until they get their s**t together and can act like human beings rather than ripping me and my family apart every chance they get,” McKayla wrote on Twitter in January. “They don’t even want to be involved in the kids life unless we’re filming.”

Caelan’s mother Shelly has also battled with McKayla on social media. She recently got into a brutal social media brawl with McKayla, in which she denied McKayla’s claims that she only wants to see her grandkids when they’re filming for ‘Unexpected.’

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“Look at my Instagram pictures every weekend pretty much I had Timothy but yet she tweeted a few weeks ago when she was mad that I only see him when the cameras are here,” Shelly tweeted. “We hadn’t filmed for months I had that baby every weekend so you decide who tells the truth.”

McKayla has yet to reveal why she allowed Caelan and his mother to see finally see Gracelynn and Timothy. However, she, Caelan and the whole crew will be back for the upcoming new season of ‘Unexpected,’ so it’s almost certain we will see their fights play out on the show.

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25 Responses

  1. I believe he is a better father than he is being made out to be and she is on some type of power trip. I question his mother more than I question him.

  2. I have such a hard time watching that child pretend to be a mother. I wonder if the grandparents watch the show and think to themselves What the hell have we done. She is a spoiled entitled little witch. He should take her to court and get his visitation rights before its too late

  3. Caelan needs to get custody of his kids!! His kids need to live in there OWN home that their dad provides!

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I used to love following McKayla and Caelan’s story on Unexpected, I now cringe when McKayla is onscreen. She doesn’t have to lift a finger to do anything, while her boyfriend at the time Caelan worked his butt off all day. All she done was complained she didn’t have help with her child ( at the time she just had Timothy.) Poor baby- it’s called PARENTING that’s what a mother does, she takes care of her child/children and not want to sit on her a** all day and let grandparents run after them all day. Caelan is the only mature person in the relationship, along with his mother, they seem sensible. The grandparents spoil the life out of McKayla teaching her nothing, except how to be a brat. Poor Caelan cannot catch a break. While he was working, McKayla off finding other men and doing YouTube videos to complain about her life. No wonder McKayla’s mom turned out the way she did!!! She too, doesn’t act grown up and pouts. I guess like mother like daughter. The Grandma I used to feel like was sensible, but now as the cameras are showing her, the true colors come out with her as well. What would McKayla do if she had to raise her kids, work, clean a home and do REAL grown up decisions? No wonder she wanted to move in with her grandparents, she can do as she pleases, doesn’t have to work and let someone else take care of her and her kids. I cannot understand the hostility the family has against Caelan when he does hold a job, takes care of bills, still makes time for his kids as the show has shown. They should be lucky he isn’t one that is off doing drugs, not working, looking to live off the government . He has done the growing up, while McKayla is still an immature child. She done Caelan a favor by breaking up with him, he deserves someone who will step up and be a real girlfriend and wife one day. The worst is the poor children having to live in the toxic environment of what McKayla is teaching them. They will prob grow up to be immature brats as well, if Caelan cannot be a part of their life. Funny thing will be the kids will one day do her like she does everyone else. Hope she is grown up by then!

  5. If mckayla loves her children as much as she says she does the more people to lobe them is better for them Timothy and their daughter will end up siding with their dad when they are older joint parenting is about the children not her spoiled brat feelings she does need to grow up

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Mckayla is a spoiled brat and her grparents need to let her go, grow up and learn to be responsible. Caelan is doing a good job and they are not nice to him at all.

  7. Mckayla is a spoiled brat and her grparents need to let her go, grow up and learn to be responsible. Caelan is doing a good job and they are not nice to him at all.

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Shame on you mc cayla! GROW UP!!!! Kids need Both parents! Good, Bad, Otherwise! My
    “father” was not in my life, it was bad, trust me as a female in my 50’s-60’s!!!
    GROW UP NOW!!!!

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I don’t understand why Calen is not going to court to get set visitation schedule so this toxic crap stops. Feel bad for the kids.

      1. I believe he is a better father than he is being made out to be and she is on some type of power trip. I question his mother more than I question him.

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I can’t even watch the show without being completely disgusted w mckayla. I have noticed her lying numerous times on the show and poor caylum and Shelly. I wish I had Instagram so I could message that immature selfish ungrateful little girl! She is too young and immature and bitchy to raise any decent human beings. She is pathetic

  10. He needs to run fast. McKayla is so immature no wonder she’s got cold feet because she would have to become responsible she is so immature. Why doesn’t she get a part-time job and take care of her kids. here’s another one that’s going to be in the system for the state to take care of medically and financially.

  11. I remember they got into a huge fight & thats when she moved back home with her grandparents
    He was so cruel its hard to even say, he left her home alone ALL day with their baby while he went…he WENT TO WORK. The horror
    Yes he is so selfish to actually leave her home all alone while he had a great time at work making money to support her & their son.
    I guess a spoiled brat would assume something like a job is not a necessity to support a family.

    Her grandparents created a monster.
    Complaining that her kids father is out working making money, not out with friends but making money to support the family

  12. This girl is too immature and spiteful. Watching her segments is painful and sounds like it will be even worse this season. Go to court, set up a schedule, and call it a day. These people just need to move forward.

  13. McKayla is the worst kind of petty mother. And I use the term mother loosely. She is so self righteous and conniving its depressing to read it. I have serious doubts about her spanking Timothy story. She planned this pregnancy and knew exactly what she was doing. Awful.

  14. The problem starts with the grandparents that still have a lot of growing up to do.
    Maybe focus on (grand)kids instead of having juvenile fights with everyone.

  15. She wants to do adult things like have sex, get pregnant and make babies, but doesn’t want to act like an adult, and learn how to co-parent. We all know she’s doing this to hurt Caelan, but is too dumb and immature to see it hurts THEIR kids.

  16. Shelly has always seemed like the ONLY person in McKayla’s story that isn’t being manipulated (like her grandparents) or self-centered (like her mom), and actually has COMMON SENSE. I tend to believe her over McKayla’s vindictive thinking.

  17. This little brat is infuriating. She’s the type of broad who presses false charges for attention. Spoiled c u next Tuesday.

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