13 of the Most-Interesting Quotes From ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s Instagram Live Session About How Much Money She Makes

“This is my money-makin’ bed….but not in a ‘Farrah’ sort of way!”

Amber Portwood has lots of money— and she’s making sure everyone knows it!

The Teen Mom OG star went live on Instagram on Monday and— instead of doing one of her signature rants— used most of the time to talk about how much money she makes (outside of her MTV paychecks) and how most of her followers wish they could live a life like hers. 

Amber did, indeed, rant about a “friend” she had tried to help who apparently turned on her (or something…) but the majority of the Instagram Live session was devoted to Amber giving stock-trading advice (no, seriously….), talking about how much money she can make using her phone while in bed, and how she helps saves lives on the regular. 

While the long Instagram Live session was full of financially themed quotes, The Ashley has narrowed it down to a list of the 13 most-interesting “gems” Amber spouted during the session.

13. “I’m so sick of the way people think of me, it’s disgusting…I am a 28-year-old woman and you guys are like children. You do not help people. You do not help the world. You do not use your platform for good. You use your platform like I used to— to act a fool to make money. I’m not using my platform for that anymore.” -Amber (wanting some damn respect)

12. “Poor Andrew? Oh yes, it must be so hard for him living in a 2,500 square foot home with me. It must be so hard when I give him kisses and cuddle him at night. It must be hard to go to Hawaii and all these other places, and on a yacht…so hard! He’s treated like a king!” -Amber (in response to people who commented that they felt sorry for her boyfriend Andrew Glennon)

“I’m livin’ the life!”

11. “I need to make sure this next house I’m about to move into– which is a f**king mansion– is paid off.” – Amber (talking about how she is “movin’ on up!”)

10. “This has nothing to do with [my] bipolar. This is called a REAL woman speaking REAL facts…I’m going to really make a difference. I’m going to save people’s lives. I just saved a few people’s lives last week. Literally.” – Amber (discussing how she helps people on Twitter who are depressed and suicidal) 

9. “I know about 9-to-5 jobs! I worked 9-to-5 jobs since I was about 15, all the way until 18 years old. I worked 45 hours a week at the age of 17, which is illegal.” -Amber (trying to make a point that she knows all about “regular” jobs…even though she only worked them for less than three years)

8. “You guys wish you could have this life. You wish you could make money on your phone. YOU WISH! That’s why I need a nanny [for my son James]. Who cares?” -Amber (responding to people who make fun of her for seemingly always being on the bed or couch)

7. “I pay all my s**t. I don’t care. I pay my s**t in bulk: $45,000, $15,000, $8,000, $9,000, bulk bulk bulk!” -Amber (discussing how she pays her bills, bills, bills…) 

6. “Sitting on my bed on my phone, making good money and taking care of my kids. You guys can sit there and be jealous…I don’t give a damn anymore. You guys are like children.” -Amber (giving a damn).

“What’s wrong with being comfortable?!”

5. “For everyone who wants to talk s**t and say I need MTV so bad…I can make more money a month, a year, doing stock markets than I do from MTV…I appreciate what I do and the money that I get [from MTV] but to write me off like that [is all I get] is a slap in the face.” -Amber (responding to people who said she will be in financial trouble when ‘Teen Mom’ finally ends).

4. “I have Andrew…he pretty much runs all [the stocks]. He does stuff from 9-4 doing day-trading….You can make really decent money but you guys don’t know this stuff…he just made $3200 in 10 minutes…that’s how crazy this stuff is, it’s real…” -Amber (giving stock-trading tips)

3. “The people who work from home make more money than people who work 9-to-5 jobs, usually. What we do, you guys couldn’t do because you’re not in the industry, you’re not part of it, and you don’t know what we do. You don’t know the logistics of it and the conversations we have to have with networks.” -Amber (sounding not at all entitled.)

“It’s an industry thing! You just wouldn’t understand!”

2. “How could stocks be taken away from you in a minute, unless you’re a dumbass? Day-trading is amazing if you do it correctly…you have to put like $20,000 in just to do it so it’s kind of hard…you have to pay attention until the stocks close. You really do.” -Amber (offering more day-trading tips).

