Larissa Dos Santos Limas Says She Wishes She Had Never Appeared on “90 Day Fiance”: “I Do Regret the Show”

“I hate all this reality TV fame and attention…really…honest…”

Larissa Dos Santos Limas has provided 90 Day Fiance viewers with plenty of drama over the past year, but the reality TV star says, if she had to do it all over again, she would have said “no” to reality TV.

Sure, Jan….

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Larissa— who is currently in the middle of a divorce from her husband Colt Johnson— stated that she wishes she had never appeared on “90 Day Fiance” due to all the drama it caused in her life.

“I do regret the show. If I could go back in time, I would never do the show,” Larissa told the magazine on the red carpet of her “Divorce Party,” which was held Saturday night at a Las Vegas strip club.

Of course, had Larissa never appeared on “90 Day Fiance,” she would most likely still be living in her native Brazil, and not be famous enough to warrant a strip club divorce party in which she was able to beat a pinata that resembled her soon-to-be ex-husband’s head…so there’s that…

Anyway, Larissa said that appearing on the reality TV show made her relationship with Colt (which was already a dumpster fire) even worse. She also claimed that the show caused more problems with Colt’s mother, Debbie, whom the couple lived with in Las Vegas during their short-lived marriage.

“I think the show accelerated all the drama, especially with his mother too,” Larissa said.

As for Colt (who also had a divorce party this weekend….at the same Las Vegas strip club as Larissa’s party, only one day after), he has no regrets about putting his life (and ridiculous drama) on the display for the TV viewers to see.

“I really liked doing the show, I enjoyed my time,” Colt told Us Weekly. “I learned a lot, and I had a lot of fun. And the problems we had were not because of the show. We had our worst arguments when the cameras were not rolling.”

He insisted that he and Larissa really were that dramatic, and it had nothing to do with being on “90 Day Fiance.”

“I loved her. I married her. I sent my vows to her, and I wanted to build a life with her. It’s unfortunate that it didn’t work out, but nothing I did on the show was fake or enhanced for more drama,” he said.

“It’s Cookie Dough. I can attest that the drama was NOT just for the cameras.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Colt filed for divorce from Larissa in January, following a nasty fight that left both him and Larissa bloody and Larissa behind bars. (The couple had a similar fight in November that also ended with Larissa being arrested.) She was also arrested days before she married Colt in June 2018 for domestic violence.

Last week, Colt revealed that he is in the process of trying to get Larissa’s green card cancelled.

(Click here to see photos of Colt’s “Divorce Party” this past weekend.)

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(Photos: TLC, Instagram)


  1. The new boyfriend was so private and shy, Crazy horse luckily offered him enough money to appear there, phew.
    They are probably working on a sponsored wedding, contract with TLC, him appearing on other shows to make him money.
    He’s getting paid to marry her quick.

  2. She probably regrets that she got paired with Coltee. Yuck. The poor girl had to have sex with him. We all saw what he was working with… NOTHING. MICRO. plus, she’s pretty and he’s working with a micro so it’s kind of expected that he would spend some cash on her. He drove her around in a humpty bucket with zero AC in Las Vegas, wouldn’t let her buy furniture and made her buy her wedding dress from the good will. He treated her like crap and manipulated every situation.

  3. Both train wrecks. As usual but Colty’s saving grace is his love of cats. Deep down he must be a good guy.

  4. Right, just like Amber regrets she ever did TMOG because it “ruined her name”. Just like Jenelle swears she is going to quit TM2 every year because she has other ways to make money. Just like Mack swore she and Rhine were quitting TMOG because it is so fake and she has a thriving wedding planning business.

  5. Oh yeah she hates the spotlight & being associated with the show.
    Most people that regret being on tv quietly disappear from the spotlight without a publicized divorce party, posting cosmetic procedures or giving interviews every other day

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