1. “Some of you are so entitled…how am I lazy? You wish you could make the money I make one day by sitting on my f**king phone. Because that’s your entire year’s salary. You wish you could sit in your f**king bed and sit on your phone and make the money I make.” -Amber (sounding not at all entitled)

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62 Responses

  1. These are also 13 reasons why I think she is bat shit crazy. Lol. Intelligent, productive and successful people do not need to go out of their way to let the world know how successful they are. Hope you convinced yourself of your worth Amber.

  2. I noticed there are a lot of 1 and 2 down votes. Wanna place bets its The Wolf of Wall Street and her baby daddy? ??????

  3. For a “not so rich” role model who knows how to at least haul her ass out of bed on a daily basis and care for her kid (and Amber’s) without a nanny, I’m so happy Leah has her dad’s wife Christina.

    Amber, STFU.


  4. I’m convinced she’s batshit crazy and her “you’ve come soooo far…” fans are as stupid as she is. The only reason she’s doing well.. if she is.. is because Andrew has money. I don’t understand why people keep supporting her delusional antics. Who wants to be screamed at all the time?! She needs to grow up.

  5. Farrah level word salad

    “And you don’t know what we do”
    It sounds like you don’t know WTF you do either. How does one do stock markets?

  6. Wow this is too funny. Day trading works great until the market crashes. I know many day traders that took years to learn the art of trading and when to pull money. She is so full of shit. I remember 2008 when my step dad lost millions of dollars. She will learn quickly that it takes more than playing on your phone to day trade. Does she ever mention Leah?

  7. My huband works from home, has done so since 2001. He still works an eight hour day, five days a week. He’s an engineer, he works on drawings all day. He makes a very good living but it is work. She’s the child not the rest of us.

  8. Guarantee you that Andrew “trading stocks” is Andrew funneling that money into his bank account. She still hasn’t learned that you don’t give your man of the minute control of your money.

  9. If Teen mom ends Amber & Jenelle can go on tour saving lives together.
    Now thats beautiful stuff

  10. This woman infuriates me SO MUCH sometimes! She thinks she’s all that, helping people and yet I haven’t heard if she gave some of her money for a good cause (like suicide prevention, you are all talk about how you help depressed people!) or if she is actually HELPING! I think she thinks “helping” means talking about it on TV…….and where’s that rehab/flipping houses or whatever she was talking about while still with Matt, where is that?! Wasn’t she saying how many ex drug addicts will she help with that?! As I say, all talk, no actual actions.

    I also LOVE how she said Andrew is making money off her…..and yet she insists he isn’t like Matt. Sure, Amb.

  11. Paying in bulk: being such an arrogant and lazy biotch that you make everyone wait for their money while being so stupid that you don’t get that auto pay would have saved you lots of money in (court) fees, and time.
    But I’m sure she’s some kind of financial guru successfully making money on her phone every day. Sponsored ad to get people into day trading in 1… 2…

  12. So I’m now 31 and I’ve been working since I was 15.. shit! I must be doing life wrong. If working from 15-18 is anything to go by, I should be retired by now!

    But yeah, I didn’t get knocked up as a teen and get on the MTV money train. MY BAD.

    I’m so entitled.

  13. She really just said, “I need a nanny so I can sit on my bed while Andrew trades stocks from 9-4!”

    1. No she is saving lives!
      She needs a nanny so she can save more lives instead of being bothered by her own son.

      Plus this way Leah wont feel so bad that mommy is spending time & taking care of the baby & didnt/doesnt spend time or take care of her…see win win

      Plus now the baby may be less traumatized since a stable person is caring for him

  14. Although we know it isn’t accurate..I am dying “15 ALL the way until 18”. Well excuse us ma’am! Clearly you’re in the know ???

    1. Maybe that why she is so tired & in bed all the time
      Going to school 30 to 35 hours a week plus working 40 hours.
      Have a k8d & take care of her at 16.
      No wonder she is in bed all day

      Its so believable….she found time to have a kid at 16, do drugs & beat her baby daddy while working 40 hours & going to school.

      In addition to saving lives she should teach time management

  15. So you have to be in the industry to work from bed but at the same time she can make it without being in the industry by working from bed? The truth is, she would never be able to invest that type of money in the stock market without her job at MTV. And no Ambie I would never want to sit in my bed on my phone all day in place of a real job, we all see what it can do to the psyche.

    Also, A+ job to The Ashley on the picture you chose for Andrew, has a better photo of anyone ever been taken?

  16. Ok amber we know you stay in bed. All the pics of your children are in bed or on the sofa.

  17. Bitch has no fucking clue what she’s talking about. Any real adult can clearly see that! And you don’t need to be in the “industry” to be a day trader. I am fucking cracking up. This poor child is trying so hard to use big people talk and act like she is in the know. She is making a fool of herself. Please stop cutie pie. You’re just a little girl who hasn’t had time to grow up mentally to meet the 28 years that your body is. Please know this is coming from someone much older, more educated and more in the know than you like to pretend to be. Each time you’re wIth a different guy you invent a different life for yourself. Now you think you’re some hot pants day trader who’s in the industry in the know! You go on with yourself you big ole Wolf of Wall Street! Watch out Indiana she’s coming to slum up another neighborhood. Face it. You don’t clean your house. When the filth gets too bad you move. You hired a nanny because you’re incapable of taking care of your kid. Thank goodness Leah is with Gary! You not some wealthy trust fund (day trader) baby who just lavishly spends money on nannies and trips to Hawaii (which by the way Hawaii isn’t really that lavish doll) but I bet you think Target is! MTV and illegal trading. Ha!

  18. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Eventually he’ll run. And he’ll take his son and his monies with him.

    1. Never he is treated like a KING a KING i tell ya.

      I would love to know what his family says & thinks of her.

  19. I love how now that she is with Andrew, all she talks about is being “in the industry.”

    He rode on his father’s coattails and has fewer credits than Amber, a D-List reality TV star.

    Stay humble, Amber. Your gravy train will end, probably before you turn 30.

  20. LOL, WHAT! Somebody’s laying in bed tipping a bottle of hooch.

    Isn’t Andrew from Hollywood elite that lives in the riches of California? Where 2,500 sq ft is the maids quarters.

  21. Literally “money, money, money, money”. Nothing about happiness, soending time with her children, being there for her daughter’s milestones (ahem). Nothing about peace of mind, friendships, health or making a difference. Just that she’s wealthy, giving her dude a free ride (again) and how she’s “just saving people’s lives”.

    Sounds pretty pathetic. Is she drinking again?

    1. What are you talking about? She’s there for milestones! She helped Leah shave her legs for the first time, for God’s sake. She can’t help it she has depression and can only be concerned with her love life OR her daughter. Clearly she needs to make herself happy before she can make her daughter happy. Can’t you see all the happy at her house??????

      1. Yeah, she sounds so happy during that rant.
        Sounds more like she is teying to convince herself that she is happy & wealthy and everything else she was rambling about

  22. I think Amber was almost 18 when Leah was born, she was the oldest mom. I remember her having one job at a tanning salon. She is so delusional. This show needs to be put to sleep. Let these entitled girls see how much money they can make when they aren’t on TV anymore and everyone forgets who they are.

    1. She’s delusional. She may have had a part time job at some point during her teenage years, but I guarantee you it wasn’t 3 years and it surely wasn’t full time or over.

        1. You mean worked 40 hours one month. I don’t believe for a second that she ever hit 40 hours in a week.

    2. All I remember is her in labor being sick but stuffing toxic hell i mean taco Bell down her mouth and the doctor even questions her as to how can she eat it!?!?!? Ralph…

  23. I worked 9-to-5 jobs since I was about 15, all the way until 18 years old

    So you worked during normal school hours, a year before you could legally quit school in Indiana?

  24. Someone is off their meds. Delusions of grandeur. Entitled thinking she deserves an Emmy. What you get when you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park

  25. You know what… I might be the minority but I’m glad she’s hired a nanny. Maybe she recognizes her faults and realizes that her kid needs more than she can give. If that’s helps her mental health, and the kid… then all the better.

    Sure wish the Baltierras would do the same thing.

    1. I agree! Just like I’m happy Kaiser goes to daycare/preschool. Gets him away from those fools for a bit. Plus they are mandated reporters.

      1. And yet – no one reports it.

        And in NC, everyone is a mandated reporter (North Carolina General Statute § 7B-301)

        1. Are you joking?
          People are constantly calling i to CPS about Jenelle.
          They have been to her house dozens of times, at least twice during filming, David even kicked them off the land & told them to leave
          They “investigate” & nothing happens. Jenelle does have a team of great lawyers.
          I just hope CPS does something before Kaiser is in the hospital.

          1. Anyone from CPS that pays a visit is also a mandated reporter – and they do squat.

            No one is helping poor little Kaiser.

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